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  1. lawman

    Alan Jones

    Wasn't sure whether to put this in the Good News thread or here https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/radio/2gb-talk-show-host-alan-jones-will-retire-at-the-end-of-may/news-story/d2e078b9393afdeb305f5ea888461f4e
  2. lawman


    Well that went well Chris.
  3. lawman

    42km in 42 hours

    48k in 46 hrs ..... forgot that it finished at midday not 6.00pm. Mrs L did the Hoka slam 5 k, 10k and 21 k Saturday and 64 K Sunday. Sounds quite odd when you have Sunday breakfast with your wife and she walks out the door at 8.00am saying "Just going for a bit of a run, see you about 5.00"
  4. lawman

    42km in 42 hours

    Found it via facebook Hoka One One Australia Isolation Running Festival Wife's doing the "slam". The three on Saturday might pull me up. Free entry https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hoka-one-one-australia-isolation-running-festival-timetofly-isorunfest-tickets-103281433548
  5. lawman

    42km in 42 hours

    Trying to tie this one in with a Hoka event 5k (8am), 10k (10am) 21k (2pm) on Sat and 42k or 64k starting 8am for the big kids on Sun
  6. Sounds much like your infatuation with IJ and vica versa. Rarely see such impassioned pom pom waving.
  7. Would never happen https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/sep/11/home-affairs-unlawfully-accessed-stored-metadata-ombudsman-reveals
  8. We had a PV here until he had a run in with Nige. Issue was dog strangling from memory.🤣
  9. lawman


    I was supposed to be flying out of Aus with Air Qatar today for a race in Spain. Can't fly to Spain and got an email a few weeks ago from the travel agent giving three options one of which was an Air Qatar voucher for the sum paid to be used for any international flights over the next couple of years. I had decided to grab that because the cancelation option was a bit costly. Procrastinated in my usual manner and didn't respond, then two weeks later got a further email with the same voucher option but with a value at cost paid + another 20%. Just trying to work out how much longer I should continue to procrastinate. (Which is probably strategy rather than procrastination I guess)
  10. Yep, you can have those buggers.
  11. The two red belly blacks in the 5 metres between my office in the granny flat and the house over the last few days aren't very ****in funny
  12. Inside Tri Poll in 2003. Was great fun. You mightn't like Macca but Trannies got him over the line. Just looked back at some of the names who were around back in those days ...... Bernie, MoM, Hymie, Reefy, Nige and plenty of others
  13. lawman


    Certainty and consistency are two things which are needed in the current environment to bring about proper social distancing and the more strict blocks needed to prevent spreading infection. Unfortunately there are two things that make that difficult. Our federated system of states where its actually the states which make the relevant regulations, each of which has different needs and therefore make different regulations leading to confusion. The second is that very libertarian desire to find a bloody loophole wherever you can, if it suits your own benefit and desire. Tick, tick, tick ........
  14. We both did that day!! Glad all is good, but you didn't answer my question 😂😂 when things get back to normal how about joining us for an event on the darkside. ?????
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