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  1. I trust this fee will go towards improving their handling of such items
  2. Moshy

    On line Hokas

    Sport Pursuit have a decent sale (nothing over a hungie) on what seems to be superseded Hoka models, with a reasonable size range to boot, which is not always the case with these guys.
  3. Moshy

    On line Hokas

    I'm a US12 in a Salomon, are folks finding their Hokas true to size? Reading people are going a size up (sometimes to accommodate orthotics) which is understandable, but not the case here. Heard the 'sizing up' thing with Sidi cycling shoes, but found I was the same size in those. I'd say my foot is on the narrower side in both width & height, if that's of any relevance. Only looking at these as comfy walking shoes. PM sent Willie.
  4. Moshy

    Fenix 5

    SportPursuit doing F3 Sapphire Titanium for $555. Sale finishes in 2 days.
  5. Good to see Macca diversifying, just in case this F1 thing doesn't pan out -: http://www.msn.com/en-au/money/company-news/ikea-israel-apologizes-for-female-free-catalogue/ar-AAn6fd5?li=AA54Gb&ocid=spartanntp
  6. I have 2x 3 month (3 issues each) Digital Subscription vouches for Good Health. See pic below for deets & code if interested -:
  7. With the internet & the many avenues that it offers to market a product, surely mainstream media is not the only gig in town these days.
  8. Straight Brother getting into the spirit -:
  9. I think so, this is lifted from the Chinese Visa Application ""Service"" Centre -: "1. Basic Documents (1) Passport Original passport with at least six months of remaining validity and with two blank visa pages, a photocopy of the passport's data page and the photo page if it is separate. Please also provide your most recent previous passport. International movement records from Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection may be required." I applied at CVASC's Melbourne office. Between me meeting their requirements at the time of booking an appointment & my actual appointment, they had changed the rules & I was rejected on the spot. I explained my old passport was destroyed, when new one arrived & was told "bad luck" & sent on my way. Sent them an email the next day, asking them what they required & got the same unhelpful response "this new policy is sudden & strict" & that was it. So contacted Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (who issue passports) about this & they said that they/I require an authentication letter, linking my new passport, to my old ones. Turns out this is not what they required at all, after getting rejected again on Wednesday, hence the edit/update in my initial post. The assistant then told me the above requirements, apologised for their shitty communication on this matter & sent me on my way. She also suggested this requirement will be lifted end of September if I wanted to wait, as I'm hoping to fly out mid October. I've now submitted Form 1359 through Department of Immigration & Border Control & now waiting for their reply. Word on the street is, this is a result of one of our swimmers, calling one of their swimmers, a drug cheat & no apology being forthcoming.
  10. I'm a fan of DCA's predecessor & the album that got me into them, Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia.
  11. PSA, as of 2 weeks a go, you now require your current & previous passport when applying for a Chinese Visa. If you don't have your old passport, you'll need to complete form 1359 from Department of Immigration & Border Protection. I found out the hard way. ETA correct info, after DFAT letter suggested previously was rejected. Also was told this is only temporary & this requirement will be lifted end of September.
  12. In a similar vein, but much cruder than burgs's kit, I tweaked the old club uniform with a few spare patches (Slayer, Immortal & Dimmu Borgir) laying around & use to roll around in a mini lycra battle jacket
  13. How about remove gender from the equation completely & just have equality. How is this for equality, women & men race together/one another in their respective categories (Pro's & age groups) & the KQ slots that were allocated to each male & female category get pooled & it's just the fastest athletes that get to KQ in each category....
  14. Chasing a pair of Shimano 7900 (Dura Ace) Brifters (Brake/Shifter) & front derailleur to suit. Budget for something in very good to excellent condition, would be $250. Cheers Moshy
  15. Did Cyco Miko start the 'Compression Sock' trend -:
  16. Mmmmm, for some reason I have a strange compulsion to buy a pair of Assos ladies bibs..... Anyways, I'm sure most get the T7 emails, but for those that don't, they've currently got an Assos sale on the go -: https://www.torpedo7.com.au/brand/assos?pageSize=80
  17. Just got an email from Sport Pursuit for a TomTom -: http://www.sportpursuit.com/sales/tomtom-120516?utm_source=SilverpopMailing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=e-weekly_sales.d-20160518.st-UK_EU_AU.m-weekly_opt_in.a-23_Wednesday.%20(1)&utm_content=sale1_TomTom%20Multi-Sport%20HRM%20Watch
  18. I'll join the 1X11 chorous. Had it for 2 years now, have never dropped a chain & as a 'Weekend Warrior' rarely felt under or over geared. Started off with 34, but recently replaced it (due to wear) with a 32. Not too often I'm searching for a harder gear on the trails I ride, too bad the same can't be said for an easier gear...
  19. Not sure if early 40's qualifies for mid-life, but I've gone the opposite way recently & disposed of stuff, not that I had a lot to begin with. Pretty happy with where I'm at (probably why we're not at "crisis" point) & personally, materialistic possessions aren't overly important to me these days, so gone back to basics.
  20. Ahhh, Wendy James......be still my beating heart Fark, feeling old now.......30 years since RAD came out. Still gets me excited to get on a bike & still the best opening & closing credits to a movie. Anyways one Hell of a Track (pun intended) or two by Farnsey-:
  21. FP & Mjainoz contributions reminded me of these gals. Jam out with your clam out -:
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