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  1. trifun

    Time restricted diet

    too busy to eat?
  2. trifun

    Hey roxii. Can you review the new fly6?

    waiting for a good front / rear bundle price on the CEs...
  3. trifun

    Noosa 2018 - wait list entries sold out after 2 mins

    Umm "other race organiser" ?
  4. trifun

    Active fees

    Ditto remember "legal tender" ? there should always be a way to pay domestic entry fees in cash
  5. trifun

    Hollywood Superstar Mark Wahlberg Talks Cycling

    I would suggest that at 100% effort you collapse crossing the finish line, at101% effort you die as you cross the finish line. To suggest that ppl go out and give something 110% just the kind of hyperbole that drips from has been rugby commentators. I know I'm go'n to hell but at least I'll be able to count the handbaskets.
  6. trifun

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    Was tiding up in my shed today and came across my accounting of expenses (letter to my club (HBTC)) from the 1991 ITU Worlds (Gold Coast) for comparison: Uniform (togs, singlet, run shorts, nicks, casual shorts, tracksuit) ........... $279.15 Optional parade hat (akubra style) ........... $40 Optional Team Aus t-shirt ........ $15 Entry fees (inc: carbo and awards banquet tickets (the latter at the Casino), & quality sports bag full of goodies (still using! )) ..... $100 Accom - 1 night across the road from the venue (now Griffith Uni I think) ...... $60 total:......... $494.15
  7. trifun

    New Fenix 5

    F5x sapphire currently 750 at Rebel (click and collect with afterpay option) - NB Aust topo maps (unlike Kogan) Bugger coz just last week I talked my local sports store (you know the guy behind the counter owns the store kind of shop) into 15% off rrp (to compete with the online guys) and he ordered me one on the spot.
  8. Wish I could "find" a new in box bike in my garage (without any police interaction).
  9. trifun


    It is a bird of prey so it is out, in are: domestic species of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and pigeons (doves) but personally I'm going to stop at the occasional chicken (preferably the parts that some refer to as the "white" meat). Told you this would be hard, and no I'm not Jewish (by race or religion) but is part of lifestyle choice that tends towards longevity.
  10. trifun


    rule of thumb - birds that eat carrion (eg roadkill) have hooked beaks.
  11. trifun

    Winterfish 2018

    All this training...... fell asleep on the lounge woke up with no neck rotation a week plus out of the pool (I do so like having the whole 50m to myself) nearly that much off the bike and run. could not take it after 4 days - snuck in an hour and a bit upright on the windtrainer ...
  12. trifun


    Vegan is easy.... try explaining a "non-rabbinical Kosher" diet. Basically Vegetarian plus an occasional: meat from cloven hoves (eg beef) fish (ie with a skeleton and scales - not sharks/molluscs/ crustaceans etc) fowl (birds with feathers and straight beaks) plus some milk and eggs (though I only use these as ingredients as they make me feel a bit sick (lactose tolerance?)
  13. trifun


    Maybe that is/was his girlfriend's name ?
  14. trifun

    Which current triathlon has the fastest descent?

    Well the old Moololaba Tri (QSTS) course that included Buderim would have to be the fastest DH in a Tri that I've done (99.3 first year, and 102 the second) - not planning to ever go that fast again, work now more on sustained/avg speed. Eg Noosa hill I hold sharky to under 45 until I get out of the cutting - still at 75 at the bottom - I just catch 95% of the ppl who scream past (I keep well left) before the golf course anyway . Sharky (my cust P3) is super aero (Zedtech Sub 9 disc & 1080 front) but the price is a twitchy profile in cross-winds (feel free to donate a couple of k for some wheel upgrades). I shudder to think what I could have done with this tech (sharky with the improved body position and mega aero carbon stuff, new trisuits, uvex helmet etc on that old course (plus the bravado of a 20 year old male) compared to my old steely).
  15. trifun

    ITU Worlds - the new thread

    trisuit, (free stuff) a hat (for my shiny head) some bike kit (coz I want to replace my current kit as it's from a supplier I have ethical objections to) one of those green and yellow jackets (coz it's a nice colour change from my other one (in blue from '09 ) (and '91 just doesn't fit anymore)) and a supporters shirt for my daughter as she is awesome