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  1. lawman

    Robson racing again...

    Did anyone check to see if he has an identical twin
  2. lawman


  3. lawman

    Healthy eating habits

    BB, I found that our kids would eat anything that we involved them in growing. Have you got the space ( and the patience) for a small vege patch? A warning, you will be the one looking after it, but if the kids pick it, they'll eat it. If they are old enough, you might even get them to cook with them.
  4. lawman

    Healthy eating habits

    I was about to get all holier than thou, but then I remembered I banged down a large packet of double choc Tim Tams solo on Friday night. Probably exceeds the threshhold for a treat for eating well all week.
  5. lawman

    Plastic bag ban.....

    Hey Ex, Agreed, but tell me that was for effect and you didn't really ........
  6. lawman

    Plastic bag ban.....

    There is also an academic study saying that to have best effect bags should be charged for. Whether Coles and Woolworths should benefit is a different question. We have ****ed the environment for too long. There is a cost to fixing it (to the extent that it ever can). That will be a financial and inconvenience cost. It applies to the issue of single use plastic as much as it applies to electricity costs. Yes, they will be greater. People have to deal with it and accept that it is a direct cost of fixing what we have stuffed in the past.
  7. lawman

    TA being sued for race crash

    And this is why I always think long and hard about taking a committee position in a club organisation.
  8. lawman

    Another Cheat Caught - Zimbabwe Marathon

    I know of someone (not me, I'm not fast enough) who raced with someone else's bib when the entrant got injured and couldn't race, and went on to accidentally win that persons age category. Didn't claim the money.
  9. lawman


    Hey Goughy, agreed. Still a lot to do to get them out.
  10. lawman


    I just caught the very end of a news story saying that overnight they have found a soccer team hiding in a cave in Thailand - was it Germany?
  11. lawman

    Froomey banned from tour

    Might be worth watching only to see what happens on the hills with Froome and the crowds
  12. lawman

    Plastic bag ban.....

    Yep, couldn't come at wrapping the rubbish in my ipad. Saw a Murdoch paper and couldn't see any better use than filling it with more rubbish. Miranda Divine's page is excellent for picking up dog shit, seems to stick very well.
  13. lawman


    Agreed, but take pleasure that we always win the Rugby League World Cup. The other two teams are very ordinary. 😂
  14. lawman

    Plastic bag ban.....

    I bought a news paper on the weekend. I've used that to wrap my rubbish before putting it in the bins at our apartment complex. Worked for my folks and theirs. Plastic's gotta go.
  15. lawman


    I am not sure why everyone is so head up over not making the next round, i.e. the last 16 teams in the world. WE are currently ranked 36, which for Aus is a high ranking. We do well to get to the WC. In a country where it is only one of four football codes it is extraordinary that we get as far as we do. The Mathildas have been extremely successful at the world level. Until the last year or so they have had no opposition from another football code. Some of them have jumped to AFL. It will be interesting to see how they go in the future.