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  1. I asked if I could bring the crutches to help get over the soft sand - " No ".
  2. not without an impairment classification pre-approoved by TA (like they use for the para-olympics) and then you compete in a specialised wave
  3. Thx Been back in the pool for a couple of weeks & riding the windtrainer on the front porch a bit (but the next two weeks are hectic at the Uni's (my last two assignmnets for my masters + marking for my undergrads) on top of the day job at High School). Noosa #35 is looking pretty sad: Swim , Cycle 😑, Walk (attempt in moonboot) 😰 just wave as you go past if I'm sitting on the gutter having a rest. (at least the Legends wave is early-ish)
  4. Well 8 week fracyre-versery visit to the otho today, armed with fresh imaging. Was hoping to hear the words - "chuck out the moonboot & see you later" but instead.... Well the primary fracture (WTF?) is healing nicely (the avulsion fracture to the head of the 5th) but the secondary (WTF #2?) fracure is of more concern. You have a (partial) Jones fracture that we can see in the load bearing images from yesterday so keep wearing the moonboot and we'll get fresh images in 5 weeks and decide if it needs surgery that will make for three months of moon booted turture with no definate return to running date and I'm averaging 1kg a week weight gain......
  5. at $300 a head, certainly....
  6. This is going to be fun.... 5179 ind (plus the pros) so let's call it 5200 ind starters plus 900 teams. So round number 6,000 bikes on the course. (That is a hundred more ind entries than last year)
  7. Series of spider's webs, and they get stuck in your 5 am stubble, wrapped in front of your mouth.
  8. trifun


    I'm in the sport to balance my chocoate habit - is there another reason?
  9. trifun

    Nepean 2019

    Did that a time or two, into Roma St at 6:30 and then at work at 7:30 (those were hard days, esp after a 52 min (had a cold) city to surf )
  10. trifun


    Learn to get up really (really) early for one session, see if you can get the other in at lunch or as the comute home (do not come home from work then head out for training),l get a running pram / bike trailer etc (this is for their benifit not yours), suck up the performance drop, forget about ironman for 15 years, Happy Wife, Happy Life remember taking the kids to see their grandparentrs is more important than training. (don't do any uni courses on top of family/work/training). Our four are now adults and don't hate me (too much).
  11. Thx. Am seeing a sports/foot/ortho who visits our regional center once a month - will discuss my plans for a 10k walk at Noosa with her based on ltest imaging in 10 days - fingers crossed!
  12. Rolled my left foot taking a netball class at school (I'm normally a Biz/IT teacher) and sustained this injury (diagnosed 2 hours later at hospital - non-displaced avulsion fracture of left 5th metatarsal). So now I'm at break plus 6.5 weeks, and they say it will be New Year before I can run again. Wnat are other peopl'e recovery stories for this? Had two weeks off work while in a cast, then the moon-boot & crutches and back to work (classroom teaching & lecturing). Got back in the pool at 4 weeks (no kicking with crook foot) and a progressive increase in distance each session. Ditched the crutches and got back on the windtrainer at 5 weeks (once again a progressive increase in time each session). Just bought a pair of Brooks "Beast" shoes (the thick sole evens my leg lengths up with the moonboot) and they are really stiff and supportive throught he sole. Off to see the foot-ortho in 10 days (ie break + 8 weeks) with a fresh xray. Am optomistic of doing Noosa with the aide of my new super supportive Brooks shoes and just gently walking the whole run leg (getting up the beach concerns me though - might bring my crutch). Background: I'm 54, with 36 years of OD triathloning, since injury I have added Caltrac plus C & D suppliments to my normal breakfast routine ("Just Right", juice and Glucosamine). I hear (compulsive reader of academic papers) that this is the "best version" of this injury (compared to the dreaded "Jones fracture" etc) but can still only expect 75% recover at 10 weeks and full recovery taking up to two years (ie ceasation of pain and minimal evidence left on the xray). Thoughts???
  13. I notice the inference that a number of NOP participants approached USADA with their concerns
  14. So according to his statement (on NOP's website - see below) he basically he put peoples' health at risk (the protection of which is a fundamental tenant of the anti-doping rules) as he endeavored to weasel individual athletes through as many loopholes as possible (and if that failed then covered up the goings-on). Additionally, they were found to have operated unethically by discussing athletes confidential medical records - I wonder if those NOP participation agreements will protect them from individual or class legal proceedings from all of this (I'm pretty sure they will protect Nike).
  15. I wonder if you would you be able to ride a recumbent trike (they are actually great fun - just not on group rides with "cyclists") the reclining position might put less pressure on the lower abdominal area. PS make sure it has a rear flag for the motorists to see - esp at the lights.
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