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  1. Hey all, We will be at the Noosa Triathlon Expo and due to the fact we cant fly with our co2 rocket bombs, Corry Cycles will be trialing an initiative i believe has not been done before. We will be selling C02 16g canisters at the expo for $2 each, which you can use during the Noosa Tri. Instead of wasting the unused canisters and throwing them in the bin or at your competitors, Corry Cycles will have a "return bin" at there stand, and for every canister returned in that bin we will donate $2 to the AGF http://www.amygillett.org.au/about/ This we believe is a great way to attract customers to our expo stand and raise some $$ for charity in the meantime ... and save the environment a little win, win , win If you want to be a part of this, its simple, get down to the Corry Cycles Booth at the Expo Friday 28th Ocotober: 10am - 7pm Saturday 29th October: 9am - 530pm Sunday 30th October: 1pm - 5pm Cheers Evan Corry... Owner / Manager Corry Cycles Corry Cycles Shop 2 7 Discovery lane North Mackay, Qld, 4740 07 49 441 157 sales@corrycycles.com.au www.corrycycles.com.au
  2. Ok... so I've had a good read through the posts and so far my EXPO will feature scantily clad men and women on a bed with whipped cream (Co2 link)... I may not have made my self clear.... i said EXPO not SEXPO... Nevertheless i like the way Transitions contributors think! - We took bike bags to the Mooloolaba expo and moved a few, they are difficult due to there size to freight and display but we will certainly have some in Cairns. - We were selling Co2 cannisters for $2 each at Mooloolaba and will do the same at Cairns, I like the return idea... we will do that so thanks Sounds like we have most things people are after, I will email organisers about event jerseys and visors but i have a feeling they will control those fairly tightly. CHEERS! Evan Corry... Corry Cycles
  3. WOW that's cheaper than wholesale...
  4. Heya Transitions, We attended the Mooloolaba tri expo again this year and had a ball, hopefully a few people also picked up a few bargains! I just wanted to touch base with anyone attending Cairns Challenge and see if there is anything people would like to see at the Tri expo there? Something you would like to see for sale? or perhaps you have been to an expo before and couldn't find something you were after? Open to all suggestions... Cheers Evan Corry.... Owner/Manager Corry cycles
  5. Full start list on www.cyclingnews.com My money is on Samuel Sánchez (Spain) he can descend like hell
  6. While associating with the Party Tramp may provide free publicity, not sure its the type were after! Just bikes, no funny sunglasses, fake tan cream or hair bleach sold here
  7. Thats no worries, bit of competition is always a good thing though. By the looks of things he is definately looking after you guys price wise.... Cheers
  8. Hey there, I realise this is blatant advertising but im aware that there is a bit of demand for Karbona TT gear. I have quite a bit in stock and am constantly ordering new items. Browse the store or email me if you require any Karbona or other gear. Were based in Mackay, QLD but postage is generally flat rate, however if you purchas and postage seems way too dear PM me as im iorning out some bugs. Cheers www.corrycycles.com.au
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