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  1. trifun

    Chris Froome (no power)

    "Pro's" like to hide all sorts of things.....
  2. If he'd hit a cyclist he'd most likely of just kept going, maybe getting caught maybe not and dollars to doughnuts a lesser sentence prob after some meaningless and contrived excuses aimed at shifting blame.
  3. trifun

    Old Noosa Results from 1992

    1992 38 456 Laurie Shevlin 2.03.16 1994 68 483 Laurie Shevlin 1.59.12 1995 91 693 Laurie Shevlin 2.03.13
  4. trifun

    Old Noosa Results from 1992

    Getting there, just finished my Noosa mega mix excel sheet of all 36 years worth of ind results to date - some 71,816 lines.... working on round three of the data validation atm, then port to SQL, then a front end, but uni starts again shortly and I really want to finish my masters (this year!) so I might have to give it a rest for a while (I put in about 80 hours on it over the break since uni last semester). Some interesting findings......(it appears some people's memories aren't quite as good as they thought ) Now just just wait for the pay per view app ( like a couple of $ for a complete personal history) - remember if one can substantiate 30 years you get free entry for life!
  5. trifun

    Draft Legal certified

    Next up: Licensed to ride a disc wheel, optional: "Breeze" endorsement - if there is a chance of a wind Apply before your next ITU event You heard it here first folks
  6. trifun

    Injuries how many & the worse.

    Snapped top two front teeth off at the gumline after taking a header in to road over a car bonnet at the end of a training ride in about '86, so far so good, the original crowns (with porcelain veneers) have held up just fine (as long as I avoid the brain freezes that accompany biting into hard ice-cream). The of the 72 stitches only the ones in my upper lip are still visible (it was basically shredded through the smashed teeth). Still have that permanent record of "driving without due car" on my drivers licence though. - Moral: give way to cars - even if you think you'll make it, as bitumen tastes bad and is hard. I thought about doing an IM once - I've had to have 30 years off IM to recover :)
  7. trifun

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    That sums that up pretty well IMHO
  8. trifun

    2019 not a goal but

    Often thought events could require gels to have race number written on them (like a mini race sticker), 5 min penalty for each one collected from course precinct.
  9. trifun

    Trannies flog day 2019

    Thanks, but I can go for a three-hour walk without having to give away lots of little white balls
  10. trifun

    2018 numbers - Swing ya d1ck time

    Lived: 365 days did not live: 0 days. aiming for a repeat performance
  11. trifun

    2019 not a goal but

    So when I go out cycling I often pick up pieces of shrapnel of the road, roofing screws are my favourite (tyres on my car are around $400 each so I really hate these suckers) any way as I often come home with a couple of items in my pocket I've decided to keep a bucket (10L pain pail) and starting tomorrow (Jan 1) I'm going to see how much stuff I collect over a year. Now I'm not going to go out of my way, just picking up things that I see in the traffic lane as I ride along that I would not want to go through my tyre or windscreen. I might even keep a little photo log of the bucket as it fills - I'll post the animation next NYE. Clean up Aust folks - even if it is just the bit that affects your hip pocket.
  12. trifun

    Naturally Gifted vs....

    Talent = Gift * Sweat Edit to add: Olympics / Piano / PHD / gardening etc etc
  13. trifun

    Christmas gifts - what did you get?

    FAT I got fatt(er) but damn my daughter makes a nice blueberry cheesecake (and a to-die-for malteaser cheesecake) BUT on a plus - the cardiologist says no evidence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - MRI supports a conclusion consistent with athletic enlargement (35 years of tri's will do that). So darn it, I'll just have to start training again.
  14. trifun

    Noosa Tri History - 1983

    Have all Noosa results ever now. Just doing '84 into excel atm then only '95, '96,'97, '98 to get digitised before the big database import for full search-ability (only 6000 odd lines to type )
  15. trifun

    Noosa Tri History - 1983

    OK for the old fellas out there or those with in interest.... I spent a great day going through the old newspaper archives yesterday and can now reveal.... that the pre-race entertainment at the Noosa Drive in was "Porky's II" oh and some results and pics PDF version: Noosa Tri 1983 individuals ra.pdf Love that transition area.... Note that contrary to some reports the race organiser for the first three years was always referred to as Dave Power (Marathon runner & 2 time Olympian) who owned a motel on the river at Noosaville at the time and was an active member of the Lions club (hence the location of the transition are in "Lions park"). original event was put on as a fundraiser for the Aust Olympic team and combined Dave's loves of: Sport, Olympics, Noosa tourism