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    Time for reflection

    Thats awesome Jon. How did this strategy play out on the day? Did calm mean fast? Cheers NSF
  2. Yes and not happy. I have my 50th party in 2 weeks and had to cancel as I hired a function room and have about 150 going 🤬. To be fair the function centre has been great keeping us informed and said they will probably be shut down anyway. if that’s the worst that will happen though I can’t complain. keep well everyone. NSF
  3. Latest update has swim still on but electrical storms may now be an issue. I feel for the organisers. Putting an event on is hard enough in perfect conditions, but having the full gambit of conditions ( drought, flood, storms, high humidity and now also the Coronavirus 😳) would be very challenging. Let’s hope it all goes well. The updates have been great. cheers NSF
  4. I think there is something like 30 of us from Newcastle Tri Club this year. Looking forward to race number 3 for me. NSF
  5. Done and good luck with it Jess NSF
  6. That’s awesome. Not knocking it as it works for you and the Black Dog is something that has taken too many people I know. Do you think there is anything in you focusing on what you are eating may be offset by what you are feeling? Cheers NSF
  7. Hi FM What podcast is this? Thanks NSF
  8. At the risk of asking, who did you buy off? NSF
  9. What are the other options out there? We use a proprietary system for club races that works well, what does everyone else use? NSF
  10. Spot on FM, the only good thing about the walk is you will pass a coupe of toilet blocks which are usually not lined up 👍🏼 it’s a great race, but on the other end, gee it’s a long walk back to the car Have fun NSF
  11. Me too - bring on the KISS concert too NSF
  12. Has anyone asked TuV for his opinion 😂
  13. The Compeat Waffle has a podcast on it now. Just started it but in opening presenter Alicia (Advanced Sports Dietitian who has worked at AIS) states it is short of fact but this is some good stuff in it (paraphrased). I look forwarding to hearing the rest of it NSF
  14. Notsofast

    Tacx Neo 2

    Is there a chance their site has been hacked by someone looking for a cheap awesome trainer? 😂😳
  15. Notsofast

    Tacx Neo 2

    It’s now $71.98 😳. I was going to buy but I think this will be a bigger headache thank reward. NSF
  16. Notsofast

    Ironman Wales

    Awesome report and congrats on a great race. NSF
  17. At least its new crap 😂. Not the same old sh*t
  18. Better than a lot of the crap that people / person are going in with on other threads. NSF
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