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  1. Ted

    Tenby!! It's that time again

    Well done Ian. 94 minutes is an enormous improvement. I am always impressed with your efforts knowing what your roads and weather are like. Every time I go to England I think how glad I am I don't have to train there.
  2. I was a huge fan of Aunty Jack and one of my favourite songs from the show was a Thin Arthur song where he was sitting on a park bench and drank some maple syrup and tree roots started growing out of his feet. A passer by asks him how he feels and he replies "I feel rooted" Passer by says " you look fine" i feel rooted all the time , really rooted , really really rooted and so it goes on in the nonsense style of the show, trust me it is a great song. Anyway when Rory did his first Ironman at Port there was some mention of him in the local paper , I was pretty excited and thought how good would it be to meet Thin Arthur. In the dark on the run course I found myself beside him ,and I thought this is my big chance. So I said G'day Rory, ask me how I feel. He said how do you feel ? I said " I feel rooted" He said you look fine, then together we sang the whole song. We spent the next couple of Km's chatting about Aunty Jack. Still right up there as one of my favourite memories of Ironman. The Black Dog is a terrible thing and it strikes where we least expect it, we all need to keep a good eye on our mates. A year ago we lost a club member and it bites very hard. RIP Rory
  3. Ted

    Clickr shoes for cyclocross

    Clickr pedals use the same cleat as any spd pedal ,they just have a much lighter spring to make it a lot easier to clip in and out. Any spd compatible mtb shoe will work with clickr pedals. Not all clickr pedals have a flat pedal on one side, some of them are double sided. Edit to add if you are looking at the wiggle picture , that is not a cleat in the sole it is just a blanking plate that fills up the channel where the cleat fits so that if you want you can use the shoes without clipping in.
  4. Ted

    Removing a stuborn cassette

    Cassettes ( or insert your wife's name ) can often be a bit stubborn. Generally all that is needed is a bigger lever. Don't be scared to lean on it , you won't break it.
  5. Ted


    The cheaper version of Shimano are very good as well, you just have to be aware of the plastic plate across the top of the pedal. When the plate wears you will get more movement Replace the little plastic plate when it is worn and all good again. They cost about $2 105 and above have a metal plate so no worries there. Speedplay are OK but the bearings flog out very quickly Edit to say I had Speedplay but went back to Dura Ace when the bearings failed after 12 months
  6. Ted

    When is a bike a bike? Trademark dispute.

    I reckon you've got to more to worry about from Volkswgon That logo looks deceptively similar to a Beetle!
  7. Ted

    "Strongest" spokes

    Have a measure of your broken spoke overall length from hook to end as well as length from hook to start of wide section and end of wide section to end of spoke (threaded end) I have a few odd Vuelta spokes and maybe the right one. I'm not sure if a normal spoke will work in your wheel, the hole is quite big because of the thickness of the original vuelta spoke. Ted
  8. Ted

    Cycling tours

    I have just returned from Italy / France riding plenty of the most famous climbs. We rode from Como to Nice with a Dutch based company called Bike Dreams. Check them out at www.bike-dreams.com They do tours all over the place , the trip we did was Les Dix Alpes Very well run and very good value. I would certainly recommend them. They have a new trip starting next year from Nice to Barcelona that looks very interesting, I might have to give it a try.
  9. Ted

    Best baggage allowances for bikes

    Not sure if it still applies but in June 09 I flew to England with BA. They took the bike as an additional piece of luggage under their sporting goods policy. Cost no extra and had no effect on normal luggage allowance. So they took the bike for free. Happy Days! Blair , SciCon Aero comfort plus is the bag I use, never had a problem
  10. Ted

    Taking Neurofen/ Panadol in a race

    Last year at Port got kicked halfway thru the swim and ruptured my ear drum. It took until the end of the 2nd lap ofthe bike to track some down but Nuerofen became my friend. Only time I have used something like this but was seriously considering a DNF so it worked for me.
  11. Ted

    Would you trust this company?

    Never ceases to amaze me that anyone would even consider one of these offers. By the way my friends in Nigeria have lots of money just looking for a home. Just send me all your bank details and I will pass them on.
  12. Ted

    Great Ocean Road

    Can't believe I never got an invite! While you are down make sure to have a helicopter ride at the 12 Apostles. Gives a completely different view of the coast.
  13. Ted

    Sora shifter eating cables.

    It is not uncommon for a cable to break in that location after extended use. Very uncommon for a shifter (of any quality level) to eat a cable upon installation. My feeling is that the new cable was not installed correctly into the little socket in the shifter and the attempts at shifting have dragged it into mechanism and damaged it. Try again......or try harder at convincing the treasury that you need a new bike.
  14. Ted

    Ironman Australia Results xls

    Computers never cease to amaze me! All I did was type the address in normally and when I posted it the clever little man in the machine turned it into a link. Unbelievable. Edit for spelling.
  15. Ted

    Ironman Australia Results xls

    Have a look at http://users.tpg.com.au/adslgbpa/IMA_Results.htm Sorry I don't know how to make a link. It is a great site that has all the results in one spot. I can't remember for certain but I think it is done by Luis Lopez (a bloke who has done about 20 IM Aus)