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  1. School me on remote control cars?

    yeah I wont forget the day....this happened to my hornet...30 years ago we were running it , charging it , running it, charging it...and it overheated and melted, whilst being charged from the old mans car battery... wise suggestion ronny, grab a few batteries... :-)
  2. Dunc Gray Racing - 20 Jan

    Awesome will probably head there....always loved watching events at this venue...
  3. RunWith Opening - 13th January, 2018

    that he knows about....or still to find out about ......
  4. 2018 Goals-what are they ?

    Sport Goals - two 24 hr solo events, with hopefully a good crack at Nationals in september - keep training and finding new places, adventures, tapping away at limits Personal - complete overhaul to ensure life is heading in the right direction
  5. Giant Trinity TT module

    luckily its not my size.....so not an option....
  6. SBS Insight pushing the limits

    its on tonight on the normal show, therefore isn't in on the demand section after its been on ?? (correct me if im wrong)
  7. SBS Insight pushing the limits

    features Sarah Hammond also who has been renowned for IPWR etc...
  8. What would you do?

    Suspect your at a site like Chevron etc.... the environment is changing so much these days...and pressures to cut and change everything... im not in the 'coalface' so to speaking being in a Sydney office, however suspect we may work for same or similar company
  9. Highland Fling

    who knows....some of it is natural attrition like what has happened at times with triathlons..... some years the entries sold out in July within hours whereas this week they were still open till last minute... some mtbers are realising you can go ride the trails without paying the $120 entry fee and still having great time.... there will always be mixed reasons, however yeah it was a great community event etc..
  10. Highland Fling

    they seemed to struggle for sponsors for this one, and yeah Huw has headed to other directions a bit, some races are now struggling with logging eg the Kowalksi etc in Canberra, however don't think logging impacted this one and think the council may have had an impact, eg how much they used the main town etc race weekend, however that was the vibe, this year its all being held in the paddocks etc not main street... however in all 12 years found all the locals eg shops etc very welcoming and friendly
  11. Highland Fling

    your sunday morning alarm clock will be unique.....and loud....
  12. Highland Fling

    ha the more rain now...the deeper the river crossings...... nah should be good they wouldn't be more than say knee deep.....
  13. Highland Fling

    Yeah ive done them all, heading to number 13 of 13 as they have announced its the last one. im only doing the half of about 60km I haven't done the convict yet, however reckon Fling would be easier in sense of less rocky , its a mix of single track and fire trails ive always enjoyed the weekend, getting there mid arvo Saturday camping or staying in the pub then racing sunday and heading home after preso... advice for mid packer, well that's me, however cant think of much advice wise, like usual many go to hard too soon and blow up...
  14. Sydney-based swim coach recommendations?

    travel a bit further out to gods country and visit this Maroney guy....seems to know a few things....
  15. OT saving lives

    Grabbed a free cookie at lunchtime.....and left a deposit of the good red stuff with those friendly folk at the blood bank, Who's next to save a few lives....???