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  1. So who is still here from the original incarnation of this thread 2007 and 2011 reboot?
  2. Love ya work Roxii, over a long period of time you have added value to our ‘nuffin’ sport. Had many a trouble moderating myself during the years, bugger trying to do it for all of us nutters. done good, played strong.
  3. Dare I mention the dog strangler...
  4. Nice memory, led me to the ‘Fun’ thread by Reefy as well. In both 😎
  5. That would be such a shame but jeez, what a palmares. Remember hobbling down to a bike pick up one morning after at Forster and seeing this long haired dude running and thinking a spectator from the day before. Except said spectator heads in to collect a bike. Have appreciated your work ever since Paul. You could always fat ass an IM
  6. Did a slowtwitch 100/100 last summer, t’was cool that it auto integrated Strava data into their log. Would be good motivation to try to get another roll going. I’d be up on the same rules.
  7. Leon

    Athlete Toenails

    Use to rank IM efforts by the number of toenails falling off in the weeks after.
  8. Curious if you are using a chest strap or wrist measurement? I’ve started back using the watch to measure and it is clearly above what the chest strap use to tell me. Not there yet but I have to recalibrate as such to understand zones all over again. First few sessions has me thinking I might be close to karking it with the numbers showing . 😂
  9. When I was traveling to Brisvegas on a regular basis, I called in on Bill’s shop (D2T) a number of times - his time and customer service was very much appreciated. Wish him the best with the wettie and whatever he does in our space going fwd.
  10. Leon

    Wurf watch

    How many bricks you reckon?
  11. Leon

    Cairns IM 2020

    400 Japanese for the crocs if you play it right.
  12. while the KFC dude has made plenty of mistakes, I reckon he still seems to have the capacity to learn from them. He appears to have no issue with admitting his mistakes and that is huge in my opinion. he has satisfied the come 2nd to win protocol. if Frodo turns up I’m reluctant to bet against him, and while I really want cam to win, I’d be happy to see the colonel collect the tape. just hope there are white caps on the left on the way up to hawi, that will sort the bastards out. (back door brag, they sorted me and knobbly out)
  13. A nibbler is the way to go but a grinder can be a stop gap. Makita developed a cold cut steel saw back in my steel days, model 4131 these days, predominantly for the tubemakers flooring system - it works well on roofing and walling profiles as well as the rhs it was designed for. whatever you use, it is not a bad idea to give the cut edge a quick spray with a zinc enriched paint. You will get some sacrificial barrier coating rust protection without it but, in my opinion, it doesn’t hurt to ‘seal up’ the bare steel. wear gloves as the burrs on that shit can cut you!
  14. Appreciate your thoughts and opinion. And that ain’t a hack time!
  15. Now for a bit more serious response. Firstly, it is a discussion not a coaching session. The OP invited as such without any requirement to have done it. Secondly, not all of the above is advice, some of us asked questions as opposed to making statements. Thirdly, I’m sure your rhetoric has some validity at times, however I’ll poss the questions; did Col Stewart ever do a triathlon, could Sutto break 14? Now most importantly, how about a meaningful contribution, I’m interested in your thoughts on the original question as far as do you think the distances posed equate to a su
  16. Suggest we should add in here, as a big help, the ‘cluster’. Emfield theory that your longevity and potential personal success (an arbitrary thing), is very much influenced by being part of a cluster. Reckon the shire mob are proof of this, amongst others.
  17. So, from those who have built similar weeks, what did the week look like to get ~ the totals? Just curious what the structure of the week would be.
  18. Not so TGE to someone anymore. People’s champ wouldn’t end up in the street.
  19. I don’t really have a dog in this fight and we all have been dicks at some time on here by why, o why, do you have to continue to be the biggest dick? Compensating?
  20. In my limited time with the varia, I have only ridden once for 4 hours and it stayed true. Have had 2 radar drop outs on the 520 at 3 hours but the 935 was still picking it up. Seems to draw more power out of the 520 than previously so the take away for me so far is to have everything charged fully for each ride. If it runs out at 4 hours +, I’ll still take having rear radar for that time as opposed to not having it at all. if you ride on only busy roads it will annoy the shite out of you but still way better ‘seeing’ them well before you ever did without it. so, what
  21. A Xmas treat for myself that I will never leave home without, absolutely the best bit of road bike kit I have ever bought too. Get one.
  22. Burton cleaned me up. Took pain away during sport and gave it to me after. Told me I should slow down. Red flag to a bull that was. 20 years and a drinking legal age of IM’s later, I sort of disagree. So not knocking his knife skills more his bedside manner.
  23. Being in hospo with vegan options, there has been a clear uptrend in uptake of those options. Reckon there would be even more uptake of those products if they weren’t labeled vegan on the menu. Still scares some punters off but times are a changing. (what I mean is that taste should dictate not a label)
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