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  1. Stoney!!!


    Because we were worried that on a seaming grassy pitch with overcast skies our openers might get dismissed in single figures again? If things had of gone to plan and they both had a half decent dig once the pitch flattened out the selectors wouldn't have looked so bad for dropping Head and Khawaja.
  2. From being a listener of ABC Grandstand, I don't think Tracey Holmes is a big fan of WADA (think Essendon and meldonium). I would be reading what she has said on the matter in that context. (She is a highly regarded sports journalist though.) Sun's behaviour with the smashing of the vial raises concerns of an athlete who knows he is still "glowing", and is delaying the sample being taken until such point as he knows it will be out of his system. I'm sure there are many cyclists who wish they could have done the same when the testers came knocking on their door!
  3. Can it do workouts like Zwift? Or do you just ride at your own tempo (with Kickr resistance adjusted to terrain)? Can you automatically upload to Training peaks post ride? Currently on Zwift but happy to give alternates a go
  4. There is a second trial in March. The media coverage now would make it difficult to find a jury that wasn’t aware of this conviction. I have no sympathy for him or other offenders of his ilk, but would rather not give him grounds for an appeal if he was found guilty at the second trial.
  5. There is an upgraded board walk to run along instead. Council has taken 6 months to build it, I think the tri course has been good motivation for them to get it finished!
  6. Stoney!!!

    WTB Ay-Ups

    I have a set I am happy to part with (at a cheap price as they need a new battery). PM me for details
  7. Check out https://membersown.com.au/. It is a list of all the mutual funds that still exist. If you are eligible to join any of the above funds it is worth considering them. They are more generous in the benefits that they pay to practitioners, which will usually mean reduced out of pocket costs for yourself. It kind of makes sense that they should pay more back to their members - they don’t have the profit requirement of the corporate funds, nor do they spend as much in advertising.
  8. I need to clear the house of some bike spares prior to moving. I have available: Fulcrum Racing 7 (10 speed) Good condition (mainly used only the front wheel on Kickr bike) Includes Ultegra 10 speed cassette and tyres $50, local pick up only DT Swiss RR1450 (10 speed) Well used, some nipples corroded (minor flex of wheel) Would suit bike on stationary trainer Free, local pick up only Location: Tweed Heads Photos can be sent on request
  9. Brain injury can occur in two ways. Primary injury occurs at the time of impact. Secondary injury occurs due to low oxygen levels, raised carbon dioxide levels, and decreased blood pressure. Clappers sats aren't great at that level, but not the worst either. Obviously the longer you spend at the lower level the greater the degree of secondary injury. This is one of the main advantages of a rescue helicopter arriving in this situation - they can institute advanced airway support to maintain oxygen levels, and get you to a hospital quicker in case of bleeding that needs draining.
  10. Stoney!!!


    I know I am getting ahead of myself to think we could even be competitive in India but... Is Wade's keeping too much of a liability for the subcontinent? A missed stumping and catch off Lyon in this match on a much more docile wicket. It is lucky that those misses as well as Smith's slippery fingers didn't end up costing Australia the match.
  11. I was looking into gabion baskets recently for my yard (also in NSW). Check your local council's website, but mine want engineering done if they will exceed 600mm in height. (QLD are more generous, usually allowing 1000mm). This would add significant costs to it. Some council tips will give away the concrete rubble that you can fill the non-visible parts of the basket with, and just use the nicer looking rock for the front and top.
  12. Please don't rescind my membership of the forum but I bought my little fella a Giant. He absolutely loves it. It has a fully adjustable seat post so we can let his little sister have a ride from time to time. It also seemed more sturdy than some of the more toy focused ones.
  13. His problem is different from "athletes heart". His aortic valve has only two valve leaflets instead of the three that most people have. Over time this predisposes him to narrowing of the valve at a younger age than the general population. Due to great stress on the vessel wall just upstream, he is also at risk of an aneurysm of his proximal aorta. In the cycling media they are referring to an "arrhythmmia" however as the cause of his retirement. Without knowing more details, it is difficult to know exactly the rhythm problem is. Or if it is even related to his valve. To cause immediate retirement, you would have to think it is something serious like ventricular tachycardia though.
  14. Unfortunately my app is up to date already. I'll have to try Naut's Garmin trick on the weekend and see if I have any luck.
  15. I bought my Stage's second hand (it was a warranty replacement where someone moved onto another brand after their unit failed - the unit was brand new in box) After 18 months it won't appear in the app or talk to my Garmin. I've replaced the battery a couple of times with no luck. What would people suggest?
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