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  1. green tribal cloth with matching face paint.
  2. donkey vote for AG. Capt Awesome does not need to collect trinkets
  3. Jabbs = ex smoker the ones that really rant on about how bad it is...blah blah faaarking blah things we know thanks to Jabbs : We all know nuffin !! we don't know the REAL story about anything Triathlon used to be great AND fast - now it's just shit and slow Olympics has nothing to do with sport. BK is hopeless and slow track and road cycling is the only real sport and of course we are all serious insects who prance around with all our bling ( not many have more than Jabbs ) I know the CM ( cronulla mafia) will be along shortly to list your CV again but why hang around here if it shits you SO much?? way cheaper than therapy. some days you post gold Jabbs but what about a new log in ?? - Jekyll or Hyde
  4. HIM

    OT - The Rant Thread

    corinda is a great pool and well run. A nicer bloke you wouldn't meet etc etc.
  5. got to love a whinge about whingeing
  6. HIM

    O/T White Knight 2

    makes sense really. If you are a space cadet where do you go
  7. HIM

    Cape to Cape

    Punishment meet Glutton !!! Merv introduce yourself
  8. Wallabies get a Kiwi coach so Nige gets Alex Awesome!! Go MOM
  9. HIM

    TDF08 - Stage 20

    hope schumacher has a jar of drug free piss ready for a sample Cadel needed to be in top 3 or 4 in ITT to have a chance.just not his day but a fantastic tour overall without much of a team !! best ride was Kohl.
  10. HIM

    TDF08 - Stage 20

    Sastre 1st Cadel 2nd Egor Kohl 3rd
  11. HIM

    Hell of the West 09

    Ms Anti HOTW is a nice little race in a quiet country town in western Qld.held in mild weather with a gentle flat course.what more could you want ?? 2km swim - crisp flowing river 80km bike - flat hotmix 20km run - scenic river and botanic gardens Goondiwindi. - diamond of the west !!
  12. HIM

    Hell of the West 09

    Feb 1st 2009 one of the best races . mark your calendar.
  13. HIM

    Is the stuff toxic

    are they columbian tubes?
  14. HIM


    Mr Steely you didn't happen to be riding down a hill in france yesterday by chance?? looked very familiar your bike is sweet. Yoboy must be cut it only cost 1/4 of his 2020 model Sensitized .at least he is used to be hammered by the budget boys.Karbona - Edge - CarbonR - it must make him ill
  15. how can the White Knight not like white light crazy loco. alex do you ride in all black with night vision goggles only.
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