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  1. What exercise did you do today

    I fell over - I'll claim that as a burpee.
  2. Growing Olives

    My orchard comprises two olive trees I planted about three years ago on the nature strip. They are planted about 100m from the beach in shitty sandy soil, get hammered by the wind and sea salt spray and are thriving in my neglect! Those bastards will grow anywhere. My total crop this year was two olives and I was devastated to find them gone. I had done all the research about what to do to preserve them, including soaking them in brine, adding a bit of chili to the oil etc. Admittedly, two olives wouldn't have gone a long way. I blame the magpie. I'm told the trees will fruit either next year or the year after. Katz, as for your question, I'm not sure, but when I have more than two olives on my trees I'll be heading over to where the Greeks and Itallians all live and just copying what they do.
  3. Height & weight

    I'm 171cm and like to race at 66 - (actually did my first IM at 56 kg and intervention was required) But feel best at 66kg. Coming back off a fat period, down from 75.7 to 69 since just before Christmas. Its amazing how much better you feel after a bit of training and not eating shit for a couple of months. Got a couple of big trail events this year and don't want to drag weight up hills.
  4. The Politics Thread

    Does anyone else get a little bit of vomit in the back of their throat when reading about Barnaby and rooting
  5. Coast to Coast

    6 months after breaking her foot in seven places, two operations, 3 pins and rehab my wife's done a 3hr PB and might have won her category. I'm a little bit proud right now.
  6. Coast to Coast

    Roxii, There is probably something in that. She actually is staying over there to do Godzone which doesn't start for three weeks! On the upside, wife is away, son's moved out, daughter is at school and playing soccer in Belgium so I have a house to myself for 6 weeks........ ....... and in her absence just bought a new surfboard
  7. Coast to Coast

    SS My wife is out there today for her second C2C. She did the tandem last year and is doing the single two day event. Looking at the tracking she is currently on the Mountain Run over Arthurs Pass. You are right not to worry about the bike (although last year the last 70k's was into a howling headwind). A couple of big hints:- IT IS NOT A TRAIL RUN - the great majority of it is along, across and through the river. It involves as much water and boulder hopping as it does trail. Depending on the height of the river you might be holding hands with other competitors to get across the river. To train you need to do some coasteering or find a place with plenty of water and boulders. The kayak is epic, from flat to Gr 2 - 3 whitewater - if you can get used to rapids. If you are in Sydney head up to Penrith, and get certified. Also head down to the Shoalhaven on the bottom side of the Tallowa dam. Do it, probably the most spectacular course you will ever "race" on. Again if you are in Sydney Liz is always looking for people to train with.
  8. Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    Use it or lose it; at 55 years old strength training is more important than ever. I never did any until the last couple of years and actually quite like it. But one thing has never changed ..... why is it that when I leave the gym I feel like Arnie but look like Mr Bean?
  9. Parenting is hard

    Fixed, have shipped my daughter off to Europe on exchange for a year. I just said to my wife that we didn't seem to have anywhere near the problems with our kids. She called me an idiot, said I'm old, my memory was sh!t and to stop looking at my kids in rose coloured glasses. Now looking for an exchange for my wife.
  10. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    Only part of it.
  11. Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    This is from the AURA facebook page (there is a bit more if you want to check it out) STATEMENT FROM THE AUSTRALIA DAY ULTRA AND ULTRA SERIES WA REGARDING THE DISQUALIFCATION OF MARK ROBSON FROM THE AUSTRALIA DAY ULTRA 2018 Released Tuesday 23 January 2018 The Australia Day Ultra and Ultra Series WA regretfully advises a competitor in the 100km event at the Australia Day Ultra held in Australind Western Australia on January 20 2018 has been disqualified from the event. We believe competitor number 25 Mark Robson cut the course short on up to seven occasions and did not complete the full 100km. We have the following supporting information that led to the decision to disqualify Mr Robson:  The race is conducted as eight 12.5km laps conducted on an out and back course of 6.25km distance each way. A timing transponder was carried by Mr Robson, however it recorded a reading on the timing mat at the 6.25km turnaround point only on the first of the eight laps of the race. On seven occasions no time was recorded.  Two separate observers verified that Mr Robson was reaching the 3.1km aid station on race laps, however not reaching the 6.25km point. It is presumed Mr Robson turned around somewhere between the 3.1km and 6.25km mark of each lap when a transponder reading was not recorded.  The volunteers at the 6.25km aid station were asked to look for Mr Robson coming through the aid station to check his transponder. The volunteers did not witness Mr Robson arriving or departing the aid station.  A competitor who by the race results should have been overtaken by Mr Robson, cannot recall seeing Mr Robson pass him.  A runner reported another competitor had seen Mr Robson running behind him, and then after the turnaround point noticed Mr Robson was now significantly in front of him. Given this information the Australia Day Ultra felt it had no other option other than to disqualify Mr Robson from the event. OBSERVATIONS FROM THE RACE DIRECTOR AND TIMING OPERATOR OF THE AUSTRALIA DAY ULTRA I was the Race Director and Timing Operator for the Australia Day Ultra 2018 held in Australind Western Australia on 20 January, here are my observations of Mark Robson, a competitor in the 100km event. Prior to the event, this is the process used to test the timing system hardware: Every transponder that the runners wore was repeatedly tested across the actual start finish mat/ and the actual 6.25 km split lap mat in a simulated race environment. Every transponder tested correctly over and over with the loop strength set at 100% (highest setting) so that the transponders could be worn at any height on the body. In testing, the transponders were tested at shoulder height with no missed readings. The manufacturer of these transponders guarantees no more than 1 dropped read in every 10,000 readings at approximately 200 km/hr. I have never had a dropped read at any of the events I have conducted the timing. The transponder that Mr Robson was using was one of the newer models we use so the internal battery strength was good. At 02:23:32 Saturday morning, Mr Robson came in to complete his second full lap of the 12.5 km course. As I watched the screen it was immediately obvious that the split lap that should have been recorded at the far end of the course at the 6.25 km mark was missing (as the runners pass the split mat it stores that read in the transponder itself and records it back to the main mat at the start/finish on passing). I discussed the timing issue with Shaun Kaesler of Ultra Series WA, who informed me he believed there had been questions surrounding the validity of some of Mr Robson’s results in the past. This given we set to ensure all the timing equipment was functioning correctly. I immediately started to look for hardware issues and informed the volunteer assisting at the far end aid station turnaround point at the 6.25km mark to look at the transponder location placement on Mr Robson when he next passed to ensure that it was set on his body in an appropriate location. After a long delay, I received no notification from the aid station of Mr Robson going through the 6.25km turnaround point, so I called the volunteer again to be advised he had not passed through the aid station. Shortly after, Mr Robson did cross the start finish line again, to read a third full lap measurement of 1:18:3, with yet again no split lap reading from the other end of the course. I did observe that the transponder was worn on Mr Robson’s ankle which is the best location for a clean read. The timing seemed to coincide with my call so the aid station volunteers should have observed him passing through the 6.25km aid station as there is only one way in and out, as well it was lit. Next, I drove down to the aid station 2 located about half way to the turnaround point at 3.1km and observed Mr Robson leaving aid 2 in the direction to aid 3, the 6.25km turnaround point. At aid 3 I checked the loop strength of the timing box and ensured it was set at 100% signal strength. When Mr Robson did not arrive at Aid 3 while I waited for him, I drove back towards the start/finish line where I have observed him running very slowly between aid 2 and the start. When Mr Robson came in to complete his 4th lap time in 1:09:14, he crossed the timing mat and went to the toilet. He spent approximately 5 minutes in the toilet which accumulated towards his lap 5 time. He appeared to change clothes, and then took off to run lap 5. This was his fastest lap in 1:02:02 for 12.5 km which once again had no split measurement from the far aid station. This would make that lap somewhere near 58 minutes for 12.5 km discounting the toilet stop. At this point I informed volunteers manning the far aid station again to look for Mr Robson to pass, they did not observe him coming through the aid station. During this lap Rob Donkersloot observed Mr Robson run through aid station 2, Mr Donkersloot then drove to the turnaround point aid station and waited for Mr Robson to arrive there. Upon hearing Mr Robson had arrived at the start / finish to complete the lap, he left the aid station, not having seen Mr Robson arrive there. It was at this time that I noticed Mr Robson was starting to overtake some of the runners in the results, so I asked Shaun Kaesler to ask a competitor who appeared in the rankings to have been overtaken if Mr Robson had come past him on the previous lap. Shaun stated to me that the competitor said that no, Mr Robson had not passed him on that previous lap. On Mr Robson’s lap 7, I once again attempted to observe him crossing the line at aid 3 and noted that he went through aid 2 and did not arrive at aid 3. He then returned to the start/finish line to record a 7th lap time without a split reading. It was at this point that I felt it confirmed he was not reaching the far aid station on many of his laps. I felt Mr Robson had to be leaving the course and tried to locate the position, and catch him doing this, but was unable to spot him on the course when I drove down to aid 3. On completion of his 8th and final lap for a completion time of 9:34:10 for the 100km event Shaun Kaesler approached Mr Robson with myself as an observer, and asked him to explain why he was at one-point 500m behind someone leaving aid 2 and then on returning to aid 2 he was 1 km in front of that same runner, and that runner was running much faster than he was and had remarked he had not been overtaken. Mr Robson was unable to give any answers to the numerous questions put to him. After a couple of examples, Mr Robson was told that he was not welcome at any Ultra Series WA events in the future. Mr Robson commented “I am not going to go through this again” and left the event. After the race another competitor approached me and mentioned that another runner (a close friend) had observed a runner who was travelling way slower than him and was considerable distance behind, appeared to then be quite some distance in front of him after he turned for home from the aid station 3. He stated that that runner was Mark Robson. I mentioned we were already investigating Mr Robson’s run. These are the 7 missed split readings for Mr Robson. It is important to note that on the first lap Mr Robson’s split was recorded at the half way point aid station (shown below as 1111). On reviewing the results for all competitor across the 25/50 and 100km events, not one split result was missing other than those of Mr Robson. On testing Mr Robson’s transponder after the event, it worked perfectly under a simulated race test.
  12. Trail Running

    Hey C, I did the first Larapinta a couple of years ago and me and a mate are going back again this year. Backing up is not too bad, its just ticking a day off at a time. If you are worried there's two distances, do the shorter one first, but I'm sure you won't be tested and its only four days. The best bit is racing during the day, sitting back having a beer with everyone else and then dinner and awards for the day. You get a good chance to recover with a good nights sleep, a big brekky and are ready to go again the next day. The scenery is absolutely spectacular Stanley Chasm, Ormiston Gorge, are another world. Just be prepared for different surfaces, bit of sand, bit of rock hopping and a little bit of climbing. Did an 8 day stage race in Europe a few years ago in the Alps which was much longer and a fair bit tougher. Do it, its awesome fun. Rapid Ascent do great events.
  13. TA time gap between races

    .... and rumour has it that you might have ridden to Canberra on one of those occasions??
  14. So froome is a drug cheat

    Clearly anything that enables these lawn bowlers to play competitively on a beer at each end should be on the banned list! A lifetime ago our Rugby club would have an annual bowls day, with an elderly gent from the bowling club on each team of three or four. Those blokes would slam down a 7oz of Reschs Pilsener (from 8.00 am) at each change of ends and still hit the jack two hours later. Whereas the sand at each end was handy to soak up my dribble when I fell asleep on the green!
  15. I saw his name in results from time to time and always wondered whether it was the same person. Very sad. A tribute:-