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    1/2 Marra in d*#k togs?

    Zoot were making Trisuits in the mid 80's got my suit in 1985 from McCulleys in Hawaii. Quality wise it was brilliant, it was in use till the mid nineties and just recently sent it back to Zoot and its now being displayed in their office. Yep IM distance inspeedos was easy with a bit of vasso on the saet or also lanolin rubbed onto the thighs as it was hardier on the skin.
  2. Pineapple

    Corsa CX 26” Tubulars

    I have 3 brand new Vittoria Corsa CX tubular tyres that are 26”. ordered the wrong size and only found out when I tried to put on on a wheel, my mistake is someone else’s gain $110 for all 3 with postage included. Pm or call/text me on 0413803275
  3. Pineapple

    New event

    I think you will find quite a few of us would love this, have started back with Hills races as we have a Aqua Bike event held with the rest of the races, at least now you feel like you finish the race, not a DNFafter the bike.
  4. Pineapple

    Is there a decent beach or lake for a long swim

    Emo probably cant be bothered driving up the mountain
  5. Pineapple

    Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    Biggest problem is the timing of the event as it clashes with the Nepean , a race that always attracts a big field, real pity they are the same weekend especially as the Nepean will take most of the Panthers and Hills Tri club members as it's a big event for both local clubs, who also have large memberships
  6. Pineapple

    2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    If you can have a decent swim and ride like you normally do and put a run around 45 ish you should be ok
  7. Pineapple

    Sydney Duathlon

    From last year I feel that a road bike would be more suited as it is far more nimble in the witches hat turns, aero bars are worth while
  8. Pineapple

    Hiatus from Triathlon

    Injury and life have had an impact on my view of the sport. My first race was 1985 and IM in 1987, and believed that it was the be all to end all of the sport, which I see way too many people doing and then facing disappointment and frustration, simple solution is to change focus, go short, try different races, I really changed down to sprint distance and found the drive and interest back and ended up going to Worlds which was one of the biggest thrills I have had competing. Didn't need to spent every waking minute training, didn't care what others thought and enjoyed the sport again, so try something different, don't just keep grinding away with peer pressure, challenge yourself, see how fast you can go without spending all your days slogging out long boring miles
  9. Pineapple

    Leeds ITU

    Good to see you know his income stream and Adidas budget, again point is putting your hand out and not performing, don't really care about hero worship I am making a point about sporting integrity.
  10. Pineapple

    Leeds ITU

    This gets away from my initial points, I have my view, differs to yours so be it . Some follow itu others are not interested, live with it
  11. Pineapple

    Leeds ITU

    In only one aspect of the sport, so it totally depends on your perspective of what the sport is about , five ring circus is not the be all to our dport
  12. Pineapple

    Leeds ITU

    So how many times as a race promoter would you put money up for a athlete that does not perform when outside their niche and keeps putting their hand out for appearance money? Doesn't matter what sport it's all about a return from your investment, a big name that takes fees and doesn't perform will soon lose their luster and drawing power. Sponsorship and appearance money is not what the athlete can get but what value and return is there for the company putting up the dollars. Ever sit and watch pro cycling? Watch how some of the small teams will have riders attack early and break away and stay out front for hours with little hope of winning the stage, it is to ensure their sponsors have coverage sometimes for hours
  13. Pineapple

    Leeds ITU

    Still doesn't cut what has been seen in the last 6 months . See plenty of athletes riding on past deeds , yes been pretty successful at the Olympics , rosy coloured glasses always cover many faults.
  14. Pineapple

    Leeds ITU

    So where does his income come from? It is related to triathlon and his performances, if he wasn't in the sport would his "worth" be 3 ?? So yes this is what he does for his money, good way to dilute your brand value.
  15. Pineapple

    Leeds ITU

    Seems like Brownlee is a mercenary with his racing or is it appearance money, too unfit to race at super league(took the money) couple of weeks later scotches 70.3, ( say your unfit)goes to Challenge(what was his appearance money there?) then dnf again and comes out one week later flying??? Lost me in a big way. Integrity????
  16. Pineapple

    IM Hawaii 1988

    Forster 88 had qualifier spots , internationals had not yet found the race, in reality it was the second race under KenBaggs leadership and was one by Gerald Donnelly from Victoria . The international pro invasion began in 1991 up until this time it was basically an Aussie race, if I remember correctly that was the begining of the corporatization of the race with IMG taking ownership. Up till 1996 there was no pro category , you got into the top 10 you got the dollars. Always was a tough gig to get a Kona slot 88 only had a few , I remember that in 87 maybe the top 3 got spots as at the time it was not an IM
  17. Pineapple

    2018 ITU WTC - Gold Coast

    If that is the case then the integrity of the competitors has gone since I last raced there, don't know why they bother buying tri bikes go and bike race if they just want to race in a pack and see then if they can really ride, but then again the rules are unforced in cycle racing
  18. Pineapple

    2018 ITU WTC - Gold Coast

    That is one of the reasons I don't see them choosing a draft legal race, can only hope
  19. Pineapple

    2018 ITU WTC - Gold Coast

    The sprint course at GC will probably be the same as 09 2 laps, how long would it take to run all the ages as it is in no way fair if you have a draft legal event to sit in a bunch of a different age group, if as everyone always brings up the subject that you draft in bike races you can not sit in a different grade or age group you are dq"d . Totally unfair to come out behind out of the water and sit on a different age group that takes you up to those who swam hard and are riding with their age group
  20. Pineapple

    Giro Air Attack left at Port Stephens

    My daughter left her near new Giro Airattack helmet somewhere after the transition area. It's a white medium with face shield and still with the race number on it, think the number is 556 , Spoke to Emo and unsighted so if anyone may see it etc please let me know Pineapple
  21. Pineapple

    2018 ITU WTC - Gold Coast

    There is no info on the site re sprint being drafting or not, I emailed TA who responded say not sure yet
  22. Pineapple

    Giro Air Attack left at Port Stephens

    A big thank you to Janeen , who took the time to ensure that my daughters helmet was returned to us, very appreciated
  23. Pineapple

    2018 ITU WTC - Gold Coast

    Nor have they decided if the sprint is drafting or not , just hoping they drop this stupid drafting for the race
  24. Pineapple

    So I'm hearing Busso Ironman is the last one

    Been sitting on the sidelines reading comments and as someone who hasn't raced IM since 2001 I can see reasons for it's lack of interest, biggest is cost , family with a mortgage, hubby says to his wife , oh I'm going to do an Ironman entry is $800 plus, wife WTF, secondly IM was the biggest show and there was one , now multi choices thru the year and now to not have the functions??? Which were part of the atmosphere that you waited all year for, injury prevents me from returning but from comments from friends would not bother. As for the sports health overall I see numbers being pretty similar with big numbers of young (12 plus) competitors so it's not as if the pool has shrunk, focus has changed My two bobs worth from someone who has seen the sports growth from the begining
  25. Pineapple

    Gel Injection Treatment for Knee

    The gel that you are referriung to would be SYNVISC which is a gel that is injected in either 1 mega shot or 3 shots over 3 weeks. Had it done a number of times by Dr Sorrenti and it does give relief for about 6 months. It cost about $500 for the SYNVISC plus Dr costs and it's not covered by private health cover. Is it worth it, I would say yes especially early on with a knee injury involving cartlidge injuries . The stem cell therapy is another option Dr Sorrenti is still practicing but only for stem cell therapy and if you do a search you can find his contact details. Speaking with Dr Sorrenti (he has been my ortho for 14 years) he has been surprised at the rate of success of the treatment, but Sam does his treatment as a arthroscopic clean up and then the stem cell therapy costing something like $9000. Other Dr's do the therapy alone and if you look at "regenus" who is the company behind it their site has a list of Drs. Interesting to see many Drs esp other orthos are bagging it as they feel it's unproven clinically, but I think it's mostly a case of their reticence for new treamnets that challenge their current practices, much like lasic eye surgery when it came out. I have spoken to numerous people who have had stem cell therapy and all have had positive experiences with reduction of pain and increased mobility, I'll take real first hand experience above the nay sayers .