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  1. Major League Triathlon

    Is this like a US remake of the old Toohey's Blue series?
  2. Clearly I am dumb (ex is too)

    too many twisted ankles in running, we should stop run legs and just go Aqua Bike! BTW: Water at Mooloolaba beach this morning: Temp - perfect, geometry - perfect, colour - iced tea???
  3. Mooloolaba Tri transition area....gone

    Maybe we could go back to the original Mooloolaba transition area out on the spit (yes there was life before USM etc), they could keep the finish line as is but get rid of that bloody jog up and down the hill in the middle of the run leg.....
  4. Mooloolaba Tri transition area....gone

    They did that for the old Ampol series Oly tri at Port M back in the day.... interesting watching the race crew dynabolt up their bike racks the evening before the race. Followed by a swim to T1 jog through the middle of the shopping mall.
  5. Dob in a doper. This can't end well.

    for the latter: Barneby Joyce
  6. Guilty by association?

    Apart from the odd member taking their mum's Dr prescribed medication in an effort to shed a few kg quickly (a real advantage for bowler who need to accelerate/stop quickly and often). Unethical, dangerous and also an offence against The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
  7. Guilty by association?

    Now that dark kit-kats are back in Woolies I'm thinking of increasing my dark chocolate intake in the week before major competition, just for the extra bioflavonoids. But seriously if I could live with myself for taking a PED I could possibly live with sharing the knowledge with an inner circle, but I couldn't so. Declaration: I do take glucosamine each morning prophylactically, and my whole family know about it for the past 8 years or so as I try to avoid arthritis (so far, so good, after 35years of tri training - but I do avoid IM). spelink
  8. Items for Gym

    Bar fridge....
  9. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    After a muscle tear in Townsville and shit event logistics at Robina, Mool will be do or die for my attempt at a third GC worlds....
  10. Mooloolaba Tri

    Youngest just rented a house at Buderim with all his (USC) uni mates - that's my free accom sorted (but I guess I will have to shout him sizzler......)
  11. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    Yess AA7, I queried the organisers earlier today. A was only looking at the 45-49 as I was trying to figure out why this wave had such higher average times than the 50-54 ag that started 14 min later.
  12. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    What about these results then? - the competitors with a missing lap time...... looks like only two out of three run laps to me (unless they ran the second two laps at twice the pace of the first (and jumped over the timing mat))
  13. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    we could use a little of this due dilligence on some of the tri courses that feature 3+ laps with none counting it but the poor befuddled competitors...
  14. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    sheeeeet, my table appears a bit off the mark because of the number (9 of the first 13 points getters) of people in the 45-49 wave who are "aging up". Fark it's hard when they get to race in a much faster group of swimmers/cyclists/runners, even if there is no drafting (lick mmmm on that course) just the pacing ll kill ya. time to drop some weight bef Mool and HTFU