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  1. lawman

    Bump your favourite older thread

    Can't find it but there was a thread years ago. Chris McCormack and Peter Reid were nominated by a tri magazine where you had to vote for triathlete of the year or something. The thread turned it to Transitions -v- all of Canada to get CM over the line. Can't remember if it worked but over a couple of days it was one hell of a funny thread.
  2. lawman

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Cheers Roxii and thanks for keeping this weird f*** of a place going for 5 years. think I joined a day or so after you 15 yrs ago. Give me a yell if you take the boat down the coast and I'll get the Fenn out. Just give me plenty of notice, if I don't paddle a bit I keep getting spat out. I expect to see you giving out more now that you no longer have to be the respectable site owner.
  3. lawman

    IM Wales: yma dwi eto

    Pretty good for another old bloke.😉 Congratulations mate for toughing it out!
  4. lawman

    The good news thread

    Junior lawgirl just arrived back in Oz, after a year at school in Belgium and travelling Europe for a few months. Left a 16y. and returned an 18 yo. Had my first beer with her last night. She says she doesn't feel the need to move back in with mum and dad, so as much as I love and missed her, to me that's a win / win. 🤣🤣
  5. lawman

    IM Wales: yma dwi eto

    How many wetsuits are you allowed to wear? And do you have to take them off before you start the bike?
  6. lawman


    The burners aren't that clever. Its perfectly appropriate to use sport as an arena to bring about social change. The only people against it are those wanting to maintain current injustice. Apartheid ended largely because of the isolation of South African sport. Should the world have continued to include South Africa in international sport in the light of its then social system. Clearly not.
  7. lawman


    In summary: Proud African American with high profile in a position to highlight police racial profiling and unwarranted shooting of black Americans does so by leading a group who kneel at the playing of the American National Anthem at sporting events. Nike, rightly or wrongly, not relevant here, chose that man to be front and centre of their new advertising campaign. Trump supporters realise, much to their disgust, that you are not allowed to burn African Americans anymore so turn to burning their NIkes.
  8. lawman

    What training did you do today...

    32 K loop on parts of the UTA course, 2200m of ascent and I am currently a busted arse.
  9. lawman

    What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Just check she hasn't recently insured your life.
  10. lawman

    Skin checks

    Your GP. Mind you, my experience over the last six months makes me an expert, I don't have a medicare billing number though.
  11. lawman

    The Politics Thread

    Too. ****ing. Funny. While Morrison's a prick, it is so good to see Potato mashed. Please please please appoint Turnbull the whip.
  12. lawman

    Run Larapinta

    Thanks S. The only part that I had to organise independently was the accommodation for the first couple of nights at the Mercure. The rest is arranged through Rapid Ascent. Race Central is at the Mercure in Alice until until the morning of stage 3 when the race moves further out along the Larapinta Trail. Sun night (after stage 3) and Monday (Stage 4) accommodation is at Glen Helen Homestead where stage three starts and stage 4 finishes. Airport transfers and all raceday transfers to and from accommodation are arranged through Rapid Ascent. Logistics are very easy. Last time we hired a car, my wife wasn't racing, but we went with the race arrangements this time because she was sweeping the longcourse race. It was actually far less stressful using the race organiser's logistics. I shot my mouth off when I was a bit pissed after the last stage and now have to go again next year. PM me when you know if you'll be entering. Cheers
  13. lawman

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Dear Ashley, If it comes to saving slugs in Antarctica, you can forget the poor kiddies, we're all ****ed.
  14. lawman

    The Politics Thread

    Genius, because they are all such great things.
  15. lawman

    The Politics Thread

    Dear Bill, Let me congratulate you in advance.