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  1. Hey Thomo, Postpone my training/racing until further notice. Interested where O/S they are cheaper, I paid more thats for sure (but not relevant I know). I decided not to put 'any offers' as, yes, I like to get more than 50 cents.
  2. Selling my brand new Mizunos Wave Creation 11 (size UK8.5). Never used. One week old. Were going to do Gold Coast marathon but can't so shoes are not necessary anymore. Hopefully next year I will be into it again. PM any offers over $150. Thanks.
  3. Sure, but that in itself doesn't make it a shit heap. On the other hand, personally I wouldn't go near a $900 complete bike, so yes, there may well be a valid presumption that for <$1K you can't expect much. Lets wait and see what CAINOOO has to say.
  4. I am surprised that anyone responded to this after such as a long time (3 mths). Wanna explain why 'that thing is a shit heap'? Did you buy it??
  5. Selling my brand new BMC SLX01. 55.5cm top tube. Full Ultegra SL. FSA Compact Crank. Upgraded Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels which are fantastic wheels. Happy to throw in my Ultegra SL pedals. You all know how to Google for more info so not much point adding links to details. She is on EBAY. PM me if you are interested. Feel free to make an offer. Will ship anywhere in AU (costs about $85)
  6. Hi, does anybody know whether the Vulcrum Racing 3 model for 2010 is out yet in Australia (either the 2-way fit or the Racing 3)? (http://www.fulcrumwheels.com/jspfulcrum/newsdetail.jsp?newsid=121&newscatid=2&world=road) I am about to buy a new pair with my new bike and rather get the 2010 than the 2009. Cheers.
  7. mate, is this still for sale?
  8. Go the road bike for sure, waste of money if you only use the TTer every 2 yrs. I recommend not spending the entire 4500 on a bike only. include other cool stuff such as a tri-bars, nice helmet, good shoes etc. 4500 will definitely get you a very nice package. check out ebay and http://www.bikeexchange.com.au/ for ideas.
  9. Is anyone riding Brisbane-Noosa-Brisbane on Sunday? I am stuck with transport back other than riding which is fine if it is with a few others. Anyone?
  10. Hi Scooter, i have no other way to get back so yes i will be. Are you still riding back? What sort of avg speed do you sit on?
  11. Hi Tinman, as I wrote earlier, I have emailed TA and hope to get an answer soon. Will post it here.
  12. Hi Simone, yes I have my own insurances. The TA thing, well I emailed them and asked them about what cover I have for what activities, when etc. No reply yet. I will follow it up today. I was told that if you have registered for an event (and paid for it) and are training for it then you are covered. What 'covered' means I am not sure about. Will post it here.
  13. I reckon this world is just pathetic, everyone screams 'be healthier etc', the Government spends millions of dollars on campaigns... for whom, for farkers that are bloody lazy to get out of their cars (which never has more than one person in it while commuting). You got me started now Qld even has its own 'A Healthier You' homepage QH. What a joke!!!
  14. Hi Tim , yes I have fulll insurances through my own pty ltd company incl. WC. I would say I am covered under my under umbrella.
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