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  1. Had to manage an employee who ended up with bilateral knee ops care of shutting the gate at home after he reversed the car out to come to work. Pre-existing condition...never! What shits me at the moment is the pharmacy issued ‘sick’ certificate. Have to accept it. Money for jam for the pharmacists. Cough cough i’m sick, no probs $30 mate and I’ll give you something the employer has to accept. Rort.
  2. Leon

    Time management

    Digressing here a bit but work before family, surely not, fozzy bare. Went for an interview as a young bloke and the dude told me his theory was that family came a close second to work. Knew then I didn’t want the job despite him chasing me hard. Also told myself that anybody that worked for me in the future would know that their family is first and work is second. Many moons and employees later, that idiom still remains true and reckon I have had better staff as a result. my only tips for the OP, and repeating much of the same above, train while they sleep and incorporate family into training where possible.
  3. Olympic distance didn’t start at the Olympics. Not sure any world champs runs the same lines as what they did in San Diego back in ‘74. I won’t call it Kona as we know the first couple were on Oahu but ironman started there and it’s distances remain unchanged (well maybe on some courses 😎). In my eyes, that makes it the holy grail over and above any other triathlon. Plus it is what I watched on TV all those years ago, Sunday arvo, wild world of sports, a bit each week, Dave and Mark et al. Years before St George, F1 etc.
  4. Happy to say it, just personal opinion and has no bearing on others personal opinion as I can completely understand how everyone has arrived at theirs but for me, kona was/is the holy grail.
  5. Nothing worse than a poor winner. Here’s a guy who both sides of politics honoured this week in his passing, recognising without party lines, his achievements and ability to bring all aussies together and you go and get childish after your team has won. How old are you? time and place dude, clearly not your strong suite.
  6. Had a brief and private chat last couple of weeks with someone who has occupied one of the top 3 federal pollie jobs. My last question was off the record so that’s why I am being a bit cagey here. Asked if Barnaby was a nutter. Certified was the answer.
  7. Leon

    Steel is real

    I saw those chairs in the pic and wondered if anyone would call them out, well done, love it! Electrician needed to get under the house and they came out a couple days back as they were in his way, slack me just hasn’t put them back. Another story with those things but that is for another time. advice taken about singles and keeping it ridgy-didge. appreciate the thoughts.
  8. On my bucket list care of having friends in the Woodlands, though I’m not normally big on hot races. Always follow the race and again, it will be interesting to see it unfold this year.
  9. Leon

    Steel is real

    Hey all, hoping you don’t mind me indulging a story and a couple of pics. Thinking some may be interested. 60 odd years ago my mums twin sister sailed out of Sydney for Canada. There she married a Hungarian immigrant, uncle Ivan. Now Ivan only bought good gear generally. In the mid 80’s he bought a couple of bikes for him and my aunty. He did a little bit of riding, my Aunty did very little. At some point not long after getting the bikes they went into storage deep inside an attic crawl space. Ivan passed away a decade or so back and in recent years there have been preparations for my Aunty to return to Oz and live with my mum (twin 81 years olds now). My mum and my daughter did a trip over to Vancouver to help with packing the house up and my daughter dug those bikes out of the crawl space and sent me some photos. Needless to say, I put my hand up for ownership and after a couple of months, they turned up here in the Hunter Valley. I was waiting for them! So I reckon the climate of Vancouver was very helpful in keeping these in good nick, plus being stuck away out of sunlight etc. What I ended up with was 2 x 6 speed campag bikes - Tommasini (Ivan’s) and a Pinarello (my Aunty’s, hence the saddle). A mate who rode professionally in Italy after the Seoul Olympic gave me a heads up that they date his time Italy, so we are thinking mid 80’s. Original tubs on the bike, check out the tubs under the seats, and they hold air all these years later! Not the best pics but hopefully good enough to show them off somewhat. The pinarello needs some more work to remove some dust and get those cables in the right place. Most likely I will get the wheels rebuilt with clincher rims and the same hub. Other than that, the plan is to leave as is and do some fair weather riding on them. (and if you are like me and always looking into the background of pics, yes my lawn is due for a mow 😁)
  10. Might be the only time I have a crack here... all up today, 50 x 100m swim (broken into 5 sessions inter dispersed with runs) 50km ride (one ride) 50km run (7 runs, 5 after each swim, 2 after the ride). so 50/50/50 and yes, it has significance 😎 Prep not ideal. No riding for months, longest run 8km, 2 swims. Stupidity really but wanted to do this for some time on the day. Not up for 50 beers though.
  11. Leon

    Bike Fit

    And for what it is worth, Parkside does a very good job....says this repeat customer.
  12. Agree on the blackbutt one in Newcastle, nice downhill run into the finish but you have to suffer to earn it, no pb’s there.
  13. Happy to support you willie, have the green light so just PM me and let’s lock it in eddy.
  14. Hey all, got the green light to buy a 935. Missed the $400 rebel special so digging around to see what I could find. Kogan have a direct import - international version for $560. Appears to be the best I can find. so, is the international version any different, does anyone know? pre loaded maps or something like that maybe? appreciate any heads up before I pull the trigger. thanks.
  15. Leon


    Our triathlon average IQ just went up a shit load. And I mean a shit load.
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