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  1. 98% of my annual bike training time per annum is on the Kickr. About 96.5% if I run a training camp for my athletes in Kona in same year. Outside of camps, race day is essentially the only time I ride on the road...sometimes the day before the race, at the race locale.
  2. Anyone that wants to hear more...tell me! Go on my FB page and ask for more, and give me topic suggestions as to what you might like my thoughts on. Contrary to what seems popular belief, I like and encourage this, because it gives me more certainty that at least someone is interested. I'm genuinely interested in what people might like to hear about, because after doing so many videos you start to run out of content on your own. Unfortunately my work can come across a bit unpolished at times. But typically...no, always...there is no planning. What happens is I get a brain fart, then I immediately go and find somewhere quiet around the home, albeit not the most flash back-drop, and press record and talk. I never write a script, have a plan, or anything. That doesn't work at all for me. The only way for me is to let it come naturally, just say whatever is flooding into my head and doesn't have to reached inside for. I probably forget more things than I say sometimes. But this method, as rough as it can be, is more natural to me and I hope conveys a better message.
  3. Lol...not that I am any different to anybody else. But the young girls at registration have zero idea about how long I've been/what I might have achieved in the sport. I have swapped in the final two days three times now. Seemingly anyone can do it. This time I had already been through check in for the 70.3 the day before. Then I came back the next day and asked if I can become half a man. Each time I have done this...the refund is zero. Lol. But I don't complain, because there is no 'value' if you don't want to be out there. Great service on IRONMAN'S behalf I think. As a client, they kept me happy and made it an easy process, without any argument whatsoever.
  4. Good conversation that was, mate, I enjoyed it...what were you cooking up on the BBQ that night, btw? I'm trying to recall...wasn't it half a cow you had on that hot plate by memory? I think I was dubious as to whether it would digest by race start.
  5. 😉 Thank you. Don't worry...I've got plenty of flaws as well. I got out of rhythm with my vlogging sometime back because I focused on the words of someone last year at IRONMAN Cairns, that they had to switch me off on social media because I was too prolific/annoying, or similar. Sort of knocked the wind out of me, and I was rather embarrassed, to be honest, when he said that it to me in front of a few others as I watched the race. Those words resonated for a long time as I worried I might be boring the hell out of/annoying people.
  6. Lol.... I went to school with the bloke. A year below me, but I knew him. He was no triathlete. He's created plenty of chat amongst the 'old boy's'. Real name Hamish Watson.
  7. MJK

    Bergs - Kona report????

    Lol. I learned a lot from Brett. But I am not even close to being a clone. More than anything he just confirmed I already knew what I was doing, gave me confidence, and polished me up a bit. But in many ways I do things very differently. I'm much more moderated, at least on the intensity front. For all that I am sometimes perceived as anti-tech, with analysis I am anything but when you consider it underpins my 'quantity of quality' mindset, and how I view that as the undo-er of many....the form killer of the century.
  8. Lol. What a revelation! 'We developed the ramp test'....ha ha. Any coach with a decent brain knows a 20-minute all out TT will feature a higher anaerobic energy contribution for some athletes eg. short course athlete than others, and therefore applying a 95% multiplier to it is going to be inaccurate. I've been using ramps, and ramps only, for years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgF7KU19Wwk
  9. MJK

    Short pools

    What is so short about a 20m pool when many elite swimmers have smashed out 70K a week plus in a 25m pool...and they are covering that 25m well faster than you'd be covering 20m. I can't see why it requires any mods to a training session at all myself. Plenty of US Olympians have grown up or still are logging countless hours each week in a 25-yard pool (22.5m).
  10. Fair crack Willie, touch-wood, my body isn't broken. It's just as tight as a camel's arsehole these days. My ROM and elasticity is leaving me. 😉 I'm pretty resilient on the back of consistent training, but I do like some cushion under foot, some guidance, low drop, and a shoe that let's my feet work in them a bit. The best Clifton is my first one that is probably about 3 years old now....I save it just for racing. It's got heaps of rocker in it compared to the newer, heavier one's they released in subsequent years. Bent like a banana and makes for a great transition of the foot across the ground. Let me research this Fastwitch thing a bit on Youtube, mate. Thanks. Matt
  11. Willie, I can't see the Fastwtitch on the site? And is it ok up to 70.3 distance? I train in the Hoka Gaviota and race in Clifton. I use an orthotic although still prefer a touch of guidance, with adequate cushioning! BUT...needs to be light enough (talking race shoe here....years back I loved the old Nike Lunar Race with my orthotics in them for the control element). Hoka Clayton...a bit too hard of a ride for me. A bit like how I find the Ahari versus the Gaviota (similar motion control but the Ahari too hard) Hoka Tracer...way too narrow for me. Tell me what I need mate (training and racing both is good), it's a poor allocation of my time. US Size 9.
  12. I ONLY ride the trainer...except the day before the race at the race location, which I use to 'get the feel for the road again', especially the speed/skills elements. Or when I run a training camp in Kona, or a week in Forster visiting family 1x a year. But essentially I can go 5-months, easily, between road rides. I ride the trainer 11-14h a week, every week (except the week before/after I race, a few times a year). The primary reason for me is safety, given where I live, and my responsibility as a father. The other would be effectiveness of the training. I'm not sure it's made me soft in the mental toughness arena. But I'm guessing some people might have trouble replicating it...even if they go training in the rain. Especially over a 15 year period.
  13. MJK


    Take the patient approach...and go for the even or negative split, with a ramp in perceived effort through that final 12K or so as you hold pace, rather than fall apart and pay big-time for being overly-exuberant early on. Economise your performance to run your best marathon IMO.
  14. MJK


    Mate, it's circa 2x your best 70.3 run day at same effort. Close proxy.
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