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    I take a choco Regen drink ( VEROFIT Regeneratio) every morning. It has 15 grs of protein and a great taste. Some people add bananas or strawberries. Of course, you could say I am biased. On the other hand it is another option to start the day with all the nutrients in a very convenient and yummy way. PM me if you got any questions about the products. this was just another idea to bring up the protein intake.
  2. Hi Everybody, It is been a while since we have promoted our VEROFIT Sports Nutrition range of products here. That's why we have decided to issue a special coupon for all trannies. Just go to our shop and reach $100 you can use the coupon Trans and get a 12% discount. If you buy our bundles, reach $100 and then apply the coupon you will be talking about a 30% to 45% discount depending on your order. To apply the coupon you only need to write the word Trans in the field called coupon code at the bottom of the page once you have chosen your products and before you check out. Hope you like the offer cheers
  3. Hi Sputnick, First of all, congratulations!! what a great achievement, well done! I agree with some of the previous comments such as following a storyline ( before, during and after) and with Jester about the cool stuff. Right now your article is almost an objective report and I believe most people would be more touched if it was more personal with more details in your own ups and downs. I would give a couple of examples about the whole magnitude of the challenge as suggested ( imagine going from Brisbane to Melbourne 4 times) and go much more in detail with your experience. what was your training regime ( lots of 24 hour races, lots of intervals?), did you have any confort foods, did you have to use some of those head holding structures other RAAM riders do, how was you support team ( doctors, mechanics, etc), id you get a flat in the worst possible moment? Once was over: could you sleep or the whole room kept on moving... hope it helps
  4. We took part in the Royal National Park Adventure Race last Saturday and our times were pretty bad. Row: 1 hour Run: 1 hour Kayak : 30 minutes MTB: 1,5 hours Just to benchmark, anybody else did it? what were your times? thanks
  5. alex VEROFIT


    Two more questions would be: Caffeine level Flavoured or not flavoured gels. Caffeine has a couple of advantages. Some people like it, other cand take it. Also, some people prefer neutral flavour gels because they dont like to a have a flavoured sport drink and gel ( say LemonLime and mint chocolate).
  6. Magnesium is always a help with any cramps. With foot cramps I sometimes roll my foot over a cold soft drink and they go away. Beer cans will also do the work. I read it a long time ago somewhere and it works for me, just dont ask what is the scientific research behind this idea, no clue.
  7. sorry, cant help it... some of our verofit products are also made in Spain ... maybe there is a connection there
  8. thanks everybody. Lots of good info here.
  9. What would be the best US based online shop for all things triathlon and Adventure Racing?? I am sure this has been covered before and after a couple searches, I have found nothing. So please, give me a couple good recommendations. thanks
  10. alex VEROFIT

    Sooo confused...

    The problem is that most house and content policies will only cover the bike if it is at home, not training, competing or just travelling. Check out velosure.com.au and there are a couple more companies out there which I dont remember the names. Good luck and enjoy the bike.
  11. I am in. Second race 09. Hopefully a PB.
  12. Hi Everybody, It is been a while since we have launched any promotions here. In the last month we have launched our sport drink in sachets. this allows us to put together special packs like this one today, 4 Isotonic Electrolyte Drink sachets which will produce between 2 and 3 litres depending on your mix 1 Recovery Drink 5 Energy Gels with maltodextrin, fructose and caffeine For just $25 Perfect pack for that 1 day event or to get to know our products better. Hope you guys like it. dont hesitate to come back with feedback http://www.verofit.com.au/product.php?prod...226&cat=262
  13. thanks for the positive feedback. We use aspartame to be able to offer the Istonic mix with a good taste. Having said that, in a couple months we will probably have a new flavour with no aspartame. Also, our recovery products, gels and bars got no aspartame and they are very complete formulas. Have a look.
  14. Hi Balri, sorry about that, I have been on the road the last week following several events. I will check your details today and sent is ASAP. You should have it by mid week. thanks for your patience alex
  15. Could you also give a brief description of the training so we know what you are talking about? thanks and sorry about my ignorance
  16. Yoyo, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I only got Lemon Lime sachets to send for free. If anybody wants to try a canister of Ice Tea Isotonic, it is only $25 with transport costs included.
  17. Thanks for the feedback. Due to the amount of queries we got, we have decided to keep sending samples. So anybody else that still has not tried the VEROFIT Isotonic Electrolyte Drink and would like a free sample sent to their place ( sorry, only Australia), please register at http://www.verofit.com.au/register.php and mention transitions in the Company name field. Cheers Alex
  18. I can only talk about our Isotonic Drink because it is the only one I know. I believe there is only two more brands in the market that use the words Isotonic in their label. However, since they dont comply with food standards Australia, I cant really tell if they are isotonic. this is a copy-and-paste from Food Standards Australia Claims in relation to the tonicity of electrolyte drinks (1) A claim that an electrolyte drink is isotonic may only be made if the electrolyte drink has an average osmolality of 250 - 340 milliOsmol/L. (2) Where a claim is made that an electrolyte drink is isotonic, hypertonic or hypotonic, the osmolality of the electrolyte drink as measured in milliOsmol/L must be declared on the label of the package. Other companies clasify their drinks as sport drinks, electrolyte drinks, rehydration drinks, etc. So what does this mean? And what is osmolarity? It is the concentration of particles in the blood. In this case, we are looking for a similar concentration of particles in the drink to what is found in the bloodstream( the human body has an average osmorality of 250 mOsm/L and 340 mOsm/L), so that its absorption will be faster and will require less extra energy from the body for its assimilation. So isotonic means that the drink has the same density of particles as in the body. A hypotenic drink would mean it is less dense. Most people prefer their taste. On the other hand, you are not giving the body all the carbs and minerals you could be. It is the 1st time I see the term isosmotic. Looking at a couple references one could understand it is a the same as isotonic. However, Food Standards dont even mention the term and I am not a chemistry expert, so I am not 100% sure. Hope it helps.
  19. Draftbuster, thanks for good feedback and even more, for your vey valid question. When we started planning the launch of VEROFIT in Australia, we had a real close look at Food Standards Australia and New Zealand. for example, the only way we can properly say we are an istonic drink is if we state the osmorality in the label. In order to avoid being boring, I wont reproduce the whole texts,etc here, there is more info our our website. Another requirement for them is to state you are not supposed to be having more than 1 liter of Isotonic drink per day. We agree with you that most people will drink more and of course, most of our customers do. however, we wanted to respect all FoodStandards guidelines. I suppose it is a matter of common sense. Guidelines are done for the majority, anybody with experience in Endurance or high performance sports will know what they need.
  20. I had a look at the system and the only options are to receive the current notification or no notification at all. As I mentioned before, we never had any issues with this before. A couple of weeks ago we did a survey among all our customers and this subject wasn´t mentioned once. On the other hand, there is always room for improvement so if many people now believe that it is a limitation to our service, we would look into cancelling the notifications. Last but not least, I suppose most people do what trinube does, have an easy-to-remember pw for all not critical access websites and a top secret one for the banks, etc. I hope this little issue doesnt stop anybody interested from registering, we still got plenty of sachets to give away.
  21. Thanks for the feedback. Never had any issues and we will look at other options in the system.
  22. Hi Afie, Aspartame is used in a very small quantity and it is a great way to get a good taste without largely increasing the amounts of fructose and maltodextrine. We do this in order to get a real isotonic mix. Coloring, it was a company decision based on market research back in Europe. We will probably launch an Isotonic Drink with no aspartame around this May. There is no plans for an isotonic drink with no carbs at the moment and we take note of both suggestions ( no coloring and no carbs).
  23. You still haven't tried our VEROFIT Isotonic Electrolyte Drink? Register now at http://www.verofit.com.au/register.php, mention Transitions as the Company name and we'll send you a sample sachet of our LemonLime Isotonic Electrolyte Drink free of charge. This is a 1st trial for us, so in order not to disappoint anybody, we will keep this promo open only for today. Depending on the result and our stock we will do it again later on. Thanks for your interest (if you are already a VEROFIT.com.au customer, we can include the free sample in your next order)
  24. alex VEROFIT

    Polar HRM

    I have two Polar HRM and they never gave me any problems. Had to send both only once to Adelaide to change batteries and the guys where very hepful and pro. Sorry about you bad luck and I am afraid it is just an exception to an overall good product and service. Hopefully it finally works this time
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