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  1. Back up to 72.6kg Boozy grand final didn't help.
  2. and rocking a Kask over the team issue helmet. Friends don't let friends wear Rudy Project...
  3. 72.0. Only a tiny reduction, which I put down to a small increase in my exercise, off-set by a couple of days of eating/drinking too much. Time to knuckle down this week
  4. Penicillin helps with that..... or so I've heard
  5. Me too! Just weighed in at 72.2kg
  6. In great condition looked after meticulously. This thing has been brilliant to ride. Light, responsive and comfy too. Full carbon with Dura Ace Di2 at a bargain price - $3000 In this small size it’s really, really light. Like sub 6.7kg light.... Professional-grade Advanced SL composite frame with integrated Variant seatpost Advanced SL-grade composite fork with full-composite OverDrive 2 steerer Giant SLR 0 WheelSystem Full Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 11-speed groupset including sprint shifters New Giant P-SLR 1 tyres New bar tape Plenty of spacers above the stem if you need the bars higher BB to saddle = 710mm See frame geometry image below Any questions feel free to ask!
  7. MickyC

    Le Tour 2017

    If you do plan on hanging around in Briancon for a few extra days you might want to sort out your accom asap. Next years Etape du Tour is on 16th - 15,000 riders so accom is going to be snapped up (registration is going about to open and it'll sell out fast)
  8. MickyC

    Le Tour 2017

    Can't wait - heading back over next year, staying in Briancon for 12 days or so. Happy days!!
  9. On the other hand taking strike action at a quiet time when it would have little/less impact probably wouldn't be particularly effective if you were trying to negotiate a new agreement
  10. Ripper of a day (freezing all the way to Marysville though!). The 20km up Reefton seemed to go on and on and on.... Archeron Way was stunning.
  11. Nice work Parky! I love a good time-lapse. Have been mucking around with doing some while riding with a bike-mounted camera.
  12. MickyC


    Roxii I think that's the not so good one. It will need to say Ant+2 on it (from memory). I had the one you've got but no joy - ended up buying the right one (from bikebug) and it works a treat. Looks like this
  13. I really enjoy Stuff You Should Know - a huge variety of topics and they have been going for years.
  14. www.cyclinganalytics.com - simple to use, easy to understand and plenty more there to dig around if you want to nerd out on.
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