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  1. And you wonder why the ALP got less than 1 in 3 primary votes....
  2. This is the problem with the modern ALP They tell people what they want rather then asking them what they would like As I said before, ask No Coal Joel how that worked for him
  3. As long as the ALP believes that, they will be in opposition regardless of who the leader is. When the member for hunter has a 10% swing against him in Labor heartland, you know the message is crap
  4. I paid a HECS debt for a degree I never used, but I didn’t complain about it, I was grateful for the opportunity the taxpayers afforded me in going to uni Both kids are now racking up HECS/ HELP debts and I’m just happy they’re getting a tertiary education
  5. As Prince says, their is almost always more to every job than one can see with a quick look at what others do. just because I’m on the tools doesn’t mean I don’t have other pressure to deal with being self employed At least your pay is in your account every payday without you having to chase it up I can’t always say the same thing
  6. and in the same vein, try being self employed and having pricks delaying paying you, the mortgage payment is due, the credit card is maxed and the cupboard is empty. It swings both ways mate 🙂
  7. This The electorate saw right though Bills attempt to divide the country How long till Bill calls it a day and there is a by election in his seat?
  8. Funny, he doesn’t strike me as a loud mouth lefty IRL..... but I call BS on him ever voting conservative except maybe for our humble state Premier Same with Andrew#1 actually Edit: About Andrew being a loud mouth lefty. No way he has ever voted conservative 😎
  9. True OK then , go the other way then Zero contributions tax on all super, tax on distributions at marginal rates with 50% discount, grandfathered so that no one that has payed contributions tax for many years is worse off ( say everyone under 50 is included so they still have quite a few years to take advantage of the change) At least that way people’s nest eggs will grow as fast as possible and the government will get its cut of a growing tax base over time Edit: And no one can complain people are amassing huge super accounts and dodging tax
  10. Exactly Super needs to be made as attractive as possible for those on lower incomes I think it’s time the 15% contribution tax was abolished for those earning less than say $100k The more the government can encourage people to save for their retirement the more money they will save over the long term
  11. And what’s wrong with that? The money is either going to be spent or invested, both of which is better than it being pissed up against a wall by government in Canberra
  12. Interesting to see a swing of something like 3.5% against the sitting Labor member in the seat of Whitlam.... and that was without the Libs even putting up a candidate Seems the working class didn’t fancy what Bill was trying to sell And as far as people complaining about a scare campaign on a death tax, well you people have short memories because I don’t any scare campaign will ever come close to the Mediscare campaign of last election I’d like to hear what Andrew#1 makes of this Labor loss. He’d have the inside goss
  13. I think it was more that fact that a high taxing, high spending government is not what the people want, nor is it a divisive figure like Shorten. If Albo was the opposition leader, it would have been a different result IMO, even though he is also from the left of the ALP As someone said, it looks like what the county really wants is a centrist government that will govern for all and not look to divide the nation with an us and them mentality Depending on the makeup of the senate, either we get three years of government or three years of stalling, excuses and stagnation
  14. Pretty easy to wallop people with gotcha questions when they aren’t over the brief of what they’re pushing up hill, ok , let’s assume that Jones’ line of questioning was nothing more than an attempt at a gotcha moment Considering that her household has an annual income north of $800k, don’t you think they should put their money where their mouth is and stop driving a large petrol drinking suv and buy an electric vehicle? As I said, no conviction Do as I say, not as I do
  15. RIP Bob The last Labor leader who tried to bring the country together rather than trade on the politics of envy
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