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  1. lawman

    UTA acquired by Ironman

    Absolutely no good can come of this. It was announced yesterday that Ironman has acquired UTA.
  2. lawman

    Cardinal Pell

    Yep, should have put voluntarily as "voluntarily".
  3. lawman

    Cardinal Pell

    He returned here voluntarily, I'm hoping the prosecution got bail conditions including the confiscation of his passport, because if he gets back to the Vatican that'll be the last we see of him.
  4. lawman

    What training did you do today?

    Hey FFF It's Orienteering with strategy. A couple of hours before race start you are issued with detailed course maps showing the position of check points or "controls" placed out on the course. Controls have a different value from 20 -100 points depending on distance from start and how difficult they might be to get to. You plot your own course and navigate by both compass and features to get the most points in the allotted time. The ACT Championships course was held in the Kosciuszko National Park over an area of about 120km2 of pristine Australian bush that few will ever go to. There was an 8hr and a 24hr option. The course was pretty challenging with plenty of climbing and the bush bashing has me a bit scratched up today, while using a map and compass to find a small white and orange flag hidden in the bush at night is always a bit tricky. Here's a link to a stack of pics from the course: https://gallery.act.rogaining.org.au/2018-Events/18ACT24hr/ Its been around for a while and is big in Europe. The World Champs last year (maybe 2016) were held just out of Alice Springs. There are plenty of variations - next weekend we are off to Queensland for the Rogue Raid which is a bit different in that it has MTB and Kayak sections of the course, and then back to the NSW Southern Highlands for a 12 hr event. There are plenty of shorter courses which you can navigate at daytime just on features without a compass and occasionally you'll see entry level urban and street rogaines which are really cool some as short as 45min sprint events. Sorry that's a bit longwinded but you can probably tell I love it. Not even trail running or MTBing will get you into such beautiful and remote places these things are held. As of yesterday I am sleeping with the ACT 24 hr Open Womens Champion, her gloating is becoming a bit much. If she holds up the trophy on front of me again today I'm out to the shed. Get on it.
  5. lawman

    What training did you do today?

    Sat / Sun ACT 24 hr Rogaining Championships - cracking fun.
  6. lawman

    What would you do?

    If I then to also had to line up to register, get numbered etc on race day, the discomfort of waiting in the line at registration wondering if I was about to get picked up in full view of the public might mean I didnt.
  7. lawman

    Flu shot

    Missed two years of the vaccine and paid for it both of those years. This year there are apparently a couple of vaccines, one of which covers a couple of the different variants of flu expected. My doc has said wait until mid May to get the best benefit for when it is expected to hit our shores. So until mid May don't any of you sick bastards come anywhere near me 😁
  8. lawman

    The good news thread

    Turned 56 on Tuesday and ramping life up a bit (its surprising how mortal you feel as you age). New surfboard will get christened this weekend. Entered my favourite trail run for August. Multiple skin cancer surgeries nearly done and all is good. Rogaining events in Qld and ACT over the next few of weeks. Life is on the up after a pretty dark period. PS Not manic, just excited.
  9. lawman

    Hair Loss

    Had an economics teacher at High School who was also the footy coach - man he had this combover that he would start to twirl around his head a few times over the top and back around. Must have been about two foot long. Looked so shit and made him the laughing stock. Mind you, I was parading a mullet.
  10. lawman

    Hair Loss

    Now to totally drain the humour just for a moment. Sitting here with 24 stitches in my melon having had a skin cancer removed. Avoided a skin graft - woohoo! Those things look f****** weird. If you are bald or balding, two things:- 1. Use sunscreen and take it with you on long rides / runs whatever, and 2. Your mesh cap is not good enough. Seriousness over.
  11. lawman


    Must be pretty common. At our annual Rugby Club's bowls day we'd get some old pensioner from the bowling club in each group insisting on a beer each end. He'd be bowling "touchers" after an hour while the rest of us would gradually struggle to see the length of the green.
  12. lawman

    Indian Pacific Wheel Race CANCELLED

    F*** me, just hit 3000k in about a week 🤤😲
  13. lawman

    1/2 Marra in d*#k togs?

    I did 3 IM wearing Tinley sluggoes that had a light chamois. Those and a bit of Vaseline were fine for 180 + 42. Yep and use the sunscreen.
  14. lawman

    USA shootings and gun laws

    Sort of related. They just released the rankings of the world's best racehorses. Should I be surprised that the horse ranked equal number 1 with Winx is a US horse called Gunrunner. Just a bit more evidence of the US obsession I guess.
  15. I have a full check up every year, arrange it for my birthday to make sure I do it. I do get better presents. Full blood check and DRE. Never had the ultrasound thing and its never been suggested. Blood pressure is regularly high and I'm on low dose blood pressure tabs which manages it easily. We put that down to work grief. The sooner I retire the better. I'm not worried about the saddle thing but the effect of having surfed and spent every minute I can outside in the sun for the last 50+ years makes me a bit more nervous about skin cancers, especially as I sit here with a dozen stitches for biopsies taken from my face, scalp and back. I missed a skin check up or two and I'm paying a bit for it. Not too worried but its likely I'll lose a fair chunk of scalp and need a bit of a skin graft. Find out tomorrow.