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  1. Tour de Cure

    Just donated Michael. Really appreciate you doing this mate - a cure needs to be found!
  2. Hell of West Room Available

    Stayed at the Gunsynd Motel on my drive from Cooroy back to Melbourne. A little dated but very clean. Small pool was also a bonus as it was in the 40's!
  3. The Mental Health thread

    Life is too short. Cancer is unfortunately far too prevalent! Coming up to 18 months since I lost my wife to this scourge. Not a day goes by where the hurt isn't there... Please don't take one second for granted with the ones you love!
  4. How did shane kelly ride this?

    That's the one Ruley!
  5. How did shane kelly ride this?

    He didn't ride that at the Austral on Saturday... Still keeping an eye out to purchase an Mike Burrows designed Giant MCR. Or better yet a Lotus but doubt that will ever happen without loosing a kidney! They sold the frame mold to a mob that sold it as the Stealth for a while. Ruley had one for a bit!
  6. Same for normal older people...
  7. What gets on my quince....

    I realise it was well intended, just gets on my quince; some days more than others. People at work did learn very quickly not to use the generic social greeting "how are you?" as I told them the truth!
  8. What gets on my quince....

    Having gone through and still going through a tough time with the passing of my wife last year... People who offer advice or say "I know how you must feel" who haven't or aren't going through the same... No you don't! Or better yet when they say she would have wanted me to get over it and move on! Said taking her ashes back home OS which I did in October will give me closure... Still wake up and come home to an empty house!
  9. The Mental Health thread

    Possibly helped that you have your boys DD? When we couldn't have children (we had IVF lined up but my wife was unwell - thought initially to be MS but ended up being just lumped in the fibromyalgia /chronic fatigue bucket) we took the positive that we had each other... Now that she has passed away, coming home to and leaving an empty quiet house makes her being gone all too real! Sometimes I get so angry with people! Seeing couples arguing or sitting together but heads buried in their phones makes me want to jump in and scream at them to be nice to each other and not to take them for granted! 15 months now since she passed away and all is still crap!
  10. The good news thread

    Or this Unicorn clip...
  11. How long have you got left to live - touch wood

    This! My wife died of cancer last year. If I can do something physically or financially now, I am doing it! Although only a small step, I've gone to a 9 day fortnight with work.
  12. I always have a plastic container with a a number of dried dog food pellets soaking in water to feed my local magpies. Have to make sure I close the fly screen door when going in to get it, as they have followed me into the house a few times! Luckily my floors are tiles or polished timber as I haven't house trained them yet...
  13. Ninja Warrior

    Can't say us climbers want this. Already had become too popular with the explosion of climbing gyms... And yes I know some of the guys, although they started after I retired from competitions.
  14. The Mental Health thread

    Take care everyone and don't take a moment for granted! Coming up to my wife's second year anniversary of her cancer diagnosis and first anniversary of her passing on the 2nd August. Wishing the pain and sadness can lessen at some point...
  15. The finer things in life.....

    Thanks. No rush though... Ideally looking for the Coupe in right hand drive and one that has already been modified a little. As I'm keen to modernise the drivetrain to a SR20 Turbo, and wouldn't want to modify one in good original condition. Though if an original one came up although would be slower I could keep original and just go to town on the L series engine.