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  1. Dalai

    There are some sick people out there:

    That's every road out there!
  2. Dalai

    Petrol Prices

    Sounds like you don't have the right cars in your garage... Commute to work by bike, but have the following to choose from makes tarmac fun! 04 Forester XT Luxury - similar power to the WRX of it's time in a boring box. Great street sleeper and handles the mountains heading to the snow with aplomb. 84 911 Carrera coupe. Needs no introduction. Zero driving aids. Let your guard down for a second and it will bite you bad. 92 JDM Toyota MR2 hardtop Turbo. Absolute rocket in the hills!
  3. Dalai

    P3 Classic upgrade

    Nice Gilliga! Mine in it's current form. I have TriRig Omega brakes to replace the Simkin Egg aero brakes. Plus SRAM return to centre shifters I need to fit to meet the more recent UCI set up requirements if I ever get back to racing road TT's.
  4. Dalai

    Dating online

    I always thought tinder was a site to find 'very short term like minded' friends?
  5. Dalai

    Dating online

    Same. Being introverted I don't like crowds, but do very much miss the company of my wife every day! Even with it being just over two years since she passed away, I'm definitely nowhere near ready to consider another relationship anyway. Just now filling my days keeping busy till it's my time!
  6. Dalai


    Had to do this for my wife a couple of years ago. Only way I could get through it!
  7. Dalai

    To beard or not to beard

    One less thing to worry about in the morning... Just run the trimmer over it every month or so!
  8. Dalai

    The Mental Health thread

    Sorry to hear about Snoo. Sincerest condolences to friends and Yurtie's family! Second anniversary of my wife's passing last Thursday. Unfortunately it's BS when people say it gets easier...
  9. Dalai

    OT saving lives

    Yes indeed. Another whole blood donation made last week.
  10. Dalai


    Must say I was surprised and happy with today's result. Go Croatia!
  11. Dalai

    OT saving lives

    Look after yourself trinube!
  12. Dalai

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    Won't change. We don't pay tolls either... All about paying for the privilege in their small minds!
  13. Dalai

    The Mental Health thread

    Kudos to all the people in the front line dealing with such tragedies every day. Huge respect to those people! Hope your kid (and you) can work through all what you saw! In my rock climbing days I found a decomposing body in the bush below a cliff out near Nowra. Hard mental picture to shake!
  14. I have only run one back in 2004 which I ended up actually winning! 1:25:39 first 21.1km, 1:29:53 second 21.1km = 2:55:32
  15. Dalai

    Crossfit claiming to cure diseases

    Relearning all your exercises?