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  1. longshot

    New TT/TRI bike from Wilier

    Name already taken https://www.theturbine.com/
  2. longshot

    Swimming stroke question / discussion

    Hmm. Roughing it out: at 15 mins for 1500 m, 100 m/min, rounding ~2m/s. A 0.2 s glide would be 0.4m. 25 strokes per 50m (?), total glide 10m, or 20%. Or slightly differently, total of 750 strokes/1500 m, total glide time 150 s, 2½ mins, about ~15-20%. Just had a quick look at a replay of the men's 1500 m, and winner McLaughlin also seems to have a decent glide, although not as much as Horton. Glide almost seems like 'free speed' (to use cycling phrase), a chance to get a bit of a rest whilst still moving, and even more a chance to play a mind game imagining you are actually swimming ok, even if kidding yourself (in my case at least)
  3. longshot

    Swimming stroke question / discussion

    The squad swim coach I had for a couple of years would emphasise a slight downward angle of the arm e.g. 10 degrees, when reaching forward before the catch and possibly as part of a glide, but that seems wrong 'hydrodynamically' as straight ahead reduces frontal area, even if no glide. Bending upwards towards the surface a bit may allow a bigger/longer pull using the whole arm: upper, lower and hand. There's research papers and simulation models on all this stuff, but don't amount to any definitive conclusions as to how to really swim better/faster But agree, the good/fast swimmers I saw in the pool - as BF points out, and the slow motion replays show - tend to stretch the arm straight out and even up a bit on the glide. Was watching Cate Campbell, and she seemed to have amongst the longest glides, still only a fraction of a second but noticeable, although she probably has the right shape for it, i.e. long. Others seem to have less or even no glide, especially when sprinting, but they don't slow the videos down enough nor analyse the stroke to know! Interesting, but all a second order consideration for me c.f. working out how to maintain swim enthusiasm, or to rehash CEM, how to learn to "love the swim"
  4. longshot

    Shorter cranks, anybody gone to them or using them?

    For the TT bike I think the extra 5mm pedal to pedal would have given even slightly better body geometry/angles. And I'm 167cm, and probably more the 'right' size - even though the studies which have been quoted in previous threads on crank length show a wide range of crank lengths is ok (IIRC), and I (now) use mostly 170s on road/commuter/MTB bikes. Apparently track riders often use shorter cranks. There is more 165s around, for sure.
  5. longshot

    Mitch 24 hour record attempt

    Interesting account and background by Mitch of the 12 hour record effort, as part of lead up to 24 hour record http://austrimag.com.au/labour-day-twelve-hour-world-record-ride/
  6. longshot

    WTB Cobb plus saddle

    I'm looking for a Cobb Plus (or Plus 2) saddle if you have one to move on. I like the Plus I've got on the TT bike, and want to try one for longer rides on a Roubaix and/or Commuter/Tourer ...
  7. longshot

    Mitch 24 hour record attempt

    Previous record for outdoor track was 890 km, not sure where I got 896 from, or maybe just typo.
  8. longshot

    Mitch 24 hour record attempt

    894 km, new (provisional) record. Congratulations
  9. longshot

    Shorter cranks, anybody gone to them or using them?

    Years ago I put 167.5s on my TT bike, from 172.5s, which were always too long. Prefer the shorter, and should have gone with 165s. On the road bike on the long rides 200km if hills reckon get less knee soreness.
  10. longshot

    Melbourne Pools close to CBD

    Reckon MSAC is the best pool by far, and even if more expensive e.g. $10/swim still worth it - plus might get to see some real swimmers. Saw one guy doing 1:30s who was barely using his arms. Not that I go there much now, not worth the time overhead, North Melbourne pool 500m away. Don't like City Baths, too much chlorine to counter the extra load and (I think) kids from schools(?) they get there. Often only the middle two lanes reserved for lappers, and they're narrowed c.f. normal, so passing is fraught. But well worth a look, and if only in town a few days really convenient. I like to point out it was built as a 100 foot pool, one of the few left - Mt Beauty pool is another. I think the 100' markers are still there on the tiles at City Baths but havent been for a few years. 50 lengths for a 1500m, only conversion I bother trying to remember RACV also has a 25m pool. That's just off William St/Little Collins. Need to know or be a member.
  11. longshot

    Melbourne Pools close to CBD

    Plenty of bikes for hire - 10 minute ride. For a nice 25m outdoor pool maybe North Melbourne, but about same distance as MSAC. $5 casual swim or thereabouts.
  12. longshot

    Mitch 24 hour record attempt

    On now, live updates https://www.shinbonemedical.com/dr-mitcha#0_013047 896 890 km current record, 37.3 km/h ave
  13. longshot

    Heart checks, stress test etc

    I thought there was a category of heart attacks caused by deposits in heart arteries bursting, then clogging smaller downstream arteries and capillaries. Small enough deposits that tests don't count them as problems, including angiograms as the deposits dont occlude that much. From a previous similar thread a few years ago. Fair bit of discussion of late about unnecessary tests and interventions, some of which are actually showing up as worsening rather than improving things, such as knee arthroscopes - and it was a surgeon who wrote a book about that - and just last week treatments for back pain, etc. Haven't had a stress test, but like other anecdotes, know someone who was told in great shape after having one, only to die of a heart attack a couple of weeks later. I'm sure there are some things they do pick up you'd want to know about if you have them, but it's the all clear which isn't really. And I'm sure the incidence of sudden heart attack amongst the fit is (much) lower than the general population. And more, that all the statistics showing much lower rate of all manner of chronic conditions and extra longevity it's a good thing. Even more so when you do it because you enjoy it
  14. longshot

    No Ironman Frankston this weekend

    FWIW, I still miss it too, although I've gotten over it, but was saying to random TTers on Beach Rd how the triathlon thing seemed to deflate with its cancellation. Heard a rumour there might be a Victorian full-distance IM next year, source well placed too, although would not confirm where.