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  1. Any history of thyroid conditions in the family?? Could be that...but yeah I'd be getting a blood test stat
  2. Clarkevitch

    Busso 2019

    Well done to all that had a go and finished....I salute you all.
  3. Melbourne has swims, I remember when the IM swim in Melbs was 500m one year due to waves or something like that. But don't let the truth get in the way of trying to sell the event....btw I like St Kilda so if I was fit I would probably do it and have a holiday down there. But HB100 would also appeal as cheaper and another good holiday destination with Fraser island on it's doorstep
  4. Would love to do this race, maybe next year....
  5. Oh yeah and ride your bike everywhere if you can, to swimming, to running and even to big group sessions. Take a back pack and put it in a training partners car. Nothing like time in the saddle.
  6. Yes, you could drive to Canungra and ride up Oreillys which is about a 70ks round trip or drive to Tambourine village up to Oreillys which would be 100k round trip I think.
  7. Ride up to Mt Tamborine and also out to Canungra and up to Oreillys is always a good workout.
  8. Probably a bench press for my nearly 16 year old son so he can start to build muscle for next year's league season, plus will be good for us to do it together.
  9. Unless you're a pro you should have one complete day off, generally Monday so you can recover from big sessions done on Sat or Sun.
  10. Geez what the bloody hell is going on with this place??
  11. Clarkevitch

    Noosa Tri 2019

    Definitely go this Arvo if you can, absolute shit fight tomorrow and all you have to worry about tomoz is racking your bike. In for number 12. Getting slower by the year but still loving this event.
  12. Great stuff Tri Mel, massive effort and total respect!!
  13. Sock length for riding. OSM Cycos very own witch doctor
  14. Clarkevitch


    Welcome back Coach. How many shire folk will have to remove their 2016 premiers tattoos?? Lol
  15. Always indicate with your hands or arms when turning so people behind you know where your going. And point out hazards. Oh and when commuting, it's not a race so don't overtake people on crests or blind corners and stay freaking left. And one more thing if you can't take one or both hands off the handlebars and still balance, you probably shouldn't be riding a bike so practice this.
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