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  1. It is just a US term for their (traditionally) most profitable trading day of the year (as they were closed on the Thursday for their Thanksgiving Holiday) - ie the day when people really start their Christmas shopping + restock after having a whole day without being able to access the supermarkets. Personally I try to resist US themed transfers of wealth
  2. Move the swim back to the creek, move the team event to Saturday to free up the space (even if that means scrapping the celebrty tri), enforce the TA rule book. For a beautiful location, come up to Agnus Waters (on second thoughts, don't - it's the huge fields that are Noosa's undoing and drive the prices for entry and accom into the stratosphere).
  3. So recently out of my moonboot after 13 weeks - now the really nice man is being mean to me (ie the physio) and one of the things I have now progressed to is one of those mini tramps (of the 90's late night tv shopping shows variety) - an elliptical trainer would be so much cooler (trying to recondition my ankle without over-stressing my 5th metatarsal)
  4. So has anybody had any luck connecting a Fenix 6x series watch with a set of Apple AirPods? I tried but all that happened was that the watch locked up and froze requiring a soft-reboot.
  5. To do well at OD will take similar commitment to IM - just a bit different. If you think a 10h IM is hard, try going under 2h in a (legitimately measured, non drafting) OD, that done remember that (even as a 40+ male) to make the podium at the top events you will need sub 1:55 - and there is a whole new level of hurt there.
  6. I thought I just excluded Cessnock? not that this in any way improves my view of NRL players or administrators in general.
  7. Apologies to the "Valley" , would it be better if I said Lambton?
  8. I heard an "identity masked" supplements dealer from the Hunter Valley interviewed a year or so ago by and ABC researcher and one of his comments was that the first batch/es of some supplements were spiked in order to get "influencers" to rave about the gains made (before returning to the material on the label). Also there were a number of "ingredients" that if one researched would be found to be nonexistent substances AKA code words for banned substances (and he gave a list).
  9. Never got around to an IM but my first World Cup Triathlon (3/130/30) when I made the last turn (after 8:09) onto the finish drive and saw the finish arch - I started to cry with relief.
  10. I sat in the finish shute and wrote down your number as you crossed the line (na don't stop to say hello).
  11. Lose 20kg, learn how to walk again, then learn how to run again . Wow, 13 weeks of not walking (limping in a moon boot is not walking) really messes you up in ways you don't expect, eg: sole of toot is to tender to stand on anything rougher than carpet . Ortho says my Jones fracture is "clinically reunited" and off to the physio to correct my gait, but no running until after my next consult in Feb. Better than the other possible outcome though (a bunch of metal in my foot). Perhaps even persuade spouse that a Phd is a good idea. Get CAMS lisc.
  12. I used to configure RegisterNow so that the (reasonable for the effort they saved me) fee was deducted from the amount the athlete paid not added to it. It is a simple thing to do - especially of you do not accept race-day entries (ie cash on the day). That way there are only two prices to advertise (licensed/day license) and that's it.
  13. I used to use " Register Now" - for race entry (data collection and payment) - they forwarded cash to our account once a week, and we had instant access to all data (except entrants' full credit crd #) at any time.
  14. Sold it in the first 30 min for $399 (paid $850 18 months ago), got the 6x sapphire for 25% off - so all up pretty happy
  15. i think the title just about sums it up, for an organisation that profits hugely from our sport their customer service sucks, opps, we as athletes are nit their customs, merely an input to their profit. Race organisers are their customers. Perhaps we, as the customers of the race organisers should let them know we are sick of being ripped off and that there are viable alternatives to the active platform out there.
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