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  1. Is the front end proprietary - i.e.. can it take a different handlebar or only the bayonet? Which powermeter? What is the crank length?
  2. About 3:20 based on 50 secs per 5kg over 5km. Another way to think about it. Get you Daniels VDot for your current time. Multiply it by the weight you ran that time at and you loosely get a VO figure for total body. Divide that by the target weight and get a new VDot figure. This assumes your new weight is not too low to create other problems. In your example 97 x 47 (VDot) is 4559 (or 4.559L). If you get to the target weight your VDot should be 58 (4559 / 78) all other factors being equal. 58 VDot is 17:33 - so you still got some other work to do weight aside. Edited to say just saw Rog's post and I was repeating his info
  3. Hey Leon, Where did you buy a replacement from? I can only find US ebay seller and the shipping is $80.
  4. Hi, Anyone Sydney based that is using Powertap G3 hubs and have the little plastic wrench to replace the battery. I have misplaced mine and need to change a battery. If you have one I would like to come by and use it for a few minutes. I'm on lower North Shore but as mentioned would come to you at a time that suits. Thanks
  5. hodgey

    Active fees

    I stand to be corrected here but my understanding is that a decent portion (c50%) is a rebate provided back to the race organiser. So the race doesn't want to give it up as it is income for them and if an alternative provider comes in with a cheaper offer, the race organiser isn't sold on it as they don't get their rebate because they are worse off. If they do get a rebate then it pushes the price higher back towards Active territory and they don't see the need to change.
  6. While a stress test will look at the pattern of the heat beat and detect any issues with the heart itself, I think most highly active people would have decent heart activity. I think the risk lies in blockages throughout cardiovascular system. Therefore I think an angiogram would be more appropriate. Many active people can still have blockages for a variety of reasons and an episode caused by a blockage will still be included as a heart attack even though the actual performance of the heart was fine until it was stressed via the blockage. The small number of active people I have know that have had 'heart attacks' (some of whom have survived and others haven't) have had good ECGs and Echiocardiagrams results prior to the incident but have had a blockage issue that only an angiogram would have detected. It's invasive and uncomfortable but I think after I am 50 I will probably get one very few years.
  7. Interested in an update if you are willing Nealo. The maintenance seems more difficult for many and interested to see if F45 is still working for you
  8. hodgey

    MLB Playoffs

    Except that slide was a result of Bautista getting purposely hit in his previous at bat. You could argue it was his over the top bat toss in the ALDS last year to be paid back but you don't wait until the last at bat in the last meeting of the teams - you do it when you first meet. Pretty weak to do it at the end instead of his first at bat. But I agree those slides are not good - Bautista should have charged the pitcher when he got hit instead.
  9. Similar to Niseko. Go to uship.com and enter the size of the box, weight and where from to and freight forward companies will bid to get the job. You don't have to accept any bid. Got a bike sent from Indiana to Sydney for US$240.
  10. I usually ship my bag to Westin LAX (any airport hotel will do). Then as I come through to go home I go to the hotel pick it from the concierge and take it to the airport. Even if you have checked in from NY to go home you will have enough time in the stopover to pick it up from the hotel and check it in at LA. if you were worried about doing it that way ship it to the last hotel you are staying at before you come home - they keep it in storage and then you just take it to the airport and check in. Given how long you are travelling post the race you can use ground rates and wouldn't be more than USD 120 to get to the last hotel or LAX hotel.
  11. I have been a couple of years ago. It is a smallish shop with stuff hanging from everywhere, given the website I thought it would be much bigger. They have a second room which also looked like the old store room which now was also a show room and I guess they have another store room. Not much in the store outside of frames, components and wheels. It is smaller than you would expect given the amount of stock they have listed on the website. It was also not a great store for browsing as there is not much room to move and you pretty much ask for whatever you need and they get it from wherever it is hidden. It is easy to get to as it is right off the freeway (van wyk I think) near the verrazano bridge. Haven't been to it but I understand the SBR shop in Manhattan is better for looking around
  12. Trying to find a swim squad proximate to the CBD. Love to hear which squads people go to.
  13. My wife and I have just moved back to Sydney. We are currently in Mosman and riding to the city is easy enough (in terms of traffic and routes) but we are looking at moving to the Upper North Shore and I am wondering if anyone commutes the city or North Sydney and has suggestions. I start reasonably early so I think coming in would be fine on Pacific Hwy (given it's also downhill). However, going home is likely to be a little more problematic. Appreciate any suggestions you may have for the best routes from the city to Lindfield/Killara of an evening c7pm. thanks
  14. hodgey

    Weight Training

    I would leave out bicep curls and tricep extensions as you get those working in lat pull downs and bench press. I think with limted time you want to do as many exercises utilising multiple muscle groups rather than isolation exercises body builders would use. I would add straight leg deadlift but be sure you have good technique.
  15. hodgey

    Training logs

    I am wondering what people's experience is with training log software. I guess most would use a log of some kind but am interested if you have tried different software packages and found one you like or just use pen and paper. Besides basic distance notes how much detail do you keep?
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