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  1. Holiday Hawaii - 7 days June/July

    Maui is really good too.
  2. Best kick-ass songs of all time

    I have never heard this before, but what a F*^$%ing cracking song. Thanks FP
  3. I like the Clif bars, but I wish they were slightly smaller
  4. death on beach rd

    I have never been on Beach Rd but I hear it is pretty dangerous at any time? Is that right? If so why do people still ride it?
  5. Hawaii Missile alert

    Funny thing is I just heard on the radio that "disciplinary action will not be taken against the person responsible for hitting the wrong button, but they will receive further training" I agree there is no way it is a single button, I think the issue is much bigger ................
  6. Geelong 70.3 Enter now

    FWIW I quiet like the challenge AP has thrown down. It will add some interest to the site. NSF
  7. HOTW

    I can back that up. About 4 years ago you shouted our crew many beers after the race which was greatly appreciated. We even swapped some shirts. I wont be there this year but definitely plan on being back for number 5.
  8. Xmas Eve Swim

    Hi Ex, I am interested to know if you have gained any speed with this sort of volume? Cheers NSF
  9. Busso 70.3

    Great race and report, well done and thanks for sharing
  10. How do I approach my manager

    Well done mate. I have had some experience in a similar field (as a GM) and I can assure you people with Prima Vera (P6) quals are highly sort after in many industries. My suggestion would be to just bite the bullet and enroll, you may be surprised at what happens (in a great way). If the company values this they may well reimburse you on successful completion. I gained my MBA this way. 95% paid for by company (and many promotions whilst studying). Good luck Cheers NSF
  11. Wearing cycling gloves

    Hi FM, How big were the spots prior to the cut? Cheers NSF
  12. WS 70.3

    Have a look at her race report. She did well
  13. WS 70.3 - first timer...

    I used to train with Pete but now I am with the Newcastle Tri Club group. I am sure I will see you around.