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  1. The Politics Thread

    I'm not a fan of George Brandis and pretty sure that I had a shot at him here in the last couple of days, but gees he was good today.
  2. The Politics Thread

    Would that be the Solicitor General that replaced the one that was forced to resign after standing up to Brandis?
  3. The Politics Thread

    I'm glad that Barnaby ran s44 of the Constitution by his dad, just to make sure that he was eligible. Stupid tit, must have been squirming in parliament the last few weeks. But then given he's a self righteous twat, maybe not.
  4. 70+% is all well and good, and I think a conservative figure for the yes vote. But it all matters shit if those same people don't vote. Look at Brexit, look at Trump. People, round up everyone to get them to vote. On the other side, you can be very sure that the churches are doing exactly that. The last thing we need is to become an international embarrassment and for a default vote to be the enabler of greater discrimination by not getting "yes " over the line. Fire away ..........

    With what those places charge you could have a 6 week holiday at altitude in the European Alps! That might actually work. Save your money.
  6. BitCoin - future or fad?

    Tulips and Poseidon.
  7. Proud Dad moment

    I know what you mean. My son moved out to live with some mates a month or so ago and my little girl heads off next week for 12 months in Belgium to play football and go to a sports high school. For the first time in 22 years we'll be childless. I thought it might be a bit liberating, but at the moment I'm just feeling plain sad, Mrs L not so much.
  8. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    Annette Kellerman Acquatic Centre Marrickville $22/ftnight - unlimited use of nice Indoor 50m pool incl squads and well equipped gym incl classes.
  9. Proud Dad moment

    Hey FP, better get some decals on that frame of hers. Kids are smart, it won't be too long before she knows she's been jipped when she sees the brands on your frames. Then you'll never live it down.
  10. The Politics Thread

    Yep, the current two (and there'll be more) haven't had the grace to resign. Instead we've got one of the all time great psychotic bully boys of parliament who's happy to throw his mother under the bus (to suggest that there was never any mention of it is laughable .. "Hey love, have you got that Euro passport yet") and one of the great morons of parliament. I wonder if the ink is dry on all those letters he "sent" to the UK.
  11. The Politics Thread

    that Malcolm Roberts jerk is being a bit cagey. Lets see how he went with that UK citizenship
  12. Take guns out of the equation and its probably pretty even.

    Nope. Bored me sh*tless.
  14. Question for the old school folk

    My Tinley sluggos had a very light weight chamois liner. Our triclub raced every Sunday morning along part of Botany Bay, through the airport tunnel and along some pretty busy roads. You'd never get away with safety issues these days but at least it took my mind off the fact that I was racing, in traffic, in speedos! What was I thinking.
  15. The Politics Thread

    Could be a gig in the Senate if you want to join the Greens, they are dropping like flies. http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/larissa-waters-resigns-second-greens-senator-forced-to-quit-over-dual-citizenship-20170718-gxdg9e.html