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  1. All good thanks to Guzzle 👍
  2. Hey TC, when you get it, can you please post the link. Your link above is the only one I've been able to watch through the old xbox, without it freezing and constantly dropping out 😭😣 Muchas Gracias
  3. Do you need to be a FB member to be able watch this thing, or can you view as a guest?
  4. Received a Hello Fresh $60 gift card with an online Order. Entitles you to $20 off your first 3 deliveries, plus free shipping. This is no good to me, so is someone's keen, hit me up via a PM & I'll flick you the code.
  5. MD, first in best dressed, they're all yours. Flick me your addy & I'll get 'em on their way
  6. Hoka Challenger ATR trai runner (US12). In pretty good condition (small knick on top of right shoe) & I reckon these run on the narrow side of things fit wise. I Pick up from the Eastern 'burbs of Melbourne, or will throw in free postage to Trannie of good standing.
  7. Moshy

    OT saving lives

    Muchas gracias senor Roxii.
  8. Moshy

    OT saving lives

    Timely thread, have literally just got off the phone from my centre & they've asked me if I could do platelets, instead of the plasma I was booked in for this Sunday. This will be first platelets, there was no mention of "triples" & was told it should be around the same time as plasma, I'm assuming this is correct!?!? Barring any issues between now & then, you can chalk up an unregistered donation to the Mexicans tally.
  9. Moshy

    Busso 2018

    I hope the guy on the right is practicing drinking tea with the Queen & not throwing the Devil's Horns!?!? Acceptable variations of the Metal Fist -:
  10. Pretty sure I'll have '97 Noosa results, but won't be able to put my hands on' em until the weekend.
  11. For a great cause, I'll be more than happy to donate $85 to not drink a beer = 🤢🤮
  12. There's a new free to air business/finance channel launched Monday, channel 95 "Your Money". Haven't watched it yet it to say if it's any good or not, but might be worth a looksee. https://mediaweek.com.au/your-money-on-foxtel-and-fta-tv/
  13. Yeap, had SVT/WPW and had the ablation to fix it about 10 years ago. Was diagnosed after having 2 episodes 6 months apart. The 2 options I was given was 1. Beta blockers for the rest of my life or 2. Ablation. Given my age at the time (mid 30's) and on Dr's strong recommendation, I went option 2. In my case I think I got the all clear to resume normal activities 3 months post ablation and I've been all good ever since. A few others (must be something in the water at Nunawading Pool) in the club weren't so lucky and had multiple goes at getting theirs ablated. In those failed cases, they weren't able to induce the SVT to be able to find the accessory pathway, to be able to treat it. Sounds like you're based in Melbourne. I used Jeff Allison. Believe he also looked after Emma Carney when she was going through her heart troubles.
  14. Moshy

    Winterfish 2018

    How'd ya go Exy? What loop you do? Spoke to my 'berger mate last night & told him to keep an eye for a banana bender.
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