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  1. I've got discs on my roadie. I will never go back to rim brakes. They work well in the wet and i find myself generally braking later when it's dry. They've never locked up either. I've replaced the rear pads twice in about 15000km. No need to worry about deterioration of the braking surface either. It won't be an option soon anyway.
  2. I sit opposite the world's noisiest eater. If you listen carefully I'm sure you could hear him from interstate when he rips the shit out of an apple. I don't know how he does it, I couldn't make that much noise if i tried. He also smacks his lips together when he eats and more often than not talks with food in his mouth. It's farken disgusting, my kids have better eating habits. He's also a fat fcuker (I'm talking 20kg+ overweight) and eats way too much processed crap (mostly in annoyingly noisy plastic wrappers) and pretty much has a soft drink every day. He is also a serial interrupter, I cannot think of a conversation that he hasn't interrupted. Even if the conversation has nothing to do with him, he buts in and has his say. He's also pretty much useless at his job. What takes me 1 hour to do takes him 3 on a good day, yet he has a guaranteed job for life (long story). Rant over, I feel slightly better now.
  3. MattS

    NBN Options

    I can't see any reason to switch to NBN until I am forced to. My understanding is that it will use the same copper as my current ADSL. I'm not sure how it will be any faster...?
  4. There's a guy on facebook who has a page called Down Under IPTV Services. I don't have one, and i have no idea how it works, but it's something like $200 for a 'box' you plug in then you can pay an additional $200 (ish) for a yearly subscription to content. From what i can gather you get pretty much everything - movies, sport - EPL, NBA, AFL, NRL, Boxing blah blah. I think he's based in Melbourne, if you send him a message he replies with all the details. I'll eventually get it when i get forced on to a higher usage NBN plan.
  5. MattS


    Yeah we have some of those around here. No one seems to know what they do apart from go to lots of meetings and learn/invent new buzz words. Listening to them speak is like listening to another language. Take away the fluff and there isn't much left that means anything. My favorite sentence was something like..'We have socialised the changes and the GM has comfort with the changes'. Fark who talks like that?
  6. MattS


    Great show. If anyone has been unlucky enough to use the 'mvgov' website they'll know that it must be the basis for the episode where the NBA were roped into rolling out the 'smartgov' portal. An absolute waste of money and pretty much impossible to use. As for buzzwords; Agile, Lean, moving forward, diversity blah blah blah
  7. MattS

    Wage Increases

    Very lucky where I am. Been here nearly 10 years and had about 4% increase every year due to EBA. We also get personal reviews which usually means another 1% or so. Negotiations for next EBA have hit a road block (due to the ABCC rules on EBAs being compliant) so we haven't had an increase this year, but i suspect it will be between 3-4% when it goes through. Like I said, very lucky.
  8. MattS


    Haven't used it for a while, but maybe an hour or so. one light is silver & one is blue.
  9. MattS


    They're still available Cranky.
  10. MattS


    Hopefully, going through the process now. Bad time to have an insurance claim in SA at the moment because we've had a bit of flooding and storm damage, so the assessors are a touch busy.
  11. MattS


    No but my new Exposure light sure did. Much more portable! The day after the blackout my shed caught fire (spread from fire next door) and destroyed pretty much all my bikes, Somehow the Ayups came out unscathed in the bulletproof orange case.
  12. MattS


    I'm in Adelaide. Just catching up to things now after our statewide blackout!
  13. MattS


    I've got some ayups to offload if anyone wants them. I'm not gonna give them away though. I reckon $100 would be fair for 2 full sets (ie enough for 2 bikes), I haven't used them for a while, but i know the bigger battery is still OK but the small one doesn't last very long.
  14. I bought a BIC board from Adelaide Canoe Works on Grange Rd, was about $1500 from memory, good board, durable but bulky (10'6). Good service and they give you discount on other stuff later on. I also looked at http://rippleboards.com.au/ which was basically a board on a wall in a warehouse that was mainly used for a party hire business. Pretty average service (ie there was no one at the warehouse who could help and they didn't follow up my call) but i think the boards are a bit cheaper - I suspect they are sourced cheap from China or similar. Depends what you are looking for I guess.
  15. But aren't the Olympics the pinnacle of sporting achievement? Shouldn't the best of the best be there? Why have an age restricted competition? Oh that's right because FIFA says we have to. I think the line between pro and amateur is too blurry to be able to exclude professionals. I think the top women golfers in the world now are about 20 so what sort of age restriction would work?
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