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  1. Agree on the blackbutt one in Newcastle, nice downhill run into the finish but you have to suffer to earn it, no pb’s there.
  2. Happy to support you willie, have the green light so just PM me and let’s lock it in eddy.
  3. Hey all, got the green light to buy a 935. Missed the $400 rebel special so digging around to see what I could find. Kogan have a direct import - international version for $560. Appears to be the best I can find. so, is the international version any different, does anyone know? pre loaded maps or something like that maybe? appreciate any heads up before I pull the trigger. thanks.
  4. Leon


    Our triathlon average IQ just went up a shit load. And I mean a shit load.
  5. Leon

    Devonport History

    Wow some names on that results sheet. head honcho had a flat tyre so a dnf. had to laugh at an OD being referred to as short course.
  6. C’mon RBR, you are better than that. And you too IP. leave the ‘those on here’ to others.
  7. Congrats. a wonderful trip and a lifetime of memories await. the legacy function is far better than described above. dave and mark plus others. having Julie Moss very interested in our story and spending time with us rather than the vip’s was rather special. my stupid grin standing between mike and dave. join in or watch the undie run. march with the rest of the aussies in the parade. happy if you want anything else, just PM me. if I can suggest one thing outside of race day, swim out on the course the day after you get there. Tread water somewhere out past the coffee boat.....turn back and look at the scene in front of you from the King K on your left to the Royal Kona on your right. Take in the activity on Alii Drive. It doesn’t get much better in this game. in terms of those on here, thanks again to cranky and no knees for being there with me while we looked back and took in that scene. A great day followed by another one come race day. well done to the OP, enjoy every moment.
  8. Qualify, buy a spot, legacy. Good luck to you. If you have the means; talent, longevity or cash....well good on you, go for it. The price is only relevant to you. What it means to you is your call but keep your knickers on what it means to others. oh, I got an Airbnb for 7 days on course, family walked to the start race morning, lot cheaper than 10 days at $300 plus. still have both kidneys so got one to sell if there is a next time 😁
  9. Lost one of those in the shed somewhere. Annoyed the heck out of me for sometime knowing it was there somewhere. Ended up buying another one. Pity I am a few hours north otherwise would have been happy for you to use mine to get out of trouble.
  10. Leon

    Trannies Glossary

    Worming has to be the earliest I can remember here...AP had discovered Ozchat but us cool kids were here by then and dissing this bloke on ozfat about his worm8ng protocols. Not much has changed here. While not on here, I think we can add Gunther’s slowtwitch legendary thread. Yo2’s camel toe became fun fodder. Nige and PV dog strangling as mentioned by roxii trevs annual TDF stuff was impressive a glossary of terms will always have a K1 and especially a K2. the people’s champ the greatest ever will have to think more on this. Nice thread.
  11. Leon

    Hoka vanquish = ?

    11.5 US (11UK) and we are good to go, pm me details?
  12. Leon

    Hoka vanquish = ?

    So I’m back into it and starting to log some run miles. the hoka vanquish 2’s from 2016 are cutting the mustard but I do need to think about getting another set in rotation. a quick google shows up not much, nothing in 2’s and bugger all in 3’s. Oh the deals I could get if I was women’s size 8! looks like the show is over with new models from hoka. So, finally to the question, what’s the equivalent shoe? appreciate any heads up.
  13. Leon

    Steffen’s P5X

    hey all, not long back on here so apologies if mentioned elsewhere. a recent addition to bicycle marketplace on FB and see tonight Caroline’s P5X up for sale, pick up port macq hoping the pic upload works. so my question, reckon she will sell it at that price ($14k, well ten bucks short of it)
  14. Did they plate the clavicle or are just letting it heal? getting the length right helps with regaining range of movement, which is no real issue for the bike but can be in the pool. im the not so proud owner of a plate and 12 screws, got a good quack and while it is sore every now and then, I got back to swimming the same sort of times. from memory, I was on the trainer in 3 weeks. did have to roll the port entry into cairns as a result. had broken ribs which were not really an issue in terms of getting back into it but no idea on the hips. good luck with recovery. lets hope karma plays out on the perp at sometime. there was one positive, a new bike, had always lusted over a BMC but never thought there would be justification, did enough damage to the old kestrel to warrant the new one.
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