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  1. Sydney training options

    Spot Anderson - BondiFit has quite a lot of swim squads at Prince Alfred Pool.
  2. Canyon - Gizmo needs a bike

    My advice Is don’t. I ran them for a couple of years until I got sick of the mucking about. You need a lot of pressure to mount them, have to use Co2 or air compressor. Also there is not many tyre choices available. The Hutchisons I used wore quite quickly, nothing like the life of a conti. There is more choice now but still limited. If you run the liquid sealant to fix flats when riding then it gets very messy when you need to change the tyre. Also if you get a big hole out riding, then you need to put a tube in and that is a real pain. However they do have a great feel great to ride on.
  3. TQ - the endless saga of the calf sleeve debacle

    But did they do the following 13. SPECIAL RULES The Technical Delegate may approve the addition of special rules for a particular event, provided that: a. Participants are informed of each additional special rule before the event; and b. Each additional special rule and the reasons for its inclusion are advised to the TA National Manager Events before the day on which the event is to be conducted. If not then their special rule is not valid.
  4. Anyone used Amazon

    No, as a lot of sellers don't ship to Australia and when they do the shipping actually makes it more expensive than buying in oz. However lots of talk in the press about Amazon setting up big distribution centres in Syd and Mel and moving in the oz market. amazon.com.au is only for books currently
  5. Calories or Carbs? Race plan.

    Buy in a tube like toothpaste.
  6. Stationary Swimming Harness

    Have a look on eBay, they are much cheaper. Both wife and I use ours. It can get boring, so I used to program a session on the Garmin. I found using a pool bouy gives me a more normal swimming position as well I also use paddles to help break the time up.
  7. Canberra - Training and Clubs

    Kamal, you are sadly out of touch with the Canberra Tri scene, Tridents are basically non existent since Ben Gathercole stopped coaching them 5 years ago. PTC would now be the equivalent of what Tridents used to be.
  8. ASADA Sanction Anomalies

    Given ASDA don't actually give sanctions the governing body of the sport does. I would guess that ASDA publish the information the is given to them by the sports.
  9. Port Roll Call - TRANNY TRACKER

    You can leave the penalty box to go the toilet, but the clock for the penalty stops until you come back to the penalty box then the TO will start it again.
  10. Assos vs Rapha bib knicks

    Ordered some Assos from this site a few days ago http://assosfactoryoutlet.com
  11. Perpetuem

    Im with Nath get infinit don't waste your money on perpeteum, used it once and threw the rest in the bin.
  12. IMWA Busso 2015

    I did 2010 which sold out and had 1279 and 2011 was also a sellout with 1264.
  13. Recovery week - who else struggles with it?

    The traditional periodisation has been 3 weeks on then one off. However there are plenty of other periodisation cycles that you can use. There are a number of studies looking at what's most effective but I don't think there's anything conclusive yet. I think that it's probably an individual thing an probably needs some trial and error to find what works for you. I suppose the main point is that to improve, you need increase the training load over a period of time then have a recovery period.
  14. Wheels

    The other problem with tubulars is when is if you are away at at race, get flat test riding your bike the day before the race so need to go and buy a new spare. Can guarantee it will cost you a lot more than $80 to get a decent tubbie. A tube will set back you back $15 max.
  15. school me on the cold

    Don't waste your time on shoe covers, put the money towards winter cycle shoes. I always had cold feet with shoe covers (tried a heap of different types), but about 5 years ago I bought goretex winter cycle boots have not had cold feet since. I live in Canberra too.