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  1. Orica Scott. The Movie

    grabbed a ticket for Friday nite at George street for on the way home from work....my ME time.... will probably see it again at Cronulla Saturday or sunday nite... im a sucker for watching these types of movies hence likely to go twice...
  2. Orica Scott. The Movie

    Bumpski....who's going....
  3. ATEC Expo Cancelled

    gone are the early 90's when the bike show was held in darling harbour and it would be packed out, you could mingle with some young Aussie Michellie Jones who seems to have done Ok since....along with others and suss out all the latest gizmos due to hit the market....
  4. Rooad ID shipping time

    Road Id for the Garmin....hhhmm must look up this concept... only have Road id for the wrist.....hhhmm sounds like im old school.... have always found their service and delivery to be pretty good.....
  5. Tyres, Tubeless ready, which ones.

    Parky, wider on the front like 2.4 allows for better control and is often preferred....
  6. Lances Tour Podcast.

    the legends of triathlon podcasts are pretty good and have done some of the real legends from the 80s and 90s ....unfortunately they haven't done one for a few months ....they have done some guys you may have heard like Molina, Tinley etc...miles stewart http://www.legendsoftriathlon.com/
  7. Employee satisfaction surveys

    yeah NSW , and yeah being in payroll know the legislatives, your correct.... currently scoping out options........
  8. Employee satisfaction surveys

    Current satisfaction is very very low.... managing some team members is impossible at times... support from mgr isn't there....oh but I have to manage a difficult team member that she recommended to me.... hit 9 years service this month....one more year for long service before I walk.....hhhmmm
  9. Sky v Discovery

    yeah the same.....actually download each morning and listen at work....and enjoy it....does that mean my work really is hell lately that he is appealing...or im just liking him
  10. Another AG race controversy

    is this actually the Friday Funnies... I was thinking the same....."sponsored"
  11. RAW TRACK starts Friday, anyone??

    buy one tonight.....race tomorrow night.....problem solved......
  12. Running Hydration Packs/ Vests

    mate, have an old fuel belt with four flasks you can have if you want ...if it helps....yeah its used...but still works...
  13. Orica Scott. The Movie

    sounds like you just nominated yourself to sort it out....