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  1. Weird cop moment

    Maybe they thought you were the other Stu, from the bachelorette and wanted some goss on Sophie.
  2. 1/2 Marra in d*#k togs?

    Sooooo, the big question is who trained in dick stickers...... on the bike ????
  3. What's the technical name for this

    I think the proper generic term is neck gator. And FatPom you are English queuing is i your DNA.
  4. DC Rainmaker in Perth

    Best bit was I got away with it and the officer driving ended up in a lot of hot water over it.
  5. What's the technical name for this

    Yeah it’s a buff. put it round your neck then if it gets real cold you can just pull it up over your mouth and nose.
  6. Swift Neurogen

    Hmm, dunno. Probably about $1800 for Trannys.
  7. Swift Neurogen

    Mission accomplished
  8. Swift Neurogen

    I just meant if he is entered, but it is a race so technically everyone entered is racing.
  9. Swift Neurogen

    You racing?
  10. Swift Neurogen

    So it looks like I wont get to ride this puppy, so better move it on. Its a medium Swift Neurogen Frame. Going to strip it down this weekend and rebuild it with Ultegra mech and probably put some Dura ace C-50 clinchers on it to sell unless anyone wants it as a frame only or excl wheels etc. TT Module is frame, fork, seatpost, bars. $1k (plus whatever spares I can find)
  11. USA shootings and gun laws

    Its pretty obvious that status quo isnt bringing gun numbers down-down.
  12. DC Rainmaker in Perth

    We sent them one of ours
  13. USA shootings and gun laws

    The longest journey starts with a single step.
  14. USA shootings and gun laws

    Why not, its essentially the same as here. The gun lobby in Aus slogan was "When guns are criminalised, only criminals will have guns" or similar.
  15. USA shootings and gun laws

    So a guy who lost his child to these gun laws doesnt want to let go of his gun, or debate the laws at the moment. If that is true then they really are beyond hope. I think the only logical step from here is to force everyone to carry a gun to deter possible criminal acts. You know it makes sense!!