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  1. AP

    Vertical Oscillation - what's going on?!

    It can be a great fun session - lots of hurt but lots of laughs 😁
  2. Sounds like a plan 😂
  3. AP

    Straddie Salute 2019

    Those were the days - they were great races - the guy who ran them didn't swim well so the swim was always tide assisted - great races 😎 we used to do the summer one and the winter one each year
  4. AP

    Vertical Oscillation - what's going on?!

    Not necessarily - running lots with poor form will never give you the results that less running with good form will This is so true - it's a hard message to sell to a group who are always racing each other and believing that more is better 🙄
  5. AP

    Vertical Oscillation - what's going on?!

    Get a running coach to look at you and give you "real world advice" - you may have to pay a small amount for it but it'll give you better end results than gadgets 😏
  6. AP

    Naturally Gifted vs....

    That really hits it on the head - you have to give 3-4 different explanations to get the same message across - it's all about communication
  7. AP

    HFLC ruined my life......

    Last I saw of your discipline Tyno was on a seat outside a coffee shop in Graceville about 3 yrs ago - it may still be there 😉 hanging around the cake display
  8. AP

    HFLC ruined my life......

    Only on forums where anonymous people with weight problems can be giving dietary advice - often it's the same crew who give training advice 😅
  9. AP

    2019 Goal - What are they?

    All these people who want to be 15-20kg lighter ???? How the hell did you get 15kg over weight - did you just wake up one morning and you were 15kg over weight - that's over 30 pounds - surely you noticed it going on
  10. AP

    2019 Goal - What are they?

    That's wisdom 😎
  11. AP

    2018 numbers - Swing ya d1ck time

    This is wisdom This is ego
  12. AP

    2018 numbers - Swing ya d1ck time

    Still pretty happy with 3rd - I couldn't tell you how many kms I swam (probably not enough) - I rode six times for lots of weeks - I only run twice a week - I've never run more than 70km in any week in my life and I'm still in the game I've had a very successful year without measuring anything - I usually train for time and frequency rather than distance 😎 I used to measure everything but gave that away a long time ago
  13. AP

    Naturally Gifted vs....

    One factor I have identified that separates the athletes who advance fast and those who struggle to reach their potential (this is based on 25yrs of coaching people of all abilities) It's a two pronged thing, it's the belief in the plan, and the ability to convert directions into action One of the biggest problems is, people think they have that ability, but many don't. They either don't believe in the plan with enough conviction, or they unconsciously modify the simple directions and never get the outcome they seek.
  14. AP

    2018 numbers - Swing ya d1ck time

    Stats don't mean much - it's results that matter 😎
  15. AP

    Fluid Intake and Cycling Performance

    Lots of people say that - you can't help everyone - only the ones willing to commit to the plan 😉