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  1. I have a Speed Concept with DI2. Love love love my bike. Yes worth the money.
  2. Oscarjane


    I have had a few emails lately
  3. On another matter Goughy. No pools open in the afternoon. Glennie $5 per swim in the morning. No weekend swimming
  4. I stay out of it as well and the main reason I am a member of a Brisbane Tri Club. Quite a few with big egos that think the amount of kms make the man. Always stop for a chat with you though Goughy
  5. I am sorry Goughy but we live in the same town and the triathlon attitude here is all about long distance. The culture of "you just an't good enough if you don't go long". Being short course I get it all the time.
  6. Anybody use Mark Turner of Tri Nation ?
  7. With double points does it go to top 25 or top 50?
  8. Yep course changed. Transition changed
  9. Oscarjane

    Cyclists Down.

    I saw this on the news as well. Prayers to all of the cyclist and special thought to the woman who is in a serious condition Be safe all
  10. When you look into the rules further it states (d) Running with a bare torso is prohibited. Athletes must wear a shirt, jersey, or sport-top at all times during the run segment of the Race; (1:00 Minute Stop-and-Go Time Penalty, DSQ if not remedied promptly) (e) Uniforms with a front zip must not be undone below the point of the end of the breastbone (sternum); (DSQ if not remedied promptly) My question is for females - if you wear a tri suit with a front zip can you pull it down to your waist if you have a sports-top?
  11. Try a hard strap. I chaff with the soft strap but not the hard
  12. It works. I bought one cut in half and use around my neck in long runs. Take off and snap it to refresh it. It is alot cooler than just a wet towel.
  13. Yeah but in defence who can hear properly at the swim starts any way. Should have been said at the briefing the night before
  14. Just been put up on the Ironman site. May 7th same day as the full.
  15. I agree that the insurance section of the membership is not the best and needs work. Maybe a level of membership that does not have the insurance component for those who are not coached is the way to go. My comment was only to bring attention to the contribution to the association as well.
  16. Ok so I am probably going to put my head on the chopping block but you are all asking what you get for your money and I understand that. Can you also consider that you are supporting a sport and it's State/National Body. We all love complaining about TA and the state bodies but if you are not a member supporting their efforts do you have the right to complain. Some of your membership is what you get out of it but also it is what you are putting back into the sport.
  17. Beautiful and fresh 7 degrees but with the high winds it was "felt like" -0.03 this morning. Welcome to Toowoomba
  18. Couple of the bike shops have rides. Tri Running - Aaron is good for a chat he also does indoor cycling sessions. Are you still training and racing. Toowoomba a little different there are no formal tri squads here. Units in Darling Heights usually have heaps of Uni students. What else do you need to know
  19. Took 1 month off. Great food and sleeping in Back at it now Cranky. Tough week this week trying to get back into the swing of it but I am glad I took the break.
  20. Hey Cranky, Try Fastgear.com.au for the race belt he is usually at all races but you can order on line if you need to.
  21. I did the 70.3 last year. If they watch you start and then leave straight away they will be fine. Just seek out the roads out the day before, I think there are 2 roads out and one of them will be used by the riders.
  22. Yes we did the same last year. They will need to leave as soon as you start your swim though. That way there is not as much wait in the car. The more they hang around at T1 the more the wait.
  23. My stages reads incorrectly when the battery gets low.
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