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  1. trifun

    Mooloolaba Tri

    As a retired RD, I'd call bullshit on that one. I hate it when people blame policy decisions on tech.
  2. trifun

    Sad news from Noosa Tri

    Off topic but: HATE that term - call them professionals (and junior/wanna be professionals), of course then it might be harder to justify using our money to send them somewhere that they can make money from..... My 5c worth - drop the teams down to 5 per age group and charge no entry or team fees (let them pay for uniforms as different folks want different amounts of bling - but negotiate a price(maybe with endorsements) that is below what it would cost to buy equivalent gear off the rack. Pretty sure most would not mind a subsidized a team of the best of their peers.
  3. trifun

    Raby Bay Brisbane Riding

    Bribie Island via Caboolture and return from stones corer (just dow the road from southbank), or Mt Tamborine and return used to be some one of my favs - you'll get some heat stress in that in summer NB both destinations have bakeries
  4. trifun

    Maccas Prince designs a short course for record

    It's an IM brand event, the only thing that is standard is the "refund" policy As a competitor and also a course designer I care about these things (plan then measure everything at least three times and tell people before hand if you 40km bike course is 39.85 km and why (eg much safer turn around point)). All this should be on the sanctioning application as well. FYI: Oly pools are 50.000m (variance: +0.03m, - 0.000m) with timing gear installed (that means you are actually training in a 50.06 m pool if at a competition venue ). In comparison an IAAF std 100 m track is 100m (+/- 1 cm).
  5. trifun

    Sad news from Noosa Tri

    Remember folks, the job of an insurance COMPANY is to make a profit for its shareholders (of course in the long term this can be best achieved by having customers, and as they teach in MKT101 - it is cheaper to keep than to recruit)
  6. trifun

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    Wouldn't it be great to have our old QSTS again - a true attempt at a state wide series? * (Qld State Triathlon Series - annual series with up to 10 OD events from Gold Coast up to Mission Beach) A lot of people got their start doing the teams before moving into solo OD efforts. PS: whatever happened to Richard Curzon (who started the QSTS after doing a couple of the Bud Light series in the USA)? his mate Renne Frizzo who wrote the custom timing software that ensured results on the day with full splits for every one (business latter transformed into Timing Wizards now run by Tony Fowler)? and the construction guy who financed and built things (forget his name(gary mcdonald?))? Coz they really forged our sport along in the earlier '80's in Qld.
  7. trifun

    Cycling. Forget cars. Animals.

    Kanga's flitting across your headlight beam as you descend at 60+ in the dark - thrills.
  8. trifun

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    Anything shorter than "sprint" (750/20/5) is really a training session with company
  9. trifun

    40 Kona spots by just entering. WTF?

    yep nothing like a "world championship" where qualification is by $ & lottery
  10. trifun

    Changing front end of roadie from a quill stem??

    My last quill stem snapped half way up the vertical section one day - legacy of regional Qld roads + aero bars (and more years of use than some folks tri careers) boy was that a fun 5 k ride home.
  11. trifun

    Rear Cassette question

    I'm more of a LP guy myself
  12. trifun

    Patronising or encouraging?

    Apparently slapping people (same gender, that you already know) on the ass as you go by is not universally appreciated
  13. trifun

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    Yeah, its gets like that there, one year they delayed the start till about 8 so the TV crews could get down from Melb to film the Pro race (without having to fork out for overnight accom) by the time the AG waves went out it was like that. Previous year, got forgotten at pressies (won cat, plaque came in mail latter). Its a long way to come form Qld. Didn't go back.
  14. trifun

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    I lost count of specifics after about 200 (I know its over 300 now), keep meaning to do a new tally, now I just count Noosa's and Worlds'
  15. trifun

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    Tri's Since 1984 - no pics from then Aquathlons since 1983 but here is one form '86