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  1. y_bike

    Track Cycling - Chasing the Funding?

    Cycling Australia sees the hierarchy as: Olympic games Comm games World Champs This is how the funding is allocated. Ridiculous
  2. y_bike

    Vale Hugh Hefner

    Thanks for all the articles Hugh
  3. y_bike

    Clip on bars for Madone integrated bars/stem

    Brake remains hidden, it's a different headset cover that allows the routing to work with a traditional bar and stem. Same as on the new madone 9.0
  4. y_bike

    Clip on bars for Madone integrated bars/stem

    Trek have just released the conversion headset assembly to convert the madone to traditional bar and stem set up.
  5. y_bike

    Custom painted helmet

    The other option in Melbourne is Steve at www.sungraphics.com.au he has done plenty of helmets. And \m/ Moshboy \m/ you're half right, you're not an artists asshole, but you are an asshole!
  6. y_bike

    Custom Bidons

    Check out http://www.kapz.com/drinks-bottles minimum of one.
  7. I have a C35 rear wheel, brand new in box not required. I don't have a matching front, so I can't sell it as a pair, had a c50 c35 combo on the bike, this is the rear wheel from that pair. Brand new 9000 series C35 clincher, comes with everything in the box, including wheel bag. Price drop to $350 for wheel, pick up Maribyrnong, South Yarra or Springvale, postage at buyers expense. Thanks, Rich Pics available, but it's a brand new wheel still in the box.
  8. y_bike

    Bike build / assembly - Melbourne

    Any decent mechanic will be able to do it, you're right. Let's not forget some mechanics are far better than others at certain things. If I was in your shoes and wanted the best possible result, I would be calling Dan at Shifterbikes. His work is second to none, and it's always a drool when there.
  9. y_bike

    Bike build / assembly - Melbourne

    What sort of bike is it? There's a few great mechanics around, depending on what you are after
  10. y_bike

    The Razor Ride

    Oh, and AFL umpire Razor Ray Chamberlain is one of the brothers behind the foundation, and is riding the event. If you've ever called him anything other than Ray, you probably owe a dollar!
  11. y_bike

    The Razor Ride

    Hi all, I'm not often a poster here, but I am a regular lurker. Have been following the mental health thread and am amazed by the stories and the challenges that people have faced and continue to face. The week is the innaugrual Razor Ride, an event run for the Chamberlain foundation, with that aim of raising money for suicide prevention and mental health. This year the charity being supported is Griefline. Griefline is an amazing organisation with very little public awareness, zero government funding, yet doing amazing work in the mental health space. The ride is from Canberra to Melbourne over 6 days, today's first day was 170km from Canberra to Gundagai. There are multiple 120km plus days, with 10 riders undertaking the challenge. I am not riding the event, I am simply a volunteer here for the cause and acting as event mechanic, as a volunteer, I'm not expected to raise money, however this cause needs all the funds it can get. Last night we were asked why we were here - the greatest answer I heard was "because it's too easy to say no". This post is purely to raise awareness of the foundation, the ride and the amazing cause that is griefline. If anyone feels they would like to make a tax deductible donation, they can be done securely through https://give.everydayhero.com/au/rich-3 Thanks for your time, remember - it's ok to be not ok.
  12. y_bike

    Bike suggestions

    How tall are you Peter?
  13. y_bike


    I think it's a preference thing, not something you learn. ohhhh... THESPIAN!