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  1. Notsofast

    Boston Marathon

    Nice work RBR, I couldn't imagine running in those conditions. Cheers NSF
  2. Notsofast

    Boston Marathon

    Probably too late, but good luck with run RBR Cheers
  3. Notsofast

    Ironman South Africa

    Congrats to Bergs
  4. Notsofast

    ball tampering vs doping

    I don't like it, but you have to admit, Harry executed the race plan 100%
  5. Notsofast

    Heart checks, stress test etc

    On the other side of the equation, a friend of ours who was some type of medical scientist (at the top of his game) who specialised in cardio / heart abnormalities, with a focus on athletes, dropped dead one morning whilst on a rowing machine from a heart attack. He was a very, very fit 52 yo and had only been tested 2 weeks prior for any heart issues and was found to be one of the fittest guys tested for his age, with zero issues. He looked after himself and still raced A grade cycling and was a competitor in long distance multi stage adventure racing. You never know when your time is going to be up, make the most of every day. BTW - I am not suggesting don't get tested, do whatever you can.
  6. Notsofast

    Indian Pacific Wheel Race CANCELLED

    I was following my friend (Su Pretto) the other day via the dots. It looked like she had gone off course, so I zoomed in. Looked like she was at the local IGA. The funny part was someone went with her and was across the road at the bottle shop . I could imagine Su still having a wine and enjoying herself. They are all freaks, but what about the guys in front................ bloody impressive Here to hoping they all stay safe Cheers NSF
  7. Notsofast

    Kingy tri March 2018

    Nice work mate.
  8. Notsofast

    Woolongong Tri - 18 March

    I wont name names, but a while ago I had a mate that did very well in IM (I mean really well as an AG, beat a lot of Pros'). He suffered a Stress Fracture in his shins. As he was attending a training session in preparation for Kona, his coach told him to just push through. At this time another athlete who was coached by the same guy and was at this discussion resulted in her blowing up and tearing strips off the coach for giving such stupid advice, in front of everyone. She was a doctor and quoted the damage could definitely progress to not walking again. Funny think was the coach shrugged it off and told him to just take it easy and complete the session .... Lucky he took the doctors advice and went home and rested for while. He recovered well and did ok at Kona
  9. Notsofast

    Indian Pacific Wheel Race CANCELLED

    Spot on, and they are away. Looks like some big km's in first few days.
  10. Notsofast

    GTN: Newy Tri Club and Mool

    My club too, even feature in a couple of the photo's
  11. Notsofast

    IMNZ 2018 - First Full

    Well done mate and a great report
  12. Notsofast

    Garmin advice

    Thanks mate, just looking at it for a BDay present in April (wife and kids asked what I want). I dont have the pedals as yet, that might just slip into another order. Cheers NSF
  13. Notsofast

    Garmin advice

    Guys, Looking for some advice. If I were to buy the Garmin power meter pedals, what would be the best head unit? Not looking for the most expensive, just something that will do the job. For perspective, I use a 910xt now and love it. I think I can use this with power but would prefer a seperate head unit. I have heard some are better than others based on functionality and ease of use (scrolling whilst riding etc). Thanks NSF
  14. Notsofast

    Rotto swim canned - shark...

    On a positive note, I did the Sparke Helmore - Newcastle City Triathlon yesterday and the swim in the harbour went ahead for all 3 races and I would be pretty sure a shark would have been in there somewhere Cheers NSF
  15. Notsofast

    April and May Races

    Pieman, you have sold me on this race