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  1. Moshy

    Beginner rider - Alloy or carbon?

    ST covered the frame material debate recently -: https://www.slowtwitch.com/Tech/The_Frame_Material_Debate_6881.html
  2. 2 lightly used tyres & therefore in VGC. With their fine diamond pattern tread, these were bought for the bike path & rollers, they're also tubeless ready. Free pick up from Nunawading area, or will include postage (if I can get 'em folded up again, to fit into one of those Aus. Post 3kg bag jobs) for any semi regular poster. http://road.cc/content/review/223113-maxxis-re-fuse-275-x-20-gravel-tyre
  3. Moshy

    Best kick-ass songs of all time

    Rock in Peace Vinnie 🤘
  4. Moshy

    Mobile plans - which one?

    I've been with Aldi (uses Telstra 4G network) for a few years & they've been fantastic. Have put family & friends onto them as well & they're all very happy too. With the data I have with work & home internet plans, I have no need for a big data plan for my phone. So with that in mind, I'm on their monthly $15 'S' plan. For that princely sum I get -: 1.5GB of data (with data roll-over), unlimited text & calls, which fully meets all my requirements. https://www.aldimobile.com.au/
  5. Moshy

    New Fenix 5

    May or may not be of any interest, but if any Trannie of good standing (current & somewhat regular poster) is interested, thanks to my insurance, I get 25% off RRP on all Garmin products year round. Don't think I'll be getting anything for myself this membership year, so flick me a pm if you're keen & I'm happy to organise. Postage would be additional, unless you wanted to pick up from the Eastern 'burbs of Melbourne.
  6. You're not alone, there was a thread on ST & sounds like if you've come from W7 or W8 there are issues -: https://forum.slowtwitch.com/forum/Slowtwitch_Forums_C1/Lavender_Room_F4/Windows_10_Spring_Update_1803_MAJOR_Problem_P6638369/ Apart from not being able to use the computer for 3/4 hour while waiting for it to update, my work PC (2016 Dell Inspiron with W10 from the get go) updated a week ago perfectly fine.
  7. Moshy

    The Sharemarket Thread

    Hey CN, have I got the investment opportunity for you in Precious Metals Be quick before that dirty stinkin' FP snaps 'em up!
  8. Moshy

    Best kick-ass songs of all time

    I was only 10yo in '83, so a little bit before my time for gigging. First time I remember seeing 'em was mid 90's, at a gig called the "Barbed Wire Ball" at The Palace in St Kilda. On the bill that night was The Angels, Screaming Jets & The Poor. Also went on to see The Angels many more times.
  9. Moshy

    Best kick-ass songs of all time

    Sticking with the Aussie's for another one.
  10. Moshy

    softride free to good home

    PM sent koji'.
  11. Moshy

    Best kick-ass songs of all time

    this little nugget just came up on my iTunes -:
  12. Moshy

    MTB Shorts

    Sport Pursuit currently have a POC sale going on, but pretty limited sizing options by the looks of things, but might be still worth a looksee. As to what I wore, I just use to downgrade the road lycra to the MTB. Heaps better & more comfortable for XC riding, than the baggy short option in my experience.
  13. Moshy

    Best kick-ass songs of all time

    Double Bass Death with the kings of Psychobilly -:
  14. Moshy

    Holy crap I feel old!

    Looks like there was a doco released on these gals recently -: http://www.blabbermouth.net/dvdreviews/pretend-were-dead/
  15. Moshy

    Password Managers

    Yeah, considering I managed to balls up the simple task of changing a password, I think it's probably wise I send it back to Sammy for fixing.