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  1. Good luck ppl (I hope you get the event you trained for)
  2. Just wait till the ITU try to add something this to what used to be the Worlds (as opposed to that series of events for young "professionals")
  3. Luckily your daughter is not a slighly overweight, unco-ordinated 54 year old, with a lifetime of training for straight line activities, trying to mix it with 14 year olds. Reminder to self: Teach, not do "team sports"! Thought for HOD - maybe we should teach this unit using "walk netball" (yes that is a thing!)
  4. trifun

    Mooloolaba 2020

    I always feel a bit like a commodity at Mool - as if the OD race is really just designed to generate a field of spectators for the Pro event and shoppers for the expo
  5. trifun

    Chop Garmin file

    Paging "Neo" - Matrix error
  6. trifun

    Chop Garmin file

    My saved data never matches my "reality".....
  7. Just when I'm finally starting to get back into training after last summer's cardiac scare / broken bike / shoulder strain. Doing a relief lesson with year 9s, (netball unit), one gets sore leg and has to stop playing so I swap ref duties for a players bib to keep the teams even, jump for ball and land on foot that obligingly folds under me, great I think, rolled ankle - nooooo snapped 5th metatarsal. Looks like another slow and gentle Noosa coming up. I should take up something safer like hang-gliding.
  8. Freaking cardiac issues are a bitch, sit at home and be scared or "screw it all" and go for a jog had months of that last year - even did noosa (but gently) finally after the big four tests my cardio gave me an all-clear (but see you again in 12 months....) at this point in time they say "athletically enlarged" but it was a rollercoaster six months between the GP saying nill exercise and the cardio eventually saying "go live life" (put on 15kg, took six months off from the Masters etc) meanwhile the second of my four 20 ish yo kids just got an ICD for HCM (non occlusive (so far)) - so two bionic kids out of four - one of each gender (out of two of each gender) - not supprised at #2 he gulps enough caffeine to ban a racehorse during his manny all-night gaming sessions, the other may have been linked to being a 24weeker (aka premmie) but she was monitored intensively for her first 4 years and eventually given the all-clear. It never showed till adolescence and then we just thought she was lazy (exercise made her feel sick).... genetic testing pending. I'd quiz my old man as he had a quad bypass a few years back after going in for a femoral stent (if hed know he would prob have taken more than a toothbrush with him to the hospital), unfortunately, the bastard has pissed off to the Philippines as my mum's dementia was ruining his retirement plans (it's a great birthday card moment - happy birthday son, bought you a watch in Singapore, but by the way your mother & my divorce became final last week and the new wife will be moving in (mum signed the forms without really knowing ) had to take him to court to force a property settlement on behalf of my mum - needless to say we no longer talk (esp after immigration refused his new wife's entry permit so he skipped the country (turns out he had already moved the bulk of their SMSF there)) It's enough to change one's perception of the beauty of growing old screw it, I'd rather go racing and run the risk of one-day finishing before the finish line. But then again someone has to take mum flowers and chocs in the nursing home.... Live long and prosper folks, I'm off to bed - got a little run in the morning, then the day job, hopefully a swim on the way home, then an assig to write, a PD day on Sat for the second job at Uni (will try for a bit of a ride after I drive down there), then run and a lecture to write on Sunday and on to the next week see if you keep really busy the black dog can't find you...
  9. trifun

    Wurf watch

    so they rode the same stretch of road like 5 or 6 times? (3 return trips)
  10. OK to simplify things ( account for the other 0.1%), if you have a "Y" in the mix, then Male. We just need a rule (that does not change with age like hormone levels)
  11. I'd go for night before then wipe it off race morning (esp if in an overnight transition) - and I meant the chain lube....
  12. "Related to the race" - that would be taking pre-event rivalry a bit far....
  13. Maybe the guide could man up and say he took it the day after the para event? Or the para could sue him for expenses...... Disclaimer: my drug of choice is chocolate and I take over the prescribed dose....
  14. for my (simplistic) 2 cents worth - if you are XX - compete as female, if XY - compete as male Irrespective of what: you look like, are attracted to, would like to be referred to as.....(not recommending that anyone should be subjected to any abuse for any of these by the way) If you don't like it go to an event that does not recognise gender at all.
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