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  1. Buy a tension meter and check spoke tension about $100 for Park Tools. For rim wear, apart from indicator holes and lines, check concavity using a steel ruler, and use a micrometer or dental caliper to check wall thickness at various places. Having a wheel fail catastrophically can be bad news.
  2. Are you tall and do you bobble your chest a lot c.f. others when you run - run past some windows and watch your reflection, or just watch others when you're out, or get someone to video. Can always try flattening out the step, reducing stride, increasing cadence and compare. Not that I've got one of those gadgets yet, just an old pre-GPS watch, will though. I'm interested in running dynamics. Had an argument with someone at work about how elastic/springy we are when running, seems not really resolved yet in the sports science and biomechanics. He bought maximum bounce shoes to go faster, told him bunkum and whole debate about minimilist versus maximumlist shoes.
  3. I read into this a bit, USADA says 'more likely than not caused by contaminated meat' (like Contador), but took away the record and gave a warning not a ban. Tests also found another banned drug, from a tainted supplement. He was tested the day before, and was clear. You'd like to think surely can't be happening, but by now so many cases of cheating of one kind or another at all levels can't help but wonder.
  4. Don't know about 11 speed, but in 10 speed the ultegra derailleurs which could handle 30t had "30t" marked on them. Before that 28 was the max. I read a lot of threads as to whether 32 was possible and it boiled down to try it and see as one factor was hanger design and bolt position. Main potential issues were shifting chain capacity and rear derailleur top cog not clearing biggest sprocket. Seems story is similar story with 11 speed. Worked for Jon, and probably does for most. But seems is still outside spec.
  5. Bought one of these last summer to experiment with using a map GPS based bike computer. But a bit too big and clunky for my small bike. I bought a Lezyne Micro GPS, a couple of cm square, which simply fits on an extension, just like the Polar CS200 did, in fact it is even smaller, neater and better colour coordinated being black like the front end Water bottle slightly grazed nipple from when I dropped it. Have the box if you want it. Here's a link https://www.pushys.com.au/xlab-torpedo-kompact-125-aerobar-hydration-system-black.html $40 + postage, or pickup north melbourne
  6. $100 $50 Bought this several years back, never got around to using it, wound up using between the bars bottle and an xlab saddle bag. Here's the previous post where I bought it
  7. Anybody want it? (I bought a road aero helmet, just much more convenient, and less noisy).
  8. 16,000 entrant limit for Shenzhen Half-Marathon, if 250 pinged, if that's most of them, cheat rate about 1.5%. Yes, astonishing growth in endurance events in China, but still another decade to catch up to USA. From googling, in 2017 about 300 marathons in China c..f about 1100 in USA. So per-capita still about 15X less, if I've got the stats roughly right. I think a few years ago was a similar thread on number of IMs in China.
  9. Is there a reason JC's name and/or link can't be given? Not that hard to find, with the google. Actually the drafting in that video didn't look anywhere near as bad as first Challenge Melbourne when it was further south, groups of 20. Although maybe that small group in the video was swapping turns.
  10. longshot

    Flu shot

    So roughly eyeballing it, the flu vaccine effectiveness averages out at only around 50%, maybe less. By effectiveness, surely can't be proportion of people who catch the flu that have had the vaccine, surely. But that is what the Dr told my partner and I last year, but that was I thought due to a somewhat 'special' year.
  11. Did Lance normalise it, or was he just an apex product of it. Not that I'm a fan.
  12. I think it's a bit like recycling now, there's just too many/much and so bin. Better to reuse the one you like, but can't in races as have to (?) wear the right group colour.
  13. longshot

    Flu shot

    I've had the flu shot last two years, as my partner has a condition which means if she gets flu bad news. Surprise to me when we visited Dr that flu shot last year only 50% effective, maybe that's glass half empty view, but I'd always thought it was near 100% like the vaccines for childhood diseases which we don't even hear of now (polio, mump?, chickenpox?). Not sure about this year's shot, supposedly somehow more effective, but can't see how that's really known until flu season upon us. I had the flu as a kid, could hardly walk 20m to the toilet for 3 weeks.
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