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  1. G'day I may need to post a carbon wheelset, soft wheelbag & few tyres from Tassie to Sydney. Never done it before. Looking for advice on cost, packaging, couriers etc? Help!! Cheers HL
  2. Devastated. Percival was a triathlon pioneer in Tasmania & abroad. Quality athlete & human being. Cant believe it.
  3. Ryan Fisher is 25. Birtwhistle is 21. Jake has massive upside to come. His running pedigree is far superior to any of the other Aussie boys. Until he committed to Triathlon he was spent his junior years as the best T&F runner in his age group. While still doing triathlon. JB is a freak show runner & still a few years off his peak. He could've stayed in track & field & gone on to represent his country there. He has the 2nd fastest under 18 5km in Australian T&F history. Zatopek u20 3k titles. Tasmanian distance records across the board, Aus champion over 1500 & 3km multiple time through his junior years. The kid will be one of the dominant if not THE dominant triathlete in world cups within the next few years. He may take 10km run splits into territory never seen before. He ran 29.45 OTB in Japan last week. 10 secs off Mola' split. 29.45 OTB & apparently he's not worth a spot in the OG triathlon. He IS the only Australian capable of pulling out a medal winning run on the day. His form is great, he's on an upward curve. I can see the merits of holding him back but the fact his he hasn't been heavily raced over the last few years & he is talented enough to do something special in RIO. Royle & Baillie earnt their spots. Jake would've been a great bet for the 3rd spot. I wish the other boys luck but just cant see the potential for a medal.
  4. 4 Olympics & Australian men yet to win a medal. I think TA's record speaks for itself. I'd expect nothing less of TA than to leave the form man at home, the only bloke with the actual ability to pull out a medal winning performance. May TA's long tradition of success at the men's Olympic Triathlon continue.
  5. Richie is on record as saying the madone is his favourite climb.
  6. I caught up with Portey over Xmas in Lonnie. He swam regularly (with his mum, a delightful lady & regular swimmer) at Windmill hill pool. Thinnest ive seen him. Looked very scrawny in his togs. Bit scary actually. Had a very solid summer of training here & was closely monitored by team. Not silly 400km rides like last summer. No overtraining. He's been through hell last 12 months, got very crook. Now has some scarring on his lungs from pneumonia. Had to learn about overtraining the hard way. He was a swimmer first, way before cycling came along. Known for his swimming he would lead all the local races out of water, way ahead of his rivals. Probably around the 12.30 range over a km on pretty modest training. Still swimming well. Should have a good year.
  7. Portey. 2 x Paris Nice champion. Nice work.
  8. Aru pushed 6.01w/kg for first 32 minutes. Handy.
  9. If u are anything like me I have a zillion pairs of runners, old & new & inner soles in the dozens. I also run in brooks adrenaline. Have done for years. But I use "off the shelf" orthoheel orthotic so the brooks inner sole is always removed as soon as I buy the shoe. Never used them.
  10. Jake Birtwhistle must be getting close.
  11. er....replace them with another inner sole. Am I missing something here?
  12. 14.47 today in 25m pool. Solo. No toys or tricks. Swam 14.13 in same pool late last year, though it was in a squad TT. Plenty of competition. Ho hum about todays time but it will do for now. Felt good.
  13. It is a saying I was raised with & its very true. I'd happily say that to Dave in person. Don't make this about Dave the man or athlete. Its just about his call on the drug cheat racing Hawaii. I very strongly disagree with Dave Scott as do thousands of others. The race deserves better than Lance's taint.
  14. Dear Dave Scott & Hawaii IM You hang out with shit you begin to smell like shit. Uncle HL x
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