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  1. Ironman in Victoria

    Haha, yes I was there that day also as a spectator. There were heaps from our club doing teams events and one of them was given the name Gump (after Forest Gump) as he did 21k of the run leg but was directed all over the place and ended up doing 30 something k's for his half. He wasn't the only one. Paul Patrick who come 2nd at that race I'm pretty sure also was given a bums steer and did an extra k or so.
  2. AP is selling his house....

    I'm here too, not in Delhi, in Hyderabad. Agree with all the things you say, no different here (worse in spots). The cows lazing down on busy 4 lane motorways with everybody going around them is funny and this afternoon had a bunch of camels waltzing on down the street in a very busy part of the city. Surprisingly, it's not that bad for running, not sure where you'd safely ride a bike though.
  3. Sour Grapes or worth calling the Champ out?

    Heh, I'm in India right now (Hyderabad to be exact...). I'm not hearing anything about this topic. I'll check the Tuk Tuk mafia who have the pulse and report back. Stay tuned.
  4. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    Hi Zed, I wasn't suggesting running at high intensity. I was talking about running as much as possible at race pace for long distance running. If you are doing short tris, that is clearly not achievable. For me, the only time I'll get into high intensity running is during a SC race, never in training anymore, but a large portion above comfortable. You should be able to hold that pace for 1-2 hours, if you can't you're moving into HI running which as mentioned I'm not suggesting. Regarding injuries, sure there are plenty of examples where some people are prone to injuries and I can't disagree that running can bring them out (I've had plenty of niggles from running myself). You always here about the unlucky injured person, but not all the people that largely have not had major problems. Ciao
  5. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    I think that HR keeps an ego in check. You have to run to a HR to even complete any long distance (effectively).
  6. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    Agree, I remember a could of years ago was thumping out the k's in Niagra, then at NY a few days later slightly slower, then at Mexico....meltdown. HR was through the roof at just after warm up pace in the previous places.
  7. How do i become a better runner keeping HR low

    I think this is an easy one without having to overthink it or plan it. What has worked for me is simply run as much as you can without getting injured and run as many of those KM's as close to the race pace you want to go. That will get you faster and will get you lighter which in turn will get you faster again. If you want to lose weight, then the more running works wonders. Now a few obvious qualifiers here on the general statement I made, it requires build up, you don't just go to 60k per week, but you should be aiming to get up to there and more (then to a limit of course dependent upon time and other sports). To qualify the "as close to race pace" comment, all runs I do are a build, and you can only do this when fit. Say a 20k run, the first 5k are very slow but slowly getting quicker then should be up to good tempo speed by about 10k then hold that for the rest with slight increments. So if say training for a 3hr mara, then you'd want to be not too far off a lot of those k's at 4.15. You need to listen to the body and no when to back off, but don't be a chicken on the slightest of niggles, you'd be surprised how many you can run out - you learn to know what you can get away with or not and when an injury is not on. For example I've gone out running with niggly ankles or slightly sore knee and by 3/4k it's gone. But if it's not you do have that "uh oh" and then for plan B. (I've not had that). As FB and others have said form helps avoid injury, but it is very hard to change it. I personally don't work on it, I find the more i run and the lighter I get the form improves naturally, well that's how it feels and what I have been told who have seen me run. Ciao
  8. Rupert Guiness

    I saw him on TdF last night. I think the last I saw him was on TdF a few years ago, once again wearing Hawaii shirts.
  9. Rupert Guiness

    I understand he did a bit of bike riding on the WA to NSW race, but presuming he had always done riding and that was his thing. What has happened to him, rather than swallowing a bus, he looks like he has passed a bus through his bowels. Good on him though.
  10. SO.......???

    I'll take the interest option as against the depreciation approach.
  11. SO.......???

    My bad, my memory must be failing me, thought it was 2 - it was 2010 after all.
  12. SO.......???

    I'm still owed 2 cartons!!
  13. Should I take it further

    Saved, just when I thought you were going to be a prick. To the thread, I'm in the camp of the majority, get gym footage if you can if needed, go through with the police report but expecting nothing and leave it at that unless followed up. If you do come into injury as you alluded to, and given your history of luck it maybe wise to refer to some history if required.
  14. New full Ironman in Philippines Subic Bay

    Bali with ready made sponsor?? China of course.
  15. I'm a little lost - Post Ironman

    If you need to. Can easily be money down the drain. I understand the sentiment and if it was on tap why not, but unless there was a sniff of issues I wouldn't bother - but that's just my opinion.