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  1. lawman

    Israel Folau

    Your argument about the perception of bias is an important one. On that basis not one of the more recent US Supreme Court appointments should be able to sit on the bench. The perception of conservative, right wing bias is palpable.
  2. Woops, Rush of blood ....... keyboards and credit cards will be death of me
  3. You need to take up rogaining then. Nothing like doing a 24 hr event, realising at 2a.m. having bushbashed for 3 hours looking for a tiny orange and white flag in thick bush, the pitch black, in the freezing cold, with just a head torch, detailed topo map and a compass, that you have no f****** idea where the hell you are on the map ..... if you havent actually gone off the map. There aren't many ways to have as much fun. 🤣
  4. lawman


    Completely get it. The history I gave of my experience was solely to balance More's one sided story.
  5. lawman


    I went to a high school where we all drank, most of us smoked dope. None of those who smoked dope went on to anything harder. One girl went to gaol for nearly killing someone in a mva when she was pissed. One guy is in an old peoples home, though he's only in his 50's, he is an alcoholic, he didn't recognise me last time i went to visit him. Two guys should have been in to gaol for bashing their partners after they'd been out on the piss. I'd sooner be surrounded by people who'd blown a few cones than people who'd been on the piss.
  6. lawman

    Hoka One One

    Changed to Hokas years ago, at about the same time I stopped running tarmac and started running almost exclusively on trails, which also coincided with the last of ongoing foot and knee problems. For what its worth, I've run only in Challenger ATR's for as long as they have been making that model and have had no probs since. Long miles on tarmac is shit for your joints not to mention about as boring as running can be.
  7. lawman

    UTA 2020

    You'll get one closer to the event and it will likely be very cheap, especially when those who do 6ft Track have realised what they have got themselves into. 😂
  8. Still there, still looking at me! You know how they test the air with their tongues .... I actually think they are just licking their lips. Dude, piss off, I'm hungry.
  9. Same ..... nearly. I operate a home office out of a granny flat in my backyard. Just waiting for the red belly sunning himself at my back door to stop smiling at me and move on so I can go out and have some lunch.
  10. Funny, but lived less than 4k from CBD for 15 years, and despite driving a lot never had a real problem with the traffic. Moved down the coast full time 12 months ago, and for the couple of days a week I have to drive to Sydney, the traffic, from when I hit the southern suburbs, shits me to ****en tears.
  11. Might drop in to visit, what time do they serve dinner 😁 Hope you are recovering well mate ................ do lots of drugs
  12. As a Kiama local everyone can piss off. Its too nice to share. 😁
  13. lawman

    UTA 2020

    Wife has shamed me into a comeback. Only woman to race every 100 back to the TNF days. Here she is at 40 secs and 2.30 in the UTA promo video (also guest appearance by another former trannie)
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