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  1. Sock length for riding. OSM Cycos very own witch doctor
  2. Clarkevitch


    Welcome back Coach. How many shire folk will have to remove their 2016 premiers tattoos?? Lol
  3. Always indicate with your hands or arms when turning so people behind you know where your going. And point out hazards. Oh and when commuting, it's not a race so don't overtake people on crests or blind corners and stay freaking left. And one more thing if you can't take one or both hands off the handlebars and still balance, you probably shouldn't be riding a bike so practice this.
  4. I think I need to start worming myself again and get serious about training 😂
  5. Triathletes and some people also like to talk themselves up.....FIGJAM!!
  6. Started in Dec 2004. Had a good 9 years in the sport until stupidly decided I wanted to play touch football again. Bad idea, as stuffed my knees after 3 games with a severe tear of the meniscus, so knees haven't been the same since 2013. Now just plod along in training trying to remain injury free and doing 1 tri a year since 2016, that being Noosa triathlon.
  7. Clarkevitch

    Noosa Tri 2018

    Legends wave 6.41 happy days
  8. They're both ordinary compared to Cairns!!
  9. Clarkevitch

    Run Hundred

    Wow that's awesome Fitness buddy!! I'm up to day 18 in a row. Been quite sick the last few days hasn't helped. Min of 2ks up to 6ks. Surprised at how run fit it's making me. Want to get up to 100 days in a row.
  10. Like Roxi, I can't comment on this subject either 😘. But would do around this time if I ever did another one as less importance to times nowadays and just enjoying the sport
  11. Most are never happy with their times, but I was and still am just happy to finish and just enjoy it for what it is....a hobby and stoked I can just complete, but each to their own. Everyone's different.
  12. Clarkevitch

    Noosa Tri 2018

    In Legends wave for number 11. Love this event
  13. Look I don't condone cheating but people ridiculing her all over the internet is not the answer. Could be enough to push her over the edge.....OSM needs to apply here.
  14. S100 is a good group to ride with and leave from Planet Cycles on Sundays and do 100ks and ride twice during the week Wed and Fri from Go between bridge at 5.30am. They will work him and great bunch of blokes to boot
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