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  1. WANAKA is a tough race but picturesque , a real challenge with its bumpy road surface . Hate to say it but it might be too much for Luke . Great race though . NZ south island has some great race experience .
  2. Weren't you intending to do it this year (2016) ? Sorry don't know much about Pioneer .
  3. Great to hear , if you want any shortcuts or info let me know.
  4. If you are thinking of going , book accommodation early -it fills fast. Either Queenstown or Wanaka , with all races available 5000 + competitors. 3000 in MTB section alone . Amazing race , best viewed from BOP ( ha ha ) Enjoy the journey as this property is only open 1day of year .
  5. Don't know what's happening.After .com should be /history/photo-gallery-2/ Hope this is going to work
  6. Fat fingers, http://motatapu.com/history/photo-gallery-2/ Sorry
  7. See following, http://motatapu.com/history/photo-gallery-2/ Love it
  8. How quickly Cycle Speed is forgotten now Otter has gone,!! Ash is still pretty good. In Gardenvale near cnr North rd ans Nepean Hwy.
  9. Looks like home found . Thanks for responses Hans
  10. Thanks , the beam has some adjustment so it may work for you . I am hopeless at pics sorry , but bike is undamaged tri bars , all bells and whistles . I just have to tidy up . Nice blue colour .
  11. Sorry , I forgot to mention. I am in Chelsea , Victoria. I am 6'6 tall .
  12. 1x blue softride. cleaning out garage not able to do tri again for while/ever. used in 2006 NZ IM 3rd fastest on bike --age group contact me if interested
  13. First time I looked at this section for a while. I did Motatapu in 2014 and 2015 and totally loved it. See my race report . I am fighting some crap at the moment but will love to do it again when able. Lots of flatish climbing with grooves all over . I used a dual suspension and found it comforting on the downhill last 12km . Contact me if you like . I have been singing this race for a while but no one appeared interested. Great race. , you will love it . Hans
  14. flashman


    Great read. Sounds like you enjoyed it . Others who don't vencher beyond WTC races can't imagine the beauty of isolation in a tough terrain. Similar but shorter race may be found at the Motatapu race in southern NZ in February . Unfortunately WTC seems to have gotten their fingers in it somehow . A good training lead up to Celtman(maybe). Congratulations for a job well done. Regards. Hans
  15. Are/have you done this race yet? You expressed interest some time ago . Please do it before someone ruins it by over subscribing the entries and upsetting the land owners on whose property this race is on.
  16. There is also an 8% Active Fee to be added onto the entry fee. Isn't that fee paid to Mike Rilet's. Company ? I could be wrong of course.
  17. Ironman email to me this morning offering discounted entry to next years Motatapu race as I was a past competitor .
  18. Disappointed to see Mototapu race may have been taken over by Ironman ? The lure of 4000+ competitors money must have been too much.
  19. If I am correct the Cairns race organizers company for Challenge was sold /taken over by IMG therefore losing the Challenge name for Cairns. . One year a friend was involved in the ultra man race in Hawaii and showed me a picture of a regular competition of this race walking the run leg with an Iv attached complete with its trolley . Not wanting to upset a regular ? Like driving the last competitor of race in car so he doesn't miss the cut-off , .
  20. I do appreciate / admire your achievements and in no way is my piece an attack on anyone . It's just that with so many competitors there should be entry limits to better manage the races . However more competitors -more money for the organizers . Like in the old days, you had to qualify in Aus to even do Ironman . Now people who do Oly distance races (in USA) can qualify to do Kona .
  21. Sorry, but to me it takes away the whole concept of Ironman , and now comes down to cradling the athletes . "your turn , be careful of those nasty swimmers" But what would I know , I'm just an old man who raced when it meant something . Now it's multi laps so anyone in trouble gets prompt attention . Too hard ? Don't do it . Too much fear of being sued .
  22. When we raced ALL competitors were in the water , self seeding positions , treading water watching the light for it to turn green . No problems were had . No run in off the beach like Busso , Franga, etc So not too much bump and grind.
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