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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. Hey Guys Looking for a quick sale on my 2011 Cervelo P3. Ive done 1 race on it and only about 4 months consistent training on it due to injury and taking a break away from the sport. Sad to see it go but I would rather see it get some use then just sitting here Specs: Dura ace group set fizik saddle 3T bars Ultegra peddles shimano RS30 wheels Rotor cranks 56cm frame Carbon frame Inbox for pictures and further details or contact me on 0431283481 $2500 and its yours Cheers Shauno
  2. Hey Guys I'm selling a 2011 Cervelo P3, a set of 1080/808 tubular ZIPP wheel set and a brand new pair of Sidi T2 triathlon shoes. I have simply lost motivation due to reoccurring injuries and am packing up stumps (for now anyway). The bike was bought less then a year ago brand new and have only been able to do 1 race on it. It is still in really good condition and has been the best bike I have owned. Good bike for all levels of competition. Cervelo P3 Specs: Dura ace gearing components Fizik Saddle Rotor Cranks Ultegra peddles 3T Auro-Pro TT bars 56cm Frame RS30 shimano wheel set Bottle cage Zipp wheel specs: Rear 1080 tubular Front 808 tubular 1 x zipp tire 1 x continental tire 1 x zipp skewer SIDI Shoe specs: size 46 2012 SIDI T2 Silver and black Brand new 2 straps Prices: Cervelo P3 - $3500 Cervelo + Zipps - $5300 Zipps - $1900 Shoes - $250 If interested PM me or throw me a message on 0431283481 (computer wont let me upload pictures so let me no and I can email you some) Shauno
  3. WARNING. SOME PEOPLE WILL NO DOUBT POST COMMENTS ABOUT MEN AND WOMEN YOU MIGHT NOT LIKE. I SUGGEST YOU DO NOT SCROLL DOWN. ESPECIALLY IF YOYO AND RS HAVE POSTED ON HERE. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This morning was the undie run. To be honest not as good as I expected but then again, it' raised about 10k for a local kids charity so that's good. Saw Guzz down there. He had a video camera. You can view the entire slide show here if interested. http://s1231.photobu...mview=slideshow
  4. Best of luck to all the trannies out there who have qualified to compete in this years Ironman World Championship. What you have all done is what many of us aspire to and most will never achieve. You guys are the cream of the crop and should be very proud of what you have achieved to get to this point. I wish you all the best final weeks of preparation and all the best for the upcoming travels and race in the home of Ironman. Roll Call please. Do you have your bib number yet? Yes you can find it here Could we have it in this order please? Name, AG, Bib No, Where Qualified, What time Qualified, and Goal time in Kona.
  5. ratdog

    City2Surf 2011

    Have you noticed the amount of people running these days in new gear? Have you seen groups of people out jogging? Have you been blinded by the whiteness of many new shoes out there while you run past joggers? Have you noticed the change in the newspaper articles focusing on running and sponsors products? Thats right, its that time of the year were 80 odd thousand sedentary Sydney-siders make the mad dash to Bondi from the City. Be it dressed in team colours, holding hands blocking the path, pushing prams, wearing borat mankini's, or just running in skins from head to toe and arriving at Bondi totally buggered, these participants will be enjoying themselves and getting that little bit fitter than they were a month ago. I hope this spurs people on to continue to exercise throughout the year and maybe Triathlon will pick up memberships from this large crowd. I cant wait, I love this race. Its tough, its fast and there is a pub and Work marque at the end where I tend to have a few too many celebrating ummmm, well who needs a reason. Roll Call Ratdog sub 55, PB 57:58ish
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