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  1. I think there is one very important question left unanswered in this thread. What ever happened to the Kurnell World Championships and who the hell has that shield that I made?
  2. Hey Derny when you run out of space, I will be happy to baby sit some for you
  3. Demanded by who? Local council? My local cycle club who I used to race with would pay to train volunteers to do the traffic controlling once they had an approved traffic control plan in place may be an option for you guys
  4. Yep polished concrete its how I earn a crust these days once you’ve got it, you will never go back to another floor again easiest floor to keep clean and the hardest wearing will last as long as the house and needs very little maintenance much harder than tiles so you can’t chip it and there is no grout lines to get dirty works out cheaper too
  5. What fund is her super with? fees and insurance seem rather excessive My son works casual with me when he is on holidays from uni and I set him up a super account with Australian Super Returns are good, fees are low and they won’t even cover him for insurance till I think he’s 21 Why would a 16 y/o need insurance of any kind from their super fund anyway?
  6. Yep, that looks like it is definitely an option for you Id go with that over 100 series blocks Yes, you may lose a little space, but at least its there for good and you won't have to worry about it
  7. In a word, no The blocks are essentially only form work for the reo and corefill and are next to useless if not done properly Even if you add reo and corefill, if the footing is not built correctly , then the whole wall and footing will topple over time if as Roxii says if the water can’t get away and the soil behind the wall expands if you’re only going 600mm high, you’d be better of buying a garden wall system that is already certified to retain that height Cons: the garden wall system will be more expensive per square metre Pro: don’t need a concrete footing, compacted road base is fine they allow water to pass through wont topple looks much nicer Baines masonry do a range of blocks and are pretty much the best value
  8. I hope you both voted no in the same sex marriage vote, otherwise you’re both hypocrites Come on guys, you are both far better than that
  9. Farked if know like everything else in life, depends on who you listen to I just know that regardless of what is happening, no way we can stop it. Far better to spend the cash adapting to it rather than throw away cash on something we can’t control
  10. I have no problem with newstart payments being lifted It hasn’t moved in years and I personally think that it is now so low compared to the rise in the cost of living that it’s more than likely counterproductive and may actually be making it harder for those receiving it to find work as they simply can’t afford to get to interviews, etc
  11. So if it’s a pause or decline in temps, it’s one data point in a very very big sample , but if we are talking about a few warmer years , it’s a climate catastrophe?? sorry, you can’t have it both ways
  12. NSW ICAC still giving NSW Labor an uppercut seems that anyone who has ever served in any office bearers position has been lining the parties pockets illegally for years but it’s ok comrades, it’s for the greater good
  13. Incest, the game the whole family can play.... climate change didn’t magically begin at one point or another, despite what some may try to tell you it has been constantly changing forever and will continue to change forever, regardless of what we think we can do to effect the change If you really think that we are heading for a climate catastrophe, it’s would be far better to adapt to any change rather trying to stop something we cannot control
  14. As my kids used to say to me, would you like some aloe for that burn bazza? 🤣 bigger story is that the honeymoon is over between Scomo and AJ
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