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  1. Would love to continue on to the Rock one day, though might do it as a tour rather than race... Well done by everyone who toed the start!
  2. @Surfer wasn't that bad, as when I stealth camped I found really good spots except the one night. That was the night I had planned to camp in the Wirrabara forest. There had been recent fires so the trail was diverted out into open farmland. Still hadn't found a spot and night had well and truly fallen when the detour finally rejoined the trail at the very top tip of the partially burnt forest. I was able to set up camp in a young plantation just 100m from the dirt road, but wasn't well hidden like I would normally choose. Especially when tent makers add reflective strips to tents and the
  3. My wife was a sports psychologist who had athletes in each Olympics and Sydney was no exception. Two of her clients were competing in the Whitewater and as I still had my Kombi Campervan we ended up driving up and parking the Kombi in their backyard in Penrith. The place was filled with friends and family so was a great spot to hang out. Naturally we went to the Whitewater, but we also bought tickets for Athletics. I also rode my bicycle down the motorway from Penrith into Sydney to watch the Triathlon.
  4. Dalai


    Pretty much fixed ropes a lot of the way...
  5. I still have the maps and can lend them to you.
  6. Sorry for the topic hijack @BarryBevan. Got me all excited to get out again!
  7. I enjoyed the vast empty spaces, except on those days when it was a strong headwind... By being on the bike I could get immersed in the surroundings so really got to enjoy the landscape; noticing the changes the further north and drier it became. I intentionally chose the South to North route so I would be gradually moving away from the city and population centres. Still passed through at least one town each day and stopped for a cooked meal whether a breakfast, lunch or dinner. Was a little more challenging going this way as the minibus only travels a couple of times a week, theref
  8. The Mawson trail from Adelaide to Blinman is a great introduction to bikepacking. The route passes through a number of towns for resupply, meals and sleeping if you want a few more comforts for a night or two. Plus signposted, route maps and a bus service from Parachilna so no need to carpool. In Vic we have the Goldfields track from Ballarat to Bendigo which is similar. Just shorter at ~300km ride and is the next ride on my radar.
  9. To be honest it was 5 years ago and can't find my packing list so might be a little out, but I think I had the following for my just under two weeks away... Riding: Merino cycling top, merino cycling socks, shy shorts, undershirt, riding cap, arm warmers, leg warmers, long and short fingered cycling gloves, gillet, waterproof jacket, sunglasses. Carried: Spare set shy short liners with Chamois, may have has a second undershirt. Merino thermal pants and long sleeve, merino shirt, Polar fleece 100 top, down jacket, wool socks, merino beenie, pair (2?) underwear, T-shirt?, th
  10. Will definitely go lighter on shorter trips. I'd omit the day pack with bladder, less food and gas, less extra clothes etc. Also could use my bivy bag to reduce bulk too, but the tent is only 1.1kg so not a huge savings in weight. This topic has got me thinking I need to do some maintenance on the MTB and am getting excited with the idea of heading out for a long weekend trip as soon we can go further than 5km from home.
  11. @Ayto not with my set up. All Velcro and buckles with the Revelate Designs gear. For the cages on the forks it was just metal hose clamps over short pieces of cut inner tube to protect the fork legs. Picture below is on the local train to catch the Overland at Southern Cross station - took the train across to Adelaide return as was able to roll to bike straight onto the baggage car.
  12. All Revelate Designs bags. I was 11 days on the Mawson trail and carried all my camping gear in the bikepacking bags. I could have ridden a few days faster, but as I'd never been through the Flinders Ranges I included a few half days riding so I could fit in a few day walks. Saddlebag - clothes plus food (supplemented when passing through towns) and stove. Frame bag - spare tubes, tools and spare gas canister. Top tube - small digital camera, phone, sunscreen and ride snacks for the days ride. Handle bar roll carried the down jacket, tent, sleeping quilt and sleeping m
  13. Revelate Designs Seat bag I bought when I rode the Mawson trail earlier that year.
  14. Definitely limits with the CX bike. I rode a 4 day credit card tour from Lilydale to Wangaratta some years ago with the others on MTB's and really had to work hard to keep up on the most technical and rough tracks north over the back of Mt Stirling. But on the smoother tracks was perfect.
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