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  1. Help me pick a multi-tool

    This thread is screwed, I'm tapping out.
  2. Help me pick a multi-tool

    Where's Usain Bolt when you need him.
  3. Is Anybody Here A Marine Biologist?

    Be careful if you're crazy enough to be doing anything in Port Phillip Bay at the moment, just got the below from an Iceberger friend -: Hi All, just spoke before with Jarrod, Sam's father and the 16y boy is better now. They still don't know what was in the water.... Gory photo in 3 2 1
  4. Spotify or Pandora?

    Thanks goughy.
  5. Spotify or Pandora?

    At some point in the future I'd be looking at one of the streaming services, so the following question is just out of curiosity at this point in time. I have a pretty extensive & kinda obscure cd collection, that I've imported to iTunes, 75% would be at 320kbps MP3 files, the other 25% is in the Apple Lossless m4a/ALAC format, when storage space became a non issue. Can you upload your iTunes library to these 'streaming services' & do they play nice with Apple Lossless? Or is it most likely to be in their libraries already & no need to upload!?!?
  6. Logo cockups!

    Fortunately there's been no follow up on the custom BP, as my mind was starting to go into some pretty dark places, like, what if he wanted the equivalent of 'Retul Fit?'. With what I can only imagine would be a vast selection off the shelf options, what freaky shit is he into, that requires him to go custom!?!? Anyways, I'm rather looking forward to starting the suppression process. Hopefully this wont take a turn for the worse as well, but snapped this on the way home from The 'nongs over the weekend -:
  7. Logo cockups!

    During the week I had to notify a customer (note: not 'The Customer') his Shaft & Balls were ready for pick up. I was the consummate professional & sniggered on the inside when on the phone to him (Dick) Pic of said Shaft & Balls -: There is a down side to this. I sent this through to a mate, thinking he might get a chuckle out of it (to which he did), but I get a call the next morning & in an inquisitive tone he asked "so you could make custom butt plugs?". There's some things you just can't un-hear & just don't want to know
  8. Wall of death

    AKA Braveheart.
  9. Custom painted helmet

    Thanks Mexicano, it's nice to have my efforts recognized by His A'holiness
  10. Custom painted helmet

    If based in Melbourne, AIM Auto Graphics in Dandenong might be worth a looksee -: http://www.aimautographics.com.au/ I haven't had anything done by them personally, but know the owner & have been impressed with the stuff I've seen. In saying that I'm not an Artist's asshole, so take that for what it's worth...
  11. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    As I've mentioned before, Sport Pursuit have been doing Hokas for a while. You have to sign up to view their site, but well worth it. https://www.sportpursuit.com/ Few screen grabs of Hokas below to save signing up. These guys are a outdoors/adventure clearance site & best online shopping experience I've had. Sizing can be a little limited, but if they've got what you're after, pricing is great compared with any items I've cross referenced. They kinda take pre-orders, so it can be a few weeks before order is dispatched & another couple of weeks shipping. On the plus side of the dispatch wait, you can add to an existing/open order & they'll reimburse your 2nd ,3rd etc. shipping fee(s). Also, returns are local to NSW & if you buy with PayPal, you get reimbursed any return postage costs, so really is no risk shopping. Customer service is great with fast & helpful replies.
  12. Garmin 935. Wow

    Rebel showing the 735 for $449. http://search.rebelsport.com.au/search?w=garmin forerunner 735xt
  13. Turning Forty

    43 y.o.. Body feels 73 & I spend just as much time doing exercises out of necessity to get through the day & function somewhat normally, as I do exercising for fun. The mind is at the other end of the spectrum at around 13, where dick & fart jokes still bring a smile to the dial without fail, so things kinda average out nicely hey.....
  14. softride free to good home

    Hey CCN, think your inbox might be full, as couldn't send above mentioned PM. Anyways, spoke to my mate & there's no sizing marked on it. As a basic reference he's 5'11"ish. If keen, best to discuss with him directly Re price. Let me know if you want his details to discuss further.