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  1. chicken salad

    Noosa -

    Rocket Salad took a digital thermometer down this morning. He said it was 22.9 at one point and 23 at another spot about 50m away. Both readings were at a depth of 50cm. Is the wetty cutoff 22? I heard Noosa had a 24degree cut off? Can anyone confirm? edit... RS said he will take another temp reading with a different thermometer on Wed.
  2. http://www.bigislandvideonews.com/2011/10/13/kailua-kona-news-oct-13-ironman-economic-impact/
  3. Economic impact on Kona?? This your first time on the internet guys? Click the link. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=kona+economic+impact
  4. chicken salad

    Noosa -

    Will go down tomorrow and measure the water temp.
  5. agree. lucky this thread is not about someone else too hey Gim (re:the pm)
  6. happy to keep seeding but no one seems to want it? anyone else want it before I clear it?
  7. downloading now, and will seed once done rocket salad - how's forster?
  8. looks good....shame it too big for me
  9. chicken salad

    Chicken Salad

    Thanx for all the birthday wishes today. Rocket Salad bought me a camel back for mountain biking. I'm sure it will come in handy and I'll have to fight him off to using it. Thanx again and we'll hopefully see some of you this next weekend at noosa. cs
  10. I can give you the number of a couple of babysitters if you need someone anytime during the weekend. cs
  11. chicken salad

    Noosa Tri

    I trust most of you have booked your accommodation for the Noosa Tri, however a last minute package has been organised for Triathletes if your interested in staying in Noosa on Sunday night after the Tri. RECOVERY PACKAGE - SOOTH THE ACHING MUSCLES AT SHERATON NOOSA RESORT & SPA TRIATHLON SUNDAY: From $ 260.00 per night Includes: Accommodation in a Noosa Superior Room for two Full Buffet Breakfast Daily for 2 adults 2 for 1 Aqua Therapyin the AQUA Day Spa Valid: Sunday night and extended night Sunday to Thursday subject to availability. For 6 November, 2005 - For Bookings: Ask for Rate Plan "PK2" email - noosa.reservations@sheraton.com phone - (07) 5449 4888 free - 1800 07 35 35 Also check our Special Offers on the web including Spa Chill out! If you wish to book, feel free to PM me. But please make yourselves known to me. Tanya ...aka chicken salad
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