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  1. Its payback for all the tennis players and pole vaulters we have taken from them.
  2. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    Its 0.92 m2 now after Active took their cut.
  3. BHG6 Road bike

    I dont do gardening. Mrs does the lawns and stuff.
  4. BHG6 Road bike

    Wife is pretty cool, not too worried about $$ just space, so I only get limited storage room, there are only so many hooks on teh wall in the garage. I can fill the hooks but no more, so it has to be one bike out one bike in. This means from time to time when I want a bike in but don't want to get rid of another, a bike might get stripped down and stored as parts, because well you know, when is a bike a bike and when is it just a stack of parts. But when those parts come together and become a bike and then are sold then that means a new bike can come into the fold. Its like magic.
  5. BHG6 Road bike

    I currently have a Propel frame that I moved the D/A bits over to, not sure why, its no better, I just wanted a change and wanted to try a propel. I am waiting on the new FELT's to come in then will probably get a Disc brake roadie.
  6. The good news thread

    I wouldn't. If its around race time the most important thing is getting to the start line in one piece. Id be wanting good access to my brakes at all times with that event and riding a TT rig on the brakes all day isnt real comfy.
  7. BHG6 Road bike

    Thought Id throw it up here first before heading to facebook. Bike is a Medium BHG6 aero roadie running Ultegra 11 speed. Ultegra stuff is almost new (got if from Hiltz) Wheels are destickered Giant PA2's that might have an hour or two on them (came off a TT bike I bought and were swapped out straight away) Bars and stem are Easton Never dropped, crashed or even ridden too much as I spend a lot of time on test bikes. As is it still only weighs 7.4 kgs. New chain and bar tape. A few paint chips (the downside of light bikes) but nothing structural just a few decals and a bit of clear coat. Was hoping for $1200 Medium in BH is about a 55 I reckon in real terms. Have all the cable accesories for Di2 if you want to convert it. Need the money to pay for a gardener (before any smart arse comments )
  8. Orica Scott. The Movie

    Yeah will be trying to get there next week. Anyone else for Cronulla?
  9. ATEC Expo Cancelled

    Yep, I was gunna say a few Glucodin tablets before the race.
  10. ATEC Expo Cancelled

    EB Sports tri sluggos from Fred Falzon, but about right on the nutrition.
  11. I suppose that's what happens when a government chosen as "representatives" chooses not to represent the wishes of the people. Viva La Revolution
  12. Latex tubes, worth the faff?

    I have used them but find them a bit flimsy and fiddly. they would be fine if they were already in your tyres, but I don't think I'd be wanting to do a quick roadside change with them.
  13. I can have a Margherita pizza because you know, blessed are the cheese makers!!
  14. It appears I am "pineappleist" , oh the shame.