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  1. GSP

    New IMWA swim course = chaos?

    Right you are. There was the Trannies km sponsorthon with GM on my back. Even made a 2 page article in one of the Tri Magazines which I lost unfortunately. Cheers
  2. GSP

    New IMWA swim course = chaos?

    Hi FP, My recollection was the corner illustrated in the course map above was more gradual although I did get out there relatively early. The photo above appears to favor a wider entrance to the water from when I was there which would contribute to the convergence to the Yellow rope which was really what almost everybody was trying to stick to which made it uncomfortable for the 1st kilometer. Cheers
  3. GSP

    Whatever happened to Niseko

    I'm still interested to hear about MMW, and his posts did often have a habit of bringing the young MMW into the picture, but where is he now? For that matter TriBoyNZ - Nigel I think his name was.
  4. GSP

    New IMWA swim course = chaos?

    Heh FP, My recollection of IM Lanzarote which was a few years ago (and just checked and they still have the same course) is there is no first turn until nearly 1k into the swim (which was pretty leisurely by then). The problem there was similar to a marathon where unless you got up the front it took a wee while until you actually hit the water due to the gridlock going under the inflatable start entrance - once in the water you were fine, but numbers have increased since. A bigger problem I found re: first turns was IM Switzerland and IM Germany the following years where instead of entering the water within a 15 m wide area, you are now stretched over 200 meters wide on the beach (in a mass start) converging on the fist turn 200-300 meters from the start. It was dog paddling for a long while to get your turn in there. IM Forster was not too disimilar but somehow did work better, although was closer to 500m into the race. Comparing Busso proposed Swim course to the examples I gave above I think it's closer to Switzerland example where turning that first buoy will be a problem, unless they do it in a more sweeping fashion like Lanzarote (which is actually has permanent bouys year round due to the drop off in the depth due to the edge of a shelf going from say 5m to ...long way down- deep blue). It was kinda cool to swim into nothing underneath but look left and you see the bottom 5m down with a cliff separating. The discussion above about heading back into oncoming traffic given it doesn't occur until after 1k into the race and is separated by 100m is a non issue in my opinion. Conclusion, if a mass start, make the first between more sweeping than hard and it would be much better, but finally around the Jetty was so much better so I agree with Stikman's observation.
  5. GSP

    Whatever happened to Niseko

    If you check this out https://au.linkedin.com/in/tim-tufuga-36747a45 I'm pretty sure you'll be amazed (one way or another). What he's known for on this site (his foray into Triathlon) does get a brief mention but is drowned out by an eclectic range of blogs, jobs, education descriptions that would color the Trannies Sandbox forum an extremely stronger hue if all were posted. I haven't read much myself of recent times but did notice a lack of Niseko posts which often stirred the pot. If I recall it was around early 2012 when he first jumped on the site and went hammer and tongs with MMW (or whatever he was known at the time), I actually do wonder what happened to him though..
  6. GSP

    Another sad story to come from Nike

    Is that the Triathlon version of a Tramp Stamp?
  7. GSP

    Gold Coast Marathon

    My day was disastrous as expected but sadly worse than plan D .but oh well. Re the pacer outfit...that really stunk in Denmark. Observation, by my mental arithmetic some of the pacers when into the 30k mark were more than expected to be in front and some would have created challenges for their band of merry men...not sure how many 4.00h people would have made it. Perhaps that was due to the NYPD outfit strapped to the pacers.
  8. GSP

    I need this

    I'm with AP on this topic, have done years of loosening/tightening/replacing and never broken any bike components as a result of misuse going from novice to dabbler. Have I got it dead eye dick on every occasion - probably not, but have I been within 10 to 20% of acceptable levels - I can't be 100% certain but I'm pretty confident I have. If you're doing it for a living then sure, otherwise....really, it's not hard to tighten up to what is satisfactory, particularly when travelling for a race where you redo you work a short time later.
  9. GSP

    NZ / AUS what am I?

    Your motivation for the question and responses (on reading) sounds like to garner support on your perspective (which is entirely reasonable), however my curiosity asks if not that then what are you hoping the input from this discussion will achieve? I'm only responding as my wife is NZ born and moved to AUS in 2002 gaining citizenship and all the jazz. Sovereignty has never really been a topic of conversion. Sarah (my wife) respects her roots but associates with the country she is in as well as the sprogs we've spawned, so sounds like in a different space to what you are in.
  10. GSP

    Gold Coast Marathon

    Hi Brett, It looks like you're the 3 hour man which was my plan to get around (and hoping for a bonus under). 6 weeks ago was well on track but a wretched run since then has me upping my target by 5 mins each week. A slither of hope for some salvation after a solid 2 week block has all but evaporated with further sickness in the past week and killed off any motivation for satisfaction for time based achievements. e.g, now having beers and pizza waiting for the Aus v Peru game - those that know me here is something I would never consider at this time (and underprepared). Anyhow, I'm now in the 3.20 to 3.30 camp, which could well be a struggle (depending on how well AUS play tonight ) Cheers p.s BOM forecast it has 1 to 8 @ 60%, however your forecast might be better as yesterday the crap coming through was on the Friday, so it's slowing down, so worryingly it might land on the Sunday.
  11. GSP

    Kona qualifier 15+

    Thanks Pete, was only in Bali a week and got sick - well Bali belly thankfully on the last day but for the whole of the following week and was sick for a few weeks prior to going, although did get 90k in whilst at Bali. Did Gary tell you I was there? Expectations for the mara are a lot lower, but cramming this and next week in for late training. If I get 3.15-3.20 I'll be happy, but was planning on under 3. First entered race of any kind since Cairns '15.
  12. GSP

    Kona qualifier 15+

    I haven't been on this site too much lately so not up to speed on the Trannies days of our lives, but I did read through this somewhat circular thread. Sheesh, what happened, did AP root your dog or something (without protection)?
  13. GSP

    Major fault in 100 runs in 100 days

    Very good point, same with the US 50 states guy. For the Sydney guy, perhaps 125 days would have been more realistic (I think 110 would have been a challenge). That said, think 100 runs in 100 days is doable if you really want to, however if that is noodling around for 3-4k runs in 20mins (or 1-2k in 15 mins for some) and classing that as a daily run and doing that in 100 days, then good badge, but won't help any race performance (well perhaps a little depending upon your starting position). One more point though, if over a one week period there is 7 runs but 2 of those days are double runs (morning and eve) therefore giving 2 days without runs, then we may be talking. Personally I run/from to work a lot and often have double run days (you do have to get your body used to it) - that may be a better strategy if fixated on 100 runs in 100 days. As mentioned above, intensity and distance need to be factored in.
  14. GSP

    Geelong 70.3 Enter now

    I remember going over to Busso with Pete in '07. Chatted with AP that year also over there, so check up on that..