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  1. trifun

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    Last time I went it was visors - useless for those who have gone the "aero head mod"
  2. trifun

    Is triathlon dead in Sydney?

    and that's only the southern 2/3rds of SEQ
  3. trifun

    If you've done a 13 hour Ironman tell me why.

    at lest they had a swim....
  4. trifun

    If you've done a 13 hour Ironman tell me why.

    O/K I was looking at that little event down the gold coast last month (it did rain at Mool last season and Noosa these days is an experience for most not an event to try and set a PB at)
  5. trifun

    If you've done a 13 hour Ironman tell me why.

    Then again when you point out that to win a major oly ( even in the "slow old men" eg 50+) you will need a 35 min 10 k (at least under 40 to make the top 10)
  6. trifun

    Business posts...

    I'm gonna get you that stuff one of these days....
  7. trifun

    Gonna would have should have

    First day back at work today (after gold coast plus school hols), ppl ask "So how was that triathlon you did?" ans is: "O/K, came 31st (by o.2 of second)" response usually is: "So how many people did you beat/ were in the race" 2nd ans: " The world (well the over 50's proportion of it)" Who do I blame? - the 30 ppl who ran faster than me - and that fat lazy guy (me)
  8. trifun

    Business posts...

    Jase is a nice guy (working in a really competitive space) (PS: I don't use any of these products, too old skool (bananas, mars bars and water))
  9. trifun

    Gonna would have should have

    Swam 5km ocean swim this am, came 2nd OA by 20m, didn't die, nuff said.
  10. trifun

    Business posts...

    I teach in a high school so you all need to get out there and make me more clients... on second thoughts don't
  11. trifun

    Gonna would have should have

    We obviously don't race with the same cyclists....
  12. That would be funny unless..... But the Female Athenas I usually see on the stage are Amazons
  13. ITU guys looked extra hard at bikes with custom paint in case they were hiding any mods Personally, they gave me a much harder time over my Uvex FP2 helmet (esp as I had it skinned with a custom colour scheme) - they accused me of having a "skateboarding helmet" but I pointed out that they were used by Anna Meares etc and eventually they just said that If I was prepared to wear it then so be it. (What they might have done was tell me that discs were going to be banned - now that would have been more useful information).
  14. trifun

    If you've done a 13 hour Ironman tell me why.

    O/K - fixed this for you all
  15. trifun

    UCI Worlds

    Might be interesting to set all 7 of them off together then take the time of the 2nd woman home....