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  1. Apart from direct spending on items like infrastructure, governments don’t actually create jobs (unless you’re talking about increasing the public service) Governments set policies that encourage private enterprises to invest in growth and that creates jobs Government needs to look at policies that remove red and green tape for businesses as well reducing barriers to hiring staff ( like payroll tax) State governments have a huge part to play in this The Feds need to look at policies like the cash flow boost for small businesses and delayed payments of GST and income tax
  2. Current national energy policy is to pay multinational companies to shut down current energy generation assets as fast as possible and well before there is a reliable alternative and to avoid any discussion on nuclear energy edit: let’s not forget the cluster**** that is the lack of reservation policy on NG
  3. I dunno what people are crying about being made redundant Ive never been made redundant but then I’ve never worked for someone else, always self employed Always an option for people to work for themselves but too many aren’t motivated enough to actually make a living out it self employment They simply prefer to turn up, get paid and do as little as they can get away with and then complain when they are shown the door
  4. Andrews announced in a press release a few weeks ago that Victoria was offered ADF support so either he is a liar now or he has no idea what was or was not offered and so is not actually in charge People can pick the one that suits their narrative
  5. Man in his 30’s has died in Victoria overnight Youngest death so far To say it ONLY effects the elderly is clearly not correct No word on comorbidities
  6. I’m know Im not racist because I hate everyone equally wife and I have a policy in that we always try to by locally made first, otherwise in NSW, Made in Australia and as a last resort made anywhere but China Yes we know it costs us more, but that’s fine with us Even extends to our home loan and business banking where we deal with a local bank where we pay slightly more ( but still competitive) to try and keep our money flowing through the local economy We both benefit from locals spending money locally, so we try and do the same as much as possible And never forget
  7. So you really don’t have a problem with branch stacking? lets not for one minute think that’s it’s confined to just the ALP, I’m sure it’s going on in the rest of them too, but not to the same extent
  8. If you think that some white anting by the party president of the leader is more important than systematic corruption of the whole democratic process by branch stacking, then good for you But it also explains why the people of this country are so poorly represented by their parliamentary members because the members got there by who they know rather than what they know. As long back room deals and under the table payments are how one gets elected then you can forget about worrying about equality for minorities or the rights of indigenous people, or climate change or anything else fac
  9. Soooo, no talk of branch stacking in the Vic ALP? guess it’s just a given, nothing to see, move all moment in politics?
  10. Have a look at imperial flooring they do a range of different products that are reasonably priced but top quality and will deliver to your door no affiliation other than I buy stuff from their local guy from time to time
  11. There are toppings available that will adhere to tiles with no problem you could then lay and glue down whatever you want on top another option is to top and then polished so you have a polished concrete floor, but that’s not a diy proposition and the price can start to get up there cheapest will be as Roxi suggested, diy floating vinyl floor
  12. Cops probably wont care my neighbors are the same, mrs asked the question of a cop that came into her work and he made excuses as to why it may have been legit
  13. The question basically boils down to how many deaths are the public willing to except in order to return to work I’m betting the number will increase the longer we are in this situation Im also wondering how long till Sweden do a 180 and lock everything down
  14. Some people here need to have a beer, a wank and a good lie down
  15. Woolies and coles have started limiting the number of people allowed in store today as well. About time considering Aldi has been doing it for at least a couple of weeks Mrs still says that Woolies is gearing up to ban people in store and force everyone to either get home delivery or pick up only I guess that means that the powers that be think that this all some way to go and things are going to get worse before it gets better and back to something resembling normal
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