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  1. Go the Chookies!!
  2. I think more people are out due to gyms being closed so that's why you probably are seeing more people walking or running. So are you saying people should stay home?? People are allowed out to exercise so pull your head in.
  3. Was playing park Rugby League for Benedict in the Canterbury juniors comp B Grade I think. Those were the days. We wore Broncos colours and I use to love pretending I was Steve Renouf!!
  4. My question is why?? Why do humans feel the need to go longer ie marathons and Ironman?? It's not the be all and end all.
  5. Fark that Melbourne swim looks scary....how many didn't make it out of the water that day?? Bloody hell. Last IM 2012...never say never.
  6. Unless there's hills in the marathon, why do hill repeats at all?? Maybe just do an easy trail run once a week instead for 60mins-90mins. Don't reckon the Africans do hill repeats.
  7. I am one of the great ones disciples but haven't trained with them for about 7 years....I keep wanting to make a comeback but Noosa is all I can contemplate atm. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I think you need a alot of talent, mental toughness and a great work ethic to be able to achieve it. I also believe in quality over quantity, but some people like the quantity to give them the confidence. Btw, I have not and never will go sub 10, cause I don't want it bad enough and I have a life outside of tri and ain't no tri wanker. Oh and my PB is 10.52 which this hack will be happy to take to the grave.
  8. Hope all who have posted in this thread have gone sub 10, otherwise, what's the point of giving advice if you haven't achieved it yourself.
  9. Any history of thyroid conditions in the family?? Could be that...but yeah I'd be getting a blood test stat
  10. Clarkevitch

    Busso 2019

    Well done to all that had a go and finished....I salute you all.
  11. Melbourne has swims, I remember when the IM swim in Melbs was 500m one year due to waves or something like that. But don't let the truth get in the way of trying to sell the event....btw I like St Kilda so if I was fit I would probably do it and have a holiday down there. But HB100 would also appeal as cheaper and another good holiday destination with Fraser island on it's doorstep
  12. Would love to do this race, maybe next year....
  13. Oh yeah and ride your bike everywhere if you can, to swimming, to running and even to big group sessions. Take a back pack and put it in a training partners car. Nothing like time in the saddle.
  14. Yes, you could drive to Canungra and ride up Oreillys which is about a 70ks round trip or drive to Tambourine village up to Oreillys which would be 100k round trip I think.
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