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  1. trifun

    Another sad story to come from Nike

    I could name a few sports companies that started off in Oz that I find the idea of purchasing any product from unpalatable (no matter how good the product might be).
  2. trifun

    Should Pro's get Prize Money in Country Races?

    Once upon a time a very successful RD suggested to me that instead of worrying about paying 5 deep male and female ( which gets some pros to your race which helps get some exposure which helps get other folks along which helps pay the bills....) I should just rent Dave Scott for the event (it was a while back this conversation) have him give a clinic the day before - then tell the state pros no prize $ but heaps of punters coming. I saw his point but never took that path (perhaps I should have as some of our national brands are not so good at keeping their end of the sponsorship bargain anyway....)
  3. trifun

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    I might stuff a small towel inside my helmet just in case
  4. trifun

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Probably be that long a jog from the water that it will need a drinks stop (eg Noosa), or my though was - stuff a small one (like a face washer) inside your helmet.
  5. trifun

    TA Membership

    phones for paywave are old school Fenix 5x plus mate
  6. trifun

    What training did you do today...

    view here was perfect till the fog rolled in (or I rolled into it about 20 k out of town at 6 ish)
  7. trifun

    TA Membership

    but I have an old yougeoh album with TA/TQ cards going back to the '80's....
  8. trifun

    TA Membership

    So now it is "please print out your own membership card" from TA today, WTF - this was about the only tangible thing most of actually got from the membership
  9. trifun

    What training did you do today...

    I can't be bothered with daily updates but this week has gone O/K. Made it to all my sessions 4 * swim (2.5, 3.5, 2.5, 3.5) total 12 km 4 * cycle (42, 40, 42, 110) total 234 km 4 * run (8, 12,10,15) total 45km all different courses / set combinations so I'm satisfied, with 7 weeks to go to OD WTCs
  10. trifun

    What training did you do today...

    Swim splits at Bribie don't count for anything except navigation skills regards the TT I'll lend you my patent pending "Perkometer" If you don't feel like throwing up -> too soft If you actually throw up during the interval/immediately on finishing -> to hard If you feel like you might perk but don't -> you've nailed it
  11. trifun

    Was this guy a pharmacist? 4 year ban not enough

    Geez got me thinking so I checked the VERY long WADA lists and thankfully 5-fluorouracil is not there (though it's been nearly ten weeks now anyway, but the worlds are 7 weeks away....
  12. trifun

    Another doping AGer

  13. trifun

    There are some sick people out there:

    Slunnie, your bloke should go for murder - 3 * 3 concrete box, no key.
  14. trifun

    There are some sick people out there:

    Pretty sure this could be classed as a "Mantrap" - you get three years just for putting it up, more if anyone is hurt.
  15. trifun

    Electric bikes

    the electrics governor only determines the max speed the motor will propel you to, you can pedal or free wheel as fast as you like