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  1. I suspect it was not financially viable and blaming it on the Rottnest authority was an easy target, note they also cancelled some other events that were not considered viable like Hillarys.
  2. They often go well first race back, but to keep that up is hard. Priorities in life change, it would be even harder if your husband does it at a high level as well. You can win Busselton if you are 5% off your best but not Hawaii. There are a few exceptions but not many. Rachael Joyce, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, then 20th as a mum and did not qualify in 2018. Top effort to just get back there though.
  3. Doesn’t look like the bike was the problem, she was outrun by all the other women. Pretty hard to suceed in that sport and be a parent.
  4. Most races have a hotel as a sponsor/partner. 600 age groupers pay $300pn and they give away 10 free rooms or so to the pros. No way these guys are worth $10-30m unless they made the money elsewhere.
  5. Blacky

    Busso 2018

    Margaret river best option by far. Great trails, make sure you ride middle earth which is about 30km north of Margaret river, probably the most fun ride in wa.
  6. Blacky


    You probably need to wait a couple more years for them to hit the mainstream. Once giant and trek start making them they have hit the mainstream.
  7. I wouldn’t say you fluke the race but you can fluke the preparation. Habitual over trainers sometimes get it right and have a great day that they can’t replicate again. I don’t see you can get stage fright or over think it either, if the group is doing 260 watts which is normally easy for you but you can’t do it on the day then something physically is wrong not mentally.
  8. Kienle didn’t have a good day either. It was a good year for the runners.
  9. I think he qualified in the military category so maybe they do separate results for that.
  10. Looks like a good bike for a pub crawl. You can fit three pints in the back ?
  11. You won’t need to look hard to spot an ebike, they weight about 20kg !
  12. New category for Mtb Cross country, e-Bike national champ ! https://www.mtba.org.au/news/e-bikes-to-feature-at-national-championships/
  13. They are allowed now in some cross country mtb races in their own category which amazes me. I can see how they are allowed for enduro races as those guys aren't necessarily there for the endurance challenge. But surprised at cross country, given bike brands and shops sponsor races I suppose it gives them the opportunity to sell more bikes and get more people involved, but I thought the purpose was the physical challenge. As the participants age they could well end up in triathlon. Check out the new Trek Domane Ebike, I think they could end up in grand fondos as well if they are not already allowed. I have an ebike I keep at the office for commuting, they are fantastic, but can't get my head around a road bike and when I would use it over a conventional road bike.
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