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  1. I too have a note. My wife went the phone and ipad. result is the phone doesn't really get used for all the things it can do. And she gets two invoices every month. I use my note for everything. navigation, email, web browsing, phone. It is the perfect size. I don't think they just came up with the size, it fits in pockets very well. I ran with my note every day, about 80ks per week for about a year. (In a zip lock bag inside my spi belt). I tracked gps data using endomondo and strava for rides. The note 2 now has 4g and is a little lighter. epic.
  2. Awesome or not? You decide: http://www.ohgizmo.com/2013/01/31/pee-wee-herman-spiderman-and-other-cycling-suits-available-for-your-riding-pleasure/
  3. +1 here. I have ridden these for years now, and the blizzard model before that. Had to change the rear as it was through the rubber and riding on the puncture guard. have put a few fellow commuters onto them and all have had great success.
  4. laser tardiz goes up to 61. Just fits me but sits quite high. Has a fair bit of adjustment. had similar problems with motorbike helmets back in my glory days.
  5. treadmill can be great for getting some leg speed up and lowers your chance of injury. its fairly low impact and flat. I usually try to fit on one treadmill session per week if I'm not too tired. Some of them have preset interval training which is great and will force you not to slacken off, or set your speed too low. Pick a recovery speed and an interval speed... say 15kph reco and 17kph interval. then I'll do 5 minute pyramid run.. 4 min @ 15 then 1 min @ 17 3.5 min@ 15 then 1.5 min @ 17 3 min @ 15 then 2 min @ 17 3 min @ 15 then 2 min @ 17 3.5 min @ 15 then 1.5 min @ 17 4 min @ 15 then 1 min @ 17 After this you will have done some decent speed and only half an hour. Make sure you set the speeds to challenge yourself and don't be tempted to back off. focus on those smaller goals.. its a great session.
  6. that is engrossing... I just had to keep reading. So bold! just amazing. For non runners the investigations by other runners might have seemed trivial... but we all know who we are up against in races so its more poignant for us. wow
  7. +1 for Thule.. the clamps are all movable and swivel so you can get all types of bikes on there. They have different length draw bars so you can easily clear the boot. there is no competition imho.
  8. I love the snowys - have been known to go for the odd swim in Lake Eucumbene during the summer months. Would love to have a race up there. For those of you who think its cold.. think again. During the summer months it is F*%#ing HOT and DRY. Thin air and plenty of hills for a smash fest. Love it.
  9. coldchickens

    City to Surf

    hmm. I do enjoy this race and had a preferred spot for a few years with 52.xx They dropped the preferred qualifying time to sub 52 for men and raised the price to $60 ($75 late entry) I'm out - time to look for better value racing. The first year I cracked the 54 I was at the front of the red group. Picked up a newspaper and a milk crate and set up camp nice and early. Its the only way if you want a good clean line / race. Good luck!
  10. Just like cycling there are a few different types. Field archery and target archery. Then there are the different flavours of Bows. For olympic style archery you need a recurve bow - laminated curved limbs attached to a central riser and one string. Medium poundage bows with very small carbon arrows. Shoot at a target 70 metres away. Field archery has other disciplines - sometimes with 3d targets over many different distances. Courses a bit like golf moving from target to target. Wide ranging use of compound bows with cams, cables, sights and very high poundage. Some old school field archers will still use a long bow and there are categories for recurve bows also.
  11. There is no insurace or liability available through the race organisers. TA does provide some insurace for members, but cannot cover "the gap". So you will be out of pocket for the majority of the costs, but you may get some of it back. One of the main selling points for TA membership is the insurance. You dont' get a lot, but then you don't pay a lot for your membership either. The unfortunate reality is that crashing sucks, as does insurance.
  12. Just reading a bit about this new type of power meter: http://www.indiegogo.com/laser-spoke Not finished reading yet but interesting so far. I especially like the function speed/force = joy !?!?
  13. I'd prefer less taxes and less handouts what sort of percentage of the incoming money is lost in the system before it comes back to Julia's friends? It is a joke.
  14. Completely lost it reading those reviews... absolute GOLD!!! I love the first post where he still gave it 5 stars for performance. hahahaha
  15. Hi Colonel, I am ~ 188cm and have a BMC TT02 that I'm looking to sell. Full Dura Ace (ultegra casette). Great bike, small chip in the top tube. I'm in Sydney (northern beaches) and will be at club champs this weekend if you want to look.
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