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  1. You have no faith in my training efforts (either that or an accurate knowledge of my current abilities)
  2. just live 35 km from work and leave exactly 1hr before starting time (including shower), the trip home will be your "recovery"
  3. Outliers in both directions....
  4. Asked a cardiologist, good for business he said.....
  5. Has anyone considered that perhaps a model of organisations designing challenges that ordinary humans can't do without detriment to their health (like the European pro tour) is flawed? Though it might generate plenty of money for the UCI, is it really in the best interests of cycling (or mass participation sports in general) as a healthy activity for all? And yes some similar considerations could be had about ironman events (especially multiple events per year).
  6. Racing well, but having some other achievements along the way (eg this week I picked this up (M. EdSt))
  7. Which has precisely how much to do with Australia? Eg Rebel had a sale - same discount as they have every other sale (ie about once a month).
  8. trifun

    easy clipping out

    If you have not adjusted them forever, put some oil in the holes and leave overnight first (you may need to hang a small weight from the front of the pedal to keep the hole at the top)
  9. I didn't realise anyone else was counting my posts.... (4001)
  10. O/K you can all breath easy, they connected after a reboot so when next year I am allowed to run again (hopefully) I'll be able to go speedo style if required as I won't need any pockets (assuming I can use the paywave functionality to pay for those public indecency charges - best stick to a pair of compression shorts I think (to keep the old tumy under control)). On the good news topic (fanfare) this is my 4000th post...
  11. trifun

    Bucket list races

    The "Woodstock" of Triathlons aka Wildflower
  12. trifun

    Bucket list races

    My bucket list in no particular order: Alpe d’Huez Escape from Alcatraz Woodstock London Indian Ocean Tri ( Mauritius) Laguna Phuket (Thailand)
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