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  1. Have a read of this. http://m.bigotires.com/Library-Detail/The-Truth-About-Tire-Plug-Repairs
  2. Great as an emergency option, but would still be looking to get tyre repaired properly ASAP. There are regulations about tyre repair: location of the injury, proximity to other injuries in the tyre as well as certain tyres (run flats from most manufacturers) being unable to be repaired. $42 seems steep for a puncture repair, most are $25-$35.
  3. Try screwing the little screw on the left in, this will increase the spring tension on the brake arm and should in jam the brake.
  4. Cycling Australia sees the hierarchy as: Olympic games Comm games World Champs This is how the funding is allocated. Ridiculous
  5. Thanks for all the articles Hugh
  6. Brake remains hidden, it's a different headset cover that allows the routing to work with a traditional bar and stem. Same as on the new madone 9.0
  7. Trek have just released the conversion headset assembly to convert the madone to traditional bar and stem set up.
  8. The other option in Melbourne is Steve at www.sungraphics.com.au he has done plenty of helmets. And \m/ Moshboy \m/ you're half right, you're not an artists asshole, but you are an asshole!
  9. y_bike

    Custom Bidons

    Check out http://www.kapz.com/drinks-bottles minimum of one.
  10. I have a C35 rear wheel, brand new in box not required. I don't have a matching front, so I can't sell it as a pair, had a c50 c35 combo on the bike, this is the rear wheel from that pair. Brand new 9000 series C35 clincher, comes with everything in the box, including wheel bag. Price drop to $350 for wheel, pick up Maribyrnong, South Yarra or Springvale, postage at buyers expense. Thanks, Rich Pics available, but it's a brand new wheel still in the box.
  11. Any decent mechanic will be able to do it, you're right. Let's not forget some mechanics are far better than others at certain things. If I was in your shoes and wanted the best possible result, I would be calling Dan at Shifterbikes. His work is second to none, and it's always a drool when there.
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