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  1. You're not alone, there was a thread on ST & sounds like if you've come from W7 or W8 there are issues -: https://forum.slowtwitch.com/forum/Slowtwitch_Forums_C1/Lavender_Room_F4/Windows_10_Spring_Update_1803_MAJOR_Problem_P6638369/ Apart from not being able to use the computer for 3/4 hour while waiting for it to update, my work PC (2016 Dell Inspiron with W10 from the get go) updated a week ago perfectly fine.
  2. Moshy

    The Sharemarket Thread

    Hey CN, have I got the investment opportunity for you in Precious Metals Be quick before that dirty stinkin' FP snaps 'em up!
  3. Moshy

    Best kick-ass songs of all time

    I was only 10yo in '83, so a little bit before my time for gigging. First time I remember seeing 'em was mid 90's, at a gig called the "Barbed Wire Ball" at The Palace in St Kilda. On the bill that night was The Angels, Screaming Jets & The Poor. Also went on to see The Angels many more times.
  4. Moshy

    Best kick-ass songs of all time

    Sticking with the Aussie's for another one.
  5. Moshy

    softride free to good home

    PM sent koji'.
  6. Moshy

    Best kick-ass songs of all time

    this little nugget just came up on my iTunes -:
  7. Moshy

    MTB Shorts

    Sport Pursuit currently have a POC sale going on, but pretty limited sizing options by the looks of things, but might be still worth a looksee. As to what I wore, I just use to downgrade the road lycra to the MTB. Heaps better & more comfortable for XC riding, than the baggy short option in my experience.
  8. Moshy

    Best kick-ass songs of all time

    Double Bass Death with the kings of Psychobilly -:
  9. Moshy

    Holy crap I feel old!

    Looks like there was a doco released on these gals recently -: http://www.blabbermouth.net/dvdreviews/pretend-were-dead/
  10. Moshy

    Password Managers

    Yeah, considering I managed to balls up the simple task of changing a password, I think it's probably wise I send it back to Sammy for fixing.
  11. Moshy

    Password Managers

    Forget I said anything, after 2 days of trying to get on to Samsung, I finally got through & they tell me I got to send it back to them to sort out. Thanks Rog. Nope, no switches on this sucker. No accessible menus available that I can find either, only the pictured "login" one.
  12. Moshy

    Password Managers

    Thanks for checking Monkie & the alternative solutions. On another note, my problems don't end here Thought while I was at it, I'd change the password on my external hard drive (Samsung T3 SSD), but have manage to lock myself out of it in the process..........Duuumb Can't Reckon I noted the new password, but that & the old one doesn't work & I get this -: Anybody familiar with this device? If so, what are my options here? It's a back up for my PC, so no big deal if I lost the contents in the process of unlocking this now brick.
  13. Moshy

    Holy crap I feel old!

    I believe it is Grinspoon you're looking for here.
  14. Moshy

    Password Managers

    Just signed up to LastPass & completely new to this, I can log on fine from my phone through the CBA website, but not through their phone app, is this something LP should be able to do?
  15. Moshy

    Heart Rate Straps

    I'm in Singers (Tiong Bahru) now, so can pick up if you like and bring back to Melbourne Thursday night, if that's any good to ya?