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  1. Kangaroo Island 3.8 / 180 / 42.2

    Water temp was around 21-22 degrees on race day so very niiicccceee. Day temp was around 21-24 degrees and overcast so perfect. Was windy and can get little windy that time of year, but plenty of protection on course
  2. Kangaroo Island 3.8 / 180 / 42.2

    hey greyman our entry was $500. How much Ironman? Still cheaper entry/ferry/accom etc for our race. KI has to be visited at least once. To be honest year and half ago i hadn't heard of it. Its a gem. Sealink ferry is expensive but 2 things will happen next year. Qantas now fly from Melbourne direct as new bigger runaway so bigger planes. REX had monopoly so should drive price down. New ferry company just come on board. Sealink had monopoly so again should be bring prices down
  3. Kangaroo Island 3.8 / 180 / 42.2

    hi guys thought i would provide some insight of event on weekend at KI from organisers. To be honest few weeks ago i was on fence if we do it again after this year. After what happened over weekend bloody oath we will give it a go and try and grow this event. I have been around the industry for long time, and this event just had a great feel and believe most people there also loved what whole weekend was about. We had some great stories out of event. You haven't been to KI come with family and race More numbers would be great for sure. Never going to get ironam numbers but i reckon we can grow it to solid numbers. Great clear warm swim (bit rough this year with wind). Great road surface for bike leg. Great marathon (refer winners reaction after 188 irondistance events Peta rated best his ever done) Heres is post event press release The first annual Kangaroo Island Sufferfest Championships, held over the weekend from November 24-26, was an astounding success for participants, organisers and locals alike. With over 250 competitors over weekend and more than 750 tourists descending on the Island from every State in Australia as well as Alaska, the Czech Republic, Japan, the USA, the UK and Spain, the overall feedback was that KI has the most beautiful and well kept ride and run courses in the world. Friday’s family events were a terrific experience for all, with nearly 100 competing in the popular colour run and kid’s distances. A free outdoor cinema on Friday evening rounded off a perfect start to the weekend. Saturday was a terrific display of athleticism with numerous shorter distances being staged, but the efforts of every individual athlete on the Sunday iron distances were absolutely spectacular. With a half IronFest, full IronFest and Olympic Triathlon on offer, there are so many special stories to share. The overall winner and male champion of the full IronFest was Peter Vabrousek, with a winning time of 9 hours, 47 minutes and 55 seconds in an event that included a 3.8 km swim, 180 km cycle and 42.2 km run. Catherine Allison was the first female across the line and third finisher overall with a final time of 10 hours, 30 minutes and 1 second. This was Catherine’s first ever iron distance, therefore, to finish first in her category and 3rd overall was astounding. Peter Vaughan, who competed in the 60-69 year old male category, has been making his way around the world competing in iron distance events. He’s crossed the finish line of 106 iron events in total, and has a goal of competing in every iron distance there is to offer in the world. Even with 106 events under his belt, Vaughan was quick to share in the majority’s feedback that KI was the most spectacular run course he’s ever experienced, and he finished with a time of 15 hours, 6 minutes and 30 second. Jane Anderson was the final finisher to cross the line. Coming from Echuca, Jane started her race at 630 am. 16 hours, 43 minutes and 58 seconds later, Jane crossed the finish line a Sufferfest Champion well into the eve. Jane decided a few years ago to take control of her life and her health and has been racing ever since. Jane is an inspiration to so many and is a wonderful example of perseverance and determination. In her words, “Sometimes the hardest step is just deciding to change and making that first step. I’ll never be a champion. I’ll never come first. But I’ll achieve some goals down the track… Surround yourself with positive influencers and go do it”. Finally, there’s Bek McMahon, a Norwood Football Club AFL Women’s Captain and champion, who damaged her back during a game just 5 short months ago. Bek rehabilitated herself with nerves of steel, overcoming 2 fractured vertebrae, a bruised kidney and lacerated liver, to finish her first half iron distance with a time of 7 hours, 23 minutes and 10 seconds, all to raise money for an 8-year old boy who stole her heart at the Ronald McDonald House in Adelaide. For more about Bek’s story visit https://rmhacreateyourownevent.everydayhero.com/au/bek-mcmahon There are many wonderful personal stories to be shared from the weekend, but one of the greatest stories is Kangaroo Island itself. As one of Australia’s most stunning destinations, it was terrific to see so many people discovering its charm and beauty. The Ozone Hotel continually had it’s doors full with visitors, as did many other local shops, and the after party at the Bay of Shoals Winery saw many endurance athletes celebrating their achievements with their family and friends. Scott Hollow, Owner of Event People, the masterminds behind Sufferfest, looks forward to coming back in the future, “We stage Sufferfest events in quite a few areas around Australia, and the people of KI have been absolutely terrific in making this one of the best we’ve held yet. We are really looking forward to coming back again in 2018”. ENDS Some Great Photos from Islander http://www.theislanderonline.com.au/story/5086513/sufferfest-sprintfest-november-25/?cs=1525 http://www.theislanderonline.com.au/story/5086483/sufferfest-kidsfest-november-24/?cs=1903 http://www.theislanderonline.com.au/story/5086419/sufferfest-colour-run-november-25/?cs=1525 http://www.theislanderonline.com.au/story/5086441/sufferfest-10-kilometre-fun-run/?cs=1525 Please see some quotes below from competitors- Local to KI Anne Ellson Loved watching the colour run and all the events on Sunday. Lots of inspiration to give it a go myself next year (shorter events)! Maggie Paltridge From WA. Excellent organisation, amazing scenery, great camaraderie amongst the athletes. Definitely a destination for a triathlon whatever your distance and perfect for a holiday afterwards! Thanks for a great event Bec Bennett Fantastic and well organised event!! loved it, great opportunity to give it a go on our back door step, hope you come back next year, as I have had alot of people saying they would give it a go, especially with the change of course. Well done and Thank you Maren Krupa Norris I am a KI resident and loved it! Our entire family got involved in an event. I travel off island to do races and tris, and thought it was incredibly well run from an athlete standpoint. Great course, helpful volunteers, loved the atmosphere, overall a great event! I think the local community could get on board and participate more if there was more information available locally leading up to the event - a lot of people did not know it was here. Flyers in the schools, posting on our local facebook groups, flyers that could be distributed around to local businesses. But my entire family loved it and really hope you come back next year! Darren Mark Cutler Great spirit amongst the competitors and a stunning course, win win Tessa Shalay I participated in the 10km run and colour run. I also volunteered on Sunday. I LOVED everything I had to do with sufferfest. I am a KI local, and It was awesome seeing all the people out walking, running, riding in the days leading up to the weekend. The atmosphere the event bought to our little town was something really special. I had never experienced any tri events before, and being a volunteer and having the fortune to see all the amazing athletes at the end stages of their races gave me a whole new appreciation of what the body can do! It has also given me new goals to work towards. If sufferfest comes back I will be entering a smaller tri event. I have spoken to a lot of their locals who have also said very similar statements. I will also take any opportunity I can to volunteer again - I count myself very lucky to have had the conversations I did with the athletes. Michelle Cowans Brilliant event, fantastic organisation and great camaraderie on the course. I just LOVED that there was 2/3 of a triathlon I could do with an injured foot, wish I could have stayed for the presentation. It was one of the best triathlon rides I've ever done - stunningly beautiful. I loved every second of it and will be back next year - thanks KI Sufferfest Roger Branford As an Island boy from way back now living in Melbourne, this was a must do race for me. But from anyone's perspective, the whole weekend was terrific. The comradery among the competitors, the personal touch of the organisers and the support from locals and visitors made for a great atmosphere. The course was excellent especially the run leg. Glad they changed it from the original design and didn't make us run up the hill near the old mulberry tree. <image002.png>😊 Bay of shoals winery for the awards ceremony - perfect. The swim and bike only option (Aquabike) is a brilliant idea. Great for those who don't run anymore due to injury issues. Oh , and the Island is a great place to holiday after the event. Luke Johnston I hope this race can continue. Such a destination race that people are seeking now days. So relaxed and full of fun and banter. Every leg had its challenges and bonuses. I'm sure you can name yours. Winner Womens Ironfest event - Catherine Allison Well done Matt and crew. You guys put on a killer course in a wonderful location. Thanks for your hard work The Mens Winner – Peta from Czech Republic quoted as saying best marathon course he has done and he has done 188 IronDistance races https://www.facebook.com/kisufferfest/?hc_ref=ARR4r5O39C5552JQXgw4XN7aYIjJ6W3FFZfCNyomdwb7eWbKP8gcN6N4EIxEZDucJgA&fref=nf
  4. Half Iron Enduro Format

    Yep thinking we will just make 4 x sprints back to back Yep will be a 4 part medal, where you can get your time put in each section
  5. Half Iron Enduro Format

    You don't get pulled out of race if you don't meet times, you just keep going but means you would be behind the rest of field and with no rest
  6. Half Iron Enduro Format

    Lots of talk on my facebook about just straight 4 x Sprints vs having time cutoffs where athlete comes under time, can rest up with time bonuses for placings that would used in last race. Thoughts?
  7. Half Iron Enduro Format

    Little bit more feedback about my idea for Enduro Half IronFest to see if it will work I'm thinking 4 x Sprints (500/20/5) Male will have 1hour 15min to finish each of the stages. Maybe Female 1hour 25min. Welcome feedback as would want this time achievable for most punters to make If you finish stage before this time you have a rest until gun goes off for race 2, 3, 4 Maybe some bonuses for finishing either certain time and placing in each stage for the last race or next race If you don't make the time cut off, that's fine you just continue to race the 4 x sprints back to back Thoughts? Would I get enough interest?
  8. Half Iron Enduro Format

    or maybe one course 500/20/5 - you choose do once (Sprint), 2 laps (oly) or 4 Laps (long)
  9. Half Iron Enduro Format

    Didnt seem to have any problems over 750/20/5/750/20/5 but obvousily a bit longer? As normal water saftety out there, as we run smaller events at same time
  10. Half Iron Enduro Format

    Looking for some feedback We have run 2 Standard distances as Enduro Format over the last month Swim/Bike/Run/Swim/Bike/Run Looks like everyone enjoyed the format Would you consider Half Iron as an Enduro format That is 950m/45/10.5/950m/45/10.5 Would be also interested to know if it has ever been done over this distance in the past?
  11. New Ironman Asia September 2017

    Mandurah format will be like wales long course weekend http://www.longcourseweekend.com Swim Friday cycle Saturday and run Sunday
  12. New Ironman Asia September 2017

    3 days like the one in wales. Do 1 event or all 3 events
  13. Kangaroo Island 3.8 / 180 / 42.2

    no shark problems it its a big island, its like saying there was a shark sighting in Warrnambool, so I better not swim in St Kilda. The event is based in Kingscote which is the main town on the island, the swim area is sheltered and used for swimming all year round Have the kidsfest emo? Glad to have you across yes teams event as well
  14. Kangaroo Island 3.8 / 180 / 42.2

    the locals and looking forward to and helping. Espeically the 400 kids on island will do there first race at KidsFest
  15. Kangaroo Island 3.8 / 180 / 42.2

    Just under $200 with car or under $100 without. We will get that down a fair bit