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  1. Some key recent research on high levels of exercise and hearts https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/full/10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.117.028750 and longer article about longitudinal study (paywall) https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamacardiology/article-abstract/2722746 and Conclusion Also an interview (audio) with Ben Levine, an author of above https://edhub.ama-assn.org/jn-learning/audio-player/17206636 There was another forum thread a while back (although this one is 2011 :)) about hearts where it was mentioned John Hill, often an age group winner/placer, now in 60-64, had a stent put in. He was competing afterwards. I'm particularly interested now as also affected, with high CAC, some CAD, although no stents, and low HR (30ish at times at night). Lifetime mid-range, exerciser. Took it up a major notch with ironman the last decade, although I got out a couple of years ago when IM Melbourne stopped.
  2. I spent several years getting comfortable bilateral breathing (and tumbling) in the pool. Found it better and more even in terms of muscle development and shoulder strain. Also just felt better in terms of balance. Learnt to swim as a kid and was ok, but only ever breathed one side. I'm still a smidge better on my dominant side, at least for shorter distances, e.g. couple of hundred meters. In the ocean, not that I swim there much, on smooth days just like a big pool and breathe bilaterally. On choppy days did find the ability to swim bilaterally an advantage, although tended not to breathe just to my weak side even if that was away from the waves. The one and only swim coach I had for a while as part of squad, something of a legend in Melbourne, said he only ever breathed one side, and he grew up swimming as a surf life saver.
  3. The (leaked) report by the FINA Doping Panel is (or was, and might be paywalled) online at the Daily Telegraph (embedded pdf) https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/more-sports/fina-saves-outrage-for-sun-yang-not-the-clean-athletes-that-have-to-compete-against-him/news-story/2fa3c429bb117216e7e327841238faa5 It was FINA, not WADA, seeking to penalise Sun, although it is WADA which is appealing to CAS. It was FINA's (own?)Doping Panel which rules that the sample collection process was deficient, and that no penalty should apply. The testing was done by IDTM for FINA. https://idtm.se/
  4. What's the temperature of the Murray this time of year? And what's with all the steam!
  5. Do Snakes and Jelly Babies count? I think it's gelatin in them binding the sugar and artificial colour together A vegan told me years ago some gelatin is made from seaweed rather than boiled bones, but not sure how you can tell.
  6. So who's buying? Any other examples of listed sports events companies (or however they might be characterised)? French company which runs Tour of France and many other events is private - not that Ironman is anywhere near that.
  7. Young people consider phone use while driving normal, research shows https://www.theage.com.au/national/act/young-people-consider-phone-use-while-driving-normal-research-shows-20180823-p4zzbp.html
  8. I don't understand why people don't simply install hands-free, so at least they are (mostly) looking ahead. I ride past plenty on phones in my 2km commute to CBD MEL. I do feel sorry for people stuck in cars, facing an hour or so commute, stop-go, mostly stop. I can see why they start using phones - not condoning it though - then it just spreads to when they are actually moving.
  9. Yes, I've seen the same. Not sure about the male/female thing - (male) tradies are bad for being on the phone from what I've seen - but recently did have a young women almost stop in the middle of a side street just past an intersection to type a message, looking down trying to hide what she was doing. Got the guilts when I was about to take a photo of it whilst on my bike.
  10. Woman accused of sending text message seconds before fatal crash https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/woman-accused-of-sending-text-message-seconds-before-fatal-crash-20190501-p51ixp.html Pleading not guilty to dangerous driving causing death.
  11. To me, more count your fortune rather than rue your luck. Still the op and hope goes well. As you get older chances increase that things happen to others you know, and to you. Every ride and run (still not so sure about swim :)) becomes more precious.
  12. I reckon they are great. Part of their appeal for me is the context, the landscape - flat and isolated - providing a frame. And whilst not unique to Australia, the silos with their surrounds seem to capture something. Did a road trip (by car) to Mildura a couple of years ago and saw some of them (along with Lake Tyrrell) There was a movie years (possibly decades :)) ago made somewhere in Victoria's Mallee, in which silos, unpainted, featured.
  13. Tragic indeed. Seems the last couple of years have been increasing number of bad incidents. The Cycling Tips article mentions possibly front-on, driver stopped, middle of the day. We all know we take risks riding on road, and always tragic when the worst happens, but front-on.
  14. I thought it was great, although I missed the gala opening night. Small enough to feel communtyish(!), but big enough to interest and dwell, and opportunity to meet makers and other enthusiasts. Had talks this year which were also really interesting the couple I went to. Lots of gravel riding aspects. I didn't really find it Baumed, although Mr Baum did give a good talk on gravel bike geometry. I think there was a launch of Baum's new gravel bike Fri, maybe gave that feel. Not really much TT, except perhaps for a talk by Zipp’s former Technical Director and now owner of Silca Joshua Poertner (didn't go). Best bike show on, since the Bike Expo(?) at Melbourne Showgrounds stopped a few years back.
  15. Might be of interest, to the locals at least http://www.handmadebicycleshow.cc/show
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