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  1. Ironman Australia 2017

    Panthers Tri Club (PIS) came 3rd.
  2. IMOZ - is the specialness gone

    Gee you'd hate somewhere like Roth then.
  3. Busso 2016

    Beach start

    Not sure how this changed format will grow/enhance the sport ... most athletes I know tend to do a 70.3 (or similar) in their build to an IM anyway, I guess it might "push" some athletes towards a IM branded race tho instead of other options ie. Challenge etc As far as PTC goes I'd say it changes very little ... they have a very handy qualifier in their backyard with the WS70.3 that they "descend" on anyway.
  5. China halfs

    I'll second that ... was awesome
  6. Roth 2015

    Anyone know where to find an athlete tracker for this? ... have a few club mates racing
  7. Hey I'm not disputing that they were the "rules" or that the "rules" were published on the website. Also not really about the time ... I just think it's unreasonable that 1st and 3rd in their respective AG should get the same points
  8. Lol ... just making the point that there are some glaring inequities in the scoring system. If IMAP are going to create this concept to foster interclub competition then it should at least be fair.
  9. I think its craaaazy a chick can come 3rd in her AG with a time of 12:53 and get the same number of points (5,000) as a guy coming 1st in his AG in a time of 9:10 just because the 1st and 2nd chicks weren't affiliated with a tri club!!
  10. UltraTrail Australia 100/50 (old TNF)

    I had a crack at the 50 ... went in a bit under done and suffered in the last 10kms. Its one very tough event, massive respect for those doing the 100.
  11. Imagine finding your stolen bike (EVERYTIME)

    Gonna bump this topic ... just read about a similar product called Trackr (www.thetrackr.com) and another Aussie product called Cycle Leash (www.cycleleash.com.au) ... wondering if any/many members on this forum have any experience with any of these products. As someone who's had a couple of bikes stolen just looking for any way to maximise the chance of recovery if this happens again. Not affiliated with any of these products ... just genuinely after as much info/feedback as I can get. Cheers
  12. West Sydney 70.3 Roll Call (and sledging)

    As a spectator how do we access the venue? I'm a local and planning on heading out to support mates who are racing but it would appear that the roads to access the venue close at 4:30am? I can't see anywhere on the website or in the athlete info guide about best way to access as a spectator.
  13. IM Legacy Program

    What happened to the lottery spots? Why can't they be allocated to the legacy program.
  14. Ironman Cozumel - cool photo

    Oh I wish I could ... loved it
  15. Ironman Cozumel - cool photo

    I never saw this ... must have been off course lol