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  1. This ^. Check all the usual booking sites and call the accommodation direct.
  2. After all the political posts recently, Russian hackers mistook Trannies for a political party website and hit it with a DoS!
  3. Dalai


    Glad to hear you and your family are okay! Sad news about some of your friends.
  4. Dalai


    Any news on IP?
  5. Dalai


    Agreed! People and animals are dying, huge losses of property and land and many of you are arguing who are the better politicians from a mob of equally useless people FFS! As above go crazy in the politics thread and leave this topic for checking in on members around the country! Thanks for all your hard work @Cottoneyes
  6. Great news @Jim Shortz!
  7. Thanks @BNothling. Just fitted Project Mu HC+ on the MR2 with larger Wilwood calipers on the front so these are very fresh. Still not sure what the pads used or their condition on the Australian Formula Two car but will be in touch if I do need anything. This latest acquisition is a 1979 Cheetah Mk6 - last raced at the Australian Grand Prix support race in 1987 where it came 6th. Excited to hear it run and finally drive!
  8. Dalai


    That quote is referring to 6 Underground on Netflix.
  9. Dalai


    No need to apologize. Agree with all what you say! There were lots best overlooked whilst watching, but thought overall was good escapism and as I said concluded the story nicely.
  10. Dalai


    Really? I actually thought it tied the story nicely together and was far improved after wavering IMO more recently. * *Can't believe those stupid Ewoks make a cameo!
  11. My goals are to simply improve my general fitness. I have been playing lunch sports each day at work (indoor and outdoor soccer, basketball and badminton) but otherwise not much else. Will continue skiing / boarding again (2019 totals 6 days Japan and 19 mainly Hotham) , same with rockclimbing when my elbows allows. Last week finally dusted off the Ocean ski I bought just after my wife's passing with the intention of it getting me out (so much for that idea since it's been over 3 years) and been out a few times already which I've really enjoyed! So see myself getting out paddling more regularly. I need to get back on the bike as its been over 12 months since I've swung a leg over... Tried to jog again last week but think my jogging days are unfortunately behind me. I got my L2 Speed licence earlier this year and had my first day on the track at Winton in June. Had a blast till about the 4th session when my MR2 turbo that I specifically bought for track days started to blow a thick trail of smoke. Made it to within 4km from home before it drove no more... Car is still in the shop having a full performance rebuild (forged stroker pistons, rebuilt turbo, cams etc) which should up the RWHP another 50% and empty my wallet 100% once done! Whilst waiting for the MR2 to be completed, just last month I purchased an historic Australian Formula 2 car! It was restored back in the 90's but then sat in the previous owners garage, therefore will need a full going over replacing the perishables etc. Once done I will need to sit my Race licence so I can enter some historic events hopefully before the end of 2020.
  12. Appreciated Trinube. Climbing was and still is a passion but I had to officially retire all those years ago as my elbows are shot and is why I got into Triathlons. Been trying to still get outside over these last few years and do once in a while but it's a fine line managing the pain. Can't train anymore but somehow manage to get myself up some climbs thanks to Ibuprofen and Elastoplast...
  13. Thanks Roxii. If it wasn't for promising Paulette that I would look after her parents and that my brother had lost his best friend to suicide only a few years earlier which crushed him I wouldn't be here now... Been doing stuff to fill my time such as getting back into skiing / boarding the last couple of years and have collected a number of cars, but is all just a distraction rather than igniting any passion. Positive with the cars is they have actually been my 'mens shed'. I'm very introverted and have since almost become a recluse, so by going to car gatherings it's been getting me off the couch and interacting with others.
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