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  1. lawman

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    Bit by bloody bit. Shouldn't complain, have done nothing but work my arse off (desk job) trying to get away on hols to NZ from this Friday. Two weeks of rogaining, MTB and treking the South Island should help.
  2. lawman

    The Politics Thread

    So why don't you just say it instead of dancing around it .... that is your reasoning for doing nothing? It is not a reason to do everything we can to stop human induced global warming!
  3. lawman

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    Stikman, its a gender thing, not a lawyer thing. I am the lawyer in our house and I last won an argument so many years ago that I've given up. 🙄 Life is so much better now that I just concede everything.😂
  4. lawman

    Ross Edgley does his around UK swim

    Pffft, shoulda picked a decent sized island to swim around
  5. lawman

    Biggest Loser 2018 edition

    Wall. Hit.
  6. lawman

    Trump is the President

    He said this morning that he doesn't lie. Must be true then. Can't believe that I'd even question it. More likely that was just another one to add to the substantial total.
  7. lawman

    Garmin 935 $399 at rebel - good value?

    My original F3 band lasted one year, bought 5 for $39 off a dodgy website and the first of them is still going strong, worn nearly 24/7 for two years.
  8. lawman

    Petrol Prices

    Back in the day .... 🙄 Hunter Valley '81 /82 paid 35c per litre and an attendant would pump the petrol and check your oil! They really do have to stop calling them service stations.
  9. lawman

    The Politics Thread

    Seriously. How about you consider rewriting that with less bigotry.
  10. lawman

    The Photo Thread

    Packing to head down through there in an hour or so. Camp overnight, kayak on the Clyde at Shallow Crossing tomorrow and run/climb up through the Buddawangs Sunday. Yep, truly God's own.
  11. lawman

    Petrol Prices

    I'd run, but I'd hit the (actual) wall after three steps
  12. lawman

    Getting Old

    OK and the Transitions logo now appears in my bookmarks
  13. lawman

    Getting Old

    or bald (which I'm renaming aero)
  14. lawman

    Getting Old

    and have to get up every night for a piss 😂
  15. lawman

    Petrol Prices

    I just walked to my desk