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  1. Currently sitting in my hotel room in the Pyrenees before volunteer duties start while Mrs L races along the Spanish and Andorran Pyrenees for 7 days in the Pyrenees Stage Race. Love the mountains of Europe.
  2. Doubling up!! The Mercure becoming your home?
  3. Workin my arse off in an office so I can get away to Spain / France and Portugal for a month from the weekend. (F*** Gotta get off transitions)
  4. Well done Lesmack, you'll be back. How good are the views at the top of the climb on day 2. Wow the weather was odd, Liz said it was pretty cool over the last two days.
  5. lawman

    Where ya been?

    I've been to Wollongong With apologies to Aunty Jack
  6. He went to Booragul High and gave us a right touch up in the final of the Tasman Cup. Actually there was about 4 of them in his team that played for Australia or National Leagues within a few years of that. Tredinnincks, Boorguards. Pretty handy high school soccer team.
  7. Is anyone interested in throwing in a few bucks, I'm thinking about buying Hawaii. What, with Greenland off the market now. I'm a bit torn, I'd like to buy it now, but with the forecasts for the US economy, it will only get cheaper.
  8. Well done r-d. I hear the conditions were pretty warm yesterday. I got a message from my wife last night who is sweep for the long course and she said it was a bit hot and that there was a bit of carnage as a result. She helped one guy who was pretty crook to get the last 8k to the finish.
  9. Very jealous of you guys, would love to be there its one of the great events. Spoke to my wife who flew over yesterday. I think she thought that given she was running sweep for the long course she might get special treatment and the better accommodation at Glen Helen ................. nup ........tent. 🤣🤣 Having said that, the tents were fine last year and the rest of the accommodation is hardly resort. Its generally bunks in rooms with other smelly runners!
  10. lawman

    nick kyriois

    Must be killing his racquet sponsor; they keep breaking and on live TV.😂 They say any publicity is good publicity, but is it really? How long before his sponsors remind him about the small print in his contract.
  11. lawman


    You are right, that's how they finished up with Brexit and Boris ..... but I think you might have meant "morale".😋
  12. Hey Lesmack, water at the aid stations last year was fresh water. Its a trail run, I've never done an easy one but the views and experience make up for it. You run on a lot of different surfaces and there is a fair bit of rock hopping which I find a bit hard on my feet, otherwise its fine. I met some guys at the first one and we have been back, a couple of them are back again this year, lookout for "The Originals" ..... they'll be the loud ones. People don't go back unless these races are good and Rapid Ascent do it pretty well. Day 2 I have always found the toughest, there is a bit of running on dry sand (Fish River??), plenty of climbing and then some scrambling. Nasty unexpected little climb towards the end, so it helps if you have just a little bit left.
  13. Done it a couple of times, and will be back again in the future, but heading to Spain and Portugal for some running and treking the following week, so this year is out. My wife Liz has been asked to sweep for the long course again this year, introduce yourselves. On the water thing, carry plenty. Logistics make it difficult to get much out to the couple of aid stations. The first couple of days are OK but the longer days you'll need to be a bit more careful. The first year i made the error of filling up my hydration bladder at Glen Helen, not knowing that it was quite salty bore water and got quite sick. Last year I took a couple of bottles of water from Alice to fill my pack with the next time and that was fine. Year one i also ran out of water with over 10k to go in 35 degrees which also got a bit ugly. They fixed this stupidity last year by not letting you leave an aid station without a full minimum 2ltr bladder. For a post stage feed, there is food at the cafes at Standley Chasm, Ormiston Gorge and Glen Helen. Stage racing is the best fun you can have racing. Run hard in brilliant surrounds, have a beer with great people at each stage finish, a big meal, nice sleep and do it all again the next day. Relax, You'll love it. Have fun.
  14. lawman

    Seda College

    Hey Trinube, My daughter was in the inaugural intake in year 11 in 2016. Towards the end of Yr 12 she moved to a sports high in Belgium on an exchange (not via the school) and finished her HSC in Belgium. Travelled the world and now works with AFLNSW on secondment to GWS after doing a job placement at GWS when she was at SEDA. Its not for everyone, no ATAR for instance, but there are other pathways available to Uni and careers. Kate the principal is great and the teachers are absolutely passionate about the kids welfare. I don't get on here very often anymore, but PM me and I'll fill you in a bit more.
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