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  1. Rochelle Gilmore Garage Sale

    Ohh sadly.... not really the answer I wanted Roxii
  2. Rochelle Gilmore Garage Sale

    Any one going to Rochelle Gilmores Garage Sale tomorrow? 230 Captain Cook Dr Kurnell. World of her pro cycling equipment - I can see good "things" advertised. Not really providing paid advert just looking for an agent really.
  3. Port accomodation

    Another one, and keeping this thread alive. I to have now decided, no Port Mac this year and had paid a small reservation deposit at Northpoint Apartments for "Ironman 2017" in a 2 Bedroom Courtyard Apartment - for <4 people. Arriving: Wednesday May 3, 2017 Departing: Wednesday May 10, 2017 Total tariff of $1,465.00 Not sure of the the T&Cs on transfers (looking to preserve my reservation deposit), Northpoint likely have their own 'wait list' but happy to try and make this work with Northpoint if anyone interested. Propose to contact them tommorrow.
  4. Cairns 2016 Roll Call

    FULL Trunkz #490 Suburban Kid #918 Sleepy #987 Stikman #1022 Iron mum #1216 Old Bull #1460 iFoz #286 HALF Mjainoz #2076 Kiwinoz #2115 Lzbones. Here for green island swim but just got time to finish the 70.3 before I fly home Sunday arvo.
  5. Port Mac moving date?

    What's the chance of Imoz moving to an earlier date next year. .... What is the current agreement with Port Council - Destination NSW - WTC?? What do we know about this ?
  6. Busso 2014 roll call

    Name Number Goal Jono B 299 low 9's Cape_Horn 390 13h00m01s... swim25 (Gayle) 1420 TheAntiSport 1129 1. Thoroughly enjoy the day/night. 2. <15h30 Duncs 438 Would love to go sub 13 but will take just having a good day! Mike P (Ironnerd) 1529 To finish Stikman 560 Ideally sub-12, Niseko 856 Sub 4.40 bike split TenPints 989 Sub 13. Sub 6 on bike. iFoz 1475 Top Ten in AG Since I failed miserably in IMM(14th) Katz 1137 Faster than last year humdrum 797 PB by more than 45 seconds Badds 1429 First IM at Busso. This will be #15 overall. Around 10:30. Thomo 1551 1st One at Busso : 8th One Overall JohnP 433 Faster than last year Zed 1015 High 10s, 55m swim and have a jolly good time at the after party Ruley 446 CarpeDiem 146 Finish in one piece Scott1985 160 Sub 9:30 Trunkz 1682 PB
  7. Power Meter + Watch

    You have a power meter – an SRM and PowerControl, measures and displays the usual real time power, cadence, speed, distance, time, heart rate, altitude. So what do you get for run and swim training? Needs to be: readable (I’m old), simple to operate (I’m old) include every day watch (could be late), work with Training Peaks. Want: the usual Hr pace distance time Nice to have: pacer and swim laps even a map What do you recommend? Are you qualified?
  8. So in 2012 winner of age group was eight minutes faster than winner of same age group in 2014. Now who will hold the course record? Where there changes to the course that justify claiming a new course record in that particular age group? Is there such a thing? Think your answer should include your palmares for IM Melbourne.
  9. Canberra 70.3 Race Previews

    Where do we find the full field results - not up on Multisport. CapeHorn came ??
  10. Hi Ayto Well done on the job. Happy to comment and hope that it provides some assistance. “role is offering a package including a "tax free vehicle allowance" so I need to buy a vehicle.” Why do you need to buy a ‘new’ car? “leave ya money on the fridge” an turn up in the ol’ HQ. It’s no more thirsty than your Crew Cab proposal which you will run on an ‘allowance’ Beware the said "tax free vehicle allowance". Respectfully suggest that you want need to document that very well. Not quite unusual but needs an ATO ruling for your specific so suggest that any deal that says tax free comes with ‘protection’ and in the event of any surprises like the $13k invoice from the ATO you will be protected and not out of pocket. Also ensure the said allowance is sufficient to cover all of your running costs for your presumably ‘business use’. “fit a minimum of 5 and room for my bike(s) or capacity to carry on the roof.” Remember as the rear seat occupants grow you will need genuine space (as opposed the sales reps, hey look at that mate 3 in the back easy J) and the foot space is restricted, shoulder space is tight for the 10yr olds, and the seats are uncomfortable. Would question the comfort of most ‘crew cabs’ “A mate of mine is a dealer for these Great Walls” There are NO mates in the industry, not even if you are getting free time with his wife. If you are set on The Wall the quotes are retail, you don’t have a trade, its winter (read slow), he hasn’t even dipped into his margin, and you haven’t even shopped him ….yet. I’m not even going to seriously visit the dealer guide and the ‘retained value’ of your investment but suggest that you look at the used sale price and reduce that by 20%. Oh genuine 5 seater, $30k budget with bike space, there are a few but hard to go past lo k Commode/Pord – wagon. (there are more depending upon your pref. Would all come with Tooth, Clunk, Air, Fast Glass all you will need is a Hook. Sorry for the negative feedback but it was about cars and you did ask. Beware free advice often as valuable as its cost J and for the rest don’t spank me, hate the game not the player and help Ayto with some objective assessment.
  11. Ironman NZ race numbers up

    Trunkz #1553
  12. AP murder attempt fails

    Are you sure .... I saw a lonely skinny figure shuffling down a street this morning (still only 2 degrees) at 8am, I toot the horn several times and eventually a head turns and looks through what could have been glazed eyes but sees nothing and I thought still delirious, as he jogs on. And probably late for work. Yours Spy
  13. Lights on TT bike

    OK google this "Profile Design Computer Mount UCM & UCM XL" if you want to see something that will mount at right angles to tri bar extensions. To this you can mount your 900lumen lamp by its O rings. Or try your LBS likely to have or get it for you. Or go fashion your own from say carbon seat post or a tri bar extension 'off cut'. Radius one end _________ _________( drill hole adjacent to the radius and attach to tri bar extension with a zipp tie. There you go
  14. geelong 70.3 pros

    Talking to Dave early January, loved the experience in Shepp and though he felt he might be under done, happy to enter Geelong but not a team and sure enough his name is there. So it’s not Dave McKenzie.
  15. Benalla Sunday...who is going?

    I might ride there Feel free to join in...