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  1. Tuesday evening done right 2.5hrs on MTB
  2. Nopes did whole marathon like that....i.was there spectating
  3. 4 hours / 50km of dirt bit foggy Missing company of better half during rides she's now 7 weeks into wearing moon boot 🙈☹
  4. I think from memory up towards engadine...
  5. 3 hrs in lower blue mountains mt portal area
  6. 3hrs on the MTB as the sun went down...then hit the lights 😁
  7. Thanks everyone Met with surgeon today...no surgery...however has a new fashion accessory for a few months 🙈🙊
  8. The better half calls me yesterday afternoon....can you come take me to hospital... Yeah she snapped her Achilles tendon mid netball game We spent 4 hours last night getting assessed at nepean hospital last night she sees the surgeon tomorrow 😬☹
  9. Yeah i spend more of my time getting dirty these days Sold my Hardtail and put a dropper post in last week ouch...sold a bike for price of a seat post 🤷‍♂️🙊🙈
  10. Saw the title and thought you were referring to Gabby...caught up with her and her mum last week at the local markets 😁
  11. Thanks will watch on laptop over the weekend Meanwhile get outdoors to help me
  12. Missed it...maybe they have it on again?
  13. When working from home it's important to step away from the desk and spend time with our loved ones...! 🤔🤣🙊🤷‍♂️
  14. Rupe's a bit skinner and I'm a bit wider than two years ago He we are having a few coopers greens on his last night of IPWR...in dodgy boyles hotel Sutherland one of my locals
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