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  1. Looks like another cheat has been caught. Looks like the Zimbabwe officials have done a great job. If you don't want to read the report, in summary, male ran for a female and crossed the line in first place for female. Timing and photo evidence, competitor DQ https://www.dropbox.com/s/5cnecdcstqx2k8w/Victoria Falls Econet Marathon 2018 report.pdf?dl=0&utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Query+on+athlete+using+race+number+3059&utm_campaign=Econet+Victoria+Falls+Marathon%3A+Official+Statement+and+Report+-+Cheating+Runner I just cannot understand why this is even attempted with today's technology.
  2. Notsofast

    Sunglasses and Watches

    I will hold off then. Let us know when /if they are available. Cheers NSF
  3. Notsofast

    Tim Don

    Yeah, unbelievable story and he seems a great guy.
  4. Notsofast

    IM France

    Did Lance come second?
  5. Notsofast

    IM France

    Exactly what I found, hence the question. And another question, how do you pronounce that athletes name? Is it like Prince when he was known as the symbol or something
  6. Notsofast

    Gold bike.... WTF?

    FUGLY bike
  7. Notsofast

    IM France

    Are there any results anywhere?
  8. Notsofast

    I don't understand.......

    LOL, all good. Should have added some more commentary to explain
  9. Notsofast

    I don't understand.......

    Spot on
  10. Notsofast

    I don't understand.......

    Very true
  11. Notsofast

    I don't understand.......

    As a proud Novocastrian, this is very close to home. Last week a 47 yo man sexually assaulted a 12 yo girl on her way to school for 5 hours. How can this happen?? He has been caught and arrested thankfully. She was a very brave young girl who gave a perfect description to police. As a father with 2 adult daughters (both have boyfriends who they go out with clubbing), I will still offer to be taxi service at any hour as I am worried about the sickos out there. Its a strange world. NSF
  12. Notsofast

    TA Membership time

    What about supporting the sport to grow? Who knows what TA / TriNSW might offer if they get enough support. It's not like it is hundreds of $$ My 2c worth NSF
  13. Notsofast

    I Believe

    Yes, for sure. Makes sense and I agree. Keen to know what AP thinks. Thanks Pieman
  14. Notsofast

    I Believe

    Great post AP. In relation to weight, how do you determine ideal race weight? Is it simply as light as you can get without losing power? Also what is the ideal off season weight as a % of ideal race weight. Cheers NSF
  15. Notsofast

    TA Membership time

    Auto renew