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  1. longshot

    Garmin 530/830

    Rumours of a new Wahoo Roam soon.
  2. Never heard that, but like it A climb of 30m!
  3. Check out Curve Cycling, Melbourne.
  4. Would you get someone to ride the bike for you? I would always change my own tyres and do my own bike maintenance. Reckon it is part of the zen of riding.
  5. Can you post a link to the article in the local paper, or scan the article? Had a quick flick through Alpine Shire council meeting agendas. Do you know which meeting it was brought up at? General business? If I lived there, and I'd like to in summer (winter just too cold!), I'd get involved in the issue The lobbying of local councils along Beach Rd was instrumental in getting them to agree to a clearway up to 10am on Sat and Sun mornings. Which overall is an excellent thing, as the thousands of cyclists every morning would attest, including the new lots encouraged by the increased safety, But boy some locals were - justifiably - really annoyed. So is it the MTBers mostly riding on the road to/from trails causing the problem? Not roadies? The few triathletes on TT bikes seem be riding solo or pairs, so it isn't them When I was in the area over summer one long weekend the MTB car traffic to Falls Creek was enormous. Some major race was on. Mostly 4WDs and utes, and even though they are cyclists and usually gave plenty of space, they are big vehicles and if something coming the other way can get squeezy. There also seems to be a minor hoon element amongst some of them, perhaps that's just the downhillers Overall I guess it is why gravel road riding is/has really taking/taken off
  6. longshot

    Fitness Devices

    Samsung Active smartwatch recently released. $300 or thereabouts. But every gadget adds to the gadget load
  7. Overall I find drivers and overall driver behaviour around Bright and the mountains the best and most friendly anywhere I ride. Good part of those drivers are tourists, not just locals. It's helped by the rail trail, means many cyclists can stay of the busy Great Alpine Road into Bright, although most of the road bunches seem to take the road. Road up Mt Buffalo is wide enough cars can usually pass easily enough and as a non-through road just less cars. GAR up to Mt Hotham and on to Omeo in busy periods different story, including quite a few big 4wds with trailers and caravans, and I tend not to ride up there on busy days. I (only) get up to Bright/Mt Beauty a few weeks a year, and haven't seen the bunches with support/safety cars yet, but not sure why in that area people think they are needed. Dont think there is increase in accidents or reports of incidents? The worst incident I've had was a group of hang glider pilots who overtook me on a corner up Mt Buffalo shaving way too close, who after I shouted gave the next rider ahead plenty of room. Yes, cycling a boon for the area in general,. But bound to annoy drivers when they can't get past, and I can see locals getting annoyed going over, e.g. Tawonga Gap (although I was glad to see speed limit reduced). I would hate to see mood sour. Perhaps there needs to be an etiquette, which runs both ways.
  8. longshot

    Worn rims

    Like a lot of things cycling, probably pays to be conservative. If rim wear indicators gone take notice. As to second line checks and approaches, if feeling chancy Check concavity using a metal straight edge metal ruler. But any rim with some degree of wear will usually have some concavity. Use dental calipers (below) and measure wall thickness all the way around in small steps. Dont brake on that rim. We all have or have heard of stories of catastrophic failures and consequences. I have one rim on an old (ancient actually) trispoke front at 0.8mm thickness. Borderline. I barely brake on it and am looking for a replacement. I bought calipers to measure.
  9. Seems flat platform pedals are becoming a (born again?) thing in touring/bike packing https://commutercycles.com.au/news/2017/mks-pedals/ I find super stiff road shoes get very painful on long distance rides, although on IPWR scale my "long ride" is just a morning warm up, at best
  10. Sure. More likely a summary report or key finding(s), released with permission. And I hope at least some people do authorise release of at least some findings, not necessarily for this case but in general. So far in this particular case we have a whole thread here which is largely speculative, although one commenter seemed to confirm it was known to be a heart attack.
  11. I was talking to someone morning about Dean Mercer. She said she thought she had read autopsy report confirmed heart attack brought on by plaque rupture and subsequent thrombosis. I can't find anything specific via google, other than the stories at the time, including the controversy. Wondering if the report, or a report on the report was made public somewhere?
  12. Buy a tension meter and check spoke tension about $100 for Park Tools. For rim wear, apart from indicator holes and lines, check concavity using a steel ruler, and use a micrometer or dental caliper to check wall thickness at various places. Having a wheel fail catastrophically can be bad news.
  13. Are you tall and do you bobble your chest a lot c.f. others when you run - run past some windows and watch your reflection, or just watch others when you're out, or get someone to video. Can always try flattening out the step, reducing stride, increasing cadence and compare. Not that I've got one of those gadgets yet, just an old pre-GPS watch, will though. I'm interested in running dynamics. Had an argument with someone at work about how elastic/springy we are when running, seems not really resolved yet in the sports science and biomechanics. He bought maximum bounce shoes to go faster, told him bunkum and whole debate about minimilist versus maximumlist shoes.
  14. I read into this a bit, USADA says 'more likely than not caused by contaminated meat' (like Contador), but took away the record and gave a warning not a ban. Tests also found another banned drug, from a tainted supplement. He was tested the day before, and was clear. You'd like to think surely can't be happening, but by now so many cases of cheating of one kind or another at all levels can't help but wonder.
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