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  1. There's nothing wrong with this approach - when my wife had her 2yr and 5yr olds playing games, reading, watching tv etc while she did her windtrainer workouts it did them no harm - they're both now 25yrs and 28yrs - both have two degrees each - both working in their chosen field (engineering and television) - both are fitness and diet conscious, healthy young people - they're learning to fit more into a life than a lot of their friends parents - keep up the good work Cranky πŸ’–
  2. That is a good point - many of us will click on something and see that it's going to be 10-15min then bail out immediately - where if it's 4min we'll stay and watch it through - I think it's just the way it is these days
  3. I had a lengthy talk with Matt after the race last Sunday - we discussed Transitions and some of the guys posting here πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺ😏
  4. True - there's not much running involved in a 13.30 πŸ’–
  5. If you come in at 13.30 and you still have enough energy to jump in the air you have had a long walk out there - it was the hand of fate 😏 it's called a swim - bike - RUN - not walk all day and show off at the end
  6. AP

    Froome GONE

    When does the Tour start ? I'll probably watch it this year now this news has opened up the field a bit πŸ˜ͺ
  7. Just start at the back - count ten seconds after the gun goes off - if you're not a sub 60min swimmer you don't need to be in the fight for position It would take more than singing at the start line to get me signing up for a sub 15C swim - I don't like cold water
  8. AP

    Kona now has wave starts

    Kona isn't the be all and end all - don't go inciting anger and hatred - she may not be interested in racing Kona - some aren't πŸ’–
  9. My concentration was good - that's the difference - mind on the job I wasn't riding with pulling out early in mind - I was still optimistic that I could run/walk - I figured I needed a lead off the bike because I hadn't run for 5-6 weeks but was walking around OK - so I thought I'd be able to do a slower than usual run - but it wasn't worth it - I even took three nurifin 20min before the end of the bike to set me up for the "run" The key to good bike times in conditions like that is a combination of confidence and concentration - and Peter I turned 71 last week πŸ’–
  10. She was sponsored and personally fitted
  11. Over the years I have had three sleeved wetsuits one was a European one "green turtle" or something like that - the last one was a Blue Seventy properly fitted etc by the agent - it was good but no faster I used to coach a very good junior female athlete - good enough a swimmer to lead the under 23 wave out of the water at world champs - she had a wetsuit sponsor - we tried her in time trials in sleeved - sleeveless - and with no wetsuit - she was slightly faster over 200m in sleeveless first - no wetsuit second - and sleeved third - so she actually swam slower with sleeves than with no wetsuit - the stop watch doesn't lie 😏
  12. You're a good man Peter πŸ’–
  13. AP

    Kona Legacy update

    I can race it and he can volunteer πŸ˜‰
  14. Last time we moved house a box went missing with two Blue Seventy long sleeve wetsuits in it - must have gone out to land fill with a lot of other stuff Next race I still couldn't find it so I borrowed one from a friend - I couldn't keep doing that so I had to buy another one I thought I''m not paying the price for the latest model marketed at 3-4 times the price they get them for from China - so I got the cheapest sleeveless one on the market In Cairns on the weekend my daughter has the same wetsuit and had the 2nd fastest swim in her category and I had the fastest swim in my category I really think wetsuit salesmen are selling most athletes something they don't need - after all the flotation effect is mostly in the torso and legs - and the water is rarely cold enough to need arm protection 😏
  15. Yes my journey continues - like Arnie said "I'll be back" - it was definitely the toughest Ironman swim I have done - it destroyed my competitors - I don't know what the drop out rate for the swim was but I'd bet a few didn't make it I may give Busso another go - my daughter is keen on Busso πŸ’–
  16. No not this year - I could have walked it but that's not an Ironman - I had enough lead to get in - the tough swim and the wind got rid of a few competitors - there were five in the cat and only one finished - it's good really - it's his year - it was his first Ironman at 70yrs and he scores a start in Kona (he doesn't know what he's in for) I have missed a few other years along the way - I'll do something else this year πŸ“
  17. I haven't run for about 5-6 weeks - had a sore knee - it's been improving but was just not right to run - not much point in walking 42km - I'm not about to run through the pain - I walked off the course at 1km - still got it - just not going to waste it - go for it fleas 😎
  18. You would make someone a good wife - you manage to disagree with everything 🌈
  19. You'll find if you swim in it the visibility is always poor - it may look OK on the top - it can get a hell of a chop there - a few years ago it was so rough a lot of the poorer swimmers got pulled out 2/3 the way through because they just were not going to make it πŸ˜ͺ
  20. It's always murky - there's a river just down the road that keeps it murky - you have to go off shore 10-20k to get clean water
  21. AP

    Has Jan Validated yet?

    I'd say the 2% above Macca would contain Dave Scott - Mark Allen - Welshy - Paula - Fernanda - Jan if you can count him in while still competing πŸ’–
  22. AP

    Has Jan Validated yet?

    Yeah fame doesn't last indefinitely - Macca is smart - he has set himself up better than 98% of pro triathletes 😎
  23. AP

    Has Jan Validated yet?

    That's pretty right - it takes so much to get there at that level - it has such a huge emotional cost to get up to the physical level to win, then to dig so deep on the day - it takes a huge effort to repeat all that again and again - these guys are humans too Just look at the number of age groupers have trouble reaching their own expectations - or even performing up to the level that their training suggested they were capable of Burnout is generally emotional more than it is physical πŸ’–
  24. It's not hard to make bone broth, and it's particularly good at this time of year. But a tub of this would last me 3-4 weeks in the fridge, I don't have it every day but it does last well. It only needs refrigerating once opened. One teaspoon in a cup of water is all you need, it's quite concentrated, it's like a syrup.πŸ’–
  25. I agree - at least 50% of all training is psychological training, concentration training, if you need to watch TV you're giving away something that you'll be looking for in your next long race πŸ˜₯ It the same for people who have to have music playing in their ears when out cycling or running, if you can't train without music in your ears you should be in one of those gym spin classes 😢
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