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  1. so Wanda bought the sports biz for 650 but are looking to raise 500 in the IPO - what percentage of the biz are they trying to offload?
  2. trifun

    Repairing Knicks

    That sunburn is going to hard to explain
  3. Just do the Hundy instead
  4. trifun

    Time management

    Gifts are common (but different, it helps if you work out what yours are early (and like them)), talent less common as: Talent = gift * dedication
  5. trifun

    Time management

    Parenting little people - then bigger people - my alarm was set for 3AM as the princess had a 3:30 shift at Macca's (learner hours done, lisence test pending) Home again at 3:45 then slept a bit till spouse had to go to shops at 9 (ie much domestic noise from 7) PS: (I got to bed at 12:30 am after submitting a uni assignment at 11:59) . Rinse and repeat (next assig due next fri), yes still working full time, no not training ATM (pool pass expired, bike broken, ligament tear in ankle). I've decided to manage my time in small blocks I call years. This year is a non training bolck. Noosa is going to look ugly.
  6. trifun

    Bike v's car

    Any chance TA (insurance) will pay to fix their (innocent) car?
  7. I try to wear something clean.
  8. What's Kona got to do with success? 3 decades of observation suggests to me that the more visits to that island (for non-professionals especially) the worse the personality disorder and the higher the divorce rate.
  9. Go north (QLD) young man
  10. I'm 75% way through #4 learner (they refuse to do it with their mum) - that's over 24,000 minutes folks!. (With periodic ride-a-longs with the pro-instructor.) On the cyclists make better drivers thing - where do we apply for the insurance discount?
  11. trifun

    What’s this?

    Crash pad for finish line dives?
  12. Race director's / finish line director's job to get this sorted (shoots/ minions etc), and they did the next best thing with the recreation (it's not just for her, it's pictures and video for their promotions and sponsor value etc)
  13. Gadget freak, get a fixie!
  14. geee there's two things I so need to do just in the title....
  15. trifun

    Garmin 945

    Watches are for training. Race pace question: Will I get to the finish line before throwing up? Yes (run harder), No (run harder you might make it), Unsure (on the pace). Perkometer (c) 1989.
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