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  1. A lazy 3k swim for this old fella this afternoon
  2. Ampol Aust Tri series: Wollongong at Lake Illawarra (eastern shore, heading north)
  3. Solo swim: 2k east, turn, 2 k west.
  4. the chopper was side-on as it flew down a lake
  5. On the other hand, I watched a bunch of pro triathletes argue till blue in the face they were not drafting at a non-draftiing event (that was a part of a national series) DESPITE helicopter footage of 3 minutes of paceline on a closed major arterial Rd.
  6. Well, they cancelled ITU OD Champs in Edmonton, Canada on August 24th so....
  7. That's me out then I guess (got the 40+, not got the cash....)
  8. I think that is a best-case scenario. - at least I have my day job that pays the mortgage, because my 2nd job (spending money) just got shelved until 2021 , and the wife's work are still vacillating
  9. LOL - I was still sooking all Jan with my broken foot.... And I only got their email today (so much for a timely release from a big brand - but I still want one)
  10. A paradigm shift in bike ads.... Trek
  11. Put your fan behind you instead of in front?
  12. Surely if one swims past say 100 m off shore then one is not "at" that beach. Up here in beautiful Hervey Bay I just walk down to the water swim 80m out, turn right (so I can see the landmarks instead of having to keep checking my Garmin) and swim a k or two east then return bu same path. Walk straight back to the car, towel up and drive home. IMHO the 70+ metres of separation from the people "at the beach" should pass the test.
  13. In terms of sleeves. Back when I used to get mine custom made I used to have them made with cap sleeves or cut square so they went to the top of the shoulder and could be zipped up to basically form a collar (no neck rash from wettie). I hate these suites that are designed for anemic teenagers that let one's pecs etc jus hang out and the shoulder blades burn. Caveat: As an OD person (with up to the occasional 3/4 IM) I'm (or used to be) only in the sun for 2hrs usually so the muscle shirt cut plus sunscreen & a hat (not a silly Sunvisor thing (Note for IM group)) was enough.
  14. I cycle, then play "name this shape" much to my daughter's amusement
  15. Oldest trophy - does it have to be ours or does just holding it count? O/K only the Sydney 200 torch is mine, the other belonged to a client and is a trophy from the 1900 Paris Olympics (they did not do medals and each trophy was a distinct artwork)this one titled "La Cahanson" (The Song) is for the Mens Coxed pairs. (I believe - the inscription is in French after all).
  16. You have to turn up?? maybe that explains the current form....
  17. Witing for the new T-shirt design: Bugger drafting, keep your "social distance"
  18. Baybreak in Hervey Bay announced their conversion to virtual racing a week ago just saying....
  19. at race + 4 days with a 7 to 21 day incubation period( UQ Professor & acclaimed virologist - Dr Ian Frazer this week), doesn't that look promising.....
  20. See " The Power Meter Handbook: A User's Guide for Cyclists and Triathletes" by Joe Friel - chapter 6 and after you figure it out please explain it in simple engish (I don't have a power meter, my performance metrics are limited by: love of chocolate, unrecovered broken foot, and general laziness)
  21. See link: ITU says cancel all event till April:
  22. Can anyone explain why it even went ahead AFTER the ITU said an immediate shutdown of all ITU events? ITU announcement
  23. It's Ironman (brand), who cares?
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