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  1. Swim Skins

    I tried one, Blue Seventy I think, didn't make much difference time wise, but helped with the jellyfish
  2. Driver fined for throwing drink at Cyclist

    So if Joe Citizen takes a photo and sends it in high chance the offender is fined? Does the reporter get any confirmation of end result? (Not related to cycling, but constantly see parked cars in my street from which rubbish is left, very occasionally see the rubbisher)
  3. Driver fined for throwing drink at Cyclist

    Police still investigating though, although if clearly recorded on video wonder what's to investigate. I bought a rear camera just before Xmas. Haven't used it yet though. Sort of a special ride device, when I know I'm going to be out somewhere different, and later in the day. I don't do midweek fitness rides now, where occasionally would get buzzed or fringed a little (utes!). Maybe not just the 1m rule, but also (redneck) drivers hearing that cyclists are wearing cameras.
  4. Cost of events

    Yes, agree, IM and HIM is expensive, particularly if need to travel. But if local not so bad - Melbourne still has two local HIMs. Being local was a big factor to do IM, even if Ironman Melbourne is not recognised as not quite the full bottle, it 'only' cost ~$1000. Who knows, maybe another will pop up locally. My interest has swung a bit to longer cycling events, some of which are cheap or free, at least in terms of entry fees. But high cycling kms is high risk, even if on gravel, quiet roads etc.
  5. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    Spent a week at Mt Beauty, in a house on a court. Two kids, boy and girl about 7 and 9 at a guess, riding around no helmet, even doing a few little tricks, gaining skills, enjoying themselves; of course they will fall off at some point skinned knees and elbows, could konk their heads too. Dad, a MTBer, wore a helmet every time I saw him go out, most afternoons, knew what they were doing. Bright rail trail, plenty of amblers e.g. ~10-15 kmh no helmet, maybe 1 in 20, and a few about main street too. Of course, up-down Buffalo everyone - and there were *lots* - had a helmet. Did monkey bars get banned? I think there were a few kids broke arms trying to do 4s rather than 3s, or maybe 3s instead of 2s, might also have been some head injuries. For me the overall argument still pivots around encouraging a physical exercise culture from an early age and continuing life long. I think more would cycle if helmets were discretionary, as part of that culture change. When it comes to motorbikes (and hang gliding :)) mandatory helmets make sense.
  6. Achillies Soreness

    Been a few past threads on achilles issues ... I've had achilles issues on and off. Worst was near 20 years ago now. A sport medicine specialist at Olympic Park Melbourne said the only thing sports science knew at the time which would reliably allow my achillies to heal was to not run for about two years, and go cross training. Worked. I'd persisted running when sore, as the soreness was worst in the morning and by the afternoon when I prefer to run was bearable, Was probably getting worse and worse over a 5 year period. I'd seen all and sundry about it. I've had a few minor events since then, and now if I feel that kind of soreness on the run I lay off, including walking home even if 10k out. Then I can heal after a month or maybe two. Had a pretty long patch where I had no issues, about 5 years, and was doing 70-80k pretty regularly in winter (but little riding as too cold :)). Plenty of other anecdotes from people have gotten better quickly. My conclusion is that there is nothing definitive about the best approach, and the 'gold standard' treatment has been quite variable over the longer term, including some previous advice now being regarded as basically wrong e.g. isometric stretching exercises, and that as a baseline a slow-but-stead approach, with possibly the highest success rate, it is hard to beat just laying off and resting it, whilst riding and swimming to keep fitness. Just another view
  7. Christmas & New Year

    Staying at Mt Beauty, great view of Mt Bogong. Riding up and down mountains. Reminiscing about hang gliding, which I was into 30 years ago. Coast goes crazy, mountains much quieter. Yes, Xmas nearly out of control. Just my partner and self this year. Respectful Xmas day, no over indulgence, contemplative, count your blessings or just simple good fortune etc. Can't help but feel lucky to be able to ride up Mt Buffalo, near spiritual experience, certainly mindful. (Reminds me of a post years ago here by The Grinch, no idea who she is/was)
  8. Carbon wheel testing

    Always the assertions by the companies that all's good now, even if it wasnt before, now it is. Maybe. Technology improves. Still maybe. Even if the particular test can be contested as to relevance, there should be more independent testing of wheels and other components, either standards or maybe a levy. Two friends of mine badly broken bones through mechanical failure: a crankarm and a tyre sidewall. One is in a legal process. I've got a pair of Dura Ace C24s, with an aluminium braking track, Shimano at the time apparently did not believe full carbon rims with rim braking could be reliable enough , not sure about now. And they delayed their carbon-aluminium wheels as they reportedly had failures of the glue holding the braking track on. Guess disk brakes might address the particular problem of carbon rims overheating and failing. But maybe they have their own issues, and certainly they did with wheels being pulled from dropouts, hence through axles.
  9. Melbourne Super Sunday Dec 14

    St Kilda Super Crit https://www.supercrit.com.au/ Williamstown Open Water WOW swim, including 5km and 10km challenge and championship https://williamstownslsc.org.au/wow-challenge Can go watch the swim and then nick over to watch the crit. I guess some could also do the events, as they also have grades and shorter distances, but I reckon early ride down Beach Rd is just the thing
  10. So froome is a drug cheat

    And then there is the whole question around so many *elite* athletes being asthmatic to begin with ...
  11. Bike Rego (Christmas fun)

    REGD! Actually, can you just buy custom rego plates - little one? I might get one and stick it on the back of the pack rack on the commuter
  12. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    I rode half my riding life without a helmet. Been riding approx 50 years. When the mandatory helmet laws were introduced overnight the bike shed at high school went from full, maybe 50 bikes, to about 3 - it was 'uncool' to wear a helmet, and really those old helmets were distinctly aesthetically challenged, but it wasnt just that, it became dorky to ride. As a result a whole lot of fat 50 year olds 30 years later. Well, that's stretching it, but at the core the point is there. I'd never go out hammering it without a helmet, nor even commuting when sharing with cars, but I'd ride without one on the bike paths, to the local shop etc. Micro versus macro. Everyone knows someone, maybe themselves, i.e. micro, who would have been cactus if no helmet, however, population wide we're worse off because people generally - the population - i.e. macro don't ride as much or make a habit of it because it's dangerous, and helmet hair is a thing, and it is still a bit dorky. Was at cafe this morning - gorgeous sunny day with a cooling southerly - inside the Melbourne inner city 'hipster line' in Brunswick on the Capital City Trail. Plenty - maybe 1:20 - no helmet, more women than men at a guess. No need for a helmet there when doddling along at 10-20km. Just like the pictures of cycling in Holland. The go-fasties had one, as they should. Single biggest public health issue now facing Australia - after big success in reducing smoking, and (to a lesser extent) drinking - is obesity, and type II diabetes. Got to get the whole population moving more (although we've had the obesity debate in other threads, and some would and do say exercise is secondary)
  13. Freight bike to Qld help pls?

    I recently bought a wheel (H3) from Perth -> Melbourne. Used transdirect which wound up with Couriers Please. It was cheap $35 from memory, but took two weeks
  14. Aero position

    I find my TT bike much more comfortable for long rides, at least on flattish terrain. Can support weight on elbows, and get out of the wind, although zipping along with head over front wheel still feels perilous. I mucked with position, angles, crank length etc, and probably also just got used to it. I don't think I ever found it particularly uncomfortable, but was originally a bit strange.
  15. what the one event in the world you would like to do

    Race to the Rock. Maybe Lake Argyle swim. Desert calling.