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  1. Notsofast

    Western Sydney 70.3

    I am in for second year. Looking forward to it. Hopefully I can run better than last year cheers NSF
  2. Notsofast

    TriHusky Standard 2018

    Great report Xblane, thanks
  3. Notsofast

    Jonathan Cantwell

    That was the one I was listening to
  4. Notsofast

    Jonathan Cantwell

    I was only listening to him on a podcast yesterday (not recorded yesterday)
  5. Notsofast

    Half Marathon World Record

    That’s 2:45 pace 😯😯
  6. Notsofast

    Is triathlon dead in Sydney?

    That was a very fit magpie, he had a go at the leader and was still going at BOP 😂
  7. Notsofast

    Is triathlon dead in Sydney?

    Maitland Tri is back for the 2nd year on 4/11 with a longer distance, but I agree with Peter, no great rush on entries. http://maitlandtriathlon.com.au// Is there just too many choices of events (not specifically Tri)? Disclaimer - I have a connection to the event
  8. Notsofast

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    WOW, thanks
  9. Notsofast

    Data says wurf wasn’t even trying on the bike

    I thought I heard in commentary that Starky told the media bike he was cooked, or something similar? It was after he was off the front and fell back.
  10. Notsofast

    Kona Race Day Discussion

    Who was the first AG and what was their time?
  11. Notsofast

    Lange is a cheat says seb and frodo

    I agree, I couldn't read it all, I couldn't understand it
  12. I think Lionel is a real chance this weekend, and I will back him for the win (note: I know SFA :))
  13. Notsofast


    Yep, I am a fan also
  14. Notsofast

    "Not-so-sunny" Coast 70.3

    Always love your race reports and well done on the PB
  15. Notsofast

    Ironman Melbourne

    Wow, that’s ironic. I am sitting in a business lounge in Ho Chi Mihn Airport watching IM Melbourne replay just 2 hours ago. Weird