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  1. Suggest we should add in here, as a big help, the ‘cluster’. Emfield theory that your longevity and potential personal success (an arbitrary thing), is very much influenced by being part of a cluster. Reckon the shire mob are proof of this, amongst others.
  2. So, from those who have built similar weeks, what did the week look like to get ~ the totals? Just curious what the structure of the week would be.
  3. Leon

    Stars of yesteryear.

    Not so TGE to someone anymore. People’s champ wouldn’t end up in the street.
  4. I don’t really have a dog in this fight and we all have been dicks at some time on here by why, o why, do you have to continue to be the biggest dick? Compensating?
  5. In my limited time with the varia, I have only ridden once for 4 hours and it stayed true. Have had 2 radar drop outs on the 520 at 3 hours but the 935 was still picking it up. Seems to draw more power out of the 520 than previously so the take away for me so far is to have everything charged fully for each ride. If it runs out at 4 hours +, I’ll still take having rear radar for that time as opposed to not having it at all. if you ride on only busy roads it will annoy the shite out of you but still way better ‘seeing’ them well before you ever did without it. so, whatever limitations for over 4 hours or on busy roads, still buy it, game changer for me.
  6. A Xmas treat for myself that I will never leave home without, absolutely the best bit of road bike kit I have ever bought too. Get one.
  7. Just playing catch up on a lot of threads and have to make the comment that if he won, then you are a very close second given how far up his clacker you are.
  8. Burton cleaned me up. Took pain away during sport and gave it to me after. Told me I should slow down. Red flag to a bull that was. 20 years and a drinking legal age of IM’s later, I sort of disagree. So not knocking his knife skills more his bedside manner.
  9. Being in hospo with vegan options, there has been a clear uptrend in uptake of those options. Reckon there would be even more uptake of those products if they weren’t labeled vegan on the menu. Still scares some punters off but times are a changing. (what I mean is that taste should dictate not a label)
  10. Leon

    Bucket list races

    Beating Cav’s bike time and Mo’s run apparently, say what.
  11. Was going to mention the tunnel. Cresting the little hill at Forster and seeing the finish line knowing you are turning right rather than going straight ahead. MFD at Port.
  12. The question is, did arpit run under 40?
  13. I’m sure the white knight, aka cameltoe, would have alerted him to this. If the besmircher thought that Jabbs and Mick went hard, wait until the full force of the ‘fuga gets into gear.
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