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  1. Noosa looks like a good source....
  2. Obesity being classified as a disease

    Bilbo believed in home cooked meals.... I could not personally stomach even one big mac (but I'm just fussy according to my wife)
  3. KOM Arguments

    King of the Mole-hill Some of my devices and apps synch to strava, personally I don't really care, just have to keep deleting more emails of "kudos"/"KOM status" etc (show me the medal/money). I collect my activity data mainly for my own information (and frankly it is more often than not depressing.....) the only data I care much about at all from others is how far ahead of me is that one person I could possibly catch at Noosa (then the next one)....
  4. Obesity being classified as a disease

    You left out my other 4 favorite meals: Breakfast - 7am. Second breakfast - 9 am. Elevenses - 11 am. Lunch - 1 pm. Afternoon tea - 3pm. Dinner - 6 pm. Supper/s - from 9 pm.
  5. Noosa Tri 2017

    For any who have yet to source accom at the annual shoulder rubbing festival (but we just can't bear to miss it), Noosa Heads YHA still have spots available (it's $64 for the two nights! and you can see into transition from the balcony!) https://www.yha.com.au/hostels/qld/sunshine-coast/noosa-heads/ See yall there
  6. storage boxes and flying

    tape cable ties inside the lid with a sign for the reseal.....
  7. varying cost of Ironman Races

    Any event with an add-on admin fee is just bullshitting you - unless they are prepared to take a cash 'n paper entry with no admin fee. Man up guys, you know what it will cost you in bank fees, you know how much it will save you in eft fees and paperwork (like the time it takes to bank 200 cheques/money orders on the day entries close, the admin overhead of manual data entry etc). From experience I'm telling you it is a net saving. Just build all of the fees in and quote real prices.
  8. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Perhaps even a BMX? This looks to me (as someone who has ridden around 200 courses as well as designed a few triathlon bike courses) as a course designed to minimise cost/ obstacles for the organisers and it flies in the face of my three tenants of course design: 1 Safe, 2 Fair, 3 Fun
  9. You get to be Western Australia instead Southern Indonesia
  10. Bike Paint Job - Carbon Frame

    Hot Tubes did my P3 for me - only place Cervelo would ship a new "nude" frame to. Paint was basically free as it skated the bike through customs exGST with an invoice that said "one bike paint job: $400"
  11. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    My transitions trisuit is starting to age a bit.... (that and I'd prefer not to wear THAT brand)
  12. Presumed Liability E-Petition

    Signed and shared
  13. Les McDonald Dies

    Though not universally liked
  14. Zipp 1080

    I have a Zip Zedtech 1080 tubular on the front (Zip Zedtech disc on the rear), it is an awesome wheel if you want to go fast and the conditions are ideal ie: best at above 35kph for 40 km time trialing (ie non drafting) in a straight line or as near as you can get to that (eg out and back) can be a handful if there is a gusty side wind - you have to keep very alert (probably a good thing anyway...). I'd like to go the firecrest 808 tub for the extra crosswind stability but can't justify the extra expense right now of buying another wheel esp as I'm only interested in Oly and I can keep on the edge mentally for that long. I feel the straight line performance is pretty damn close. So I'd not recommend it over the firecrest for IM or for really windy courses, of course if racing draft legal why bother with either..... FYI: Zedtech used to be Zip's best wheels (lightest/truest of the batch from the production line, then fitted with all the upgrades (ceramic bearings, Ti bits etc) n- don't think they bother anymore.