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  1. I read a book on this. Beyond the Marathon by Grahak Cunningham. Crazy stuff NSF
  2. Good luck to your Mum mate NSF
  3. I also have a pair of 2015 Asic Noosa Gels. Size 8.5. Only worn once on a 5km run (too narrow for me). They have been sitting in a cupboard for years. I found them a little while ago and wore them to 1 race and a couple of gym sessions. Again free postage to anywhere in Oz. Cheers NSF
  4. I have a pair or almost new Hoka Clayton 2's if anyone is interested? Size 9. I have had them for a couple of years but only worn them a couple of times. They would have <15km running and <10km walking max. Good shoes (I think), just 1 size too big. They seem big in toe box if that helps anyone. Free postage to anywhere in Oz if someone wants to give them a go. Cheers NSF
  5. Notsofast

    IMOZ 2020

    Accom booked and plan for 4th IMOZ NSF
  6. Shit, if this is true I will now refer to you as Chuck Norris 😂😂 That is hard core. My feet froze at anything below 16. NSF
  7. He is running 3:30 pace. Leader was running 4:00 Might be interesting
  8. Correction, looks like he is in 3rd NSF
  9. Brownlee in 2nd off the bike about 3 min behind the leader. He might win tbis NSF
  10. Notsofast


    Nice work. How many in the main race? Cheers NSF
  11. When I raced Alcatraz I think the water temp was 12 degrees. I just had a long sleeved wetsuit, booties and a good swim cap. Jumping in took my breath away but I had no trouble at all. They should have swam IMO. NSF
  12. On the professional advice of BogFrog I have just had a go at sewing up myself. Time will tell if I end up like B@w pic 😂 Thanks NSF
  13. Guys, I have a pair of Cannibal knicks that are still relatively new but the stitching has come apart on inside of thigh for about 20mm. It rubbed on seat I think, never had that before but may be due to how I was sitting as I had a bit of back pain during that ride Can lycra be stitched back up by hand or does it need specialised equipment? Is it a case of bury them? I am also concerned about rubbing on new stitch if not done correctly All thoughts and suggestions appreciated Thanks NSF
  14. What’s the chances of Luke Bell finishing? NSF
  15. Nice work mate and well done on not letting the stresses pre race affect your day. Thanks for a great report. NSF
  16. Great report. Thanks for sharing and good luck with Kona. I hope you can sort the nutrition issues out soon NSF
  17. Notsofast

    Port - Race Day

    Yep, DNF. He didn’t look to be injured or cramping and bike didn’t appear to have a flat or anything obvious. I would be keen to hear what happened. Has he entered Cairns and pulled the pin to save himself for that race?
  18. Notsofast

    Port - Race Day

    Luke Bell just walked up MFD. looks another DNF?
  19. Nice work mate, I would be very happy with your bike and run splits. Cheers NSF
  20. Great work Blobby NSF
  21. AP - keen to know more about this. I have always been a great sleeper, until about 12 months ago (I am 49 now). I still sleep well most nights, but some nights are shocking. No stress or anything I can put it down to though. Thanks NSF
  22. Notsofast

    Training peaks

    My coach encourages us to use it so he can modify our sessions if needed. NSF
  23. Thanks, I had no idea as I don't subscribe to Foxtel. I did just subscribe to Kayo and noticed a heap of Triathlon available. Cheers NSF
  24. Please explain (in the voice of Pauline Hanson :)) NSF
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