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  1. BJ7

    Canberra Triathletes

    Hey all 2 - part question.... 1) Is the lake healthy for swimming at the moment and where is the best place to go? Any other alternatives for open water swimming there? Ideally we'll have some swimming cans to navigate around. 2) Need to do some filming of swimming and running in Canberra on Wednesday 7th of March and need to source some local 'talent' for the shoot. Don't need to be too "pro" however they need to have relatively decent swim and run technique (doesn't necessarily need to be the same person). We have a male but just need a female to join us. It's mostly just B-roll footage at various intensities and a couple of different locations. If you or anyone you know can help please let me know!
  2. For those who don't know me I work for a company called Today's Plan and our current project is development of the triathlon and multisport version of our site. Up until now we have been solely focussed on cycling and are working with the likes of Team Sky and Trek-Segafredo. I'm looking for volunteer coaches of any level who want to provide feedback over the next 2 months as we add additional functionality into our testing servers prior to launch. This will give you the chance to contribute to the design and workflow we're building into the site and get a sneak peak into what we're doing. You don't need to be familiar with other similar platforms to get involved and it won't take a huge amount of time. Ideally I'm looking to catch up via Skype for 10-15min once a week/fortnight over the next 6-8 weeks. If interested feel free to reply here or get in touch via PM or at: benh@todaysplan.com.au
  3. No I don't think so - I'm quite liking the information its giving me and how I can use it. Just the training load stuff I don't think holds much weight.
  4. Exactly correct and I worked back to the same conclusion that by increasing the exponent, they're actually achieving the opposite result of what they claim to be achieving. What I am surprised about though is how they managed to get that wrong and that it's not been found by anyone? I know on a Golden Cheetah forum someone attempted to reverse engineer the value for "K" but don't recall off the top of my head what it resulted in.
  5. That was my initial thoughts however believe i have got it right. I have calculated using both Average power and NP to check the differences as well. Threshold in all methods is set at 325W. The power data is all from the same file so no changes there. Duration is obviously constant. TSS formula I have calculated using 3 methods (Training Peaks, Today's Plan and manual) and they all confirm each other. RSS was calculated by just plugging the file into Stryd itself. Also this wasn't an isolated discrepancy and occurs on every run.
  6. I've been using the Stryd as well and find it typically is very low when compared to cycling numbers. Understandable given that cycling's TSS and Stryd's RSS were not made to be measured against each other however confusing if you aren't aware considering they 'appear' to measure the same thing. I've started comparing RSS and then taking the power data and running it as if it were a cycle and how TSS metrics would come out. Given the exact same threshold value it seems to be suggesting that the run causes a lower stress on the body than an equivalent ride. As an example, I raced Sydney marathon last year. With a threshold of 325W, Stryd gives me a RSS of 205. I ran the same file as if it were a bike ride and it results in a TSS of 237. This is arguably the biggest issue with metrics like this is that they all 'seem' to measure the same thing but were never designed in conjunction with each other so with what is currently available, they simply can't be combined to form a single number to provide any sort of usable information.
  7. where do we find out about this? can't see anything on email/online.
  8. that photo doesn't look even remotely like Busso? every single person in a cycling kit?
  9. BJ7

    Ultimate Callala?

    in for the Ultimate after my Busso capitulation
  10. Warringah and Northern Suburbs probably your 2 best options http://www.warringahtriathlonclub.com/ http://www.nstc.org.au/
  11. haha so it is - and i'm racing - suppose i should know better!
  12. isnt Busso 3-laps on the bike this year?
  13. BJ7

    Nike Lunar Tempo

    They're definitely softer than the tempo but its the closest "feel" i could find. I got mine from Pace Athletic down in Manly - they let you go for a little jog on them so you don't need to buy them completely blind.
  14. BJ7

    Nike Lunar Tempo

    Yea i discovered this - loved my Tempo's and went through about 4-5 pairs of them. If you can't find any, I've switched the the Lunar Epic. A little softer than the tempo but I really like them now.
  15. Nearly shat myself when 60sec before the start a fin pops up about 100m off shore and right on the way to the first buoy. Luckily just a dolphin. Great to see this event get some support for a first edition.
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