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  1. Nice work mate and well done on not letting the stresses pre race affect your day. Thanks for a great report. NSF
  2. Great report. Thanks for sharing and good luck with Kona. I hope you can sort the nutrition issues out soon NSF
  3. Notsofast

    Port - Race Day

    Yep, DNF. He didn’t look to be injured or cramping and bike didn’t appear to have a flat or anything obvious. I would be keen to hear what happened. Has he entered Cairns and pulled the pin to save himself for that race?
  4. Notsofast

    Port - Race Day

    Luke Bell just walked up MFD. looks another DNF?
  5. Nice work mate, I would be very happy with your bike and run splits. Cheers NSF
  6. Great work Blobby NSF
  7. AP - keen to know more about this. I have always been a great sleeper, until about 12 months ago (I am 49 now). I still sleep well most nights, but some nights are shocking. No stress or anything I can put it down to though. Thanks NSF
  8. Notsofast

    Training peaks

    My coach encourages us to use it so he can modify our sessions if needed. NSF
  9. Thanks, I had no idea as I don't subscribe to Foxtel. I did just subscribe to Kayo and noticed a heap of Triathlon available. Cheers NSF
  10. Please explain (in the voice of Pauline Hanson :)) NSF
  11. You could say gone backwards? Really, on a sponsorship front it doesn't offer anyone but actual Triathletes anything of any value. It is a low participation sport (per capita), it is not very spectator friendly and as a result has very low potential for TV. Therefore prize money is low. Note: This doesn't affect me as I will never win any $$ anyway Maybe Active could donate a % of the 8% fee (or whatever it is this week) back to the races that create their wealth? NSF
  12. It seemed like a really era to be involved in Tri NSF
  13. I was listening to IM Talk this morning on the way to work and Scott Molina said he had earned $1m by the time he was 26 (that was prize money, appearance and sponsorship). He raced between 18-22 times a year various distances Not bad in the old days, considering a lot of travel and accommodation was paid for NSF
  14. How does that go with NCB? NSF
  15. Sounds like you cant lose with those options? NSF
  16. Thorstons site - Trirating https://www.trirating.com/ironman-australia-2019-may-5th-entry-list/ NSF
  17. That's a bloody shame, in that case go Clint and Tim. Lachie - any predictions from you for the podium? Cheers NSF
  18. This might be Lachie's year. Females guaranteed a podium. Cheers NSF
  19. Maybe use Challenge Event bags? Cheers NSF
  20. Notsofast

    Barkely Marathons

    Don't humour him, everyone knows what you mean NSF
  21. I changed my screws for a more solid type packed out accordingly with washers. Seemed to work well NSF
  22. Good stuff. Thanks NSF
  23. Great idea but I am out. Away camping all weekend working on my bicep curls NSF
  24. I have a F5 and love it. battery life is way better than expected (maybe I just had low expectations 😂. No issues racing with it and a great everyday watch. NSF
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