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  1. Lastly this one annoys me as it amounts to a denial of the opportunity for natural justice: d. A protest cannot be made on a judgement call by a Technical Official. and don't bring up "stopping spurious protests", the $100 cash fee should manage that. In cases where and athlete has invested $1000's of 100s of hours to compete in an event having a poor judgement (eg "drafting" in the first 50 m leaving a U turn as competitors' order changes repeatedly as they reestablish their own personal pace after braking and cornering (yes should be a designated "green zone") ) call made that causes a loss of 5 min of race time ought to be appealable.
  2. tough luck to any >=100 year old competitors out there, apparently they are too old to participate. and a grammar check for appendix F "National Series Events - two other person who is either:" try... "National Series Events - two other people who are either a:" etc
  3. Just had a thought, envisaging n "OD" race with sponsorship from a wetsuit company designating their swim course as 1501m LOL
  4. Can we get Barry VoeVoe back with choc chip cookies pls (plus the endless supply of souvenir water bottles - hey RS)
  5. Don't knock 'em, my nutrition for longer rides is water, a banana & a carrot as a backup. Carrots travel well, can be eaten with one hand, can be eaten over time with little loss or mess, can be fully consumed (no rubbish) plus don't cost much so you can just toss them in the compost if uneaten post 4hours ride in the back pocket in the sun.
  6. trifun

    TA Memberships

    Cycling Vic: respectfully that is a crock. Incorporated associations - aka not-for-profit (of the members) need to aim to make a profit, if they aim to only break even then they're likely to run at a loss a significant portion of the time. Really they aim for a profit, and then try to decide how to spend that profit for the benefit of members in the furtherance of the aims of the association.
  7. trifun

    Quest for Kona

    The thing that annoys me is when people at what is supposed to be a fitness-themed event pour alcohol all over each other like 2nd years at the UniBar. Even worse when it is an ITU event and they are marketing our sport to the world.
  8. Generally with any insurance write-off, the item becomes the property of the insurer, basically, they bought the item from you for a pre-agreed price (the insured value). You can offer to buy the wreck back from them post payout (some policies give you the right of first refusal) - common in the specialist vehicle market.
  9. "metre" unless you have some sort of proprietary "Square Meter" performance measuring device. Love your work AP, live long and prosper old fellow.
  10. trifun

    TA Memberships

    It has to be better than that ACCORD system they scored from the Feds a few years back and farmed out to the states to operate for them (then TA just collated the data to form their database) - I was TQ's registrar at the time and it was so much worse than the proposal I had put to TA years earlier.
  11. Finally back on the bike after 10 weeks off for a very slow and hard 55 this am (even had two swims and a 15 k cycle last week), might even try running soon - gained 20kg since the Worlds last September, the prep for Noosa #35 is going to be hard. (collection of unrelated illnesses, conditions and injuries, a cracked-through crank, chocolate binges while completing uni assignments, etc etc)
  12. If you think some spouses are less than tolerant of a partner who competes try if they organise events.... #recycled virgin
  13. seen plenty of people who keep their bikes in the bedroom and their dogs outside......
  14. if this is sport, then this is cheating. (he is not actually in an ice bath as there is an insulation barrier underneath the ice holding it up - how else could anyone lift the bath tub)
  15. so Wanda bought the sports biz for 650 but are looking to raise 500 in the IPO - what percentage of the biz are they trying to offload?
  16. trifun

    Repairing Knicks

    That sunburn is going to hard to explain
  17. Just do the Hundy instead
  18. trifun

    Time management

    Gifts are common (but different, it helps if you work out what yours are early (and like them)), talent less common as: Talent = gift * dedication
  19. trifun

    Time management

    Parenting little people - then bigger people - my alarm was set for 3AM as the princess had a 3:30 shift at Macca's (learner hours done, lisence test pending) Home again at 3:45 then slept a bit till spouse had to go to shops at 9 (ie much domestic noise from 7) PS: (I got to bed at 12:30 am after submitting a uni assignment at 11:59) . Rinse and repeat (next assig due next fri), yes still working full time, no not training ATM (pool pass expired, bike broken, ligament tear in ankle). I've decided to manage my time in small blocks I call years. This year is a non training bolck. Noosa is going to look ugly.
  20. trifun

    Bike v's car

    Any chance TA (insurance) will pay to fix their (innocent) car?
  21. I try to wear something clean.
  22. What's Kona got to do with success? 3 decades of observation suggests to me that the more visits to that island (for non-professionals especially) the worse the personality disorder and the higher the divorce rate.
  23. Go north (QLD) young man
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