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  1. My accommodation at Noosa rang me the day after the Tri got cancelled (might not have been full public knowledge yet) to apologise about how the online booking engine had double booked a bunch of their rooms and therefore I would not be able to stay there that weekend. And I would need to initiate a cancellation through he booking engine (which they would approve and waive the cancellation fee). "No Worries" I said, I'll work the State Election up here and come down another weekend instead.
  2. trifun


    This (except that after 35 years of it, some days I don't train - it's called life ). I go though mega cycles (like 8 years long) slowly getting fatter until I can't bear it any more so fix a target (eg a World Champs) and get serious about it over say three years, then a plateau, then do another degree. Rinse and repeat.
  3. that is literally just letting the spring do the work
  4. Nothing is going to make me look that good
  5. Interestingly no mention of Noosa in any of those IM responses....
  6. Having just passed my Scott 29 on to my eldest son. I've currently got the hots for one of Trek's Project One Supercaliber 9.9 AXS machines (spending this much might as well have a flash factory paint job). Should serve as a useful motivational tool to get fit enough to have a crack at the Off-road ITU Worlds in Townsville in 2022. Thoughts?
  7. trifun

    105 or Ultegra

    The first is just something to bribe small children who don't know better..... Go bakery or go home ..... And speaking of groupsets, In my experience, DA tends to outlast the frame.
  8. So I teach IT and one thing that is going to limit your marks at anything past year 8 (ie 13-year-olds) is an inability of your web site to work on popular browsers. So once again I go to pay my TA fees (new credit cards so auto-renew failed) and the system STILL does not support Safari the country's second most popular browser? No error message or warning, just fails to react to clicking on the link. (Yes I'm using my MacBook, I try to keep my private stuff off my work laptop.) And don't even get me started on their add on fees. Com on TA find a better value / better service /
  9. A lazy 3k swim for this old fella this afternoon
  10. Ampol Aust Tri series: Wollongong at Lake Illawarra (eastern shore, heading north)
  11. Solo swim: 2k east, turn, 2 k west.
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