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  1. Dalai


    Had to do this for my wife a couple of years ago. Only way I could get through it!
  2. Dalai

    To beard or not to beard

    One less thing to worry about in the morning... Just run the trimmer over it every month or so!
  3. Dalai

    The Mental Health thread

    Sorry to hear about Snoo. Sincerest condolences to friends and Yurtie's family! Second anniversary of my wife's passing last Thursday. Unfortunately it's BS when people say it gets easier...
  4. Dalai

    OT saving lives

    Yes indeed. Another whole blood donation made last week.
  5. Dalai


    Must say I was surprised and happy with today's result. Go Croatia!
  6. Dalai

    OT saving lives

    Look after yourself trinube!
  7. Dalai

    Karl Stefanovic backs us

    Won't change. We don't pay tolls either... All about paying for the privilege in their small minds!
  8. Dalai

    The Mental Health thread

    Kudos to all the people in the front line dealing with such tragedies every day. Huge respect to those people! Hope your kid (and you) can work through all what you saw! In my rock climbing days I found a decomposing body in the bush below a cliff out near Nowra. Hard mental picture to shake!
  9. I have only run one back in 2004 which I ended up actually winning! 1:25:39 first 21.1km, 1:29:53 second 21.1km = 2:55:32
  10. Dalai

    Crossfit claiming to cure diseases

    Relearning all your exercises?
  11. Dalai

    The Mental Health thread

    Hardest part with Mothers and Fathers day for me is how to approach it with my In laws who lost their only child! All I can do is tell them I love them and am thinking of them on the day. They have always said I'm the son they never had, but it isn't the same...
  12. Dalai

    Ironman Debut

    Congratulations TNG!
  13. Dalai

    Tour de Cure

    I still follow the Unicorn Foundation which is working to educate everyone including GP's about Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), provides patient support and are working hard to get more Research and clinical trails happening for this rare Cancer. In today's newsletter was the news that two of their grant applications to Tour de Cure were successful. Thanks again for your efforts Flanman and to those that donated!
  14. Dalai

    Regrets - Do you have any?

    @Go EasyAgreed that I was fortunate to share 18 years together. Will eventually get back to remembering the pre-cancer days - unfortunately the strongest memories are still that last year and her taking her last breath in my arms. I often told her I loved her already, but fortunate too in that it wasn't sudden and that it initially responded to the Chemo (was always know being Grade 3 Stage 4 it was only a temporary solution) as that allowed me to spend every moment of those last 53 weeks from diagnosis with her. I ended up taking over 16 weeks off as carers leave including two stints living in the hospital room. 2 Weeks while she undertook whole head radiotherapy when it replapsed the first time after Chemo and the last 9 weeks when we tried our last option with self funded dosages of Keytruda... Got to tell her frequently how much I loved her and she was able to reciprocate till those last weeks.
  15. Dalai

    Regrets - Do you have any?

    Spending as much time training as I did and not giving my wife my undivided attention. What I could give to replay all those times I was too tired to talk... Biggest regret which eats at me often!