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  1. Mish

    Training in New York

    Thanks for that! Yes I'm trying to find somewhere close to the park but it is scary how much the rent is in Manhattan. I guess Central Park is like the big brother to Centennial Park...I've seen a few fully kitted guys cruising laps in all the gear there too. Funny everyone has been asking about coming to stay and I haven't even left yet! Jack Rabbits - will check them out.
  2. Mish

    Training in New York

    Thanks guys. That's my general thinking too...that it's going to be pretty tough in terms of the bike training. Running and swimming is usually managable but it's the long rides that become challenging enough with an Ironman, without throwing in a city like New York! I'll have some thinking to do, that's for sure.
  3. I've just landed a transfer to New York and was wondering if anyone has had any experience or advice with training in the city? Any tri club recommendations, great cycling or running routes etc? I've got an entry for IM Oz 2012 so would welcome hearing from anyone who has trained in NYC or that knows anyone over there that does!
  4. Mish

    Last 100 entries

    I'm so cranky right now!! on there from 11:50am...hitting refresh....12.00 nothing different...12:00:30 SOLD OUT?!?! Really?!?!
  5. Mish

    Girlie question

    I've got DDs and if I don't strap 'em down they're a set of dangerous weapons! So, over the years the best solution for me has been the Berlei Sports Bra (convertible straps). I just wear that under my tri top / running top and off I go. I wear it all through the race - swimming etc without any problems. I've worn those sports bras in everything from Ironman to Half /Full Marathons. They are expensive, around $60-$70, cop a lot of wear and abuse...but they last. In terms of chafing, I find my HR monitor under the under-wire prevents it. If I'm going HR monitor-free then I use a bit of sports tape on the bits that chafe (usually just above ribs or in the middle). The best tri-tops I've found are Jaggad... or for just running... the Nike run dri-fit fabric with built in shelf. Lorna Jane have some good ones but I find they just don't last as long or can chafe because of the cotton/lycra mix.
  6. Mish

    Burning soles

    Thommo I'm going through this at the moment so feel your pain (pardon the pun). It can just get worse and worse. I used to get it just running but then it cropped up in cycling and it ruined my race in IMNZ. My pod has started me off with a hard insertion in my orthotics to limit the "squishing" around of the metatarsals. If that doesn't work...the dome is next....if that doesn't work...a cut-out section. I'd suggest going back to the Pod and working with them until it's fixed. We spend so much money for orthotics it's worth getting it sorted. Good luck - fingers (and toes) crossed that the pain goes.
  7. I'm fronting up on the start line too! #688 (female 35-39)
  8. Something I've found that works for me, especially when working long days at the office, is to just move my session to lunchtime or afterwork. Getting those few extra hours of sleep in the morning and getting some fresh air at lunch or disconnecting from the day with an evening run or swim really helps if you have a few consective nights of only 5 hours sleep with a full training load. But again, everyone has different schedules and time demands - you have to find something that works for you - but it doesn't have to be 5am starts every single day. Rest is important and there's no point fronting up to hard sessions or the start line of Ironman being knackered because you won't get the result you deserve or are capable of if you had just taken a rest day or done a lighter session when you needed it. That said, you can't escape being tired when training for IM so sometimes you do have to suck it up and just get out there. I read something recently that was pretty good. "Just give me 20 minutes"....theory was that if you were really tired you just promised yourself you'd just do 20 mins really easy and if you were still stuffed after that, you pull the pin and go home. If not, and you felt ok you kept going....it weeds out the laziness/tiredness from real fatigue.
  9. Mish

    IM NZ

    #688 for me.
  10. Mish

    Cortisone Injections

    Thanks everyone. It's to address inflammation under the psoas (lifting off bone slightly) in conjunction with stress fracture below femoral neck. Stressie fixed so this should sort out mild lingering pain. Won't be looking at the needles and hopefully the local anesthesia will sort me out!
  11. Have to have a cortisone injection into my hip flexor (psoas tendon). I'm not a fan of needles. Has anyone had one before and does it hurt like hell or is it fairly tolerable?
  12. Mish

    IM Couzmel

    I've sent two emails to the organisers asking if there is any way they'd consider taking an extra entry for an Aussie coming all that way.....but not looking good....think I'll definitely be spectating Chookie. Will have to get into endurance drink training instead!
  13. How do add "calves" in my interests section....???

  14. Think you need to enter a comment in your signature...."swim training is for pansies!" ;)

  15. Mish


    OMG!! OMG!! For some reason 33 days sounds closer than 5 weeks! I know it's the same but wow...so close! I better have a chat to the weather man about a flat swim again this year, no wind on the bike and a nice little cooling breeze on the run.
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