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  1. on that scenario if the entries doubled the total reporting budget would have moved to about 300k as a one event a year (well weekend of events) with no other activities our largest single cash spend after the competitor packs (shirt, cap, number etc) was equipment hire (though each year we acquired a little equip (eg bike racks & sign-age as these were tri specific) more of our own (post demise most of which went to another race series organiser at fire sale prices)) coming in a close second was the prize pool (but we paid out far more than say Noosa ie 10.5% of budget v their 2.4% (personal estimates). Though to be fair if we had had 10x the field our prize pool valuation would have likely dropped to about 5% of reported budget). PS I would never have run with 10x as I believed the venue's capacity for a safe, fair and fun event was around 750 ind and 150 teams (or 1000 ind and 0 teams but I always felt teams were the real gateway for our sport). If I win 6mill I'll be a position to tri out my ultimate race promotion fantasies...
  2. We ran an "festival (OD event for 400 ind and 100 teams, kids races for about another 150, a fun run & a crit) on a shoestring budget of about 200k
  3. Finally went out for a ride but had to cut it short at about 60 due to a noisy "pedal" getting worse.... (the little globs on the right are glue because I had a little transparent decal there to cut down of "shoe scuff")
  4. the beauty of Zwift is having a bar fridge along for your training rides
  5. We had a great Qld rep in Simon Davies but he left without any warning ( an ex-proprietor 2XU branded store tells me this was not uncommon, also spilled the beans on how much money 2XU were making form us ie their profit margin on our mandated merch order v their sponsorship cheque (when it came)). I fantasize about if I win $10 m how I'd run an event with no sponsors and the best goody bags for a nominal entry fee (nominal v free so that people still felt they had to commit). Oh and kick-ass category and random draw prizes - imagine "So who liked that lead sports car on the bike leg? Well, finisher #352 - you are taking it home!"
  6. After two successful events over three years, 2XU pulled their (title) sponsorship of our event a week before its 3rd occurrence (after 13 months of promotion of their brand) citing "changed our mind" as the reason. They refused to take back/refund no-longer required or faulty merchandise or to accept back non-compliant stock. Then sued me personally for the remaining costs of goods supplied to the (incorporated) club (before dropping the case the day before trial) resulting debacle killed off a promising OD event that had been growing at 30% per year and left me with: significant financial stress ( a 20k+ bill - and rising), significant family stress, significant social stress. Their lawyers did not even honour the full terms of the withdrawal proposal. But I'm just a little guy who had a dream (and put his life, soul and cash into it), but now has a bill, who can't afford to pursue either them or their lawyers. ( A couple of trade jurno's wanted to run the story but needless to say their publications declined (others have much bigger advertising budgets than we did).
  7. So that's an emphasis on dark chocolate over milk chocolate?
  8. especially if you change your mind and don't follow through with payment
  9. Segue to ITU Lausanne Uniforms / cost thread...
  10. Big freshwater drink just bef the start to dilute it?
  11. yep they have taken it a step further than the Gold Coast - even less overlap between the two "sports" Professional/wannabe pro on one course and the rest of the age groups using the other (yes they have the same finish line complex) this allows them to condense the programme to 3 days of competition but there are still seven separate limited field events that are (willing to bet on this) subsidised by the two age group events (leaving para out of it). This is how the ITU make running a "grand final" appealing proposition for an organiser. Maybe they could just finish the split and separate the AG World Champs completely from the ITU (media frenzy) World Cup Series (and it's "Grand Final" ). Start Finish FRIDAY 30 AUGUST Venue 08:00 09:45 ITU Junior Women Ouchy 10:00 11:45 ITU Junior Men Ouchy 12:00 15:00 ITU Under 23 Women Ouchy 15:00 18:00 ITU Under 23 Men Ouchy 17:45 20:00 Open race Bellerive SATURDAY 31 AUGUST 07:15 15:15 ITU Age Group - Sprint Distance* Bellerive 14:21 17:06 ITU Elite Men Ouchy 17:06 19:51 ITU Elite Women Ouchy SUNDAY 1 SEPTEMBER 07:15 13:45 ITU Age Group - Standard Distance* Bellerive 14:00 18:30 ITU Paratriathlon Bellerive 18:00 20:00 ITU Under 23 / Junior Mixed Relay Ouchy
  12. Yes but IM don't need to subsidise 8 separate limited field events with the corresponding road closures spread over a week, plus an ITU bureaucrat festival. oh wait, tell me again, why should the AG World Champs do that? - if id didn't they could trim the each country's team to 10 per cat and 1/2 the entry fee while still improving the goodies bag (page Barry Voevodin for advice on the financials).
  13. That's the easy bit, wait for them to ban parts of your bike at 9pm the night before your 5am check in by putting a notice on facebook .....
  14. Stuff it! I'll take 7.5, spend . 5 on a defense end up donating 1 as "restitution" in return for a suspended sentence and suppression order then retire to Booreen Point with the other 6.
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