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  1. Now your just being obtuse
  2. It is more and more it seems that when someone on the left disagrees with a view from someone opposite, it’s ok to denigrate or worse. They even think it’s fine to resort to violence because in their mind, they have the moral high ground
  3. He can say what likes provided he plays the ball and not the man The whole point of a discussion forum is to discuss. If all you want to do is call people names because you don’t subscribe to their point of view, then their won’t be much discussion will there? Im actually quite the advocate for free speech, but of course these days, speech is only free if the left agrees I could just imagine the outrage around here if Jimbo was the one calling people farktards. But because he is the one being denigrated, it’s ok
  4. Typical leftist bullshit mate can’t come up with a counterpoint and don’t like what others have to say, so you go apeshit calling people farktards you should be banned
  5. Oh ok i thought he had a 5kw system Im avoiding a smart meter for as long as I can even though my supplier will give me one for nothing TOU pricing is just too expensive
  6. I expect it to cost more than that i mean what’s a P100D worth? 💰 when Tesla allows the vehicle battery to back up the house, then it’s worth buying nissan already does with the leaf edit: free charger at my my local shopping Centre so could always top up the “back up” battery there 👍
  7. We did plan for this Existing panels will go from 4 to 3 strings (within voltage limits) and extra panels added to the 4 th string which I think I will face west (2degree roof so I can do what I like orientation wise) meaning I can over clock the inverter at 133% only issue may be lack of recs on new panels but not overly concerned about that
  8. Wait, what? How would you not have an inverter? Micro inverters can also be monitored remotely meaning you can even break down single panel performance
  9. Currently around the same figure we have electric boosted solar hot water plus a little electric hws supplying for our kitchen (saves having a gas connection) both set on timers to boost if required later in the day but while the pv system is still producing We basically import zero power and get free hot water while the sun is up Almost all our import is during the night so when batteries become viable, we’re going off grid
  10. You can, but not easily not too hard to compare meter reads (import and export) and inverter production my sma inverter will email me a production total daily via sma software
  11. I paid a bit more still 3 phase, LG panels, all on stands and SMA inverter I got a bigger inverter approved and installed so I can go back later and install more panels without having to get further approvals
  12. Not really my suburb has had recent sales equaling the record and another has had an offer ( which he knocked back) for more than 30% above the record. All the houses are around the same size Suburbs within 90 minutes of Sydney on the south coast are still relatively cheap in comparison and you get a hell of a lot more for your money
  13. Mr Tinman


    Yeah, I don’t think so mate! Id be lucky to walk to the swim start without pulling a hammie
  14. Mr Tinman


    Concrete polishing had a guy start my floor in the new house years ago and he stuffed it within the first week Bought my own machines, got trained up by the manufacturer and fixed and finished my house Grew organically from there just by word of mouth so decided to make a go of it Now one of only 8 certified in NSW so I guess I go ok yes, same lap pool 🤣 5 years and counting since I started the pool Mrs had a bad summer with lymphoedema in her leg due to the humidity so need to get it finished
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