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  1. Tranny kit poll

    Ive locked this to keep the ordering thread separate and make it easier to navigate. Thanks all.
  2. Artial Fibrillation: anyone? Mental side?

    Hey mate, no help either but good to hear from you. glad it is at least being monitored. Good luck with it and keep us posted.
  3. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    Thanks all, still have an injury Im trying to get sorted which has ruined this season for me, but have set the Garmin to Zone 2 and will give it a shot. (Bloody hell those HR's are low though)
  4. IRONMAN Oceania is pleased to announce a partnership with CLIF Bar as the Official Energy Bars and Gels of the Multisport series in 2018 and 2019. CLIF Bars and CLIF SHOT Energy Gels will provide natural and wholesome performance nutrition to participants of the Gold Coast Triathlon Luke Harrop Memorial, the Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival and the iconic Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival. IRONMAN ® Oceania Head of Partnerships Miles Rose, said CLIF Bar are currently the Official Sports Nutrition Sponsor of IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 North American race series and have been proudly supporting the world’s top athletes for more than 20 years with high quality sports nutrition. “The partnership between CLIF Bar and the IRONMAN Oceania’s Multisport Series is wonderful news as competitors in these outstanding Australian events will now have access to CLIF Bar’s range of world-class, quality nutrition products.” Spokesperson for CLIF Bar Australia, Jackie Goldston said “Olympic distance triathlons offer a realistic goal for everyday athletes, while also showcasing the diverse talents of the elite triathletes. CLIF Bar is proud to partner with IRONMAN Oceania Multisport Series to help competitors at all levels achieve their goals.” Formulated by athletes for athletes, the range of eight CLIF Bars and five CLIF SHOT Energy Gels are for those athletes looking for a more natural, flavoursome alternative source of training nutrition. Several IRONMAN Champions are fuelled by CLIF Bar, the leading energy bar in the United States and Canada including: Two time IRONMAN World Champion Chris McCormack IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion Terenzo Bozzone IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion Holly Lawrence. IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 Champions – Tim O’Donnell, Linsey Corbin, Ben Hoffman, Sarah Piampiano and Aaron Schedies
  5. Tranny kit poll

    Gunna get back on this today and chase up Champ Sys to see where we are at.
  6. 50% off everything Dare2Tri

    Ill try and check in with Bill, but Dare2Tri is an international brand and Bill was their Aus distributor. Zero athletic I think is their own range of stuff which they were also selling alongside the Dare2tri stuff.
  7. Willie goes down - again

    Bugger mate. No good. I think you own or owned all my spare bikes so I don’t have one to lend you unfortunately.
  8. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    The other thing I’m trying to do is maintain high cadence 175+. and while this doesn’t necessarily get my hr up super high breathing is more difficult than “normal” running at the same pace
  9. My Instagram

    In the end the insta famous are just a modern day regurgitation of the same old stuff. people offering hope, inspiration and aspiration. Some do it honestly and with good intent and for the greater good with no thought of monetary gain, others do it simply for the fame and/or fortune with no real thought as to the ramifications or consequences of the “advice” they dish out. as with all these things, just like astrology and fortune telling, no one is forcing you to buy, and some people feel better for he service and are happy to pay for it. Whether what is being sold is inspiration or a power balance band some will defend their purchase till the end, some will see the light eventually others will see through it from the start.
  10. So there is plenty of talk about doing your long stuff slowly. For those that do this, have done it successfully and do it well what are the tricks? How slow is slow? How do you gauge “your” slow. I find that trying to run slow my gait and technique feel awkward and uncomfortable, are there any tricks to running slow?
  11. My Instagram

    Nice plank.
  12. Truce

    Some sweeping generalisations here but.... most serial bike haters are bogans. Mist bogans have a weird love affair with sporting heroes. most of these hero’s are v8 drivers, footy players (afl/ nrl), motor bike riders etc. some legends of these sports are pretty decent and serious cyclists. Most v8 drivers do it for fitness,super bike rider Troy herfoss is almost pro level cyclist, Michael Ennis from the sharks just did IM70.3 and is aiming for Ironman. why isn’t there an ad campaign showing the bogans that their heroes are “Lycra clad poodters and that the guy you are abusing today is the same guy you cheer for on the weekend.
  13. My Instagram

    So from a brief glance I can gather that while she was on deaths door in hospital somebody thought updating her insta page was a crucial thing to do.
  14. Dunc Gray Racing - 20 Jan

    Ash is an ex triathlete, Cronulla tri club girl and photographer extraordinare JayArePee’s neice.
  15. Blue seventy helix near new $250

    What “Farman” size is it? im not keen to try on my Rocket science yet as I reckon I’ll rip the arse out if it.