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  1. Got the little plastic key ring one, but for the first time my wife drove. Just printed twenty putting em in both cars, wallet, and anywhere else I can think of. Yeah, still ran, but my heart wasn't in it ..... nor for that matter were my legs 😂😂 Ouch, can't get near my pb these days so at least I didnt have to worry that the 30+ degrees and billion per cent humidity didnt stuff my average. 🙄
  2. F***, f***, f***. Forgot my barcode at Shellharbour today aaaarrrrggghh.
  3. Feeling Glad All Over this morning. COYP.
  4. I used to make a lot of work calls on the hands free while driving. Often long calls. Realised more than a couple of times when I ended the call, that I couldn't actually remember driving through the course of the conversation. Have since seen a research report confirming that it is actually a thing, and is much different to having a discussion with someone in the car. I don't do calls now, hands free or otherwise. People and work can wait.
  5. Amalgamation or takeover ............ not sure 😂 Depends if you were a St George or Illawarra Steelers fan probably.
  6. Yep, best penalty would be a forced amalgamation with the Drags, a proper and successful club with a real and honourable history, and spare us all witnessing the indignity of Cronulla's slide to even greater irrelevance. Call the new entity the St George Dragons, play out of Kogarah and WIN Stadium. (We might be in need of a big forward shortly 😟)
  7. F*** it, close but couldn't quite get to where I wanted, and I busted my arse on the weekend, ate well and worst of all turned down a couple of beers trying to get there.
  8. Hey Slunnie, Yep, and when I send for my 100 shirt by about March, yes, I'll be pissed if it takes too long. It was a joke. But I still reckon you could get an IM towel quicker.
  9. Do you guys do IM for the towels too? 😂
  10. lawman

    Utes / Pickups

    We travel with Mtb's and kayaks at least weekly and although we never went the canopy we ditched the hard tub cover and just leave the tub open for convenience. Just got a good Fox tailgate cover. I'll probably invest in a soft cover ...... now that I have to get the tub and the tow bar assembly replaced and repaired because my daughter reversed into a bollard. Grrrrrr!!!! The BT50 is thg most fun car I've owned.
  11. Big difference between Howard and Scomo. The latter is not a politicians left tit.
  12. lawman

    Hayne to NFL

    Nope, and I haven't said he's innocent. If he's guilty I hope he goes for a good stretch. But you've convicted him of two sexual assaults without having the slightest knowledge of evidence or fact. Your argument is that because there's two actions against him (one of which is actually someone suing for money) he must be guilty. That's stupid.
  13. lawman

    Hayne to NFL

    Let me correct that. But hey, convict him on that.
  14. lawman

    Hayne to NFL

    Not a fan at all, (in fact I'm glad the club I support is no longer chasing him) but nor am I fan of populist bullshit. Its really weird, but I prefer a system where people actually get convicted on evidence, not some stupid uninformed opinion where they have no idea of the facts. Glad I don't live somewhere that mere piss poor behaviour is a guilt conviction.
  15. lawman

    Hayne to NFL

    Thank God for that. Prince has made his decision, no need for court or a trial. Lets throw away hundred's of years of hard fought protection of rights. Let's just have a popular vote on the length of his sentence. That's genius, making a totally uneducated determination of someone's guilt, knowing sweet f*** all of the facts and circumstances. Congratulations, please apply for the AG's job asap.
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