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  1. Housing Bubble thread.

    If the whole country was growing like Sydney, then yes I would agree, the shit is about to hit the fan. But thats not the case. The HIA has been warning the state government for the best part of 20 years that this was going to happen unless they allowed the development of more land for housing. There has been an undersupply of many thousands of homes for many years in Sydney, and this is the result. The will be no crash as there is too much pent up demand. Im not saying prices wont come off the current highs (they already have in some suburbs and there is signs of weakness elsewhere eg auction clearence rates starting to trend down), just that the downturn wont be as large as you would expect with a bubble. Banks have already started to tighten lending to investors (restricted interested only loans and requiring 20% deposits) so Id expect this to start to bite in the new year with price growth dropping bank to historical levels. Id even expect some suburbs to come off upto 30%, but that is still only 2 years growth. Prices certainly arent going back to the levels of 5 or 10 years ago, so anyone waiting for the big drop will be disappointed. Growth needs to go back to historical trends. This is unsustainable and not in anyones long term interests.
  2. Housing Bubble thread.

    First time surfing trannies in ages and see this thread. Interesting. There is no bubble. There will be no crash. Simple supply and demand. If interest rates rise or enemployment rises, some will be forced to sell, taking some pressure off demand, but the pent up demand is so high, that prices wont drop much (remember a 20% drop will only take prices to what they were a year or so ago) and the cycle will continue and until governments get there shit together and release large tracks of land for housing. Having said all that, only Sydney and surrounding areas (Illawarra is stupid at the moment with ZERO land available and knock downs fetching a premium) and some parts of Melbourne have any growth. Much of the rest of the country is flat or falling. Orange is the new black. Get used to it.
  3. Buying Land

    Take a look at the section 149 certificate. Will tell you all the important stuff like zoning, etc Make sure the land isnt flood prone or bush fire prone. Depending on the bush fire level, could cost almost nothing extra to build, or double the cost (depending on what you build obviously) The sect 149 will be part of the contract of sale.
  4. Martin Place hostage situation

    First and foremost, I would like to pass on my heart felt condolenses to all involved. A truly tragic situation. Andrew#1, despite the fact have acted like a ****ing lunatic towards me (and more than once I may add), Im going to concede thats its probably the grief talking at the moment, because no one in any kind of sane state of mind would come up with the shit you have posted today. Seriously, this is all the cops fault? Do you REALLY think the outcome would have been measurably different if the army was involved? If you truly feel the need to blame someone, how about you take a closer look at the people you keep company with as to who is to blame. This madman should NEVER have been out on bail. The fault lies firmly with the former attorney general, the judicury and your left leaning bleeding heart lawyer mates. Had you ****ers done your job, we would not be talking about this today. Instead you people constantly place the rights of the allegded criminals above the rights of the victims. When is enough enough? When will the victims have their rights restored? As I said, I truly hope youre posting this shit because of your very close connection with many involved. Otherwise, you really need help.
  5. Australian housing affordability.

    If you people think rents are expensive now, shitcan NG and see what happens No investors = no rental stock
  6. Australian housing affordability.

    The bubble isnt that large and you will never be able to get back into the market. House prices are simply a factor of supply and demand. Too many people wanting to live in Sydney (especially the eastern suburbs) and simply not enough land / houses available. Unless a million or so people decide to move out of Sydney tomorrow, nothing is going to change any time soon. And interest rates will never reach the highs of the 80's, 90's. Everyone is too highly leveraged and even the smallest increase will cool the market. We may even see a small correction followed by a short period of stable prices, but the bubble will not burst.
  7. Paint job was done to hide the actual details of the frame before its official release. I think its a great IM bike. Far better to have storage/water/shit sorted by the manufacturer than some backyard hick. Bet this bike is fast as pictured and way faster than most bikes you see going around an IM
  8. Solar Hot Water systems

    not over the odds, but not enough info to say for sure
  9. Solar Hot Water systems

    OK, depending on the tank, you may be able to attach solar collectors, but Aussie standards say that the water needs to be heated to at least 70 degrees to kill off any bacteria and that wont be possible with your current setup. You could use your current tank + new solar set up to pre-heat water and then pass it through a instaneous gas HWS (thats exactly how gas boosted solar systems work), but I highly doubt that would be an economical solution. Cheapest way to reduce your current gas bill is to replace the current tank based system with an instaneous gas HWS (box on the wall set up). They are very efficent as they only heat the water as it is required (which also means you never run out of hot water). Downside is that only Bosch make a system that will work during a blackout. All the others need power to fire up. The manufacturers will also tell you the systems dont like being located too close to oceans or lakes (due to the corrosion of the heat exchangers with the salt air), but my last house was 500m from the water and was in as new condition 12 years after installation. Expect to pay around $2-2.5k to replace your current setup with a 26 litre per minute instantaneous gas HWS (supply and fit)
  10. Solar Hot Water systems

    So is it a instaneous system or a storage (recovery system) T? Does it have a tank or just a box on the wall that fires up when the hot tap is turned on?
  11. The Obesity Epidemic

    Same here. We eat out 1 night per week, at most, and lately its been a lunch on the weekend instead (cause its cheaper!) We write a "menu" every sunday for the coming week. Everyone gets a favourite and everyone knows whats for dinner each night (menu is on the fridge) Also means we waste nothing as she only buys groceries based on whats on the menu (plus lunches and breakfast obviously). End of each week, fridge and pantry are empty so food is always fresh.
  12. Solar Hot Water systems

    http://www.thermann.com.au/products/evacuated-tube-solar-electric-boosted Made for Reece by Apricus Best technology at a better price. Edit: You may be able to get away with a flat plate collector set up which is cheaper, but this will give more hot water in winter and zero boosting in summer
  13. Sugar V Fat

  14. Sugar V Fat

    And the answer to the question is...... mild cold stress. Subjecting the body to mild cold stress increases the amount of brown adipose tissue (BAT) and the conversion of white adipose tissue to BAT Babies are born with quite high levels of BAT that is very very good at generating huge amounts of heat, mostly from fatty acids while totally bypassing the whole need to sythesize ATP first. It was long thought that BAT disappeared when one reached adulthood, but it has been shown than mild cold stress reactivates dormant BAT and leads to conversion of WAT to BAT. By mild cold stress, I mean subjecting oneself to temperatures around 16 degrees (air temp, water at even 25 degrees will achieve the same response). Severe cold stress has been linked to increased CVD risk, so like anything too much of a good thing isnt better (but the risks arent elevated until much lower temps) Contrast showers work great as well if you cant handle cool showers. Just end on cool/cold Great time of year to try it out. Rather than layer up before you step out the door, take the layers with you and add them if you start to shiver. BTW, shivering is an excellent method of really ramping up the energy wasting, but its not required and its very nice. Ray Cronise says he has worked with some rather large individiuals and has been able to achieve rates of fat loss of 0.6-0.8 lbs (270-360 grams) per day He has just had a paper published. More reading here http://hypothermics.com/category/blog/ And Parkside, youre welcome.
  15. Sugar V Fat

    It was how do you keep a bunch of idiots in suspense