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  1. longshot

    Xlab Kompact 100

    Bought one of these last summer to experiment with modern GPS bike computers. Too big and clunky for my little bike. So last week I bought a Lezyne Micro GPS which fits on an extension, just like the Polar CS200 did, in fact it is even smaller, neater and better colour coordinated Water bottle slightly grazed nipple from when I dropped it. Here's a link https://www.pushys.com.au/xlab-torpedo-kompact-100-aerobar-hydration-system-black.html $50 + postage, pickup north melbourne
  2. $100 $50 Bought this several years back, never got around to using it, wound up using between the bars bottle and an xlab saddle bag. Here's the previous post where I bought it
  3. longshot

    Limar Speed Demon helmet

    Anybody want it? (I bought a road aero helmet, just much more convenient, and less noisy).
  4. longshot

    250 caught cheating in half marathon!

    16,000 entrant limit for Shenzhen Half-Marathon, if 250 pinged, if that's most of them, cheat rate about 1.5%. Yes, astonishing growth in endurance events in China, but still another decade to catch up to USA. From googling, in 2017 about 300 marathons in China c..f about 1100 in USA. So per-capita still about 15X less, if I've got the stats roughly right. I think a few years ago was a similar thread on number of IMs in China.
  5. longshot

    Challenge Melbourne results (1:55 bike split)

    Is there a reason JC's name and/or link can't be given? Not that hard to find, with the google. Actually the drafting in that video didn't look anywhere near as bad as first Challenge Melbourne when it was further south, groups of 20. Although maybe that small group in the video was swapping turns.
  6. longshot

    Flu shot

    So roughly eyeballing it, the flu vaccine effectiveness averages out at only around 50%, maybe less. By effectiveness, surely can't be proportion of people who catch the flu that have had the vaccine, surely. But that is what the Dr told my partner and I last year, but that was I thought due to a somewhat 'special' year.
  7. longshot

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    Did Lance normalise it, or was he just an apex product of it. Not that I'm a fan.
  8. longshot

    Challenge Melbourne results (1:55 bike split)

    Sounds like a traffic jam.
  9. longshot

    What to do with swim caps?

    I think it's a bit like recycling now, there's just too many/much and so bin. Better to reuse the one you like, but can't in races as have to (?) wear the right group colour.
  10. longshot

    Flu shot

    I've had the flu shot last two years, as my partner has a condition which means if she gets flu bad news. Surprise to me when we visited Dr that flu shot last year only 50% effective, maybe that's glass half empty view, but I'd always thought it was near 100% like the vaccines for childhood diseases which we don't even hear of now (polio, mump?, chickenpox?). Not sure about this year's shot, supposedly somehow more effective, but can't see how that's really known until flu season upon us. I had the flu as a kid, could hardly walk 20m to the toilet for 3 weeks.
  11. longshot

    Challenge Melbourne results (1:55 bike split)

    I think people are finding new sports as a result. Pity. Not sure why tech solutions haven't emerged by now. Discussed with a few people who are into sensors and they seem to think should be relatively easy and cheap. particularly if sensors are already provided to competitors which they could be integrated with. Although they havent got definitive answers as to how to do it. However its done, I want the display to be like the scanner in Aliens
  12. longshot

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    I also listened to that ABC report, although on the AM radio - is that old fashioned? I was working on my bike in the backyard Intrigued I googled (on the computer!) SARM, which was mentioned in the report but I'd never heard of, as I missed whatever they said by way of introduction about it. And DMHA, DMAA etc. About 5 years ago as part of my first IM-MEL (RIP) I wanted a particular brand and flavour of gels, being cautious. Went into one of the supplement shops in the CBD. 20 litre barrels of protein powder, or something, with muscle builder photos all over it. Iso this, booster that, etc. Shelves full of stuff, same kind of marketing. I thought the traditional pharmacy now with half the shelf space taken up by unproven alternative medicine was bad enough. I think there's a runaway problem. But I don't believe 1 in 7 triathletes are into it
  13. longshot

    New TT/TRI bike from Wilier

    Name already taken https://www.theturbine.com/