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  1. The Politics Thread

    Maybe, they'd both had tough lives, the matching number of teeth and grey cells was a giveaway. Man and woman there separately. Ive seen the old bloke there a bit, might ask him out on a date next time I see him.
  2. The Politics Thread

    Two elderly people in the cafe this morning when I was getting my coffee, decrying where Australia has gone with this, saying the whole country is now in trouble, pitying what is going to happen to the poor school kiddies and what they are now going to be taught and that old gem "soon they'll all be asking for 3 or 4 to get married so they can do 'their things' together". Apart from the abhorrent bigotry, what the **** does that even mean! Took every ounce of my restraint not to launch. Maybe I should have let fly.
  3. The Politics Thread

    Makes perfect sense ..... off to marry his secret male lover.
  4. What training did you do today?

    Can we please change the name of this thread to: "What training do you do this year" I will not feel so guilty everytime I open trichat
  5. Clothing... or lack of!

    I cannot comment - at times I had a pony tail, at another time (thankfully short) I had a mullett........ today I'd be thankful just to have hair.
  6. What gets on my quince....

    All of TC's Ive stopped listening to the news because mention of Trump depresses me The word "journey" - if you are not actually traveling at the time you are not on a journey, your appearance on a reality TV show is not f****** journey, it is appearing on a f****** reality show Don't greet me with the words "What do you know" that is not a greeting, what I do know is that you can increase your vocabulary. UFC and the like is not sport, it is legitimised violence that has no place in rational society (touch paper lit)
  7. New Pro GoFundMe

    Lost me the moment she used the words "my journey", you're not on a journey, you are doing a few f****** races.
  8. Rugby Union, what's happened to Oz?

    Played for 25 years juniors and grade rugby. More than any other of the football codes technical rule change has had an enormous effect. Its a totally different game to 15 even 10 yrs ago. As much as I loved it for decades I'm struggling to continue to love it. Why watch a game that takes over 6 minutes at test level to set and reset and reset and reset one scrum until its actually successful.
  9. SBS Insight pushing the limits

    Coincidentally, just came across this http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/life-and-relationships/real-life/as-hard-as-it-gets-why-i-put-my-body-through-the-ringer-in-unsupported-races-20171121-gzpkcu.html
  10. Pedals: clipless vs flats

    You chose
  11. Cricket

    How dominant was the women's team last night, save for a couple of dropped catches they were brilliant. And we picked up one set of Ashes.
  12. What would you do?

    Went for a boy's (old but immature) weekend to Queenstown last week, after 5 days of MTB, helibiking, paragliding and rafting I was looking at both real estate and job sites. My wife travels over there half a dozen time s a year for adventure / expedition races and trail ultras. Shouldn't be too hard to convince her to go for a couple of years ......... should it??
  13. What would you do?

    The chance to live in Taupo would do it for me.
  14. How much sleep do you get?

    Back when this thread started I was a 4 hr ish sleeper. Couldn't go to sleep and would wake early. My old man was the same. With a very light medical assistance ( for about 3 months) I now fall asleep quickly and I like to be in bed by 9.30. Still wake when the first number on the clock is a three, and I'm generally up by 4 -4.30. I survive well on that. Its a lot better than 4hrs. Couldn't sleep more than 7 if my life depended on it. Actually, too much fun to be had to sleep longer. The amount of exercise has no bearing on the amount of sleep I get.