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  1. We can help you with this. Shoot us an email at www.trainingsmartonline.com. Speak soon. Pete.
  2. We could help you in regards to time efficient training....we have developed an Ironman plan based around 12 hrs per week and it resulted in a 9 hour time...so we can definitely take an hour off your time. Call me if you are interested: 0411 30 30 92
  3. Sounds good mate let me know when you are up this way.
  4. Are you sure you won't post it? I am 2 hours up the road in Newcastle.
  5. That's cool Plazbot...I came up with 8:57...it's within 5 minutes of the actual best time....
  6. Thanks for the support Nath...good luck at Ironman Malaysia.
  7. Consider doing speed work year round in order to develop areas of weakness prior to major races. Analyzing the data of our athletes...it seems that an 8 week specific build for Ironman is enough to reach their targets, depending on their ability....rather than 6 months.
  8. An insulin spike will likely 'switch off' your ability to metabolise fat as a fuel source in Ironman events.
  9. Except for those ripper swim legs in your races over the past few years Notsofast!!!!
  10. We would be happy to help you JohnP
  11. These sessions are a fantastic way to condition your musculature for the demands of the Ironman event. They need to be specific to the individual and placed appropriately within your training plan.
  12. Come and see me at the pool Schoey!
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