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  1. Ms M

    Kona 2018

    Fantastic race report. Beautifully written and very honest. Thanks for sharing and so pleased you had a great day.
  2. Ms M

    Barkely Marathons

    Just watched the Netflix , "Barkely Marathons". Wow, it was great! Never heard of this event before this thread.Thanks everyone.
  3. Ms M

    Barkely Marathons

    Thanks Turts- great video!
  4. Anybody know where I can watch series 1?
  5. Ms M

    Noosa wave times

    Man, what time were you running?? It was ROASTING at 11am!!
  6. I have to bump this up for a few reasons: 1. Turts is a legend!! 2 A great race report , and 3. Everyone should get the concept of T1F and T2F!!
  7. Ms M

    Challenge Cairns

    Bump....... enjoy ......
  8. Since we are bumping......bump
  9. Thanks FP, I love this clip!! The visuals, the music , the drama.... Thanks for sharing. Any one have any favourite videos? I am a sucker for them. Watching with a glass of wine counts as training, doesn't it?
  10. Ms M

    Frozen Shoulder

    The great thing about this forum is that everyone can throw in their experience and opinion, and readers can take on board what seems relevant to their situation. The reason that I started this thread was that I couldn't recall it being discussed before and thought it might be interesting to hear other people's experiences. I am quite happy with the treatment I am having with hydrodilatation and it seems to be improving things considerably. I had a series of remedial massages at the beginning when it seemed to be another bout of tendonitis, but for me, in my situation, things continued to deteriorate which made me seek further imaging and advice. But that is not to say that trigger point therapy wouldn't be good for someone who has bad tendonitis, or a different shoulder problem. In my humble opinion though, if you are a physiotherapist discussing injuries, or a coach discussing training or racing, you probably carry more clout than the rest of us. And we are so lucky to have them on the forum and that they are generous with their advice. Let's not yell at them! But that doesn't mean we haven't all got our experiences to share. As I said before, that is what is great about this forum.
  11. Ms M

    Frozen Shoulder

    Aidan, Yes the steroid injection is in combination with hydrodilatation. The shoulder is still in the freezing stage so I think they are trying to decrease the inflammation and limit the amount of stiffness/pain. This is quite different to my ongoing niggling rotator cuff issues. There is limitation of range of movement , notably, not able to get dressed. Reaching to do up a bra is impossible and pulling clothes over my head is excruciating. I went to the orthopod when I was being woken up multiple times during the night with pain. The hydrodilation and steroid injections have helped. I guess I will have to be patient.
  12. Ms M

    Frozen Shoulder

    I am so depressed! What I thought was just another episode of rotator cuff tendonitis, has morphed into adhesive capsulitis ( Frozen Shoulder). This is based on the clinical picture and suggestive on MRI. I have seen the shoulder orthopod and am in the middle of a series of intrarticular steroid injections which is making some improvement , but the shoulder is far from better. I am not really after any medical advice, but if anyone could give me some good news anecdotes, I would appreciate it. And if anyone has any experience of when physio might make some difference. So far, all that did was to aggravate it. My advice to everyone out there is to do everything you want to do, while your body is capable of it!
  13. Read Turtles North Face 50 race report. I love the Race Report section here. I love the drama and the excitement of the day. Thanks everyone for sharing.
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