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  1. I have a friend racing - Su Pretto. Absolute machine. I think she came 2nd female in IPWR a couple of years ago. Ex 24hr MTB WC also for her age a few years ago. Great lady Cheers NSF
  2. Notsofast

    Nice 70.3

    The new WC by the look of it. BTW - I have never heard of him either NSF
  3. Bloody awesome. Great news NSF
  4. Notsofast

    Fenix 5

    Flash 😂👍🏼💪 NSF
  5. Notsofast

    Simply Kickr

    How do you rate Rouvy? I am thinking of giving it a go. Thanks NSF
  6. Great work @Greyman I agree the most important message is just get checked (I say from 40yo). You don’t need the finger up the bum anymore, just a simple blood test. If for no other reason than to set a starting point. NSF
  7. Hi GE, as per my previous posts I have been through it. I just ticked over 5 years all clear. Happy to answer any questions or just lend an ear if you like. I will shoot you a message with my number (happy for you to ignore it). Best of luck with it. Cheers NSF
  8. How do you find FulGaz? NSF
  9. For those who have been on the mountain, where does everyone go to the toilet? It seems packed and plenty appear to have been on the beers for a while? NSF
  10. Thanks. There’s my next Zwift session NSF
  11. I read a book on this. Beyond the Marathon by Grahak Cunningham. Crazy stuff NSF
  12. Good luck to your Mum mate NSF
  13. I also have a pair of 2015 Asic Noosa Gels. Size 8.5. Only worn once on a 5km run (too narrow for me). They have been sitting in a cupboard for years. I found them a little while ago and wore them to 1 race and a couple of gym sessions. Again free postage to anywhere in Oz. Cheers NSF
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