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  1. Top Day! Thank you for your help
  2. Chris runs great events. All accounts were that it was awesome last year. Have fun!
  3. RCR changed hands last year. I'll be at Two Bays again this year - Rosebud aid station - See you there!
  4. Way to go Cottoneyes! It was a tough day but the course is magic I am glad you got to see it. And that you are now hooked. Trannie SlowDave was also out there in the 20k, I was really happy to see all the people I knew come through safely. The injuries were way down, we only had 2 but were warned that it may be carnage at the 12k mark (bottom of the hill.) Discussing it later it would seem the weather played a role in this. Given the weather was bad, people on the 20k also carried mandatory gear and everyone was a lot more careful. It is easy to get gun-oh about trail events if you haven't done many and think you know better than the race directors Ace event, I'll see you next year! Z
  5. Bahahahaaa Yes I did birthday swim and I swam yesterday... even remembered how to put my wettie on. Run 2013 110.1 km 2014 555.0 km 2015 897.0 km
  6. Top weekend for sure! I loved it. And PS I came dead last in the 50k Got to hang out with Nikki Wynd for 8 odd hours though
  7. Awesome Turtle! Just ACE - with bells and pom-poms on So inspired See ya at UTA!
  8. I wouldn't have missed it You are a absolute Rock Star for carrying on given how you were feeling, 100k is a bloody long way on trail. Be super proud - I am It was great to finally meet you properly - dead-set legend, fun and an inspiration to mere mortals like me
  9. Yup finished in one piece. Now back down at the finish line to Pom -Pom Turtle in Super awesome fun.
  10. heheheeeeee tis compared with what you are doing! Gawd my excitement level has reached "Cranky" on the excite-o-meter. Leaving now
  11. WOOOOOHHHHHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to be ACE fun. I am bringing the pom-poms too See you down there Edit: Race number 633. In the mini one
  12. Fantastic! Well done Lots of people found the course confusing and some got lost so you were not alone on that. I'll see you at SCC (50k for me I'm not up to 100 just yet)
  13. Thanks all this has been helpful. I do want to get back out on the road, I’ll just have to work on it I guess. For now the thought makes me sick, sadly so does the thought of not riding our beautiful Peninsula roads. I have always been a safety conscious rider, scanning, predicting situations and for a long time I was fine – even with all the near misses. In fact I didn’t mind traffic at all in some places. But that has changed now. I absolutely agree that the most likely scenario would be an accident rather than aggression but that does not make it better. People are so impatient these days, it seems like the gulf between road users is massive and people just don’t care enough to focus. For now I’ll checkout the Peninsula trail (thanks -H-) which seems to join the Dandy one for some outdoor rides, hit-up some very quiet roads on the CX (maybe) MTB <3 and WT. Funny thing is as I had the creeping feeling about the road I started to feel more love for WT smash sessions (may need a new trainer though). It is probably going to be ok. But I do have to get bike fit for Shep so time to think and act creatively I guess And to always remember just how lucky I am to have these choices in the first place. That is something I am very grateful for
  14. LOL Ruley I haven't ridden through Frankston since an incident in November, no other cars, 3 lanes and this guy screams over 3 lanes brushes me, I nearly wobbled my friend into the gutter, he is yelling and on the horn. I wave he slams his breaks on in front of us and opens the door and starts to get out.... screaming at us. 8.30am on a Sunday. Anyway its a tough one. I do light-up the bike in the day already and don't wear black to ride. I am a bit partial to some Euro Fluro so I may get some, choose some different roads and times. Or just stick to mud puddles.
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