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  1. Male Ironman Reaction Sleeveless Wetsuit for sale $50. Located in Brisbane (Westlake or Banyo). Size ML all as per photos, a few finernail marks but no tears. Could try it at Centenary Pool Mon, Wed, or Fri mornings.
  2. To reassemble text from different cells you can also use =CONCATENATE(text1,text2,etc). Insert spaces by using 2 double inverted commas instead of a cell name, or insert a piece of text in double inverted commas.
  3. I heeded the last warning http://forums.transitions.org.au/index.php?showtopic=62584&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1 installed small black bell under my seat, bike shop said they were selling heaps because of the crackdown at the time.
  4. If your wife's tablets don't work, get the heavy duty stuff from the ship's medical centre. We went on the Nouméa, Mare, Vila cruise 18 months ago, Mrs and 2 kids were out of action for all of day 2 and half of day 3 until we got the heavy duty meds from the medical centre (they had acupressure bands, and some sort of useless tablets). They fixed the seasickness with remarkable speed. The upside was I could attack the desert bar by myself until they were well. Each night they issue a newsletter outlining what shows and activities are available the following day, plan and mark up what you want to do. See as much as you can. Depending on your taste, the shows are OK, or at least better than sitting in the cabin, we avoided anything that was thinly disguised sales presentations. Sounds petty but take a power board if you have lots of stuff to charge - there is only 1 power point in the room, and take a neck lanyard each as you will need it for the cruise card - or just pay through the nose to buy them on board. Wash your hands heaps, they have a person dispensing hand sanitiser at each meal. Just pay what might be a premium and book the shore tours through the cruise company (P&O I presume), I think there is less chance of missing the ship's departure. Do get out and do a shore tour even if it is a lap of the island in a bus or what ever. IMO these cruises are good value, worth trying at least once.
  5. Another approach is to pick the sport you most enjoy, concentrate on that, compete in that sport, don't feel guilty about leaving the other 2 disciplines for a while.
  6. Aqua Shop have the a replacement tubing set for the Finis Fulcrum paddles, 270mm and 140mm approx, 2 of each I think. It is not listed on their website, but I bought some about 3 months ago from their retail shop which they could probably do as a mail order.
  7. Not really a movie but an absolute gem: Robin Williams: Live on Broadway
  8. JAH

    HOTW video

    That is brilliant. I captures everything about the race. I give it 5 stars.
  9. I have gone down the D-Link path (http://mydlink.com.au/cameras.aspx). They have cameras starting at about $40 (e.g. http://www.megabuy.com.au/d-link-security-surveilance-c1317_1405-f203.html), although you get what you pay for i.e. the resolution on the $40 one might be a bit average. Depending on the model, they can record to a MicroSD, NAS, or a DNR-202L which records to a USB hard drive. Live footage can be viewed on the D-Link app or website. I have not looked to see if they record remotely to a cloud service, there are a lot of features I don't use such as motion detection, email alerts etc, I just use them for straight 24/7 recording to a hard disk via a DNR-202L. They say it is zero configuration, but I found you still need to mess about a bit.
  10. A good read on some lane mind games from Murray Rose
  11. JAH

    Hiring Race Wheels

    Chain Gang at Seventeen Mile Rocks hire them. (No connection with the store except as a customer)
  12. JAH

    garmin 500

    I got mine from www.cecilwalker.com.au, however they only seem to have them bundled with the speed/cadence sensor and the HRM strap for $295.
  13. JAH

    IM Cairns TV 1pm Sat

    From OneHD website: Ironman (NC) 1:30pm-2:30pm | ONE Saturday 23 June 2012 Over 1500 local and international competitors test their endurance and power as ironmen and ironwomen push the limits around the stunning landscapes of Port Macquarie.
  14. JAH

    1800 for PORT MAC!

    2013 Competitor list published tomorrow: http://ironmanaustra...ompetitor-list/
  15. JAH

    Trek Speed Concept 7.5

    That is really bad news, they were great to deal with.
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