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  1. I don't have to post - IP has posted exactly what I would say
  2. Lifesavers are being sued

    There's a whole industry built around re-defining things - it should be the "anti productivity department" - or "the work avoidance institute" Bureaucracy - the country is drowning in it - no wonder we're becoming less and less competitive internationally - the wrong people are leading
  3. ASADA warning for supplements

    I first went to Henri in 1990 - in three months we turned my health and recovery around - reading his book Foods of the Gods was a turning point in my life - after I read his book I made an appointment to see him asap. He was definitely ahead of his time. I've learned a lot since then, but none of it contradicts what Henri taught me.
  4. The Art of Tapering!

    One of the biggest mistakes people make is to start the race "unsure of their plan" "unsure of their taper" - the psychological damage caused by uncertainty is worse than being under done or over done - so much of performance is dependant on confidence Everything I have read, learned from experience, learned from hundreds of case studies, suggests that a 10-14 day taper is ideal - Dave Scott certainly had this worked out way before any of his competitors, and keep in mind Dave is a sports science guy, so he's not just using his own experience here. What I have been taught is that for a "B" race a 3 day freshen up is more effective than a one week "taper" - for an "A" race a 10-14 day taper is more effective than a one week taper. I think the most important part of the taper is holding the head together, while the body goes through the changes that take place during the taper (there are physiological changes that take place during the taper) this is where an experienced coach can help the athlete most. It's too easy to waste months of training by doing too much, and by not tapering properly
  5. Lifesavers are being sued

    Name him and shame him
  6. Quadruple channel crossing

    I can't even imagine how miserable that would be - it makes the Navy Seal boot camp look like a better option
  7. Where did my legs go?

    Nothing to add Mick - you know the answer - we've all been there - the saddest thing you can do is to learn the same lesson again It's good to be back in the game
  8. I think the fittest person in the world doesn't even compete at anything - the fittest person in the world is a fanatic who trains at all sorts of sports for the sake of training and pushing themselves - I've met a few like this who never enter anything - some will enter an obscure race somewhere that no-one ever heard of - in fact the people who fit into this category don't like to compete with others - they have some sort of mental illness that has them forever trying, but never being satisfied with the result You'll find they are not good at accepting compliments - they excuse the compliments away - some of these people are super fit - we probably all know someone who fits this category - the fittest person who never pins on a number
  9. More race deaths. 70.3 Phillipines

    It's only a matter of time before it happens closer to home - I see too many people doing these races poorly prepared - just signing up and going in on minimal preparation - just rolling the dice Any of us can die at any time,, but starting a 5-6hr race in very hot conditions with two or three rides and a few runs as preparation, is maximising the chances of over stressing ourselves - often these same people have no idea of race nutrition or maintaining a stable mineral balance in hot conditions
  10. Ironman in Victoria

    Very good point - I must be a selfish twerp as well - I'd say the 8% "active fee" should raise enough money to pay volunteers to run an event - does anyone now what in the hell a "8% active fee" is for or where all the money goes
  11. KQ questions

    Back when I was where you are in development I went * 13.50 ------86 * 11.56 ----- 90 *10.44 - this one I averaged very low mileage and had two rest days each week - all aerobic work * 10.08 * 9.55 ----- 94 * 9.58 * 10.07 * 10.00.02 * 10.00.32 ---- 2001 These are IMOZ times - I fitted a few Busso or IMNZ in between some of these - but the point I'm making is that you mainly get better at doing IM by doing IM
  12. Gelatin

    It's fertiliser for your connective tissue - smells better than vegemite
  13. I always start with three - then pick up another three at special needs - takes less than a minute to stop and put three new ones on the bike - that way I don't need anything but a bit of water from aid stations I'd say the minute spent changing bottles is soon made up over the day by having all that you've trained with a nutrition meltdown can cost a lot more than a minute
  14. KQ questions

    It's been a hard life hasn't it Cranky
  15. Gelatin

    I rarely ever have vegemite probably because I don't eat much bread I have always had a diet high in B group vitamins - in the early 70s a Canadian naturopath came to Brisbane (Lelord Cordel) - I went along to his lecture - he told us back then that a diet high in B group vitamins prevented grey hair in laboratory animals that was 40-50yrs ago that they knew this. We used to take molasses (1tsp in a cup of hot water) each morning These days (and for the past 20yrs ) I take 1Eagle Brand "Tressos B" multi vit each morning - it has all the B group - apart from the grey hair B group vits are very helpful for lots of actions in our bodies