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  1. Fly6- how stable?

    Actually Im pretty sure there is a seat rail mount for cameras. https://www.pushys.com.au/pro-saddle-rail-camera-mount-black.html?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwg7HPBRDUARIsAMeR_0gxFMWFZQf5bTBerEu8T3e8TpaBbKJcHYmZMhB3aBSG96-w_W8S2VsaAqkeEALw_wcB
  2. Fly6- how stable?

    It uses standard gopro type mounts so Im sure there is a way to mount it. I dont use it as its either a bit clunky to use or I just havent spent the time getting to know it well enough (plus I have a gopro which is easier to use) Its a freebie if you want it, I realise I have too much crap in my garage and if I hang on to it too long it will be worth nothing anyway, its not the "newest tech" .
  3. Fly6- how stable?

    Ahh ok no probs.
  4. Fly6- how stable?

    I have a gen 1 Shimano cam that is not getting used, yours if you want it. Just needs an SD card.
  5. Trek Speed Concept 7.5

    Size? price?
  6. Aero Helmet

    Bet you are now wishing the giro had ear flaps great photo though
  7. No dnf for this lady

    On the other side of the coin you wonder where Ironmans duty of care steps in to take someone in that situation off course or how bad you have to be before they step in?
  8. Delly Carr

    Great news. Saw his photo online today and brought a smile to my face knowing he is shooting again.
  9. WTB - Anyone got a set of Zipp Ski Extensions?

    I have some Vuka Aluminas if they could work for you let me know.
  10. Queens Baton Relay

    So is Ronnie. How good is that?
  11. How long have you got left to live - touch wood

    January 18, 2052 for me. At least Ill get to go to your funeral. Anything you would like me to say?
  12. Respecting the Race

    Nah, Jan was channeling his hero. He had heard about the legend of some Aussie guy who laid down at Kona yet still had the balls to get up respect the race enough to finish.
  13. Lances Tour Podcast.

    Listening to these podcasts you can tell he has an ego bigger than Texas, he simply cant stop talking about himself (except when it comes to his past indiscretions which he glosses over or makes light of)
  14. Top Money Earners

    Post Kona update Week: 41 Full List Pro Athlete's Prize Ranking There were 3 races on the weekend including- Challenge Paguera Mallorca in Spain, IM World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and IM Louisville in the USA. Obviously after the IMWC there have been a few changes to the top 5 overall. Top 5 male prize money earners- 1. Mario Mola (ESP) 2. Javier Gomez (ESP) 3. Richard Murray (ZAF) 4. Lionel Sanders (CAN) 5. Patrick Lange (GER) Top 5 female prize money earners- 1. Daniela Ryf (SUI) 2. Flora Duffy (BER) 3. Katie Zaferes (USA) 4. Lucy Charles (GBR) 5. Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) Men_Top50_20171015.pdf Men_Top50_2.pdf
  15. Lances Tour Podcast.

    Just a bump, Lances stages podcast did some Kona stuff. A preview, then an episode each with Dave Scott and Mark Allen then a wrap up. Some good stuff in there.