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  1. I think the principles carry across most sports NSF
  2. I just looked it up, great story and even better message http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/CFJ_Racehose_Bergeron.pdf Cheers NSF
  3. Can someone post the link to the tracker? I cant find it. Thanks NSF
  4. This was mine - still a great album that I still listen to (albeit on ITunes :))
  5. Notsofast

    HM pacing advice

    Nice work, well done NSF
  6. I have had similar issues and totally agree with what Turts has said. Good luck with it, it is bloody annoying. NSF
  7. Just finished Dr Death, very good. Shocking story though..............
  8. Possibly the ugliest Garmin produced.............. NSF
  9. I have no experience in this but 2 of the guys in my Pilates class have had back issues and both have said that after Pilates for a few weeks there is a significant improvement. Good luck with it NSF
  10. I was after only. Dr said treatment could wait until after IM, but lucky I didn't leave it any longer as the cancer grew significantly but they got it all NSF
  11. Didn’t they say he bought a Woolamaloo apartment?
  12. Thanks mate, i will be listening to IM Talk tomorrow. Cheers NSF
  13. Any info on how it happened?
  14. I did 😲, no use just hanging around to see what might happen. Live life to the fullest every day, you never know what is around the corner. For the record I had surgery 10 days after IM. Coming up to 5 years clear now NSF
  15. I agree, however he must have been pretty good. He managed to Con many, many people out of thier $$
  16. I just listened to the first 3 episodes, what a scum bag
  17. Hi have a Fenix 5 and very happy. I had an out of warranty issue with a 910 and Garmin were brilliant. There is a thread on here somewhere about it, but in summary, my 910XT stopped working 4 days before IM. I rang and asked if there was anything I could do (thinking of buying a refurbished unit) and in short they sent a brand new whole kit ( watch and HRM) to my motel at no charge. I couldn't be happier, hence the upgrade to F5. I think how you deal with them has a lot to do with it (as with most companies) NSF
  18. Roxii, What is the name of the podcast? Cheers NSF
  19. I had similar experience at Tweed Coast. Turns out I was dehydrated and had a virus (Blood tests after confirmed). NSF
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