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  1. Dalai

    Where ya been?

    Nice lists from everyone. Mine is nowhere near as extensive... Germany UK Poland Russia Latvia France Austria Italy Malta Switzerland Denmark Sweden Norway Japan Hong Kong USA Mexico NZ
  2. First album bought with my own money.
  3. Dalai


    Not all cars. Just increased the agreed value $20K one year after buying one of mine...
  4. Thanks for the clarification. Actually was surprised as thought you were agreeing with the Trumpet!
  5. My Super went backwards due to the US stockmarket slump in 2018 #notfakenews
  6. Dalai

    Awesome Sports doco

    I'll take that as a complement goughy. This is the wall I competed on at the Birmingham world cup in 1997 during one of my 6 month climbing trips. I had planned on going back the following year after a solid training block and compete in the whole world cup tour but blew my elbows again.... Bad enough to have to official retire which is why I got into triathlons!
  7. That person needs a size 12 steel capped boot up their *^%$# Clappers. Ignore the naysayers and prove the F*&%$%ers wrong!
  8. Dalai

    Awesome Sports doco

    Watched Dawn Wall at a special screening at the Astor before Christmas. Was a great film! Tommy is a really nice guy. I climbed a fair bit with him in France in 97 and USA in 98 when his was still a young but already very adept climber. As to soloing, I did nothing comparable to what Alex does. But unless you have soloed, you won't understand or get the attraction. There is something zen like in the closed focus of the moment. Yes there is a much higher element of risk, but you need to remember that very few soloists are on routes that are at their limit so usually have a little in reserve.
  9. Steps at one end means you couldn't swim laps, which would be surely one of the main reasons for building such a large pool?
  10. Saving wear on the main lanes used during racing.
  11. Dalai

    Petrol Prices

    Sounds like you don't have the right cars in your garage... Commute to work by bike, but have the following to choose from makes tarmac fun! 04 Forester XT Luxury - similar power to the WRX of it's time in a boring box. Great street sleeper and handles the mountains heading to the snow with aplomb. 84 911 Carrera coupe. Needs no introduction. Zero driving aids. Let your guard down for a second and it will bite you bad. 92 JDM Toyota MR2 hardtop Turbo. Absolute rocket in the hills!
  12. Dalai

    P3 Classic upgrade

    Nice Gilliga! Mine in it's current form. I have TriRig Omega brakes to replace the Simkin Egg aero brakes. Plus SRAM return to centre shifters I need to fit to meet the more recent UCI set up requirements if I ever get back to racing road TT's.
  13. Dalai

    Dating online

    I always thought tinder was a site to find 'very short term like minded' friends?
  14. Dalai

    Dating online

    Same. Being introverted I don't like crowds, but do very much miss the company of my wife every day! Even with it being just over two years since she passed away, I'm definitely nowhere near ready to consider another relationship anyway. Just now filling my days keeping busy till it's my time!
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