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  1. That's not hate - it's an observation - I'd say it points to the fact that many of the people racing these events are hardly prepared for them 😏
  2. Did I ever mention that East Coast Cycos have had 76 Kona qualifiers and been going strong since 92 - just sayin 🀣 We have competitors between 23 and 77yrs - have a free breakfast for club members every month 😏
  3. That's what's happening - a few of the people who have been in the sport for a few years are just not paying to enter things they could easily do on their own - some only race 2-3 races a year Back in the late 80s to 90s we would all race at least once a month and we knew most of the people there 😏 now we go to support friends at these races and it's full of "first year triathletes" and instead of looking ripped like we all did when there were fewer of us, now the field is full of fat people (but so has the rest of society gained weight)
  4. Women In Triathlon Savage Under Pressure
  5. Is there an arranged get together for Port 2019 - there are lots of names on here who I have no idea what they look like - I am supporting and would like to be able to recognise a few of them on the course
  6. There's no way you'd gain 3min in a swim skin - it is only lycra - just wear a pair of race knicks and put a jersey on for the bike to protect your shoulders from the sun - seriously I don't think there's any gain from a swim skin - it's all in the head
  7. If you're truly gluten intolerant the gluten messes up your absorption of nutrients - so even if your diet has all the nutrition you need if you're not absorbing it well it's possibly going straight through you That's why older athletes benefit by taking extra digestive enzymes (because as we age we don't produce digestive enzymes as efficiently) absorption is the key to immunity and recovery 😏
  8. Bloody winging old prick 🀣
  9. Yeah the time doesn't matter as long as you look good at the end 😏
  10. They don't do it hard - it's more a run technique and pacing exercise Anything from here in is designed to be less than they expect so that it's mentally easy - so every session we walk away thinking it was easy - it's for mental freshness - easier sessions - social sessions - lots of laughs over coffee after - the sort of stuff that bonds the group together - keeping it cool - "keeping our powder dry" - no point at this stage trying to fit in the sessions you missed - mental freshness is under rated - remember we do this for fun - and it's a lot more fun if you're looking forward to it rather than sh!tting yourself 😎
  11. They're still doing it - different time bases - different speeds - still getting results 😏
  12. I didn't think he was that old - I thought he'd be 40-41
  13. My group are doing 16 x 1km off some speed efforts on the bike on Sunday - rest day Monday - or an easy swim if they feel like it 😎
  14. The position of the Easter long weekend just two weeks before Port IM makes it a great opportunity for those athletes who feel they haven't done enough to go out and burn a few matches that they'll be looking for on the Port run course - I see it as a classic trap 😢
  15. No I haven't even actually spoken to him - just seen him at races (how old is Willie?) - he seems young to me πŸ™„ especially when you see what Crowie is doing at his age - how old is too old 😏
  16. Definitely not - I see him as a smart young guy doing his apprenticeship - there's a few other "hopefuls" who could benefit from a similar path 😎 I rarely use sarcasm I prefer to tell it as it is whether that's popular or not
  17. AP

    AP's training tip # 5

    I have been going to her for 20yrs - and she only said that once - she takes the pulse on both arms in different places and gives me acupuncture accordingly - she keeps me tuned up - I go weekly in an IM prep instead of massage - old trucks need a lot of maintenance This is so valuable - the race gets serious 20km into the marathon - this is where your mental game and your nutrition/hydration come together - if you get that right you run past people who have done much more training but got this part wrong πŸ˜₯
  18. Don't rule out Chevrot πŸ™„
  19. Sam Betten is performing consistently - this is a guy on the way up 😎
  20. AP

    AP's training tip # 5

    This is a good example of the differences between athletes stomach's - If I had a pizza the night before I'd be giving my competitors an advantage I regularly go to a Chinese acupuncturist who is a herbalist as well - one day she took my pulse and asked "what you have for dinner last night?" I said pizza , she said I thought so - my stomach doesn't handle dairy foods so the pizza had affected me enough to show in my pulse ???? Rehearse - rehearse - rehearse 😎 know what suits you
  21. AP

    AP's training tip # 5

    It is very individual - some dispute the benefits of carb loading (I still load up for a couple of days) - some say lack of salt doesn't cause cramping - I still take it - some abstain from alcohol - I usually have a glass of red the night before the race as I do most nights of my life Because we're so dependant on our stomach's ability to absorb nutrition I believe it's a good idea to avoid foods that are hard to digest in the week before the race - then someone comes up and quotes Ryan ---- living on junk food Of the athletes I have known over the years many are sensitive to wheat in their diets, quite a few are sensitive to dairy foods , some are sensitive to sugar, I personally have a beer now and then but I know it's not good for me, wine is fine. If you know that you don't feel as good after eating something, it's a sign, it probably won't kill you but it may handicap you on race day. I will be using special needs in Cairns, even if I have to buy the bags (never heard of such bullsh!t in my life) I carry all my own nutrition - all I have on the course is water of coke plus my own gels On the bike I have two mineral drinks like Endura - one protein/carb drink like Endura Opti - then pick up the same again at special needs - on the run I carry salt stick caps and gels, then pick up coke as I need it 😎 but everyone needs to experiment and rehearse
  22. AP

    AP's training tip # 5

    I think this "overbiking" problem arises out of the fact that far too many people don't treat the Ironman as a race from the swim start to the run finish - look at the way successful ultra runners approach their events - they aim to do the first 5km at close to the same pace they'll do their last 5km If the mentality of even pacing from swim start to run finish is taken on, a lot of "ego based over biking" problems don't crop up - as little as 10% of the field are actually racing the last 20km of the run 😏
  23. AP

    AP's training tip # 5

    I hope this one doesn't degenerate into an argument over commitment levels and family values, it is pretty well common sense but so many get it wrong on race day Training tip # 5 Race day feeding, trust your intuition. In half Ironman and full Ironman races, a huge percentage of disappointments can be avoided. How often do we talk to people who’s training suggested they were set for a great race, then on race day they had gut issues, or simply run out of legs in the run. Over feeding and under hydrating has ruined so many good races. We all know that training consistently to a gradually increasing plan, in each of the three sports will set us up for a good race. The people who swim well, swim often – the people who ride well, ride often – and the people who run well run often. But there are so many possible traps to cause us to undermine our expected performance. Most of us who are training for a half Ironman or a full Ironman race will put aside 12-16 weeks to prepare for it. I suggest 16 weeks is an ideal time to allow. In that 16 weeks assuming that the last 2 weeks are freshening up / taper weeks, it leaves us with 14 weekend opportunities to get our feeding right. We have the opportunity to rehearse our feeding plan in all sorts of workouts. Most Ironman run performances are limited by the stomach’s ability to absorb nutrients. It’s a big day of work. To do a big day of work, no matter what it is whether it’s laying bricks or swimming the English Channel, it has to start with a good breakfast. Practice our race day breakfast several times each week. Get it right, this is the foundation for your race. For most it needs to be a balance of protein, carbs and fat, to keep our blood sugar levels stable up to start time. We need to be aware of starting our bigger workouts and race days, fully hydrated. In cooler weather we may not be drinking enough through the previous day and start a workout under hydrated. I get the guys in my squad to weigh themselves before training and after the bike and again after the run, in test workouts. Most of the daily fluctuations in body weight are due to fluid levels. If we drop as little as 2kg on the bike we can seriously suffer later in the run, once you start running you can’t absorb enough fluid to β€œcatch up” to where you should be. But the important figure is the percentage of your body weight that’s been lost, not just the kilos. 2% or more is troublesome. With our fuel intake, what we have for breakfast has to suit you, not necessarily what suits someone else. What you have during your workout needs to suit you, your gut. There are so many different gels and drinks on the market. Test – rehearse – test – rehearse – test – rehearse – you have lots of time, get it right, be aware of the type of sugar in the gel or drink. I have tested products with the following sugars, sucrose, maltodextrin, Birch Xylotol, D-ribose, dextrose, sucralose, honey, glucose – of this list four of them don’t suit my gut. Often people have had a bad race because they have used a product with one of these sugars in it that doesn’t suit them. When you try different products in your rehearsals be aware of how you feel right after having it. Your intuition will tell you right away, if it feels right, it generally is right. Base your race day feeding on your rehearsals.
  24. AP

    AP's training tip # 4

    Yeah these guys are doing more than fifteen hours a week - hey 😁
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