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  1. Don't have one personally, but might know of someone who does. Assuming it's new, how much you looking to pay?
  2. Moshy

    Garmin 735 Dead

    Out of curiosity, what do people think is "reasonable" life expectancy for a Garmin watch? Based on general cost of their watches, I would think 3 to maybe 4 years. I've only ever pulled "the product should be warrantied for a reasonable time" once & that being for a reasonably expensive iPod docking speaker, less than 5 years old. As soon as I mentioned this & the ACCC, after weeks of getting the run around, the issue was resolved under warranty, within a couple of weeks
  3. Used twice. Doesn't come with the accessories pouch. Will do free postage for any Tranny with 100+ posts. Otherwise $10 postage, or can pick up from the Eastern 'burbs of Melbourne (Nunawading area) http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/au/en/cycleops-bike-thong-sweat-guard/rp-prod39535
  4. Just a general comment, lots of insurance companies (health, income protection) offer a decent discount for such devices. I know I get 25% through AIA. I guess it's their way of providing a bit of lube for when they're bending me over on the premium
  5. Catalyst did an episode on meditation/mindfulness (mental health benefit bit kicks in at the 11 min mark) a while back-: http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/4477405.htm Michael Mosley's 'Trust Me I'm A Doctor has also covered meditation/mindfulness -: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3dqFp4tkhsZ1VR97X0cmqhg/should-i-try-mindfulness Seems to get pretty good results
  6. I'm a pretty lazy investor, buy, stick in the top shelf & forget about 'em. For that reason, these days I like the ease, simplicity & diversity investing in managed funds provide. Post GFC, I found it much harder to try & pick individual stocks, so have gradually moved the majority of my investments to MF's. MF's are also an easy way to get exposure to global markets, although I was way late to the US's party in particular. Anyways, MF's are easy to set up & with a regular investment plan in place, I just drip feed the $'s in every month, regardless of what the markets are doing. I rarely try to pick the highs & lows & just whack money in each month & this approach has worked pretty well long term. It's only a paper loss until such time as you sell, so unless you need the money, I just let things ride.
  7. Yeap, saw this piece yesterday & it resonated with me. As a Gen. Xer, this is pretty much the approach I took 20 odd years ago, after being at the to buy, or not to buy a house crossroad. Decided I wasn't happy being a slave to a mortgage & the rest is history. Occupation wise I've never earnt what would be considered good money, but was fortunate the old man taught me the value of a dollar & saving very early on, for which I'm forever grateful. From my 1st job doing a paper round, to now, I've always put money aside each week & invested it, while never feeling like I was going without as a result. Like with training, small amounts consistently add up over time. Based on my situation, I don't regret not owning a house very often & would take the same path again given the chance.
  8. Moshy

    Take the bike?

    If you've got a few hour window up your sleeve, you could always take the ferry over to Pulau Ubin, hire a "bike" & get your Dirt Skirt on -: https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ShowUserReviews-g1644875-d317388-r281489433-Pulau_Ubin-Pulau_Ubin.html I did this a few years ago & just packed cycling kit. Not sure if the standard of "bike" for hire has improved (they were all POS) since then, but my rear derailleur snapped about 7km away from home. I ditched the bike at a "shop/kiosk", took a photo of location & hiked back. Told the bike hire mob what happened & showed them where their bike was. If it wasn't for the mechanical, it was nice riding & no cars to worry about.
  9. Moshy

    OT saving lives

    Old mate got a little woozy & fainted during his donation.............this wouldn't have happened in the old days when Ironman was hard Hope he's feeling better now!
  10. Moshy

    OT saving lives

    Thought I'd bump this, as a few years ago this thread prompted me to get back into donating semi-regularly again. Anyway, just punched out 20th donation this week & since this is the Tri Forum, I'll add a pic I snapped from said donation, to keep it forum appropriate -:
  11. I reckon you're probably right. Was never about the coin, more so the principle. Just tired of people not following through with what they say, when a when a deal (purchase or sale) is struck. There's not much accountability for either party on Gumtree unfortunately. I'm cynical and grumpy beyond my years at the best of times, dealing with people on GT has only cemented this outlook. Couldn't agree more Xcom and completely understand the need for a first in, best dress policy on GT, as long as it's communicated up front and everyone knows where they stand. I moved away from selling on ebay due to the fees, but thinks I might be going back there in future, will avoid all those pesky 'low ballers' too... Have given this way more time and energy than it deserved, so putting this one to rest. Thanks for the input Trannies, peace out.
  12. As the buyer here, it played out as follows - : Me: contact seller a couple hours later, basically saying "done, are you available for me to pick it up tonight?" Seller: sorry, sold to someone else, let you know if it falls through. Me: Get a little butt hurt and call him out on it. I interpteted his initial reply of "pick up Northcote, cash, they're yours!" to my "will you take $40? " as acceptance, he did not. Hence I thought I'd get some outside perspective from you guys. A couple of reasonably civilised messages back and forth later, I agree to disagree. Based on responses here, not as black and white as I thought, so even though I still don't agree, I will concede there is probably grey middle ground here. Situation was probably heightened, by recent non favourable dealings (both as a seller and buyer), on Gumtree, similar to ones posted above. This was the straw that broke the camels back. Take home message for me here is, if I only stand to make or save <$100 when buying or selling on Gumtree, then it's not worth the hassle! Thanks for the feedback on my first world problems.
  13. OK, perhaps I should have worded my original question a little better. I understand it's not actually sold until $'s have been exchanged. So to rephrase it a little better, has the seller with his "pick up, cash, they're yours!" response, agreed to sell to the person making the inquiry and offer here?
  14. Had this recent exchange on Gumtree, do you consider from the below messages, the item to be sold at this point?
  15. Timely thread. Will be visiting family in Singapore & looking to do a 3 day side trip with said family. Bearing in mind it will be over the Easter Weekend & will have an 18 month old in tow, is Honkers worth it in this case? Other options floated were Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok. HK would be my preference if practical.
  16. Doesn't have time on its side just yet, but KA tune know doubt. Moshtradamus is going to call it early and say it will go on to become one of the best.
  17. This all points to one of FP's countrymen being at the centre of this. Nicknamed the 'The Air-Raid Siren & just launched a new book Coincidence? Me thinks not.
  18. Moshy

    Cervelo P3C 2010?

    Front man of anti-religion Death Metal band "Deicide". Thought he might like the race number that's still attached.
  19. Moshy

    Cervelo P3C 2010?

    Glen Benton might be interested in this 👿😈👹
  20. Moshy


    Just be thankful it's a bit of chafing -: http://forum.slowtwitch.com/forum/Slowtwitch_Forums_C1/Triathlon_Forum_F1/%3F_testicle_riding_up_into_my_crotch_and_lower_abdomen_while_in_aero_position_on_the_bike_P6488905/
  21. Moshy


    Seems a little extreme
  22. Hey Goughy, may or may not be of any interest, but an old house mate wrote this book about her experience/battle with fibromyalgia -: http://www.silentpain.com.au/
  23. Warm enough for a skin swim? Don't have a wettie these days & Iceberger mate can't be trusted on this. Told him when it's 16+ degrees, I'll entertain the idea of joining him.
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