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  1. Moshy


    Sounds like there's some residual butt hurt πŸ˜£πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ In 2017, Melbourne was once again ranked the world's most liveable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) Global Liveability Index – an accolade we've received seven years running. Recognised throughout the world, the EIU index rates 140 global cities across a range of liveability factors. While 2017 was our seventh consecutive year at the top of the table, we're proud to have consistently ranked as one of the world's top three most liveable cities since the index began in 2002 Still sitting pretty in 2nd place.
  2. Moshy

    OT saving lives

    Looks like all the cool kids donate on Sunday's...............my next appointment is on a Thursdee. Just smashed out #30 & 1st for Team Trannies & the dirty stinkin' Mexican's in Covictoria.
  3. Not sure if Blacky & the boys will make it into the number 1 possy....
  4. Moshy

    OT saving lives

    Have donated a few times this year, but wasn't a signed up member of Trannies Red 25 until very recently. Moving forward, I'll be making donations & representing the Mexicans.
  5. Just when you think donuts can't get any better... ( . Y . )
  6. Kinda like the old Learsport days, when LBS's use to buy the complete bike & strip 'em for their groupo... I've had good luck with the couple of Dell's we've had at work, so hoping the run continues.
  7. If you're still looking, I pulled the trigger on the below Dell all-in-one last week. If portability (taking it outside the home/office) is not a main concern, then this is pretty hard to beat value wise I reckon & gets good reviews on the Dell site. This offer expires Thursdee. -:
  8. Moshy

    OT saving lives

    Donated plasma over the weekend for the 2nd time this year on their new machines. Overall time is much the same (40ish mins for moi), but the cycle/interval times are a little shorter between the draw & return. After having to cancel a number of appointments last year for various reasons, I will try to make up a few this year. Does everybody use the app & if so how do youse find it? It doesn't/didn't get very good reviews on Google Play Store, so have not installed it, but they keep directing/wanting me to go the this route.
  9. Usually, if you do the opposite of what I do, you'll do alright...
  10. All good thanks to Guzzle πŸ‘
  11. Hey TC, when you get it, can you please post the link. Your link above is the only one I've been able to watch through the old xbox, without it freezing and constantly dropping out 😭😣 Muchas Gracias
  12. Do you need to be a FB member to be able watch this thing, or can you view as a guest?
  13. Received a Hello Fresh $60 gift card with an online Order. Entitles you to $20 off your first 3 deliveries, plus free shipping. This is no good to me, so is someone's keen, hit me up via a PM & I'll flick you the code.
  14. MD, first in best dressed, they're all yours. Flick me your addy & I'll get 'em on their way
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