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  1. RunLong

    Running iPods

    When I used to actually be fit I used to think only shit kickers used music etc when running. But, when I got older, fatter, slower and more time constrained I realized that this was about the only time I get to myself. Hence, I listen to podcasts, basically never music when running, sometimes even audio books.
  2. RunLong

    Running iPods

    So, Nano has shat itself and now see apple doesn't even make them anymore. Looking for one for running only and must have Bluetooth for ear buds and be mac compatible. For riding I just use my phone but don['t wish to carry that running. What is everyone using on the run?
  3. Hey try using google chrome as your browser on your mini. Then go to the settings which is to the right of the address bar, there is an option to request full site I.e not mobile site. Than may work
  4. After moving I can not find what the muppet movers have done with the keys to my roller tool box with all my bike goodies in it. The lock has a number on it which I assume means something to someone one, maybe a locksmith? Bought it from VIC on eBay years a go so can't find the seller Ideas?
  5. Have a look around here http://www.tasmanwheelers.co.nz/
  6. WTC kill another event, congrats corporate greed mongers. Did it in 2012, while a boring course and possibly the worst swim I have ever seen/done the organisation was the best I have ever seen and that includes Roth. Hope they bring back a stand alone race, fight the power
  7. Typical red neck tradie. Flip him the bird and move on, the in bred piece of shit will be fuming for weeks
  8. RunLong

    TV Shows

    Loved WOWS, wish my office was like that
  9. RunLong

    Six Nations

    6 Nations = 6 Ave nations playing shit rugby
  10. Garmin Australia cust service is a f n joke. Had an issue with Vectiors since 5/12. Today after blasting them on f/b for the second time they called me. Let's see if it gets resolved. If I didn't ride carbon cranks there is zero chance I would be on Vectiors over satges
  11. Had a semi chub checking them out at Roth last year and was almost rubbing my sack on the TT until I started looking at how intergrated (read hard to work on) everything was. Then the rep came over and told me how much of a biatch it was to work on and I started liking my P3 more!
  12. and got it from Canyon themselves that the brakes are complete shit and even they hate changing wheels on that bike
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