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  1. Latex tubes, worth the faff?

    I used latex tubes a few years, for the same reason - maybe save 1% (?) time over 180km = 3.6min, and apart from helmet and bike positions cheapest and easiest improvement. For a while I ended up leaving them on the bike all the time, but have to pump the tyres up every ride, even if consecutive days. Ok, not a big deal, but still got sick of it As MOP made no real difference, but was aiming to knock off an hour, and possibly shift from MOP towards FOP for my AG, but wound up 4X(3/4)IM (MEL only counts as 3/4), all within 15 mins of each other (around 11:30-11:45). Still, interesting to do the experiment. They are fiddlier, easy to tear and pop, more expensive, and perish in the shed out of the box. I take a butyl(?) tube, actually 2, as spares, along with a high pressure hand pump as too many stories of CO2 cartridge failures, even if user error. Figured at $1000 for a big day, and $400 for a little day, along with a bazillion hours training, wasnt worth being put out of action for sake of losing 30s = 0.5min aero penalty for carrying a pump. Plenty of old threads about pros and cons of latex tubes. Does that help?
  2. Lances Tour Podcast.

    I'm very negative LA, elite sport destroyer. But I watched the LA podcast about Sagan and the sprint and found the analysis pretty good. The extra photo and slo-mo video evidence wasn't available at the time. But no doubt it is all part of LA's redemption. Has he had to repay earnings yet? Llost his house yet?
  3. Sagan at Fault?

    Hey. It's Bastille Day! A little circumspection please.
  4. Disc brakes on road and TT/TRI bikes

    Was talking to someone this morning about disc brakes, and how they might lead to yet more changes in frame, wheel and brake design. Somehow ABS came up, but would be doable, for that occasion where the wheels lock up. Guy I was talking to didnt think it would complicate the brake design much, no more than electronic shifting.
  5. Disc brakes on road and TT/TRI bikes

    Didn't realise disc brakes were being allowed in this years TdF. Seems most riders are not using them? Going disc instead of rim lead to a cascade of changes. Through axles, wider rear axle, wider bottom bracket - even though not all of that progression has occured yet, and some would argue not all of it has to happen. But when I see the cheapest Reid (a Melbourne brand slapped on a generic bike) hybrid bicycles with disc brakes, along with a bunch of other utility bikes, I think the debate is now moot. There will be holdouts who don't think new bikes for the sake of a bit better braking in a few situations is worth it, including probably me As someone in a different thread pointed out it isn't just the (in my view marginal) gains in the braking. It also allows different wheel design and rim trade-offs. It also allows different wheel diameters using the same frame - Curve Cycling are selling one design with that as a feature. It should also allow a bigger range of rim and tyre widths in the same frame, just put a bit of a bow in the seat and chain stays. Incremental gains over time compound up. It is pretty astonishing how good bike systems are now, and the rate of improvement for what you would think is a pretty mature tech.
  6. Rupert Guiness

    I think he is in France, TdFing although I havent seen him on TV. He was in my AG for IM-MEL 50-54 and he went around in about 10 hours (add an hour to normalise). He's been doing triathlons for 30 years I believe, a dozen or ironman including Kona. A cyclist friend of mine knew he was a cycling journalist, and ribbed me about how he was an hour faster than me, despite him being, or at least looking, 5-10kg heavier. I think I was told he owns and runs a gym or fitness business of some sort. But in can be scary how quickly people can put on 10-20kg. Andre Agassi was on TV tonight in a news story about him coaching Djokovic(sp?) and hopes for Wimbledon. Very round.
  7. Sagan at Fault?

    Here's a pretty good frame-by-frame slow motion analysis The slow motion close up video also seems to show Cavendish giving a slight head bump to Sagan early in his move. And another shot, giving a different perspective Some saying there is a grate in the gutter that Cavendish back wheel slipped on And another couple of informative stills from the videos (The most analysed videos ever, assassination of JFK, over 60 years ago, still going, all the way down to 'missing frames' and Grassy Knoll shooter(s) and accidental fire from Secret Service soldier in follow car and recently higher quality digitisations)
  8. Sagan at Fault?

    Slow motion replay and article on Cycling Tips https://cyclingtips.com/2017/07/sad-tour-de-france-riders-managers-react-peter-sagans-expulsion/ The slow motion replay changed my mind, certainly about the elbow.
  9. Running Hydration Packs/ Vests

    Last time I did some trail runs quite a few had a belt with a 500 ml or thereabouts bottle holder, with the bottle placed in the small of the back, sometimes on the diagonal. Seemed a better alternative to the fuel belt (?) with the multiple small bottles, which are a bit fiddly.
  10. In The Australian online (behind paywall) Cyclist ‘hater’ jailed for eight years over death of father of three, Steven Jarvie A motorcycle rider who “had a strong dislike verging on hatred for cyclists” has been sentenced to at least five-and-a-half years in jail for killing a rider four years ago.
  11. No wonder cyclists are hated!

    Surely everyone knows, or is it a newbie induction ritual
  12. 2017 Tour de France

    Ah, one day the trip to Europe to ride amongst the culture, wineries, castles, TdF and those mountains. Paris too. But the Australian Desert beckons first: all that isolation and space: can feel it calling. Although I guess if your'e a FIFO worker you've had enough
  13. Greg Lemond - Geelong Carbon deal

    Gambling I get how you can lose millions, but not just straight drinking - even a $1000 bottle (four figure but not five) of spirits per day, enough to kill mere mortals, or at least me - only 0.5 million a year or thereabouts. But alcoholics I've known to get blotto every day seem to manage to do it pretty well on a $50 bottle of spirits, even on $10 flagons of sherry. But yes, maybe the drinking is really never just drinking, but a set of things. Segment on ABC news last night, where Lemond was expousing the possibilities, and something similar out of a laboratory at Oak Ridge USA. Technique must have patents around it, but even then probably hard to truly protect.
  14. No wonder cyclists are hated!

    I think the car has tinted windows, which is often to hide the fact that drivers are on the phone.
  15. Greg Lemond - Geelong Carbon deal

    Gosh, how do you drink - I assume - millions of dollars?